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                  2.3 Process Stakeholders Letter

Company Letter Head Here
Modify or Delete all information colored BLUE. Be sure to change all text to BLACK before
printing or sending.

In you’re opening paragraph, get right to the point in the first sentence. State why you are writing
this letter and what you would like the reader to do. Be pleasant and businesslike in your tone.

[Stakeholder Name]
[Stakeholder Title]
[Stakeholder Department (if within organization)]
[OR Stakeholder Company (if outside organization)]

                                                                                 February 19, 2010

Dear [Enter First Name],
As you are aware, we are in the process of evaluating [ ] software for our organization. As part
of this evaluation, we are documenting all departmental processes that will be affected by the
software. We will be holding a meeting on [ ] to discuss all of the affected processes, to identify
those processes that are most critical or financially beneficial to the organization, and to
brainstorm ways that these processes could be made more efficient or improved by the acquisition
of software.
Please find below two items:

        1. The first draft of the processes that we have identified as being affected.

        2. The meeting 
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