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   Adult Collections for                                     Adult Musicals for                             EYES O. .AITH
                                                                                                            Created by Steve Moore and
      Lent & Easter                                            Lent & Easter                                David T. Clydesdale        SATB
CAMP KIRKLAND EASTER                                   AT THE CROSS                                         Eyes Of .aith uses filmed characters on DVD
VOLUME 6                                               By Dennis and Nan Allen                              (Simeon, Judas, Mary Magdalene and Peter) with
                                                                                                            live narration, choir and soloists. These follow-
Arr. by Camp Kirkland SATB                                              Unison / 2-Part                     ers of Jesus are interviewed in “TV
Camp Kirkland has emerged as not only one of           Celebrate Easter in regal fashion with this          newsmagazine” style, revealing their insights,
the finest orchestrators in Christian music today,     Simple Series Easter mini-musical entitled, At       feelings and emotional responses to the Easter
but as one of the truly gifted choral arrangers in     The Cross. Created by Dennis and Nan Allen, this     story. The congregation has an opportunity to
the field. In this series, Camp has added his mas-     choral presentation is a tapestry of contemporary    join by worshipping in song with the choir
terful touch to three classic Easter songs: Then       songs, masterfully woven together by the famil-      throughout large sections of the musical. The
Came The Morning, Burdens Are Lifted At Cal-           iar thread of the best-loved hymn, At The Cross.     DVD is designed to play straight through the
vary and When I Survey The Wondrous Cross.             Carefully crafted for unison and two-part choirs     musical supplying the lyrics on cue for the wor-
Moderate                                               in an easy-to-sing, easy-to-learn fashion, At The    ship songs, as well as the filmed characters and
797242209457         Acc. CD (stereo/split) 70.00      Cross is ideal for choirs with limited rehearsal     many other visuals to enhance and support the
797242209390         Choral Book             4.25      time and resources. 20 minutes in length. Easy       story. Approximately 54 minutes. Moderate
GOP6148              Orch.                 170.00      4575708503           Acc. CD (split)         55.00   080689734120         Acc. CD (split)        90.00
                                                       4575708505           Acc. Cass. (split)      45.00   080689734427         Acc. CD (stereo)       90.00
                                                       4575708502           CD                      12.98   080689323096         Acc. DVD              199.95
SONGS .OR THE RISEN KING                               4575708504           Cassette                 9.98   080689636721         Bulk CD (10)           49.95
VOLUME 4                                               4575708507
                                                                            Choral Book
                                                                            Set w/CD
Created by Randy Vader and                             4575708500           Set w/cass.              7.00   080689718175         Choral Book             7.95
                                                                                                            080689382673         Orch.                 350.00
Jay Rouse                  SATB                                                                             080689604027         Reh. CD Trx.           59.95
Continuing the high standard of excellence you         BECAUSE HE LIVES                                     080689424397         Set w/DVD               9.00
have come to expect from this best-selling series,     By Sue C. Smith and
Randy Vader and Jay Rouse present Volume .our
of Songs .or The Risen King. These five power-         Russell Mauldin                            SATB      GOD’S HOLY LAMB
ful arrangements are available with full orches-       The Ready To Sing Series is proud to present         By Stan Pethel and Gail Skipper
trations from Camp Kirkland and Lari Goss. Titles      a musical for Easter, entitled Because He Lives.                       Unison / 2-Part
include: King Of Kings Lord Of Lords, Behold           This passionate celebration of the resurrection of
Calvary’s Lamb, At Calvary, Without The Cross          Jesus Christ features some of the best-loved songs   Imagine being part of Christ’s most intimate circle
and Hallelujahs To The Lamb. 27 minutes in             of all time, as well as several contemporary fa-     - His friend, His disciple, His mother. God’s Holy
length. Moderate                                       vorites - all arranged by Russell Mauldin in the     Lamb provides musical and dramatic insight into
797242207259         Acc. CD (stereo/split) 70.00      easily attainable Ready To Sing fashion.             what Jesus’ family and friends may have seen and
797242207143         CD                      5.00      35 minutes in length. Easy                           felt during those times - times that are the most
797242207099         Choral Book             4.25      4575708483           Acc. CD (split)       80.00     pivotal moments in Christian history. You Can
AO8926OR             Orch.                 170.00      4575708485           Acc. Cass. (split)    70.00     Series. 30 minutes in length. Easy
                                                       4575708582           Brass Parts           99.95     0633095931           Acc. CD (stereo/split)   50.00
                                                       4575708498           Bulletins (100)       15.00     0633095826           Bulletins (100)          15.00
THE RESURRECTION AND                                   4575708482           CD                    16.98     0633095621           CD                       16.98
                                                                                                            063309594X           CD Kit                   64.95
THE LI.E                                               4575708484
                                                                            Choral Book
                                                                                                   6.95     063309580X           Cassette                 11.98
Created by Deborah Craig-Claar                         4575708489           Cond. Score           85.00     0633095613           Choral Book               4.95
                                                       4575708488           Orch.                225.00     0633095818           Set w/CD                 12.00
and Robert Sterling        SATB                        4575708499           Posters (10)          15.00     0633095990           Set w/cass.               8.00
.rom the highly acclaimed creative team of             4575708495           Reh. CD (Alto)         5.00
Deborah Craig-Claar and Robert Sterling, The           4575708497           Reh. CD (Bass)         5.00
Resurrection And The Life allows your music min-       4575708490           Reh. CD (Soprano)      5.00     HE’S ALIVE
                                                       4575708496           Reh. CD (Tenor)        5.00
istry to express Scipture’s story of redemption in     4575708491           Reh. Cass. (Sop/Alto) 3.00      By Bradley Knight                         SATB
your own unique way. Designed specifically for         4575708493           Reh. Cass. (Ten/Bass) 3.00      .rom cover to cover, this unparalleled choral re-
churches that create their own Easter pageants,        4575708481           Set w/CD              10.00     source is filled with many of the most-loved Eas-
this rich collection covers a dozen of the most sig-   4575708480           Set w/cass.            7.00     ter songs of all time, brilliantly arranged and or-
nificant events from the life, death and resurrec-                                                          chestrated by Bradley Knight in ways that, until
tion of Jesus. Each powerful scene in The Resur-                                                            now, you’ve never even imagined! Unique and
rection And The Life can be combined with your                                                              flexible in its compilation, this book can be per-
own creative ideas to fashion a vivid portrait of                                                           formed in its entirety as an all-inclusive work, or
our Savior. Moderate                                                                                        can be the ultimate “lifesaver” when you’re look-
080689735127         Acc. CD (split)         90.00                                                          ing for the ideal song to add to your Easter pro-
080689735424         Acc. CD (stereo)        90.00
080689637728         Bulk CD (10)            49.95
                                                                                                            duction. 45 minutes in length. Moderate
                                                                                                            4575708513           Acc. CD (split)       85.00
080689699221         CD                      16.98
                                                                                                            4575708515           Acc. Cass. (split)    75.00
080689699344         Cassette                11.98
                                                                                                            4575708592           Brass Parts           99.95
080689375170         Choral Book              7.95
                                                                                                            4575708528           Bulletins (100)       15.00
080689383670         Orch.                  350.00
                                                                                                            4575708512           CD                    16.98
080689605024         Reh. CD Trx.            59.95
                                                                                                            4575708514           Cassette              11.98
080689417368         Set w/CD                 9.00
                                                                                                            4575708517           Choral Book            7.95
                                                                                                            4575708519           Cond. Score           85.00

  Contents                                             Nonseasonal Music                                    4575708518           Orch.                225.00
                                                                                                            4575708529           Posters (10)          15.00
                                                       Adult Musicals & Collections..........14             4575708525           Reh. CD (Alto)         5.00
                                                                                                            4575708527           Reh. CD (Bass)         5.00
                                                       Anthems....................................... 20
  Music for Lent & Easter                              Artist Recordings & Songbooks......26
                                                                                                                                 Reh. CD (Soprano)
                                                                                                                                 Reh. CD (Tenor)
  Adult Musicals & Collections......... 5                                                                   4575708521           Reh. Cass. (Sop/Alto) 3.00
                                                       Children’s Musicals & Collections.. 19               4575708523           Reh. Cass. (Ten/Bass) 3.00
  Anthems....................................... 7     Handbell....................................... 26   4575708511           Set w/CD              10.00
  Children’s Musicals....................... 7         Instrumental.................................. 27    4575708510           Set w/cass.            7.00

  Comparative Chart of Musicals... 13                  Keyboard...................................... 28
  Handbell..................................... 12     Praise & Worship Resources......... 30
  Instrumental................................12       Senior Adult Musicals & Coll......... 16
  Keyboard.................................... 12      Student Musicals & Collections......16
                                                       Patriotic Music/Resources... 33

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JESUS SON O. GOD                                       OUR GOD REIGNS                                        THE ROSE O. CALVARY
By Gary Rhodes                             SATB        By Tom .ettke                             SATB        By Joseph Martin and
Beginning with the calling of the disciples, Jesus     Our God Reigns is especially for smaller choirs       Pamela Martin
Son Of God moves through the ministry years of         from Tom .ettke. .eatured are three favorite
Christ. The drama is presented through eyewit-         songs, Our God Reigns, The Day He Wore My             Orch. by Brant Adams                     SATB
ness testimonies, performable in readers theater       Crown and All Heaven Declares, interwoven with        The Rose Of Calvary is the sequel to The Mar-
style or as re-enactments, with costume. With          classic hymns and fresh settings of current texts.    tins’ best-selling cantata The Winter Rose. Using
presentation options, participatory moments for        The work may be done with simple one-reader           the same beautiful imagery, the work tells the
congregation, and varying styles of music, Jesus       narration or with fuller staging. 30 minutes in       story of Jesus’ ministry, passion, death on the
Son Of God is usable by both traditional and con-      length. Easy                                          cross and His triumphant resurrection. This cre-
temporary churches of varying sizes. 58 minutes        MU-9353T             Acc. CD (split)      85.00       ative work contains opportunities for soloists and
in length. Moderate                                    MU-9353S             Acc. Cass. (split)   85.00       narrators. Written to function as either a work
0633095702           Acc. CD (split)         85.00     DC-9353PK            Bulk CD (10)         74.99       for Holy Week or with the optional ending as a
                                                       TA-9353PK            Bulk Cass. (10)      54.99
0633096504           Bulletins (100)         15.00
                                                       ME-57S.              Bulletins (100)      18.00
                                                                                                             joyful celebration of the resurrection, this musi-
0633095680           CD                      16.98                                                           cal offers maximum flexibility to the director. 48
0633095605           Cassette                11.98     DC-9353              CD                   10.99
0633095516           Choral Book              7.95     ME-57                Choral Book           5.99       minutes in length. Moderate
                                                       ME-57A               Keyboard Accomp. Bk. 16.99       MD5215              Acc. CD                60.00
0633096032           Orch.                  350.00
                                                       MU-9353RCD           Reh. CD Trx.         60.00       MA5022              Bulk CD (10)           60.00
0633095648           Posters (10)            15.00
                                                       MU-9353R             Reh. Cass. Trx.      50.00       MA5023              Bulk CD (25)          110.00
0633095737           Reh. CD Trx.            55.00
                                                       L-9353CD             Set w/CD             12.00       MB5022              Bulk Cass. (10)        35.00
0633095974           Set w/CD                12.00
                                                       L-9353C              Set w/cass.          10.00       MB5023              Bulk Cass. (25)        75.00
0633095745           Set w/cass.              8.00
                                                                                                             ND5041              CD                     15.98
                                                                                                             NC5073              Cassette               10.98
LIKE A LAMB                                            TENEBRAE                                              A7777               Choral Book             7.95
                                                                                                             LB5763              Orch.                 250.00
Arr. by Camp Kirkland                      SATB        Created by John E. Coates and                         GN5104              Set w/CD               10.50
                                                                                                             GN5103              Set w/cass.             8.50
Like A Lamb is built around the theme of Jesus         Tom Lawson                  SATB
as our sacrificial and glorified Lamb. It includes     .or centuries, believers have gathered as the sun
ten great songs, a narration that expands the          sets on Good .riday to recall those hours of dark-
theme and connects with the listener, and testi-       ness that covered the world at the crucifixion of
monies reflecting changed lives. 58 minutes in         the Son of God. Like the ancient Tenebrae ser-
length. Moderate                                       vice, this musical is not an evening of spectacu-
MU-9352T             Acc. CD (split)         85.00     lar special effects or extravagant arrangements.
MU-9352S             Acc. Cass. (split)      85.00
                                                       The music, orchestration and readings are simple
DC-9352PK            Bulk CD (10)            74.99
TA-9352PK            Bulk Cass. (10)         54.99     and powerful. In that beautiful simplicity, the
ME-56S.              Bulletins (100)         18.00     story we all know so well of a babe in a manger
DC-9352              CD                      10.99     and a man on a cross, touches something deep
ME-56                Choral Book              8.99     inside each of us. Approximately 35 minutes in
OR-9352              Orch.                  395.00     length. Moderate
MU-9352RCD           Reh. CD Trx.            60.00     080689736124         Acc. CD (split)        90.00
MU-9352R             Reh. Cass. Trx.         50.00     080689736421         Acc. CD (stereo)       90.00
L-9352CD             Set w/CD                12.00     080689638725         Bulk CD (10)           49.95
L-9352C              Set w/cass.             10.00     080689700224         CD                     16.98
                                                       080689700347         Cassette               11.98
                                                       080689376177         Choral                  7.95
LION O. JUDAH, CALVARY’S                               080689385674         Orch. (Chamber)       150.00
LAMB                                                   080689384677         Orch. (.ull)          350.00

