Step 9.3 - Project Success Scorecard

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                                                   9.3 Project Success Scorecard
   Before Project Implementation (During Stage 3):                   After Project Implementation (During Stage 9):
   1. Fill out Deadline date (if known) and the Weight               1. Enter the Actual project completion date in Cell E18.
   (importance) out of 100 it will receive.                          2. Enter the Actual project cost in Cell E20.
   2. Fill out Project Budget (if known) and the Weight              3. Have sponsor fill out Requirements Survey.
   (importance) out of 100 it will receive.                          4. Have user's fill out "User Survey for Print" - tally and average out
   3. Weight the importance of how well Requirements must be         scores on "User Satisfaction Survey" tab.
   met out of 100 - this should correspond to the importance it is   5. Have sponsor fill out "Sponsor Survey for Print" - enter scores on
   given in the "3.5 Requirements Checklist."                        "Sponsor Satisfaction Survey" tab.
   4. Weight the importance of the User Satisfaction Survey          6. The spreadsheet will total the scores to determine if the project met
   Results.                                                          the success criteria.
   5. Weight the importance of the Sponsor Satisfaction Survey
   6. In the Success Score, assign a score out of 100 that must
   be met in order to consider the project a success.
                                                                     Fill in all items in BLUE. Some examples have been provided to
   Fill in all items in BLUE. Some examples have been provided
                                                                     help you along.
   to help you along.

   Criteria                    Weight               End Result                Score                            Comments
      January 21, 2004               10           January 23, 2004                       5
      $225,000                       20                   $275,000                      15
   Requirements Met
      See Requirements Survey        25                          4.1                    25
   User Satisfaction Survey Results
      See User Survey                25                          4.1                    25
   Sponsor Satisfaction Survey Results
      See Sponsor Survey             20                          4.0                    20
   Total                            100                                                 90                        Pass

   Success Score                            80

                                                                                                                                                    1 of 6
437dc910-8abe-4dcd-8893-ea72ceeef2e9.xls                                             Requirements Survey

                       9.3 Project Success Scorecard
  Modify or add User Survey questions as applicable. Print this worksheet and have
  Project Sponsor fill out.
  1. Enter ea
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