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        2.5 Brainstorming Meeting Questionnaire
Use the following questionnaire to help Business Process Owners to brainstorm process
improvements within their department in Stage 2. You can also use this questionnaire to help
stakeholders articulate their software requirements in Stage 3.

    1. What specific improvements to existing applications do you think will have the greatest
       benefit to the business? What improvements need to be made now?

    2. What technology-related improvements do you think could be made to your department?

    3. How could this software be used to improve our company as a whole?

    4. Can you think of any ways that our current processes could be improved through better
       use of technology?

    5. What specific technologies could we add or improve that would best support our
       company’s growth and development?

    6. Are there specific ways that you think the IT department could support you?

    7. What new capabilities would you like to see developed with the IT department?

    8. What specific things do you think the IT department could do to become more externally

    9. What disruptive technologies have you heard of that you think we could use at our

    10. What new software should we purchase and why?

    11. What new hardware should we purchase and why?

    12. How do you think that we could make better use of the Internet? Why will this help us?

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