                                                                                                                  Best Selling
                                                       080689606021         Reh. CD Trx.           59.95
By Sue C. Smith, Travis Cottrell                       080689418365         Set w/CD                9.00

and David Moffitt           SATB
                                                       THE PASSION O. HIS LOVE
                                                                                                                  Musicals from
Lion Of Judah, Calvary’s Lamb is a powerful com-
bination of dynamic praise and worship songs,          Created by Tom .ettke SATB
along with several best-loved Easter favorites. It’s
ideal for churches that use passionate praise and      This moving Easter musical from Tom .ettke tells

                                                                                                                  Easter 2003
worship music to minister to their congregation        the timeless story of Christ’s Passion through cur-
and community. 60 minutes in length.                   rent and familiar songs of praise and worship and
Moderate                                               familiar hymns. Titles include: In A Word It Was
4575708533           Acc. CD (split)       85.00       Love, Testaments Of Love, Blessed Is He, Wor-
                                                       thy Is The Lamb, Above All, Lift Up Your Heads
                     Acc. Cass. (split)
                     Brass Parts
                                           99.95       and more. 58 minutes in length. Moderate              The Love Of Jesus
4575708548           Bulletins (100)       15.00       000768281994         Acc. CD (split)        95.00          Speck/Zaloudik/Goss
4575708532           CD                    16.98       000768282205         Bulk CD (10)           54.95
4575708534           Cassette              11.98       000768282007         Bulletins (100)        17.50          080689403361...CD Audition Pack
                     Choral Book
                     Cond. Score
                                                                                                   11.98     AD
4575708538           Orch.                225.00       000768281963         Choral Book             8.95
4575708549           Posters (10)          15.00       000768281956         Orch.                 385.00
4575708545           Reh. CD (Alto)         5.00       000768282106         Posters (10)           17.50          080689404368...CD Audition Pack
4575708547           Reh. CD (Bass)         5.00       000768281918         Reh. CD Trx.           59.95
4575708540           Reh. CD (Soprano)      5.00       000768281901         Set w/CD               15.00     Once Upon A Cross
4575708546           Reh. CD (Tenor)        5.00
4575708542           Reh. Cass. (Alto)      3.00                                                                  Vader/Rouse/Kirkland
4575708544           Reh. Cass. (Bass)      3.00
4575708541           Reh. Cass. (Soprano)   3.00
                                                                                                                  797242193408...CD Audition Pack
                     Reh. Cass. (Tenor)
                     Set w/CD
                                                                                                             Celebrate Jesus Christ
4575708530           Set w/cass.            7.00                                                                  Fettke
                                                                                                                  L-9335CD...CD Audition Pack
                                                                                                                  4575706111...CD Audition Pack

                                       Prices subject to change without notice
Children’s Musicals for                                           Drama for                                           Anthems for
    Lent & Easter                                                Lent & Easter                                        Lent & Easter
IT ALL HAPPENED IN THE CITY                           EARLY TO RISE                                        AH HOLY JESUS
By Dennis and Nan Allen                               By Jeff and Kim .rame                                Arr. by Larry Shackley
                  Unison/2-Part                       This collection provides material to help prepare                  SATB w/opt. trumpet
.rom the creators of the best-selling children’s      your church for the miracle of Easter on a jour-     Larry Shackley has done an artful job of crafting
Christmas musical, It All Happened In The Coun-       ney beginning with the reflection of Lent all the    this tune and text into a moving Lenten anthem.
try, comes an exciting sequel for Easter entitled,    way to the empty tomb. A mix of humorous and         It’s full of modern text painting and harmonies
It All Happened In The City! Uncle Yule, Ma, the      serious, contemporary and Biblical, these            while preserving a traditional feel. The trumpet
country cousins and the city cousins are all back     sketches refocus a congregation on Jesus and the     part is included and is a “must” for performance.
together again for another unforgettable combi-       fact that He is the only way to salvation. Most      Moderate
nation of great fun and powerful music - all fo-      scripts are 3 to 10 minutes in length. Photocopy     C5274                Anthem                   1.60
cusing on the timeless story of Jesus’ crucifixion,   rights included with the purchase of the book.
                                                      ME-59               Book                    17.99
death and glorious resurrection. 35 minutes in
length. Easy                                                                                               ALLELUIA PRAISE THE LAMB
4575708623           Acc. CD                80.00     EASTER PROGRAM BUILDER                               By Tom .ettke         SATB
4575708625           Acc. Cass.             80.00                                                          A dynamic and expressive anthem, Tom .ettke
4575708638           Bulletins (100)        15.00     #27                                                  has set various scriptures from Isaiah and The
4575708622           CD                     16.98
4575708624           Cassette               11.98     Compiled by Kimberly R. Messer                       Revelation in praise to the Lamb of God Who was
4575708627           Choral Book             6.95     Make planning for Easter easier! This resource       slain for us. Moderate
4575708636           .un Pak (CD)           10.98     has options for your services for children and       99/1795L             Acc. CD                19.95
4575708635           .un Pak (Cass.)         7.98     adults. No. 27 includes graded recitations for       10/3112L             Anthem                  1.50
4575708629           Posters (10)           15.00                                                          30/1907L             Orch.                  39.95
4575708621           Set w/CD               10.00
                                                      kids, a short narrated pantomime for youth, two
4575708620           Set w/cass.             7.00     Biblical plays for adults and more. As always,
                                                      each piece is easy to stage. Photocopy rights in-    AMAZING LOVE
                                                      cluded with the purchase of three of the same
SON RISE                                              book.                                                By Lloyd Larson                SATB / 2-Part
                                                                                                           A unique Palm/Passion Sunday program by Lloyd
By Pam Andrews                           Unison       ME-127              Book                     4.99
                                                                                                           Larson! Amazing Love opens with joyous palm
Son Rise is an easy-to-stage, easy-to-sing Easter
work for children! Simple narrations and mini-
                                                      SOUND E..ECTS .OR CHURCH                             procession for children’s voices and/or adult
                                                                                                           choir. Then the congregation joins in singing a
mal staging requirements make Son Rise a wel-         VOL. 1                                               traditional Palm Sunday hymn. The jubilant
come addition to our offerings for kids. Titles in-   This CD features over 80 sound effects and mu-       mood abruptly shifts as the narrator continues
clude: He Is Exalted, How Majestic Is Your            sic that can be used for underscoring and inter-     the Passion story, foretelling the events of Holy
Name, The New 23rd, O How He Loves You And            ludes. It’s perfect for your seasonal Christmas or   Week. The choir sings of Christ’s amazing love,
Me, There Is A Redeemer, I Live and more. Easy        Easter productions and for any special programs      and, as we gaze at the cross, children and con-
MU-9356T             Acc. CD                39.99     throughout the year.                                 gregation join in a final choral prayer. Approxi-
MU-9356S             Acc. Cass.             39.99     MU-9361T            CD                     39.99
DC-9356PK            Bulk CD (10)           44.99                                                          mately 10 minutes long, Amazing Love can be
TA-9356PK            Bulk Cass. (10)        39.99                                                          performed in its entirety or in 2 parts - the first
ME-58S.              Bulletins (100)        18.00                                                          as a triumphant worship introit and the second
DC-9356              CD                     10.99                                                          at the conclusion of worship, providing a dra-
ME-58                Choral Book             5.99                                                          matic beginning for Holy Week. Instrumental
L-9356CD             Set w/CD               10.00
L-9356C              Set w/cass.             8.00
                                                                                                           parts are available for 2 trumpets and 8-note
                                                                                                           handbells. Moderate

THE LITTLE DONKEY’S                                             The Conference                             21627
                                                                                                                                Anthem (2-Part)
                                                                                                                                Anthem (SATB)

By Cristi Cary Miller and
Kathlyn Reynolds          Unison
                                                                   Calendar                                ANTIPHONAL HOSANNA
                                                                                                           By G. Alan Smith
The joy and drama of Easter come vividly to life                    Announcing a                           Adapted by Jack Schrader
through the eyes of animals and those who wit-                                                                       SATB w/children’s choir
nessed the events of Holy Week in this musical              Drama Workshop                                 This is an adaptation of an earlier work, now
for young voices. Delightful and touching songs                                                            available for SATB choir. It’s a perfect choice for
are linked with easily-learned rhyming dialog to                           with                            Palm Sunday with children’s voices answering the
create a charming presentation which relates the
emotional events of Holy Week and Easter, mak-          Deborah Craig-Claar                                adult with joyful hosannas. Moderate
                                                                                                           C5262                Anthem                   1.50
ing the season all the more understandable and
enriching for children. The director’s manual
                                                                Feb. 21, 2004
contains reproducible pages for the children’s            Check                          ARISE ARISE
choir. 15 minutes in length. Easy                                                                          By Nancy Price and Don Besig
08743957             Acc. CD                45.00                for details
08743959             Bulk CD (10)           59.95                                                            SATB w/descant & congregation
08743958             CD                     14.95                                                          This anthem is a festive call to Easter issued to
08743956             Director’s Manual      29.95
08743960             Set w/CD               10.00
                                                                                                           the whole of creation. Triumphant and majestic
                                                                                                           with a classical feel, this jubilant choral fanfare
     The Conference Calendar                                            see the
                                                                                                           is the perfect call to worship for Easter. Incorpo-
                                                                                                           rating the hymn Jesus Shall Reign, this glorious
                                                                                                           anthem includes optional parts for brass, percus-
              Announcing a                                                                                 sion and congregation. There is an Acc. CD avail-
                                                       Lillenas Dramatic Team                              able (MD5200) which features multiple titles,
Children’s Conference                                          Wednesday night,                            including this one. Moderate
                                                                                                           A7763                Anthem                  1.75
  with Pam Andrews                                                Jan. 21 at                               LB5761               Instrumental Parts     20.00

          Jan. 10, 2004
    Check                               MusicAtlanta 2004
           for details

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ARISE MY LOVE                                         CELEBRATE HE IS RISEN                                   END O. THE BEGINNING
Arr. by Mike Speck, Lari Goss and                     By David N. Davenport                                   Arr. by Lari Goss SATB w/solo
Danny Zaloudik               SATB                     Arr. by Patrick M. Liebergen                            Made popular by the Gaither Vocal Band, this
Taken from the musical, The Love Of Jesus, this                                                               is an exciting retelling of the life of Christ. It’s
                                                                    SATB w/opt. trumpet                       taken from the choral collection, High Praises.
dynamic medley includes Arise My Love, This           Joyous and celebratory with its unison writing
Night Before Easter, Easter Song and Go Tell The                                                              Moderate
                                                      and hymn-like harmonies, this is the perfect Eas-       080689228322         Acc. CD                 19.98
People. Moderate                                      ter anthem to make smaller church choirs sound          080689562273         Anthem                   1.55
080689225321         Acc CD                 19.98                                                             080689555473         Orch.                   59.95
080689560279         Anthem                  1.40     like massive forces. An optional trumpet joins in
080689553479         Orch.                  59.95     the song of praise.
                                                      BSCM03057             Anthem                    1.50
                                                                                                              EYES O. HEAVEN
AT GOLGOTHA                                                                                                   By Ruth Elaine Schram
                                                      CHRIST THE LORD IS RISEN
By Lee Dengler                            SATB                                                                       SATB / 2-Part w/opt. oboe
An impressionistic feel and dramatic phrasing         TODAY                                                   With lyrics that tug at your heart, all the sadness,
give this powerful tone poem an unforgettable         Arr. by Cindy Berry   SATB                              grief, and emotions of this sacrifical season are
impact on the listener. At Golgotha is a highly       Cindy’s fanfare-like setting may be used with con-      captured in Schram’s exquisite poetry, as “the
emotional piece that captures the tensions and        gregation and choir for a grand worship moment.         eyes of heaven” look down in grief, witnessing the
pathos surrounding Calvary. Moderate                  Her signature harmonies and vocal lines make            death of their beloved Son. A haunting oboe com-
A7743                Anthem                   1.50    for a unique rendition of this classic Easter hymn.     pletes this poignant offering for Lent or Holy
                                                      Moderate                                                Week.
                                                      0633095532            Anthem                   1.40     BSCM03011            Anthem (2-Part)           1.50
AT THE CROSS                                          0633095834            Brass Parts             20.00     BSCM03010            Anthem (SATB)             1.50
Arr. by Joel Raney                                    0633095885            Orch.                   54.95

