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					      Africa Regional Perspectives
Policy Priorities and Practical Measure to
       Expedite Implementation in
            Agriculture, Rural
Development, land, drought, Desertificatio
                n and Africa

              Presentation by the
     Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)
                  at CSD-17

                  4 May 2009
A. Status, priorities and emerging issues

 African remains world’s most    impoverished region despite
  recent high economic growth rates experienced by countries
 Africa      RIM      in       2007     reaffirmed    poverty
  eradication, peace, security, good governance key to meeting
  MDGs and achieving sustainable development
 Agricultural production poor or shrinking in most countries
 Increasing frequency, and severity of droughts
 Large parts of continent facing or prone to land degradation
  and desertification
 Given the importance of agriculture to poverty reduction and
  Africa’s sustainable development, the central policy strands for
  CSD 17 are:
    Sustainable agricultural and rural development
    Secure and equitable access to productive land resources
    mitigating the impacts of drought and combating land degradation
      and desertification

 B. Policy Options and practical Measures to
            Expedite Implementation

1.0 Agriculture and rural development
  Align and provide development          assistance  within
   Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme
   (CAADP) Framework

 Development partners to work with national governments and
   the private sector to meet the required level of investments in
   agriculture and rural development

 Explore and/or widen financing opportunities agriculture
    • Micro-credit facilities
    • Cooperatives
    • Carbon financing

  Agriculture and rural development Continued
 Develop and promote adequate public and private investment
   and                 access                  to           rural
   infrastructure, health, education, agricultural inputs

 Enhance access to all sustainable types of energy for
   agriculture and rural development and act regionally to
   optimize energy resources use and expand investment in the
   energy sector

 Significantly     expand    and     promote    agricultural
   research, extension services, access to appropriate and
   affordable technologies and enhance access to markets for
   small-scale farmers

 Define core areas for 10 per cent budget allocation and
   establish comprehensive mechanism to monitor progress

 Improve and/or promote trade opportunities through fair global
   trade and regional integration

                         2.0    Land
 Scale up land reform/land policy by implementing the pan-African
   framework and guidelines for land policy and land reform

 Provide sufficient national budgetary resources supplemented by
   fund set up by AUC to facilitate Framework implementation
 Establish equitable, consensual policies and coherent new legal
   frameworks incorporating a plurality of forms of tenure that
   secure property rights for rich, poor and women
 Adopt and promote effective strategies and policies for
   management of pastoral lands to ensure harmony with sedentary
   farming and to achieve sustainability
 Promote appropriate and secure land tenure systems to facilitate
   access to adequate housing, shelter and basic social amenities
 Extend the coverage of cadastral systems and accessible land
   registration and documentation procedures
 Develop African centres of excellence in land policy, tenure and
   management to supply the knowledge and expertise necessary for
   the implementation of new land policies and development of land
              3.0      Drought and desertification
 Systematically integrate, priorities identified in the National Action
   Programmes to combat desertification (NAPs) and other sustainable land
   management (SLM) processes into national development programs and
   involve all stakeholders in activities

 Strengthen capacity for developing integrated programmes aimed at
   promoting synergies in the implementation of the UNCCD, Convention on
   Biological Diversity (CBD) and United Nations Framework Conventions on
   Climate Change (UNFCCC)

 Provide dryland areas with increased access to appropriate and affordable
   agricultural technologies, affordable credit facilities and links to markets

 Develop and improve the information base on drought and desertification
 Ensure adequate commitment for the implementation of 10-Year Strategic
   Plan and Framework to enhance the implementation of the United Nations
   Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and the related decisions
   adopted at Eighth Session of the UNCCD Conference of Parties

 Strengthen institutional arrangements and human resources capacity to
   provide effective leadership for coordination, planning, monitoring and
   championing of drought and desertification programmes at the
   regional, subregional and national levels
Gender equity and women empowerment

 Mainstream gender issues into social and economic
  analyses and poverty reduction strategies and actions and
  provide technical training for women and girls

Financing for development

 Increase support by the development partners, including
  through meeting their pledges for development financing
  as agreed particularly in Rio (1992), WSSD (2002), Monterey
  (2002), the World Summit on Development (2005) and
  various G-8 Summits

 Integrate capital flows policies into national economic
  development policies by providing incentives for both
  domestic and foreign investments that have large positive
  impacts on wealth and employment creation
                    4.0 Africa
 Promote collective efforts with dynamic political
  commitment         towards    achieving     regional
  integration, expanding opportunities for investment
  that increase African incomes
 Expand capacity-building, including technical and
  financial assistance to AU, regional           economic
  communities (RECs) and countries
 Support    and consolidate the         trend    towards
  peace, stability and democratization
 Build on the emerging structures and practices and
  consolidate progress recorded in the area of political
  governance and administration
 Sustain high growth rates to financially empower
  countries to alleviate poverty.