Step 9.1 - Checklist for Project Closure

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                    9.1 Checklist for Project Closure
Use the following checklist to help you conduct a successful project closure. Add or remove
items in the task column as necessary.

  Project Name:


                Task                                                 Notes
 All outstanding stages and steps
 have been completed.

 Final testing has been completed.
 Outstanding problems have been
 documented and resolved.
 The project sponsor has endorsed
 final status report.
 End users have been solicited for
 Acceptance testing was
 End user training has been
 Target outcomes of the project
 have been measured and
 Project team and stakeholders met
 to review project.
 Success has been celebrated.

 The project team has been
 Physical resources have been
 All project costs have been paid
 and finances accounted for.
 Post mortem meeting with
 stakeholders has been held.
 Post mortem report has been
 submitted to the project sponsor.
 Plan for documenting long-term
 target outcomes has been created.

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