          SATB w/opt. oboe & cello                                                                            .ORSAKEN AND ALONE
Using fragments of O Sacred Head Now                  CROSS O. SORROW                                         Arr. by Larry Shackley                     SATB
Wounded and an accompaniment reminiscent of           By Tom .ettke SATB w/cello                              Tender and somber strains of music carry the
Beethoven, Joel Raney has given us a magnifi-         This is a wonderful pairing of text with music...       story of Christ’s suffering from the garden to the
cent setting of the familiar text, Alas And Did My    resulting in a beautifully expressed song of sacri-     tomb. The conclusion is worth waiting for
Savior Bleed. The words portraying Christ’s suf-      fice and sorrow. Tom .ettke is at his best with         though, as Mr. Shackley leads us to a worshipful
fering take on fresh significance and power in this   the warm harmonies and singable arrangement             chorus of “Amazing love, how can it be...”
anthem. Moderate                                      he has created. There is an accompaniment CD            Moderate
C5275                Anthem                   1.60
C5275P               Oboe & Cello Parts       2.50    available (08743943) which features multiple            BP1675               Anthem                    1.50
                                                      titles, including this one. Moderate
                                                      08743993              Anthem                    1.60
BEHOLD THE SAVIOR                                                                                             GRACE .LOWS DOWN
Arr. by Dana Mengel                       SATB        CRUCI.IED .ORSAKEN                                      Arr. by David T. Clydesdale
A heartfelt anthem for the Lenten season, this        By Charlotte Lee and                                                      SATB w/SAT trio
piece will be very useful for Holy Week services,                                                             Taken from David Clydesdale’s musical, The Bor-
especially Good .riday. The meditative text,          Douglas E. Wagner                                       rowed Tomb, this is a medley of And Can It Be,
which uses part of the Kyrie, and the gracious,          SATB / 2-Part w/opt. handbells                       I’m Amazed and Grace .lows Down. Moderate
gentle choral writing will have great appeal to       This lush anthem captures the inner pathos, the
                                                                                                              080689238321         Acc. CD                 19.98
churches of all denominations. Moderate                                                                       080689779275         Anthem                   1.40
                                                      sense of sorrow and loss of that fateful day on         080689779473         Orch.                   59.95
CM-8816              Anthem                   1.50
                                                      Calvary’s mount. The cascading vocal lines and
                                                      punctuating bass voices exemplify the falling
BLESSED REDEEMER                                      tears and hammer-driven nails - the human emo-          HALLELUJAH O THE CROSS
                                                      tions of the afternoon that transformed the world.      By John Parker and Lloyd Larson
By Steve Potts                            SATB        BSCM03022             Anthem (2-Part)           1.50
This Lenten original uses a familiar text to create   BSCM03021             Anthem (SATB)             1.50                                SATB
a passion anthem of rare beauty. .resh choral                                                                 An expressive meditation on the cross of our
harmonies mesh with an exquisite piano accom-                                                                 Lord, this work will serve equally well for Lent,
paniment to create a flowing and ponderous pic-       CRUCI.IED WITH CHRIST                                   Communion or any other emphasis on the suf-
ture of Christ’s sacrifice. Moderate                  Arr. by Don Hart                                        ferings of Christ. An insightful touch at the end
08744001             Anthem                   1.50
                                                                  SATB w/opt. alto solo                       is a phrase of When I Survey in the accompani-
                                                                                                              ment. Moderate
                                                      The foundational truth of the Christian life is         BP1683               Anthem                    1.50
CALVARY’S LOVE                                        powerfully communicated in this contemporary
Arr. by Mark Hayes                                    ballad - “I am crucified with Christ and yet I live.”
                                                      Moderate                                                HE COULD SEE THE CROSS
Orch. by David Maddux                     SATB        080689227325          Acc. CD                 19.98
This is the classic Mark Hayes arrangement of         080689561276          Anthem                   1.40     Arr. by Mike Speck, Lari Goss and
Calvary’s Love now available with CD trax.            080689554476          Orch.                   59.95     Danny Zaloudik        SATB w/solo
080689226328         Acc. CD                19.98                                                             .rom Mike Speck’s collection, The Church Will
080689321788         Anthem                  1.40
                                                      EASTER GLORIA                                           Remain, comes this medley of the title song plus
080689453786         Orch.                  59.95
                                                                                                              When He Was On The Cross (I Was On His Mind).
                                                      By Bill Leach and Mark Hayes                            Moderate
CANTICLE .OR PALM SUNDAY                                                SATB w/trumpet                        080689229329         Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                                                                              080689563270         Anthem                   1.40
Arr. by Tom .ettke   SATB                             A lilting 6/8 feel begins this anthem that traces       080689556470         Orch.                   59.95
A great choice for Palm Sunday! Tom .ettke’s          the birth, death and resurrection of Love incar-
artistry shines in this dynamic musical setting of    nate, the Lord Jesus Christ. A somber middle
the traditional hymn text, Hosanna Loud Ho-           section takes us to Calvary, followed by a return       HE IS NOT HERE
sanna, with dramatic harmonies and lively             to joyful sounds for Resurrection Morning. The          Arr. by Jay Rouse and
rhythms. An optional trumpet obbligato is in-         optional trumpet part is included in the choral
                                                      score. Moderate                                         Camp Kirkland                              SATB
cluded in the score, or brass quartet and timpani     BP1673CD              Acc. CD                 24.95     Moderate
parts are available separately. Moderate              BP1673                Anthem                   1.65     797242206856         Acc. CD (stereo/split) 24.98
21494                Acc. CD                22.95
                                                                                                              797242206795         Anthem                  1.60
21492                Anthem                  1.65
                                                                                                              AO8312OR             Orch.                  69.95
21493                Anthem (SAB)            1.65
21495                Instrumental Parts     25.00

                                      Prices subject to change without notice
HE IS RISEN ALLELUIA                                  HOSANNA TO THE KING                                  IN THE SHADOW O. THE
Arr. by Jack Schrader                                 By Berta Poorman and                                 TREE
                SATB w/handbells                      Sonja Poorman                                        By Patrick M. Liebergen SATB / SAB
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today - in 3/4 instead                  SATB w/opt. handbells                     “In the shadow of the tree, my Savior prays for
of 4/4 - is joined with Anne Herring’s Easter Song    A brilliant opening fanfare leads into the famil-    me.” This compelling anthem for Lent or Holy
in this lilting, joyful arrangement for 3-4 octave    iar strains of Darwall’s 148th (Rejoice The Lord     Week is especially effective for Maundy Thurs-
bells and voices. Moderate                            Is King) set to an original text: “Hosanna to the    day services. It opens quietly, as an ardent prayer,
C5276                Anthem                   1.60
                                                      King, God bless the Holy One. Our praises we will    with unison voices. As the drama increases, the
C5276HB              Handbell Parts           3.95                                                         full choir proclaims, “Lamb of God, hear the
                                                      bring to David’s royal Son.” Cascading handbells
                                                      and an original melody combine to complete this      praises I sing.” The quiet prayer returns for a
HE PAID THE PRICE                                     anthem of welcome and praise.                        powerful yet introspective close. Moderate
                                                                                                           21498                Anthem (SAB)              1.50
                                                      BSCM03046           Anthem                   1.50
By James B. Harding                                                                                        21497                Anthem (SATB)             1.50

               SATB w/opt. oboe
“He paid the price, the sacrifice: how great is our   HOSANNA UNTO THE KING                                INTO YOUR HANDS
God’s love!” Opening quietly, keyboard and oboe       By Mark Patterson                                    By Cindy Berry                             SATB
obbligato (optional part included) paint the scene      SATB w/children & congregation
at dawn on the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. Haunt-                                                           This Cindy Berry offering begins with a unison,
ing melodies and richly supportive accompani-         Children and adults join together in this joyful     plaintive melody that conveys the agonizing mood
ment combine with dramatic text images and            Palm Sunday anthem. Use as a processional com-       of Good .riday, but it soon transitions to an an-
harmonies to create an unforgettable anthem for       plete with waving palms for a real festive touch,    them of triumphant sacrifice. Into Your Hands
Lent and Holy Week. Moderate                          or invite the congregation to join in the well-      is poignant and highly effective! Moderate
21583                Anthem                   1.65    known Hosanna Loud Hosanna. Moderate                 08743989             Anthem                    1.50
                                                      A7768               Anthem                   1.50

HE WORE THE THORNS                                                                                         IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME
                                                      HOW DEEP THE .ATHER’S                                By Lee Dengler       SATB
Arr. by Dave Williamson                               LOVE .OR US                                          Juxtaposing a contemporary styled lyric with the
                     SATB w/solo                      Arr. by Larry Shackley SATB                          ancient echoes of the Kyrie, Lee Dengler has cre-
“He wore the thorns and gave me a crown.” This                                                             ated an anthem of singular impact and scope.
is a thoughtful ballad pondering the wonder of        Larry Shackley has given us a thoughtful and ten-
                                                      der choral setting of Stuart Townend’s profound      Particularly meaningful during the Lenten sea-
Christ’s sacrifice and victory. Moderate                                                                   son, this tender and memorable anthem may be
080689230325         Acc. CD                19.98     song of redemption. Use this one for Lent, Com-
                                                      munion or anytime you want to remember the           used anytime the focus is on God’s grace. An al-
080689564277         Anthem                  1.40
080689557477         Orch.                  59.95     cost of our deliverance. Moderate                    ternate English text is provided for the Kyrie if
                                                      C5268               Anthem                   1.50    desired. Moderate
                                                                                                           A7742                Anthem                    1.50
By Paula Stefanovich                                  HOW MANY LAMBS
                                                                                                           LET YOUR GLAD HOSANNAS
Arr. by Russell Mauldin                               Arr. by Jay Rouse and
                      SATB w/solo                     Camp Kirkland                            SATB
                                                                                                           By Lloyd Larson
He’s Alive is a captivating Easter anthem that        Moderate
                                                      797242206559        Acc. CD                24.98
                                                                                                                 SATB w/opt. children’s choir
captures the heartfelt joy and celebration of those
                                                      797242206498        Anthem                  1.60     This is a joyful Palm Sunday anthem that gives
who thought Jesus’ ministry had ended on an old       AO8311OR            Orch.                  69.95     the option for your children’s choir to join with
wooden cross, yet found that it had only just be-
                                                                                                           the adult choir. The vocal scoring makes this one
gun. Moderate
                                                                                                           sound full, but will be easy to learn. Moderate
808026030120         Acc. Cd                19.98     I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER                              BP1684               Anthem                    1.50
808026030212         Anthem                  1.55
808026030304         DVD track              49.95     By Lee Dengler  SATB w/solo
808026030632         DVD lyric prompter     29.95     Using text from Job, this beautiful octavo brings    LI.T HIGH THE CROSS
808026030458         Orch.                  69.95     a message of confidence and affirmation. Expres-
                                                      sive and sensitive writing make this anthem both     Arr. by Benjamin Harlan
HOSANNA                                               lyrical and dramatic. Moderate                                          SATB w/brass
                                                      A7740               Anthem                   1.50
By Joel Raney                                                                                              The soaring hymn Lift High The Cross is given a
                                                                                                           powerful treatment in this Benjamin Harlan set-
      SATB w/opt. children’s choir                    I THIRST                                             ting. Useful as a call to worship or processional
This work uses the text of the hymn, Hosanna                                                               throughout the year, this anthem is also appro-
Loud Hosanna, but the music is altogether dif-        By Pamela Martin and                                 priate for Easter. There is an accompaniment CD
ferent. Joel Raney has created infectious, con-       Craig Courtney                           SATB        available (08743942) which features multiple
temporary music to carry the Palm Sunday story.       I Thirst is a Lenten meditation on the suffering     titles, including this one. Moderate
Moderate                                              of our Lord as the One Who satisfies the thirst of   08743930             Anthem                    1.50
C5271C               Acc. CD              24.95       our soul, Himself, upon the cross. Potent poetry
C5271                Anthem                1.70
C5271R               Rhythm & Brass Parts 20.00       and subtle text painting make this a strong con-     LOOK YE SAINTS THE SIGHT
                                                      sideration for your music for Holy Week.
                                                      Moderate                                             IS GLORIOUS
HOSANNA HOLY SAVIOR                                   BP1685              Anthem                   1.50    By Timothy Mayfield   SATB
Arr. by Robert Sterling                                                                                    Announce with confidence the risen Lord using
                      SATB w/solo                     IN THE SHADOW O. THE                                 this joyful shout of praise! A driving piano ac-
                                                                                                           companiment and festive brass and percussion
This is a celebrative, contemporary song for Palm     CROSS                                                parts lift this piece to glorious heights. Moder-
Sunday or anytime in an acoustic praise & wor-        Arr. by Randy Vader, Jay Rouse                       ate
ship style. Moderate                                                                                       MD5206               Acc. CD                 19.95
080689231322         Acc. CD                19.98     and Camp Kirkland           SATB                     A7738                Anthem                   1.50
080689565274         Anthem                  1.55     .or soloist, narrator and choir, this is a contem-   LB5754               Instrumental Parts      22.50
080689558474         Orch.                  59.95
                                                      plative and worshipful reflection upon the cost
                                                      of our salvation. It incorporates a chorus of Draw
                                                      Me Nearer. Moderate
                                                      797242204159        Acc. CD (stereo/split) 24.98
                                                      797242204098        Anthem                  1.60
                                                      AO-8307OR           Orch.                  69.95

