The Future of the Internet by mirit35


									The Future of the Internet

Sonny Taylor & Christy Englehart
   In 2003 we turn on our computers and
    instantly expect to have internet access.
    This vital information source has
    become part of our daily lives and
    something we have grown accustomed
The Future:
   In the future the internet will continue
    to grow to parameters that we could
    never expect it to. In this presentation
    we will invite you to view a number of
    advancements we have found.
   Internet2 is a fairly new advancement and
    is made up of high speed networks that
    cross the globe. It transmits data that
    could not normally be sent over the
    internet due to size or other complications.
    It is capable of transmitting data 45,000
    times faster than the average 56 Kbps
   For now Internet2 is only available for
    universities, government agencies, and
    corporations. In the future it will be
    more widely available to consumers.
    This will eventually lead the way for
    such activities as interactive
    television, 3-D video conferencing, and
    much more.
 Accessing the Internet
Everyday new advancements are being
  made on devices that have the capability
  to access the internet. Today we can
  access the internet from cell phones,
  pagers, gaming systems, and a variety of
  other devices. In the future the list will
  only continue to grow.
Accessing the Internet
One of the newest internet connected
 devices is called ScreenFridge. It is an
 internet refrigerator that lets the owner
 know when their pantry is low and
 reminds them to buy those items that
 they need.
Online Purchasing
Although today many consumers are
  afraid of online shopping due to fraud,
  millions of dollars are spent everyday
  online and that number will only
  continue to grow in the future.
     Online Purchasing
   There are thousands of websites that tailor
    to consumers need for fast efficient
    shopping needs. Companies are sensing
    this ever expanding market of online
    shopping and are leaping to make online
    purchasing even more accessible in the
Internet Gambling
   Internet gambling is another form of
    online purchasing that is growing
    rapidly. In many states gambling is
    illegal but online casinos travel overseas
    where they are not regulated by U.S.
Internet Gambling
   Even with all the regulations and doubts
    of legality online casinos are growing
    and earning billions of dollars each
    year. With this kind of growth there is
    no telling what the future holds for
    online gambling.
   The internet has come a long way since
    it’s meager beginnings. In the future
    the internet will continue grow to
    parameters we could never have

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