2009 Connecticut Student Writers Magazine For by tamir13


									          Connecticut Writing Project—Storrs

    2009 Connecticut Student Writers Magazine

          It’s that time of year again!
The Connecticut Writing Project is looking for the
       best student writing in the state!

•   Connecticut Student Writers is a statewide magazine.
•   The magazine recognizes excellent student writing in grades
    Kindergarten through twelve.
•   We are seeking submissions from all grade levels.
•   Students may submit poetry, personal memoirs, essays,
    drama, or short stories.
•   Entries must be postmarked by January 23, 2009.
•   Published writers and those receiving Honorable Mention
    will be invited to a Recognition Night Publication
    Celebration at the University of Connecticut Jorgensen
    Auditorium on May 12, 2009.
•   Students who are published writers will receive two
    complimentary copies of the magazine; extra copies will be
    on sale for $7 at Recognition Night.

      For submission guidelines and a copy of the
      submission form, check out the Connecticut
             Student Writers Web page at:

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