              To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
MY PRECIOUS DYING LORD                               PRAISE YOU .OR THE CROSS                             RESURRECTION PRAISE
By Mark Hayes and John Parker                        By Kim Noblitt and                                   By Lloyd Larson
               SATB w/opt. oboe                      Amy Susan .oster                                             SATB w/opt. brass & perc.
This exquisite and poignant Good .riday anthem       Arr. by J. Daniel Smith and                          This is a joyous and festive resurrection celebra-
is Mark Hayes at his best! The music is the per-                                                          tion for choir and congregation based on the fa-
fect setting for John Parker’s moving text. Add      Robert Elkins         SATB w/solo                    miliar hymn tunes Noel Nouvelet and Hymn To
the optional oboe obbligato for a wonderful mo-      A combination of a gorgeous solo and exquisite       Joy. Moderate
ment of reverent awe. Moderate                       choral harmonies, this worshipful selection from     99/1805L              Acc. CD                 16.95
08743926            Anthem                   1.50    You Are My Victory is a beautiful, reverent prayer   10/3143L              Anthem                   1.60
                                                     of thanksgiving for the cross. Moderate              30/1918L              Instrumental Parts      24.95
                                                     063302404X          Acc. CD                 19.98
MY REDEEMER LIVES                                    0633023876          Anthem                   1.40
                                                     0633024171          Orch.                   54.95    RIDE ON REDEEMER KING
Arr. by Jay Rouse, Orch. by
                                                                                                          Arr. by Greg Gilpin and
Richard Kingsmore           SATB
Moderate                                             PROCESSIONAL .OR EASTER                              Gene Grier              SATB
000768282496        Acc. CD                 24.98    DAY                                                  This piece uses both original material and the
000768282472        Anthem                   1.60                                                         familiar hymn tune All Glory and Honor. The
000768282456        Orch.                   69.95    By Philip Kern                                       SATB arrangement can be learned in a few re-
                                                              SATB w/opt. brass & perc.                   hearsals, making it a great choice for choral di-
                                                     Using the triumphant Ellacombe tune set to a         rectors and choirs during holiday seasons. The
NO GREATER LOVE                                                                                           setting includes solo opportunities and/or small
                                                     majestic text, this Philip Kern anthem soars. The
By Richard KingsmoreSATB w/solo                      supportive accompaniment underscores the sing-       ensemble options, which broadens the choices for
Made popular by Rachel Lampa, this beautifully       able vocals while the descant brings a glorious      performance. Moderate
arranged choral selection voices praise to the One   touch. Add the optional brass and percussion for     CM-8773               Anthem                   1.50
Who demonstrates love beyond compare. The            a powerful Easter anthem. Moderate
melodic lyric is sung by a soloist and the choir.    08743942            Acc. CD                 29.95
                                                                                                          RISE UP AND PRAISE
Moderate                                             08743927            Anthem                   1.50
0633095907          Acc. CD                 19.98                                                         Arr. by Dave Williamson                     SATB
0633096016          Anthem                   1.40                                                         .rom the joyful opening to the driving finish, this
0633096172          Orch.                   54.95    REJOICE HE IS ALIVE                                  anthem is pure high-energy praise! Perfect for
                                                     By Jean Anne Shafferman                              use with choir and praise team, it incorporates
O GETHSEMANE                                         Arr. by Patti Drennan                                the classic Easter hymn Jesus Christ Is Risen To-
                                                                                                          day with great effect. Moderate
Arr. by David T. Clydesdale SATB                     Orch. by Larry Shackley SATB / SAB                   08744027              Acc. CD                 22.95
Enter into the garden where Jesus prays and is       Jean Anne Shafferman and Patti Drennan have          08744026              Anthem                   1.60
betrayed with this tender choral offering taken      once again partnered in creating a lively, rhyth-    08744028              Orch.                   55.00
from the musical The Borrowed Tomb. Use this         mic hymn arrangement that breathes new life
during Holy Week services or as an insert into       into traditional hymnody! This resurrection an-      SILENT WAS THE NIGHT
your Easter pageant. Moderate                        them opens with energetic syncopation and the
080689239328        Acc. CD                 19.98    choir proclaiming, “Rejoice He is alive!” Sequenc-   By Joseph M. Martin  SATB
080689780271        Anthem                   1.40                                                         The shadows of Gethsemane are explored in this
080689780479        Orch.                   59.95
                                                     ing harmonies increase the excitement to fever
                                                     pitch. Then the congregation joins with the choir    moving anthem for Holy Week. Rich choral
                                                     to conclude with a triumphant verse of Rejoice       sound and vivid text describe in heartbreaking
ON MY CROSS                                          Ye Pure In Heart. Instrumental parts are avail-      detail the events that were to follow Christ’s lonely
                                                     able for trumpet, trombone and timpani.              night of prayer in the garden. The middle sec-
Arr. by Robert Sterling                              Moderate                                             tion provides an opportunity of praise with the
                      SATB w/solo                    21547               Acc. CD                 22.95    refrain “Worthy Is The Lamb.” Moderate
The wonder of our Lord Jesus taking the judg-        21546               Anthem (SAB)             1.65    A7783                 Anthem                   1.50
                                                     21545               Anthem (SATB)            1.65
ment we deserved is the focus of this contempo-      21548               Instrumental Parts      25.00
rary meditation on the cross. It’s a pull-out from                                                        TEN THOUSAND ANGELS
the musical A. D. Moderate
080689232329        Acc. CD                 19.98    REJOICE REJOICE YE PEOPLE                            Arr. by Russell Mauldin SATB
080689566271        Anthem                   1.55                                                         One of our best-loved gospel songs of years past
080689559471        Orch.                   39.95    By Joseph M. Martin   SATB                           is now a touching arrangement for choir and solo.
                                                     This lilting anthem of unbridled joy serves a dual   It’s ideal for Easter, Lent or general use.
                                                     purpose. .rom the best-selling Christmas can-        Moderate
ONLY THREE DAYS                                      tata, MorningStar, the text recalls the words from   MU-2575T              Acc. CD                 19.99
By Mike Harland and Luke Garrett                     Isaiah anticipating the coming of the Messiah.       AN-2683               Anthem                   1.50
                                                     Yet, the language is also appropriate for Palm       OR-2575               Orch.                   59.99
Arr. by J. Daniel Smith    SATB                      Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, or Eastertide as it
Moderate                                             triumphantly proclaims Christ as King and His
808026033121        Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                     victory over sin and death. The melody is infec-     THE CROSS IN THE ROAD
808026033213        Anthem                   1.55
808026033633        DVD lyric prompter      29.95    tious, as is the feeling of overwhelming happiness   Arr. by Marty Parks   SATB
808026033459        Orch.                   69.95    this anthem invokes. Moderate                        “What will we do at the cross in the road when
                                                     MD5214              Acc. CD                 19.95    the pride we possess meets the grace He shows?”
                                                     A7787               Anthem                   1.60
                                                                                                          Ask this question of your choir and congregation
POWER O. THE CROSS                                   LB5765              Orch.                   50.00
                                                                                                          with this moving anthem. Moderate
By Lew King     SATB / SAB                                                                                0633096067            Acc. CD                 19.98
A stately, soaring anthem, Power Of The Cross        RESURRECTION HYMN                                    0633096040
will serve equally well for Lent or Communion as     Arr. by David Hamilton                   SATB
it points to the saving power of our Lord’s death.
                                                     Glorious, bold, bright, dynamic; these are some
                                                     of the adjectives that come when hearing this        THE HOLY HEART
99/1798M            Acc. CD                 19.95
10/3128M            Anthem (SAB)             1.60    anthem. It’s all that you’d want from music and      Arr. by Gary Rhodes
10/3127M            Anthem (SATB)            1.60    text for Resurrection Morning. Moderate              Orch. by Dan Goeller                        SATB
30/1911M            Orch.                   39.95    080689235320        Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                     080689569272        Anthem                   1.40    This beautiful worship song is wonderfully ar-
                                                     080689562471        Orch.                   59.95    ranged by Gary Rhodes. An a capplla introduc-
                                                                                                          tion leads to a fully orchestrated conclusion.
                                                                                                          080689240324          Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                                                                          080689849275          Anthem                   1.40
                                                                                                          080689863479          Orch.                   59.95

