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              1.4 Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda
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Start Time:
End Time:

Goal: The goal of this meeting is to introduce everyone to the [ ] Software Selection Project, to
secure your commitment for support and contribution to the project when needed, to introduce the
project team to the stakeholders, to review how the project will progress, and to create or review a
rough timeline of how long the project will run.

Please Read: The Letter to Stakeholders, and the Project Definition Statement. [provide a link to
the documents, or attach them to your meeting invitation.]

Please Bring: Any comments you may have on the Project Definition Statement, and a list of
your availability over the time period specified in the Letter to Stakeholders.


 Person              Topic                                                                Time
 CEO or Chair        Opening Remarks – To elaborate on the goals of the                 5 minutes
 Chair               Review the Scope of the Project / What areas of the business     10 minutes
                     are impacted.

 Chair               Introduce Project Team – Manager, Sponsor, Team Members            5 minutes
 Chair               Team/Stakeholder Responsibilities                                15 minutes
                     Break                                                            10 minutes
 Chair               How the Process Works: review steps in the methodology           20 minutes
 Chair/              Discuss high-level project plan and timeline                     15 minutes
 Chair/              Questions                                                        15 minutes
 Chair               Sum Up/Actions                                                     5 minutes

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