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                               5.1 Letter to Vendors

Company Letterhead Here
Modify or delete all information colored BLUE. Be sure to change all text to BLACK before
printing or sending. This note may be as informal as an e-mail to the vendor sales contact, or as
formal as the outlined letter below.

In your opening paragraph, explain the background of your project. Then, outline all questions
and concerns you have about their product. We have provided an example letter below.

[Contact Name]
[Contact Title]
[Vendor Company]

                                                                                February 19, 2010

Dear [Enter First Name],

As you may be aware, we are in the process of evaluating your [content management] software
for our organization. I have enclosed a brief background and overview of our current
environment, as well as a high level list of our business and system requirements. We will be
making a final decision on our [content management] software acquisition in [2 month’s time].
I’m looking forward to hearing back from you [this week].

Our organization provides bi-weekly electronic newsletter subscription services to approximately
18,000 customers worldwide. We also provide a variety of electronic documents such as
whitepapers and methodologies.

Currently, we have several Web sites targeted at specific segments of our customer base. These
are running in ColdFusion. From a strategic perspective, we are focusing on moving all of our
systems to .NET (both internal and Web), and want to consolidate our multiple Web sites using
.NET technology. We are also in the middle of a CRM implementation here, and will be piloting
the first piece of that in November. The CRM system is going to manage our complete customer
base, providing subscription management functionality, and drive a lot of the workflow processes
that staff here will complete.

We have undertaken a fairly comprehensive requirements exercise for our future Web needs, and
are looking for tools that will provide excellent content management, fast time to production,
ease of maintenance, and tight integration with our CRM system.

Below are the major categories that we have identified as areas most important to us, and would
like some discussion around:

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