                                     Prices subject to change without notice
THE PASSION                                             THREE CROSSES O. SHAME                                   WHEN I SURVEY THE
Arr. by Robert Sterling                     SATB        By J. Paul Williams and                                  WONDROUS CROSS
This is the gripping opening statement for choir        Lloyd Larson           SATB / SAB                        Arr. by John Carter                      SATB
and narrator from the musical A. D. It includes         A beautiful meditation on the death of the inno-         John’s arrangement of this timeless hymn is “just
the songs Hosanna, O Sacred Head and Let It             cent Lamb of God, the original music and text            enough” to make it appealing and usable for an
Rain, and tells the story of Christ’s betrayal, trial   leads to an a cappella verse of O Sacred Head            intimate communion or meditation setting.
and death. Moderate                                     Now Wounded. Moderate                                    Moderate
080689233326          Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                        99/1786L              Acc. CD                  19.95     0633095664          Anthem                   1.40
080689567278          Anthem                   1.40
                                                        10/3101L              Anthem (SAB)              1.50
080689560477          Orch.                   59.95
                                                        10/3100L              Anthem (SATB)             1.50
                                                        30/1898L              Orch.                    39.95     WONDER.UL SAVIOR
THE REASON                                                                                                       Arr. by Joseph Graham and
Arr. by Camp Kirkland                       SATB        THREE HYMNS .OR EASTER                                   Lee Sullivan    SATB / a cappella
Moderate                                                DAY                                                      This is a simple, yet very moving arrangement of
080689234323          Acc. CD                 19.98                                                              the familiar hymn tune Benton Harbor. Careful
080689568275          Anthem                   1.40     Arr. by Craig Courtney
                                                                                                                 stepwise voice leading aids in learning and cre-
080689561474          Orch.                   59.95                  SATB w/brass & perc.                        ates a seamless harmonic effect. The distinctive
                                                        Christ The Lord Is Risen Today, The Strife Is O’er       second verse set in minor is quite effective.
THE ULTIMATE BIOGRAPHY                                  and I Know That My Redeemer Lives are the fea-           Moderate
                                                        tured titles in this mini-collection of glorious set-    A7782               Anthem                   1.50
Arr. by Tom .ettke                                      tings for choir, congregation, organ, optional
This Integrity release features the song Above All.     brass, percussion and handbells. With brass fan-
Moderate.                                               fares and soaring descants, use these to raise your      WONDROUS LOVE
                      Acc. CD
                                                        Easter praise to new heights. Moderate                   Arr. by Larry Shackley SATB / SAB
                                                        BP1687                Anthem                    1.75     Your choir will love Larry Shackley’s transportive
000768290651          Orch.                   69.95
                                                        BP1687A               Brass & Perc. Parts      25.00
                                                        BP1687B               Handbell Parts            2.95
                                                                                                                 arrangement of What Wondrous Love Is This!
                                                                                                                 The reverent keyboard opening inspires awe as
THERE WILL COME A DAY                                                                                            the people of God ponder the imponderable sac-
Arr. by Mike Speck, Lari Goss and                       WE ARE MUSIC O. THE KING                                 rifice of our Lord and Savior. Moderate
                                                                                                                 21538               Anthem (SAB)             1.50
Danny Zaloudik        SATB w/solo                       By Joseph M. Martin  SATB                                21537               Anthem (SATB)            1.50
There Will Come A Day, Precious Blood and God           A bold declaration of purpose for all Christians,
Raised The Ransom are the songs in this medley          this inspiring anthem from Joseph Martin poeti-
on the atonement from Mike Speck’s Easter mu-           cally states what it is that God’s children are called   WONDROUS LOVE
sical, The Love Of Jesus. Moderate                      to do. “We are one great alleluia. We declare the        Music by C. Thomas Schwalm
080689236327          Acc. CD                 19.98     risen Christ... We must be a hymn of healing...We
080689570278          Anthem                   1.40     must share... love’s redeeming grace...” Trium-                      SATB w/organ & cello
080689563478          Orch.                   59.95     phant and echoing with confidence, We Are Mu-            This lyrical arrangement may very well rival the
                                                        sic Of The King says it all - who we are and why         folk tune we all know and love with its beautiful,
                                                        we are. Moderate                                         melancholy verses and gentle, unobtrusive ac-
THINE IS THE GLORY                                      MD5209                Acc. CD                  19.95     companiment. The use of the cello is a must - it
Arr. by Stan Pethel                         SATB        A7761                 Anthem                    1.50     adds such depth of emotion and acts as an extra
Pethel’s neo-Baroque setting includes an optional       LB5760                Orch.                    50.00     voice, singing an absolutely gorgeous duet with
trumpet part and makes for a colorful presenta-                                                                  baritones on the second verse. Advanced
tion of this Easter hymn. Moderate                                                                               M.2187              Anthem                   1.50
0633095524            Anthem                   1.40
                                                        WE REMEMBER
                                                        Arr. by Bruce Greer                          SATB
                                                        Perfect for your pagaent or communion. Moderate
                                                                                                                 WORTHY IS THE LAMB
THINE IS THE GLORY                                      080689237324          Acc. CD                  19.98     Arr. by Jay Rouse
Arr. by Timothy Bandy                       SATB        080689572272
                                                                                                       59.95     Orch. by Richard Kingsmore SATB
This is Handel as you’ve seldom heard him.                                                                       Moderate
George .. Handel’s hymn, Thine Is The Glory is                                                                   000768282397        Acc. CD (stereo/split) 24.98
arranged here in a symphonic, jubilant and con-         WHAT CROSS IS THIS                                       000768282373        Anthem                  1.60
temporary style, complete with exciting cross           By John Parker and
                                                                                                                 000768282359        Orch.                  69.95
rhythms. The dynamic package strongly commu-
nicates the truimph of the risen Christ.                David Lantz III                              SATB
99/1802M              Acc. CD                 19.95
                                                        “What cross is this upon that hill? Standing yet,
                                                        but bare and still? Depiction of True Love ful-
                                                                                                                 Best Selling Anthems
                                                        filled, what cruel cross is this?” This mournful set-
                                                        ting brings to a climax all the pathos and passion       from Easter 2003
                                                        of the Lenten season.                                    I Will Arise
THREE A CAPPELLA SONGS                                  BSCM03029             Anthem                    1.50          AG-1134      Kingsmore
.OR EASTER                                                                                                       Were You There
Arr. by Robert Sterling,                                WHAT WONDROUS LOVE                                            080689522277 Sterling
                                                                                                                 Jesus What A Mighty Name
Camp Kirkland and Joseph Linn                           Arr. by Mary McDonald SATB                                    0633087734   Noblitt, Elkins
                                                        Based on the traditional American folk hymn, this        I Stand Redeemed
               SATB / SSA / TTBB                        arrangement is full of interesting textures and               080689516276 Kirkland
Here is a mini-compilation of great a cappella          surprise twists to the harmony. Moderate
offerings for mixed voices (Lamb Of God / Ster-         10/3129M              Anthem                    1.60
                                                                                                                 The Wonderful Cross
ling), ladies ensemble (Nothing But The Blood                                                                         AG-1131      Kirkland
Medley / Kirkland) and men’s voices (Oh .or A                                                                    In Christ Alone
Thousand Tongues / Linn) - all in one package.          WHAT WONDROUS LOVE IS THIS                                    080689517273 Sterling
Moderate                                                Arr. by Tim Sharp      SATB                              That’s What The Blood Was .or
080689571275          Anthem                   1.40     Elongated passionate lines beautifully paint this             0633023787   Mauldin
080689707223          CD                       7.98
                                                        American .olk text. Accompanists will enjoy the          Blessed Is The King Of Israel
                                                        neo-Romantic piano writing. An unexpected                     080689767272 Clydesdale
                                                        transition to major near the end creates a very          Behold Your King
                                                        satisfying ending. Moderate                                   080689513275 Goeller
                                                        0633095656            Anthem                    1.40     Jesus Christ Is The Risen Son
                                                        0633095893            Orch.                    54.95          080689768279 Clydesdale

              To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
           Handbell for                                Instrumental Music for                               HOLY WEEK AND EASTER
                                                                                                            By David Cherwien
           Lent & Easter                                    Lent & Easter                                   Compiled by Gilbert M. Martin
EASTER ACCLAMATIONS                                   Orchestra                                             The continuing series of hymn interpretations by
Arr. by Michael E. Akers 3 Oct.                                                                             noted composer David Cherwien focuses on Holy
                                                                                                            Week and Easter in this volume. The compelling
Here are two short, brilliant fanfares; perfect for
the opening of worship, based on Hymn To Joy          GRACE GREATER THAN OUR                                hymns surrounding Gethesemane and the cruci-
                                                                                                            fixion, and the exhilarating hymns celebrating
and Victory. Level 2+. Moderate                       SIN with WHEN I SURVEY                                the resurrection of Jesus are imbued with a fresh
20/1292L             Handbell Parts            3.50
                                                      THE WONDROUS CROSS                                    spirit and a musical integrity that will enhance
                                                      Arr. by David Shipps                                  and deepen the significance of this important
.AN.ARE .OR EASTER                                    Grade 2. Moderate                                     week for Christians. Moderate
                                                                                                            70/1465S             Organ Book              12.50
Arr. by Dan R. Edwards                                080689366574         Orch.                  54.95

                 3 Oct. w/trumpet
Using Christ The Lord Is Risen Today and Crown        REJOICE HE LIVES                                      RE.LECTIONS ON THE
Him With Many Crowns, this is the perfect bell        Arr. by David T. Clydesdale                           SACRI.ICE
piece for celebrating Resurrection Day with your                                                            Compiled by Kris Kropff
                                                      Grade 5. Advanced
younger ringers. Level 1. Easy                        080689356575         Orch.                  59.95     The full Holy Week experience is presented here
HP-5435              Handbell & Trpt. Parts    3.25
                                                                                                            in a diverse mix of traditional hymn settings,
                                                                                                            touching originals and classical repertoire. The
.ROM GRIE. TO GLORY                                   WHAT WONDROUS LOVE IS                                 arrangements are accessible while still providing
Arr. by Douglas E. Wagner                             THIS                                                  musical variety. Moderate
                                                                                                            70/1449L             Organ Book                9.95
                                         2 Oct.       Arr. by Robert Sterling
                                                      Grade 4. Advanced
This distinctive treasury of music for Lent, Palm
Sunday, Holy Week and Easter will quickly be-
                                                      080689365577         Orch.                  59.95     Piano
come a staple of the two-octave repertoire. Titles
include: Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley, The       Brass Ensemble                                        RE.LECTIONS ON THE
Old Rugged Cross, What Wondrous Love Is This,
When Jesus Wept, Hosanna Loud Hosanna,                                                                      SACRI.ICE
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today, Hallelujah Cho-       .IVE TRADITIONAL EASTER                               Compiled by David Sarandon
rus and Now The Green Blade Riseth.
Levels 1-2-3. Moderate                                HYMNS                                                 .rom the exultant shouts of “Hosanna!” in the
20/1285L             Handbell Parts            7.95   Arr. by Paul Davis                                    Holy City to the angry cries of “Crucify Him!” -
                                                                                                            the entire dramatic story of Holy Week is depicted
                                                      Perfect as preludes or postludes, these selections,   in these artistic and practical settings from Chris-
HANDBELL HYMNS .OR LENT                               written for two trumpets and two trombones of         tian hymnody and tradition. Moderate
                                                      equal abilities, allow your music ministry to show-   70/1451L             Piano Book                9.95
AND EASTER                                            case a brass ensemble. Accessible to upper-level
Arr. by Douglas E. Wagner                             high school players yet musically satisfying for
                                                      more advanced performers, the idiomatic ar-           RISEN GLORY
                          3 Oct.                      rangements take full advantage of the brass tim-
The entire Lent through Easter experience is rep-                                                           Compiled by David Sarandon
                                                      bre and are sure to enhance an already festive
resented musically in these solidly scored ar-        service. Titles include: Christ The Lord Is Risen     Easter, Ascension, Christ the King - each signifi-
rangements of familiar hymn tunes. Each title         Today, Come Ye .aithful Raise The Strain, The         cant celebrations of Christianity - are all em-
contained herein uses no subdivision of the beat      Strife Is O’er, O Sons And Daughters Of The King      braced in this anthology for Eastertide. Some of
and no accidentals, with each of the eight selec-                                                           today’s best-known composers are represented
                                                      and Welcome Happy Morning. Moderate
tions requiring only 22 bells. Level 1. Easy          30/1885R             Brass Parts            20.00
                                                                                                            and each has chosen to revisit and rekindle the
20/1286L             Handbell Parts            6.95                                                         spirit of some of the great hymns focusing par-
                                                                                                            ticularly on these festive Sunday services.
                                                          Keyboard Music for                                Moderate
HOLY WEEK RE.LECTIONS                                                                                       70/1452L             Piano Book                9.95
Arr. by Dale Wood                                           Lent & Easter
Trans. by Douglas E. Wagner                           Organ                                                 Piano-Organ Duet
                    3, 4 or 5 Oct.
Sensitive, rich and captivating, these may be
played as a medley or as individual offerings.        A TREASURY O. HOLY WEEK                               CHRIST VICTORIOUS
Titles include: In The Garden and The Old Rug-        AND EASTER MUSIC                                      Arr. by Lani Smith
ged Cross. Level 3. Moderate                                                                                Your music ministry will surely be enhanced by
20/1290L             Handbell Parts            4.50   Compiled by Gilbert M. Martin                         including these sparkling duets in your Easter
                                                      This is a splendid compilation of organ hymn ar-      Sunday, Ascension or Christ the King celebra-
                                                      rangements from some of America’s leading com-        tions. Titles include: Christ The Lord Is Risen
THINE IS THE GLORY                                    posers of church music. By turn, quiet and in-        Today, Alleluia The Strife Is O’er, Come You
Arr. by Margaret R. Tucker                            trospective, also boisterous and joyous, they rep-    .aithful Raise The Strain, Crown Him With Many
                                                      resent the best in organ writing for this most spe-
        3, 4 or 5 Oct. w/opt. choir                   cial time of the church year. Moderate
                                                                                                            Crowns, You Servants Of God and All Hail The
This arrangement of the familiar, triumphant          70/1466S             Organ Book             12.50
                                                                                                            Power Of Jesus’ Name. Moderate
hymn features several options including bells                                                               70/1409L             Piano-Organ Book        12.50
alone, bells with organ and/or brass, bells and
choir - with or without organ and/or brass - bells
and congregation or all of the above. Level 3.                                                                     Note: Joel Raney’s dynamic
Moderate                                                                                                                piano-organ duet
CGRP10               Brass Parts                .00
CGA993               Choral Book               1.50                                                            (with choir and handbell options)
                     .ull Score
                     Handbell Parts
                                                                                                             “I Sing The Mighty Power Of God”
                                                                                                              can be used with the Palm Sunday
                                                                                                                title “Hosanna, Loud Hosanna”.

