Surf Life Saving Wessex by malj


									          Surf Life Saving Wessex
                      Committee Meeting
                             16 June 2003
                           Commodore Hotel


Gwyn Scott (GS)                  Southbourne SLSU
Lindsey Scott (LS)               Southbourne SLSU
Bill Ezekiel (BE)                Southbourne SLSU
Miles Landless (ML)       Christchurch LSC
Jan Sheppard (JSh)               Branksome Chine SLSC
John Sanderson (JS)                    Christchurch LSC


Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as true record.

Matters Arising

The representative fro Branksome chine had been Jess Lewin.

Sports Commission

Sports Rep was not in attendance.

Regional Senior Championships

These were to be held on Saturday 9th August starting at 10am. The event
would be held a Southbourne Club. It was decided that there would be no
board, ski or swim relay. The events will be as follows:

             Surf Race                        Sprints
             Board Race                        Beach Sprints
             Ski Race                          Beach Relay
             Board Rescue
             Tube Rescue
             Iron Man / Diamond Lady

The cost will be £5 per person to enter the competition. Competitors are to be
16+. Each club will be asked to bring an official if possible. Names and event
choices are needed I week before the event. BE will send put a entry pack to the

Regional Nipper championships

These would be held on Saturday 5th July. This will be held at Branksome
Chine, all competitors are asked to be there at 9am for a 10am start. The cost
per competitor will be £3. LS will do the score sheets.

The events will be as follows:

      Wading                      Beach Sprints
      Surf Race                   Beach Flags
      Board Race                  Beach Relay
      Board Relay                 1k run
      Golden Nipper

Regional Youth Championships

These would be held on Saturday 19th July starting at 10am. The event will be
held at Boscombe. The Youth Championships will follow the same events as the
Senior championships. The entry fee is £4 per competitor.

BE will be sending out an entry pack.

Regional Masters Championships

These will be held on Friday 8th August starting at 7pm. This event will be held
at Southbourne and will hopefully include a BBQ. The events will the same as
the Senior Championships. The entry fee is £4 per competitor.

BE will be sending out an entry pack.

Nipper Carnivals
There will be 3 Nipper Carnivals this year. They will be on Saturdays as follows:

28th June           Branksome Chine             6pm for 6.30pm start.
26th July           Christchurch                Time TBC
TBC (Aug)           Southbourne                 Time TBC

National Nipper Championships

These are being held in Bournemouth on the 2 nd and 3rd of August. Although the
association runs the event we need to provide certain facilities, the most
important being a PA system and Marquis on the beach. BE will chase Mark
Shakles to get his information folder that he used the last time the event was
held in Bournemouth so that we can hopefully use the same suppliers.

LS and GS have volunteer to coordinate the lunches for the officials. GS will
contact head office to establish how many lunches are required and how much
the budget is.

Grand Prix Ranking Event

There is a ranking event scheduled to held in Bournemouth on Sunday 20 th July.
After this event the association plans to announce the national teams. BE has
agreed to act as referee for this event.


Competition buoys will be needed for the regional events this year. BE to cost
how much it would be to get buoys and anchors, chains etc.

ML will look into flags. GS to email ML with the sizes of the flags and the colours
we need.

Youth Teams Challenge – reps were asked to go back to the clubs and see if
there is any interest in competing in this event and are any parents who would
like to help.

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will Friday 11th July at the Commodore Hotel starting at 7pm.

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