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                                         3.4 Feature List

                         E-Commerce Server Features Example
      Customer Care
             Search & browse order history
             Real time order tracking
             Express Checkout or Account Registration
             Disable checkout feature
             Password reminder for customers
             Customizable e-mail notifications/invoices
             Automated repeat customer tracking
             Wish list
             Save shopping cart
             Multiple customer types w/unique pricing
             Customer profile editing
             Built-in newsletter engine
             Real-time order tracking
             Moderated product reviews and ratings
             Greet repeat visitors
             Registered customers discounts
             Single sign-on
             Memberships and special pricing
               Scalable customer & trading partner management
               Dynamic profiling
               Flexible user authentication
               Profile data aggregation
               Enterprise integration
               Microsoft .NET Passport integration
               Microsoft .NET alerts
               Content selection framework
               Multilingual merchandising campaigns
               Advanced discounting
               Real-time predictive merchandising
               Rules-based expressions
               List manager
               Scalable direct mail campaigns
      Product Catalog
              Unlimited products/categories/nesting
              Members-only categories
              "Featured Products" box
              Automated display of bestsellers
              Related products/up selling/cross selling
              Multimedia attachments
              Editable products and categories
              Multiple currencies
              Currency conversion
              Global catalogs
              Virtual catalogs
              Supplier catalog aggregation
              Custom catalog syndication
              Streamlined XML catalog import/export
              Sophisticated catalog search
              Catalog creation and management

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                                         3.4 Feature List

                         E-Commerce Server Features Example
      Design & Layout
              Template based
              Customizable layout
              Intuitive navigation
              Support for thumbnails
              Unlimited product images
              Database or filesystem storage
              Shopping cart always available
              Integrated store search
              WYSIWYG text editor
              CSS-compatible design.
              Debug console
      Product Details
              Unlimited product properties & optional pricing
              Unlimited custom product input fields
              Custom product information field
              HTML-enriched product descriptions
              Multiple pricing for quantities
              Multi-homed products
      Merchandising & Inventory
             Coupon codes and gift certificates
             Full inventory control
             "Out of Stock" messages
             Retail and wholesale price
             Limit minimal order amount
             Multi-level administration
      Shipping & Tax
              Real-time courier shipping calculation
              Unlimited custom-defined delivery methods
              Mulitple priced based shipping
              Multiple weight limits for delivery methods
              Markups for realtime shipping
              Promotional shipping coupons to your customers
              Add handling/freight charges
              Handle international, domestic and local shipping
              Restrict shipping by location
              Full support for downloadable goods
              Customizable tax calculation
              Product-specific taxes
              Location based taxes & shipping fees
              "Tax exempt" feature
              GST/PST (canadian tax system)
      Payment Gateways & Methods
            Accept payments in any currency
            Real-time credit card processing
            Other payment methods
            Offline credit card processing
            Accept PayPal payments
            Checks, purchase orders & phone orders

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                                         3.4 Feature List

                         E-Commerce Server Features Example
      Sales Analysis & Tracking
              Comprehensive statistics:
                - Number of orders
                - Number of customers
                - Product views
                - Category views
                - Products removed from cart by customers
                - Sales by product/best sellers
                - Total sales
              Searchable/Printable order data
              Printable shipping labels
              Shipment/fulfillment interface
              Export sales & customer data to spreadsheet
              Export orders to QuickBooks format
              Business data warehouse
              Data warehouse management tools
              Data warehouse configurator
              Data warehouse transformation services tasks
              Data warehouse import wizard
              Cookie-less user tracking
              Multicurrency support
              Business data mining
              Segment viewer
              Affinity lists
              Business analysis reporting
              Dynamic and drill-through reports
              Closed loop reporting
      Search Engine Friendly
              Pages indexed by major search engines
              Custom META tags for every category
              Customer referrer info is stored in database
              Autogenerated static HTML catalog
      Database & Platform Compatibility
             Open source PHP code
             Windows servers
             SQL database
             Full HTTPS/SSL support
             Free access to all future releases
             Scale-out architectures
             Scale-up architectures
             Cluster service support
             Superior recoverability
             Certified for windows datacenter server
             Event logging
             Commerce server administration tools
             Commerce server manager
             Commerce server site packager
             Performance monitoring
             Single sign-on support
             Data encryption
             Multiple authentication modes
             Refined user authentication

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                                            3.4 Feature List

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