                                      Prices subject to change without notice

              New Adult Musicals “at a glance”
Title                          Composer                  Publisher          Voicing              *
                                  Moderate to Advanced Musicals
Eyes Of Faith                   Moore/Clydesdale         Word               SATB            MM
He’s Alive                      Knight                   Brentwood-Benson   SATB            D
Jesus Son Of God                Rhodes                   Genevox            SATB            ND
Like A Lamb                     Kirkland                 Allegis            SATB            N
Lion Of Judah Calvary’s Lamb    Smith/Cottrell/Moffitt   Brentwood-Benson   SATB            N
The Passion Of His Love         Fettke                   Integrity          SATB            N
                                     Easy to Moderate Musicals
Because He Lives                Smith/Mauldin            Brentwood-Benson   SATB            N
Our God Reigns                  Fettke                   Lillenas           SATB            ND
Tenebrae                        Coates/Lawson            Word               SATB            N
The Rose Of Calvary             Martin                   GlorySound         SATB            N
                                  Mini-Musicals (less than 30 min.)
At The Cross                    Allen                    Brentwood-Benson   Unison/2 part   N
God’s Holy Lamb                 Pethel/Skipper           Genevox            Unison/2 part   N

*Format Key D=Drama, MM=Multimedia, N=Narration, ND=Narration with options for drama

        To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
 Nonseasonal Adult                                     iWORSHIP DVD CHORAL                                    THE OLD GOSPEL SHIP
                                                       SERIES #1                                              Arr. by Mosie Lister                    2-Part
Musicals & Collections                                 Arr. by Jay Rouse                                      Choirs who love Southern Gospel music will en-
BLESSING HONOR AND                                                                                            joy this collection from Mosie Lister. The Old
                                                       Orch. by Richard Kingsmore SATB                        Gospel Ship contains 15 songs of testimony, praise
PRAISE                                                 This revolutionary choral series from Integrity        and thanksgiving in Easy 2 Excel .lexible for-
Arr. by Dave Williamson                    SSAA        Music will add an interactive dimension to wor-        mat. Lister originals are joined with great songs
                                                       ship, combining the power of the world’s best-         from other sources, making this compilation an
Give the women of your church the tools to sing        known worship songs with breathtaking videos
and lead your congregation in worship with ar-                                                                obvious choice for Sunday worship, revivals and
                                                       for use with your choir and/or special vocal           camp meetings. Easy
ranger Dave Williamson’s collection of 14 favor-       group. iWorship DVD Choral Series Vol. 1 in-           MU-9354T            Acc. CD                85.00
ite praise and worship songs. The unison, two          cludes the three powerful songs, All Hail The          MU-9354S            Acc. Cass.             85.00
and three part arrangements include occasional         Power Of Jesus’ Name, Here I Am To Worship             DC-9354PK           Bulk CD (10)           74.99
solos for variety and are all designed to be ap-       and Trading My Sorrows. DVD flexibility allows         TA-9354PK           Bulk Cass. (10)        54.99
proachable for singers of all skill levels. Optional   you to choose full stereo trax, split trax and click
                                                                                                              DC-9354             CD                     10.99
parts for female worship teams (groups of three                                                               MB-909              Choral Book             6.99
                                                       trax to accompany a full range of performance          MB-909A             Keyboard Acc. Book     16.99
to six voices) are spread throughout the collec-       needs, customizing playback for personal wor-          OR-9354             Orch.                 295.00
tion as well as two a cappella arrangements. With      ship, small groups and large congregations. You        L-9354CD            Set w/CD               12.00
heart-moving songs like We .all Down, Above            can choose to use one song at a time or select “play   L-9354C             Set w/cass.            10.00
All, and Take This Life, the entire congregation       all” for a worship experience your church will
can join together in worship with Blessing Honor       never forget!
And Praise. Moderate                                   000768275597         Acc. CD                 70.00
                                                                                                              THE TOP TWELVE
                     Acc. CD (split)
                     Acc. CD (stereo)
                                                       000768275559         DVD                     80.00     By Various Arrangers                     SATB
                                                       0076827551           Orch.                  170.00     Here are 12 of the most powerful and popular
080689702228         CD                      16.98     000768275573         Choral Book              4.25
080689702341         Cassette                11.98                                                            praise and worship songs of this generation, all
080689377174         Choral Book              7.95                                                            together under one cover. Titles include: All
080689419362         Set w/CD                 9.00
                                                       MICHAEL W. SMITH                                       Praise Rising, Breathe, .orever, Here I Am To
                                                                                                              Worship, I Need You More with I Need Thee Ev-
                                                       WORSHIP LIVE                                           ery Hour, Let Everything That Has Breath and
                                                       Arr. by Steven V. Taylor                               more. Moderate
Arr. by Marty Parks  2-Part                                                                                   MU-9350T            Acc. CD                85.00
Here are 18 contemporary, traditional, praise and
                                                                    SATB w/ praise team                       MU-9350S            Acc. Cass.             85.00
worship and gospel favorites with a special fea-       Use these dynamic worship sequences all year           DC-9350PK           Bulk CD (10)           74.99
ture: 2-part, treble clef vocals! These arrange-       long...for choir, congregation and optional praise     TA-9350PK           Bulk Cass. (10)        54.99
                                                       team. The songs of Michael W. Smith are fea-           DC-9350             CD                     10.99
ments are usable by almost any choir, ensemble                                                                MB-907              Choral Book             8.99
or praise team no matter what the voicing. Titles      tured making this a wonderful collection you’ll        OR-9350             Orch.                 395.00
include: Be Still And Know, Be Thou My Vision,         use time and again. Songs include Agnus Dei,           L-9350CD            Set w/CD               12.00
Bow The Knee, .orever, I Will Be Christ To You,        Thy Word, You Are The Lord, Great Is The Lord,         L-9350C             Set w/cass.            10.00
Singing With The Saints and more. Easy                 Purified, .orever, We Will Sing and more.
                                                       Releasing in .eb. 2004. Moderate
                     Acc. CD
                     Acc. Cass.
                                             85.00     08744045             Acc. CD                 80.00     THIS IS YOUR HOUSE
DC-9351PK            Bulk CD (10)            74.99     08744046
                                                                            Bulk CD (10)
                                                                                                              Arr. by Carol Cymbala
TA-9351PK            Bulk Cass. (10)         54.99
DC-9351              CD                      10.99     08744043             Choral Book              7.95     Orch. by Lari Goss and
                                                       08744047             Praise Band Charts      25.00
                     Choral Book
                                            395.00     08744048             Set w/CD                10.00     Chris McDonald                           SATB
L-9351CD             Set w/CD                12.00                                                            This incredible Brooklyn Tabernacle collec-
L-9351C              Set w/cass.             10.00                                                            tion includes 13 passionate songs representing
                                                       THE CROSS SAID IT ALL                                  contemporary, traditional gospel and treasured
INTEGRITY ACAPPELLA VOL. 2                             Arr. by Lari Goss     SATB                             church classics. Live...This Is Your House fea-
                                                       .rom best-selling veteran arranger Lari Goss           tures music that embraces genuine worship with
Arr. by Jay Rouse    SATB                              comes a choral project representing one of his         soaring praise songs like You Are Holy, Because
Jay Rouse has once again brought new life to           deepest passions - Southern Gospel music. You’ll       Of Who You Are and This Is Your House, to soul-
some of the timeless songs from Integrity, exquis-     rise up and praise with old convention- styled         ful offerings such as Holy Are You Lord and Lord
itely arranged for a cappella choir. These sing-       songs such as Look .or Me Around The Throne            I Believe In You. Moderate
able and hauntingly beautiful settings are mas-        and God Handled It All, the more current titles        080689744129        Acc. CD (split)        90.00
                                                                                                              080689744426        Acc. CD (stereo)       90.00
terfully crafted for ensembles of any size. Titles     like God Is Good and Greater Is He, and the tra-       080689645723        Bulk CD                59.95
include: Let Your Glory .all, Joy Of My Desire         ditional treasured ballads such as Mine Eyes           000768250228        CD                     17.98
and O Mighty Cross.                                    Have Seen Thy Salvation and The Cross Said It          000768250242        Cassette               11.98
000768276778         Choral Book               4.25    All. Moderate                                          080689905179        Choral Book             8.95
                                                       080689739125         Acc. CD (split)         90.00     LIVE THIS           Orch.
                                                       080689739422         Acc. CD (stero)         90.00     080689426360        Set w/CD                10.00
INTEGRITY’S MISSIONSONGS                               080689640728         Bulk CD (10)            49.95
                                                       080689704222         CD                      16.98
Arr. by Jay Rouse                                      080689704345         Cassette                11.98     TO THE GLORY O. GOD
Orch. by Richard Kingsmore SATB                        080689379178         Choral Book              7.95
                                                                                                              Various Arrangers                        SATB
                                                       080689386671         Orch.                  350.00
This stirring collection is an excellent worship       080689421365         Set w/CD                 9.00     To The Glory Of God is a collection of anthems,
package for mission emphasis Sundays. The ar-                                                                 medleys and original titles commemorating the
rangements are also strong enough to stand alone                                                              100th anniversary of Bellevue Baptist Church, in
for use during any season. Titles include: We                                                                 Memphis, Tennessee. This collection is as rich
Speak To Nations, You Said and Our Heart.                                                                     in diversity as it is in heritage, reflecting the
000768275696         Acc. CD                 70.00
0076827565           Orch.                  170.00
                                                                                                              changing times without compromising the truth
000768275672         Songbook                 4.25                                                            of the ages. Each compelling lyric, each creative
                                                                                                              arrangement, each clear expression of Christian
                                                                                                              worship reminds us that even in the everyday, we
                                                                                                              are witnessing the steady march to God’s king-
                                                                                                              dom. Moderate
                                                                                                              0633094471          Acc. CD                85.00
                                                                                                              0633094439          CD                     16.98
                                                                                                              0633094463          Cassette               11.98
                                                                                                              0633094412          Choral Book             7.95
                                                                                                              0633094420          Orch.                 350.00
                                                                                                              0633094447          Set w/CD               12.00
                                                                                                              0633094455          Set w/cass.             8.00

