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					Links to Counter Arguments – Role of Humans in affecting global warming and climate

1) Kara Claycomb
9658&volume=075&issue=07&page=1861 -

Beyond Global Warming: Ecology and Global Change This one blames humans for global
mans%2Bare%2Bbehind%2Bmost%2Bof%2Bglobal%2Bwarming - Rising
Global Temperature, Rising Uncertainty again blames humans

Among Global Thermometers, Warming Still Wins Out
Richard A. Kerr
Science, New Series, Vol. 281, No. 5385. (Sep. 25, 1998), pp. 1948-1949.
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%3B2-W      this link is about climate change being a natural process

2) Marin –
Here are some of the links requested of us in the email... fringe arguments of cause were
difficult to locate due to the overwhelming acceptance of human exacerbation of CO2
levels in the atmosphere. However, there are some who dissent from the extent to which
global warming will affect us, and the science behind it. These dissenters positions are
unique because they acknowledge human involvement in CO2 levels, though they do not
connect this to terrible futures for Earth's environmental stability or substantiality.
Statement to the Senate Committee of Environment and Public Works by Global
Warming dissenter John Christy.
Contends that global warming is human induced, but that CO2 is good for the Earth, and
drastic climate change will not reflect "doomsday" predictions.
Ron Bailey's piece printed in the Wall Street Journal's editorial page challenging the
science of Global Warming.
3) Jenna

Here are some sites that argue against the impact of global warming and climate change
and another interesting one relating to culture for global warming.
This site shows the opinion of high profile Michael Crichton who opposes humanity's
ability to raise global temperatures. He argues that the arguments for global warming are
weak, and that the people that believe in it are doing so ignorantly.
Large site with the seemingly general argument that it global warming is another
scientific craze that makes up the evidence it gets. The site also claims that the scare is
another business maker for different agencies.
This article explains how global warming will affect minorities and specifically the black
community more because of environmental injustice. Minorities are exposed to more
polluted air and tend to live in poorer communities. Hurricane Katrina showed how our
nation apparently does not respond well to helping minorities during a natural disaster
which could predict rough times ahead for minorities if climate change continues to

4) Natalie

I found a site with a bunch of fringe arguments but I wasn't sure
what kind of sites you wanted us to get our information from. About Supreme Court hearing on global warming and
comments from readers. About the consensus on climate change. I thought it
was interesting because it mentions U.S. industries opinion on global
5) Melissa
Multi media website that allows you to see how companies and organizations
are being founded to deny Global Warming and is affects on climate change.
Scientist James Hansen tries to give an object approach to global warming.
" One of the most decorated French geophysicists has converted from a
believer in manmade catastrophic global warming to a climate skeptic. "

6) Luca

Deltoid » The worst argument against global warming gets worserer

(this cite looks that some of the funny things about why global warming is occurring, such as the sun
falling into the earth.)
(this cite deals with the controversy that Al Gore made "An Inconvenient Truth" in order to raise box office
money and not to only prove that global warming exists.)
(this cite looks at how one senator believes global warming is a hoax.)


NY times article.
"World Scientists Near Consensus on Warming "

7) Emily Dunn

    Science, Politics, and Death - Man Made Global Warming Debunking News and

8) Abby
Here are my links: The msnbc one is the best.
9) Emily Thornton

“Bush administration in hot seat over warming”

“Global warming: a load of hot air?”

10) Cassie Buseck

*Eight Reasons Why „Global Warming‟ Is a Scam

*Ten reasons . . . for loving global warming
 (satirical version)

*Opinion A: Global Warming is a Hoax

*Chill out over global warming

11) Pfeif

This is an article saying how there are not many scientists who don't
believe that global warming is happening, but lists names and
positions of those who disagree with it. It later brings up the
argument of Gore's movie versus Crichton's science fiction novel.

12) Alex

This web page presents ten so called myths to global warming, and then explains why
they are myths. It is interesting, but I would like to know where some of there
information has come from
13) Ben M-Q

14) Gail

Yes, the Ocean Has Warmed; No, It’s Not ‘Global Warming’

Arguments Against The Global Warming Theory:

The Tempest
By Joel Achenbach
Sunday, May 28, 2006; W08
As evidence mounts that humans are causing dangerous changes in Earth's climate, a
handful of skeptics are providing some serious blowback
Global Warming:
Not an Immediate Problem
J. David Bethel

15) Chris Lang
globalwarming.shtml This link gives a
fantastic counter argument on the lack of human involvment in the climate change, backed by
plenty of scientific information. Although this is a short link, the main
points made are fantastic, the comments are interesting as well. Although it isn't as long as the
first one, it is backed by scientific information and makes valid points on why global warming is
perhaps not happening.