Future of News Media Convergence + or for the news public by mirit35

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									Future of News: Media Convergence
+ or – for the news public?

                   Nora Paul
       Institute for New Media Studies
 News is undergoing change
Array of choices for getting news

News is undergoing change
Anyone is a reporter…
   Rodney King

   Todd Beamer’s report from Flight 93

   Space shuttle explosion
News is undergoing change

Anyone is a publisher…Blogs
   Who runs a blog?
       (estimated 2.4 million)

   Who reads a blog?
News is undergoing change
Audience is changing
 Time shifters
 Time starved
 Participants / contributors
 Multi-appliance users
 Action takers
 Niche not Mass
 Identify by interest – not geography
 Growing users of online news
 Trust through triangulation
News is undergoing change
No more mono-media companies
Alliances with former competitors
   Poynter’s Convergence Catalog
      Media Convergence
Newspaper / cable news partnerships
   Sarasota Herald-Tribune / Comcast
   Orlando Sentinel / Time-Warner
Newspaper / Television cross-ownership
   Tampa Tribune / WFLA
   Chicago Tribune / CLTV / WGN
Newspaper / Television collaboration
   San Antonio Express-News / KENS /
  Convergence: different levels
     – different successes
Converged Newsrooms: cross-training of journalists
 Deep resistance

 Training issues

 Pay equity issues

Converged Branding: cross-promotion of products
 Most effective “convergence” impact
 Convergence: different levels
    – different successes
Converged Advertising: cross media sales
 Resistance from advertising sales and clients
 Difficult to find equitable models

Converged Technology: cross platform production
 The Holy Grail
 Production cycle coordination
 Content format varieties
  Convergence: different levels
     – different successes
Converged Content: cross-pollination of content
 Online is still an after-thought

 Little created originally for the web

 Downsizing of online news creative staff

 Removal of online news from the legacy
  newsroom (though that is shifting back…)
 News Story on Convergence
Jim Lehrer’s News Hour…
       Convergence Issues
Different media uses – what is the
audience looking for?
Dilution of the media - fewer voices?
Dilution of values - “Speed is the enemy of
accuracy” <Tom Rosentiel, Project for Excellence in

Independence of media in a collaborative
reporting environment
          Convergence Issues
Competition – “It’s not whose idea it is,
it’s who’s in the best position to drive
the story” <Donna Reed, Tampa Tribune Managing
Little emphasis on developing a new medium
– “TV is the appetizer. Newspapers are the
main course. Internet is the dessert.” <Michelle
Bearden, Tampa Tribune Religion writer>
New organizational models / new newsroom
         I beg to differ…
Arthur Sulzberger – chairman of the
“The plain truth is I don’t give a tinker’s damn
  how we distribute our information … I am
  absolutely agnostic regarding methods of

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