                                        Prices subject to change without notice
WORSHIP TAPESTRY                                          Nonseasonal                                                Nonseasonal
Arr. by Benjamin Harlan                  SATB
Beloved praise choruses with great hymns of the           Senior Adult                                             Youth Collections
faith create this beautiful and well-crafted mo-
saic perfect for blended worship. All the arrange-   Collections & Musicals                                           & Musicals
ments can be sung with choir and optional con-       BOUND .OR GLORY                                         READY TO .LY
gregational involvement, making this collection
a unique resource you’ll use time and again. Op-     Created by Greg and Gail Skipper                        Arr. by Dennis and Nan Allen
tional narratives offer thoughtful and inspiring     Arr. by Greg Skipper and Stan Pethel                                         SAB / SATB
spoken sections which can be used before and/                                                                .rom the highly successful SonPower series
or after each piece in the context of a worship                                      SATB
                                                     As Paul and Ruby prepare to board a train for           comes Ready To .ly, yet another dynamic collec-
service, or to link the entire collection together                                                           tion of songs for students. The selections - from
for a complete presentation. Moderate                their trip to Scenic River .alls, they begin reflect-
                                                     ing on their faith. Although confident they’re          SonPower 2003 - include not only contemporary
08744010            Acc. CD                70.00
08744011            CD                     14.95     good enough to get into heaven, they still think        arrangements of popular artist cuts but also an
08744009            Choral Book             6.95     something may be missing. Taking the same ex-           awesome four-part a cappella swing setting to the
08744012            Orch. (Chamber)       100.00     cursion are the Hillview Senior Saints, who share       hymn I Will Sing The Wondrous Story, and an
08744013            Set w/CD               10.00
                                                     the message of Christ with this searching couple.       arrangement of When I Survey The Wondrous
                                                     When their excursion is over, the train may be          Cross. Six dramatic sketches, all based in Scrip-
                                                                                                             ture, are included to set up the songs. Moderate
SOMEBODY’S PRAYING ME                                headed back to Scenic River .alls, but Paul and
                                                                                                             0633093521           Acc. CD (split)          85.00
                                                     Ruby are bound for Glory! 40 minutes in length.
THROUGH                                              Easy
                                                                                                             0633093475           CD                       16.98
                                                                                                             0633093483           Cassette                 11.98
Created by Karla Worley and                          0633094765            Acc. CD                 45.00     0633093459           Choral Book               7.95
                                                     0633094757            CD                      16.98     0633093491           Orch. / Studio Charts    25.00
Gary Rhodes                                          0633094927            Cassette                11.98     0633093467           Set w/CD                 12.00
   SATB / Children / Congregation                    0633094900
                                                                           Choral Book
                                                                           Set w/CD
                                                                                                             063309353X           Set w/cass.               8.00
Somebody’s Praying Me Through is a powerful          0633094919            Set w/cass.              8.00
multi-media production that combines song with                                                               WORSHIP TOGETHER
visual testimonies that lead the congregation to
be in awe of how God works through prayer. The       SINGING WITH THE SAINTS                                 Arr. by Steven V. Taylor
DVD accompaniment features brief clips of a va-      Arr. by Russell Mauldin 2-Part                          Sketches by Bob Hoose                        SAB
riety of well-known Christian leaders including      Singing With The Saints is perfect for senior adult     Arranged by veteran youth music creator Steven
President George W. Bush, Pastor Jim Cymbala         choirs, smaller choirs or any sized choir when          V. Taylor, this musical is structured similar to his
and Christian aid workers Heather Mercer and         rehearsal time is limited. This collection is packed    best-selling youth musical Lord I Lift Your Name
Dayna Curry, along with clips of lay people shar-    with gospel favorites arranged with Russell             On High. Stirring moments of exaltation like You
ing their testimonies and thoughts on prayer.        Mauldin’s singable signature style. Optional            Are My King (Amazing Love) are combined with
.lexible presentation options include opportuni-     drama by Lorie Marsh is included to present the         compelling moments of commitment like Take
ties for personal prayer testimonies from your       collection as a senior adult musical. Titles in-        My Life. Bob Hoose enhances the message of
own congregation, and the arrangements of            clude: Blest Be The Tie, The .amily Of God, The         Worship Together by integrating two dramatic
Made Me Glad, Hear Our Praises and Calling Out       Longer I Serve Him, Singing With The Saints and         sketches for one to five actors. A DVD with ani-
To You gives your congregation the opportunity       more. Releasing in .eb. 2004. Moderate                  mated lyrics for every song allows your congre-
to participate in worship. One of the songs writ-    08744042              Acc. CD                 80.00     gation to participate, synced with split, stereo and
ten especially for this musical, Pray .or Me, in-    08743918              Bulk CD (10)            59.95     click track options. 45 minutes in length.
cludes your children’s choir in a section praying    08743917              CD                      14.95     Moderate
for your family. 60 minutes in length. Moder-        08743916              Choral Book              7.95     080689741128         Acc. CD (split)          90.00
                                                     08743919              Set w/CD                10.00
ate                                                                                                          080689741425         Acc. CD (stereo)         90.00
080689742125        Acc. CD (split)        90.00                                                             080689328091         Acc. DVD                199.95
080689742422        Acc. CD (stereo)       90.00                                                             080689642722         Bulk CD (10)             49.95
080689329098        Acc. DVD              199.95                                                             080689706226         CD                       16.98
080689643729        Bulk CD (10)           49.95                                                             080689706349         Cassette                 11.98
080689708220        CD                     16.98                                                             080689381171         Choral Book               7.95
080689708343        Cassette               11.98                                                             080689388675         Rhythm Charts            49.95
080689382178        Choral Book             7.95                                                             080689608025         Reh. CD Trx.             59.95
080689389672        Orch.                 350.00                                                             080689423369         Set w/DVD                 9.00
080689609022        Reh. CD Trx.           59.95
080689424366        Set w/DVD               9.00

                                                                        Don’t miss
                                                                     Tuesday night
                                                                    at MusicAtlanta
                                                                        4HIM in concert and
                                                                   a premiere performance of
                                                            SOMEBODY’S PRAYING ME THROUGH
                                                              by Karla Worley & Gary Rhodes.
                                       Prices subject to change without notice
     Nonseasonal                                       PLAY & PRAISE VOL. 5                                          Nonseasonal
                                                       Arr. by C. Barny Robertson Unison
 Children’s Collections                                Within this volume of the Play & Praise Series,            Children’s Musicals
ALL THE BEST PROGRAMS                                  you will find dynamic mini-performance ideas           CAPTAIN NOAH AND THE ONE
                                                       that teach concepts of worship. The fun music
.OR KIDS #2                                            activities and songs are designed to encourage         AND ONLY ZOO CRUISE .OR
By Debbie Salter Goodwin Unison                        spiritual growth. As always, teachers will be          TWOS
Whether preschool or preteen, this resource pro-       thrilled with the dynamic lesson plans packed
                                                       with movement, crafts, reproducible worksheets,        By Dave Noel and Jay Rouse
vides material and songs for every age and sea-
son - Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and .ather’s         instrumental and listening activities, ideas for       with Randy Vader Unison / 2-Part
Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and more. Use in        “.amily Night” and thematic material for pro-          All hands on deck for an unforgetable journey full
worship services, children’s church, VBS, Sunday       grams. The DVD, which replaces the Instruc-            of adventure, humor and inspiration! This
School, church camp, special programs, retreats,       tional Video, also offers exciting multimedia op-      children’s musical retells the Biblical story of
Children’s Day and at Christian schools. The           portunities. The Activity Bag includes a child’s       Noah and, with heartwarming emotion, appeals
possibilities are limitless. Indexes included to as-   activity book, stickers and an enhanced listening      to everyone...”Don’t wait until it’s too late. Two
sist in easy planning. Split-channel CD with over      CD. The enhanced CD includes devotions for             by two we came into the ark, but today, we re-
35 supporting music selections available! Photo-       home use. Easy                                         ceive salvation by faith in Christ - not two by two
                                                       0633093440           Activity Bag             9.95     - but one by one.” 38 minutes in length. Easy
copy rights included with purchase. Moderate           0633093157           Activity Book            4.95
MP-852               Book                    29.99                                                            797242208751         Acc. CD (split)         95.00
                                                       0633093130           CD (enhanced)           16.98     797242209048         Bulk CD (10)            54.95
MD-620               Bk & Split CD Combo     39.99     0633092959           Cassette                11.98
DC-9357S             CD (split)              19.99                                                            797242208645         CD                      16.98
                                                       0633093297           Leader’s Guide (CD)     84.95     797242208522         Cassette                11.98
                                                       0633093238           Set w/CD                12.00     797242206399         Choral Book              8.95
                                                       0633093149           Set w/cass.              8.00
CRAZY PRAIZE                                                                                                  797242209192
                                                                                                                                   Resource Kit
                                                                                                                                   Set w/CD
Various Arrangers Unison / 2-Part                                                                             797242209208         Video (Instructional)   24.99
Crazy Praize is based on the Brentwood Records
                                                       STOMP AND PRAISE
releases by the same title. This collection features   By Jimmy Travis Getzen and
all of the songs recorded on Volume 1 and Vol-
                                                                                                              CROSS COUNTRY
                                                       Gail Getzen        Unison / Easy
ume 2. Titles include: Whose Side Are You Lean-        Stomp, bang, hammer, clap and praise the Lord!
                                                                                                              By Pam Andrews Unison / 2-Part
ing On?, My Brother, My .riend, Philippians 1:6,       That’s the terrific idea behind Stomp And Praise,      Spring musicals and summer choir camps will be
I Just Wanna Be A Sheep, On A Day Like This,           a children’s collection that kids are gonna go wild    enriched by this exciting and meaningful work
Ain’t Nobody, Alice The Camel, Romans 16:19,           over! This exciting praise experience combines         from children’s expert, Pam Andrews. The mu-
.ruit Of The Spirit and more. 20 minutes in            scripture-based songs with “Stomp” instrument          sical is set in the context of a cross country race.
length. Easy                                           accompaniment! Children can use just about             This project from Pam includes creative songs,
4575708373           Acc. CD (split)         80.00
                                                       anything that makes a sound to play the unique         an innovative script and many references to scrip-
4575708375           Acc. Cass. (split)      70.00                                                            ture all set in a theme of discipleship and com-
8306107102           CD Vol. 1                9.99     rhythm patterns provided for each song. Rhythm
8306107122           CD Vol. 2                9.99     charts may be printed from the enhanced listen-        mitment. 46 minutes in length. Moderate
                                                                                                              MU-9355T             Acc. CD (split)         85.00
8306107104           Cassette Vol. 1          9.99     ing CD. A small group can play the instruments,        MU-9355S             Acc. Cass. (split)      85.00
8306107124           Cassette Vol. 2          9.99     the whole choir can grab a soundmaker, or stu-
4575708371           Set w/CD                12.00                                                            DC-9355PK            Bulk CD (10)            74.99
4575708370           Set w/cass.              9.00
                                                       dents and senior adults can join the band too! No      TA-9355PK            Bulk Cass. (10)         54.99
4575708377           Songbook Vol. 1 & 2      9.95     matter who plays what, you’ll get fun, funky songs     MB-911S.             Bulletins               18.00
4575708376           Video (Production)      19.95     that will tap, bang and plop seeds of Biblical truth   DC-9355              CD                      10.99
                                                                                                              MB-911               Choral Book              7.99
                                                       into the hearts of children. Easy                      MD-622               Dir. Res. Bk w/video    69.99
                                                       0633095915           Acc. CD (split)         29.95
KIDS SING-A-LONG PRAISE                                0633095923           Bulletins (100)         15.00
                                                                                                                                   Dir. Resource Book
                                                                                                                                   Set w/CD
                                                       0633095761           CD                      16.98
SONGBOOK                                               063309577X           Cassette                11.98
                                                                                                              L-9355C              Set w/cass.             10.00
                                                                                                              MU-9355V             Video (Production)      29.99
Various Arrangers   Unison                             0633096202           Choral Book              3.95
                                                       0633095796           Posters (10)            15.00
This worship resource for kids is a perfect com-       0633095982           Set w/CD                12.00
pilation of 17 classic praise and worship songs        0633095788           Set w/cass.              8.00     HOLY MOSES
including piano score, chord symbols, lyrics and                                                              By Kathie Hill              Unison / 2-Part
the split trax cd.                                                                                            .rom the Greatest Stories Ever Sung Series,
000768269169         Songbook                15.95     THE KIDS’ HYMN PROJECT                                 Kathie Hill presents Holy Moses! Join the cast
                                                       Created by Pam Andrews                                 of Trading Places at a Hebrew home and an Egyp-
MADE .OR PRAISE VOL. 9                                 Arr. by Steven V. Taylor                               tian palace where Page Turner, Hildi Vine, .rank
                                                                                                              Incense and Ty Kwando assist kids in discover-
Arr. by C. Barny Robertson                                                Unison / 2-Part                     ing the story of Moses. But there’s no redesign-
                   Unison / 2-Part                     15 hymns set in a contemporary style teach the         ing history in this musical as kids learn about the
This volume of the Made for Praise series com-         kids of your congregation a love for the cherished     plagues, the Passover, the Exodus and the Ten
bines tips, ideas and music for younger and older      hymns of our faith. It’s perfect material for Sun-     Commandments through clever lyrics and memo-
children - it’s the total package to meet all your     day worship, children’s church services, VBS or        rable music. As in his own life, the emphasis of
needs! The music and concepts enable you to cre-       Sunday School. Included are the stories behind         this musical is not on Moses, but the God of Moses
ate worship experiences with eternal benefits,         the writing of each hymn. Titles include: When I       - the Great I Am! 45 minutes in length. Easy
and the dramas, choral readings, monologues and        Survey The Wondrous Cross, Holy Holy Holy,             080689738128         Acc. CD                 90.00
activities provide terrific opportunities for spiri-   Wonderful Words Of Life, Blessed Assurance,            080689369722         Bulk CD (10)            49.95
                                                       Come Thou .ount Of Every Blessing, All Crea-           080689703348         Cassette                11.98
tual growth. The Leader’s Guide now includes a                                                                080689704255         CD                      16.98
DVD, instead of a videocassette, offering you even     tures Of Our God And King and more. Easy               080689378171         Choral Book              6.95
                                                       MU-9347T             Acc. CD (split)         85.00
more multimedia opportunities. The enhanced            MU-9347S             Acc. Cass. (split)      85.00
                                                                                                              080689326974         Dir. Aide & Video       69.95
CD includes devotions for home use.        Easy        DC-9347PK            Bulk CD (10)            74.99
                                                                                                              080689420368         Set w/CD                 8.00
0633092746           CD (enhanced)           16.98                                                            080689584138         Video (Instructional)   24.95
                                                       TA-9347PK            Bulk Cass. (10)         54.99
0633092754           Cassette                11.98     DC-9347              CD                      16.99
0633092819           Choral Book              5.95     MB-902               Choral Book              7.99
0633093173           Leader’s Guide (CD)     84.95     MB-902D              Mini Dir. Notebook      39.99
0633092886           Piano Acc. Parts        19.95     L-9347CD             Set w/CD                12.00
0633092797           Set w/CD                12.00     L-9347C              Set w/cass.             10.00
0633092800           Set w/cass.              8.00     MU-9347V             Video (Performance)     29.99

              To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
 Nonseasonal Anthems                                  AN IRISH BLESSING                                      CHRIST MY STRENGTH
A HEART O. PRAISE                                     By Douglas Nolan SATB w/violin                         By Claude L. Bass                         SATB
                                                      The lyric lines of Douglas Nolan’s music provide       The text idea in this anthem is based on
By Kenn Mann                                          warm closure to any gathering as they gently ca-       Philippians 4:13 and Psalm 28:7. Signature flow-
Arr. by Richard Kingsmore                 SATB        ress this classic benediction. The optional violin     ing lines and accompaniment abound in this clas-
A Heart Of Praise is an honest and open song of       obbligato may be played on flute or synthesizer if     sic Bass anthem. Moderate
consecration featuring an expressive duet oppor-      desired. An Irish Blessing is simply beautiful.        0633095540           Anthem                   1.40

tunity in verse two. Moderate                         Moderate
                                                      A7771                Anthem                    1.50
MU-2583T             Acc. CD                19.99                                                            COME CHRISTIANS JOIN TO
AG-1151              Anthem                  1.50
OR-2583              Orch.                  59.99                                                            SING
                                                      ANCIENT WORDS
                                                                                                             Arr. by David .ischer SAB
                                                      By Lynn DeShazo Arr. by Tom .ettke
A WILLING HEART                                                                                              This upbeat, unique arrangement of a familiar
                                                      Orch. by Richard Kingsmore    SATB                     hymn will be a welcomed surprise for your con-
By Tom .ettke                             SATB        Moderate                                               gregation! Accessibly arranged, this Glory
An original setting of the words of repentance        000768282793         Acc. CD                 24.98     Songs selection breathes new life into an old fa-
from Psalm 51, this is a beautiful and simple         000768282779         Anthem                   1.60     vorite. Moderate
prayer voicing our desire to be made new. Mod-        000768282755         Orch.                   69.95     0633095966           Acc. CD                19.98
erate                                                                                                        0633095850           Anthem                  1.40
BP1672               Anthem                   1.50
                                                      BE UNTO YOUR NAME
                                                      By Lynn DeShazo and Gary Sadler                        COME RESTORE MY SOUL
A.TER ALL                                                                                                    By Ed Kerr and Kim Noblitt
By Mary McDonald                                      Arr. by Jay Rouse
                                                      Orch. by Richard Kingsmore SATB                        Arr. by Kim Noblitt and
         SATB w/brass & rhythm                        Moderate                                               Robert Elkins              SATB
“We’ll see the kingdom, After All...” This is un-     000768282694         Acc. CD                 24.98
ashamed, upbeat, Southern Gospel fun. Moder-                                                                 Invite listeners to pray for restoration as you
                                                      000768282670         Anthem                   1.60
ate                                                   000768282656         Orch.                   69.95
                                                                                                             share this moving anthem from You Saved Me.
99/1804M             Acc. CD              16.95                                                              This prayerful selection would be an excellent
10/3136M             Anthem                1.60                                                              choice for an invitation or time of commitment
30/1917M             Brass & Rhythm Parts 24.95       BLESSED ARE YOU                                        and rededication. Moderate
                                                                                                             0633094722           Acc. CD                19.98
                                                      By Mark Hayes                              SATB        0633094781           Anthem                  1.40
AGNUS DEI                                             Blessed Are You is a spirited, dynamic setting of      0633094579           Orch.                  54.95

Arr. by Benjamin Harlan                   SATB        The Beatitudes. The instrumental ensemble adds
                                                      much to the texture, calling for flute, oboe, clari-
Michael W. Smith’s popular praise chorus is given     net, bassoon, french horn, cello and percussion.       COME YE SINNERS POOR AND
a well-crafted choral treatment from Benjamin         Moderate                                               NEEDY
Harlan. With a superb piano accompaniment to          BP1671CD             Acc. CD                 24.95
support the heartfelt words and music, this an-       BP1671               Anthem                   1.75     Arr. by Travis Cottrell
them is great for choirs, ensembles and/or praise     BP1671A              Instrum. Parts          25.00     Orch. by Russell Mauldin SATB
teams. Moderate                                                                                              Celebrate the God Who embraces the poor and
08743991             Anthem                   1.60
                                                      BLESSED ASSURANCE                                      needy, sets us free and changes our lives! This
                                                                                                             worship set for choir and congregation comes
ALL CREATION GIVES VOICE                              Arr. by Don Marsh                            SAB       from Jesus The One And Only. Moderate
                                                      What a great “swing” arrangement of this fine old      0633096164           Acc. CD (enhanced)     19.98
Arr. by Randy Vader,                                  .anny Crosby hymn! It will be hard to keep your        0633096156           Anthem                  1.40
Jay Rouse and Camp Kirkland SATB                      feet still here. Moderate                              0633096229           Orch.                  54.95
                                                      0633093513           Acc. CD                 19.98
This upbeat, triumphant anthem calls all of cre-      0633093505           Anthem                   1.40
ation to joyfully give praise to the one eternal                                                             COMPLETE with MY JESUS I
King. Moderate
797242205958         Acc. CD                24.98     BRING .ORTH LOVE                                       LOVE THEE
797242205897         Anthem                  1.60
                                                      By Bruce Greer                             SATB        Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB
AO-8306OR            Orch.                  69.95
                                                                                                             Lead listeners to a place of worship as you reflect
                                                      Written for the Gary Bonner Singers, this is based     on the restoration and hope Christ brings. A re-
                                                      on Galatians 5:22-26 and exhorts the believer to
ALL THE EARTH                                         let the Spirit bring forth love in us, and features
                                                                                                             cently released recording from Parachute
                                                                                                             Band, this stirring anthem also includes the cho-
By Andrew Ulugia and                                  an a cappella section near the end. Moderate           rus of My Jesus I Love Thee. Moderate
                                                      0633095710           Acc. CD                 19.98
Wayne Huirua                                          0633095672           Anthem                   1.40
                                                                                                             0633096091           Acc. CD                19.98
                                                                                                             063309630X           Anthem                  1.40
Arr. by Dave Williamson                                                                                      0633096105           Orch.                  54.95
         SATB w/opt. Praise Team                      CANTICLE O. THE CREATOR
With an upbeat sound and an easy-to-learn cho-        By Pamela Martin and                                   CREATION PSALM
rus, this superb song gives all praise to the Lord,
to Whom “all the earth will declare that Your love    Craig Courtney       SATB                              By Pamela Martin and
is everywhere.” Invite the congregation to join       The first person text paints a brilliantly beautiful   Anna Laura Page                           SATB
you on this one! The accompaniment CD features        description of creation as seen through God’s own      “Almighty God we join in song, creation’s psalm
beautiful visuals to enhance your performance.        eyes. Indescribable wonder and awe are captured        of exaltation!” is the theme for the festive anthem
Moderate                                              and put into word and sound, yet the most awe-         of adoration and praise. Moderate
0633094935           Acc. CD (enhanced)     19.98     some and powerful moment in Canticle Of The            0633095591           Anthem                   1.40
0633094838           Anthem                  1.40     Creator comes at the end - “Where were you?...I
0633094587           Orch.                  54.95
                                                      chose you; I was there.” Moderate
                                                      A7764                Anthem                    1.50
Arr. by Camp Kirkland SATB
                                                                   Pine Lake’s BEST SELLING ANTHEMS
Moderate                                              are listed on the Bestsellers page of our web site. Listen to audio
797242210051         Acc. CD                24.98
797242209994         Anthem                  1.60      clips on-line or order a Top-25 pack of contemporary or traditional
GOP5440              Orch.                  69.95
                                                                titles - or both!

                                      Prices subject to change without notice
CROWN HIM WITH MANY                                   GO IN MY .ATHER’S NAME                                  HAVE YOUR WAY
CROWNS MEDLEY                                         By J. Paul Williams and                                 By Claire Cloninger and Don Moen
Arr. by J. Daniel Smith SATB                          Joseph M. Martin        SATB                            Arr. by Paul Mills and Jay Rouse
Moderate                                              Weaving together several passages of scripture                                 SATB w/solo
808026032124         Acc. CD                19.98     with the “Great Commission,” J. Paul Williams           .or choir and soloist, this is a tender prayer of
808026032216         Anthem                  1.55     has written a moving and inspirational text for
808026032636         DVD lyric prompter     29.95                                                             surrender to the purpose of God for us.
808026032452         Orch.                  69.95
                                                      missions and evangelism. Joseph Martin’s ma-            Moderate
                                                      jestic accompaniment and lyrical melody make            0000768258194        Acc. CD                 24.98
                                                      this a memorable anthem for any occasion where          000768258170         Anthem                   1.60
CUP O. MERCY BREAD O.                                 the focus is on service. Accessible to large or small   0076825815           Rhythm Charts           30.00
                                                      choirs. Moderate
GRACE                                                 MD5202                Acc. CD                 19.95
By John Parker and                                    A7665                 Anthem                   1.50     HE GIVES ME PEACE
                                                      LB5705                Orch.                   50.00
David Lantz III      SATB                                                                                     By Cindy Berry                             SATB
In this thoughtful SATB setting, the worshipper                                                               This lovely anthem of assurance has a comfort-
is described as “the empty cup for Christ to fill.”   GO INTO THE WORLD                                       ing, yet powerful message. So often we wonder
Rich harmonies and a tender accompaniment             By Walt Harrah                                          where God is and the answer is always the same -
give depth and warmth to the insightful text of                                                               “...My child, I am here!” He Gives Me Peace is
this impressive anthem. Moderate                      Arr. by Travis Cottrell                   SSATB         accessible to adult or youth choirs for general use,
A7766                Anthem                   1.50    With subtle rhythms, inspiring lyrics and a bril-       but is especially fitting with themes of God’s love
                                                      liant drive to the finish, this selection calls us to   and care, or during times of trial. Moderate
                                                      “Go Into The World” and take the love of Christ.        MD5201               Acc. CD                 19.95
EVERY TIME I .EEL THE                                 Moderate                                                A7751                Anthem                   1.50
                                                                                                              LB5756               Orch.                   50.00
SPIRIT/STEAL AWAY                                     0633094609
                                                                            Acc. CD
Arr. by Dr. Matthew Kennedy                SATB       063309479X            Orch.                   54.95
Church Street Music is pleased to reprint these
                                                                                                              HE GIVES TO EACH A SONG
two popular spirituals in their unique settings by                                                            By Gary Hallquist     SATB
Matthew Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy is the esteemed
                                                      GOD O. WONDERS                                          Commissioned for the 2003 Southern Baptist
retired music professor from .isk University,         Arr. by Dennis Allen                          SAB       Church Music Conference, this anthem is full of
where he was director of the .isk Jubilee Sing-       This lovely acoustic setting will have a student        energy and a joy to sing. A relevant text coupled
ers.                                                  choir leading the congregation to worship a holy        with an upbeat, rhythmic melody make for an
Moderate                                              God, the Lord of heaven and earth. Moderate             exciting time of choral praise. Moderate
0633095729           Anthem                   1.40    0633093971            Acc. CD                 19.98     0633095222           Anthem                    1.40
                                                      0633093963            Anthem                   1.40

EVERYTHING TO ME                                                                                              HE WILL COME AND SAVE
By Chad Case and Sue Smith                 SATB       GOD SITS ON HIGH                                        YOU
Avalon’s dynamic release Everything To Me is          Arr. by Russell Mauldin                     SATB        By Bob .itts and Gary Sadler
now available for your choir in this arrangement      Energetic, toe-tapping gospel at its best; God Sits
from Alan Publishing. Moderate                        On High is in the Lillenas Bass .eature Se-             Arr. by Richard Kingsmore SATB
808026036122         Acc. CD                19.98     ries. Moderate                                          A song of promise and assurance in a creative
808026036214         Anthem                  1.55     MU-2581T              Acc. CD                 19.99     setting, choirs and ensembles will find a mean-
808026036634         DVD lyric prompter     29.95     AN-9086               Anthem                   1.50     ingful expression in this touching arrangement.
808026036450         Orch.                  69.95     OR-2581               Orch.                   59.99
                                                                                                              MU-2573T             Acc. CD                 19.99
                                                                                                              AG-1148              Anthem                   1.50
.IGHT THE GOOD .IGHT                                  GREAT IS THE LORD                                       OR-2573              Orch.                   59.99
By Joseph M. Martin  SATB                             By Steve McEwan
The words of Paul come to life in this rhythmic       Arr. by Don Hart  SSAT(T)B                              HE’S ALWAYS BEEN
anthem bursting with syncopation, mixed meter         A worshipful, melodic arrangement breathes new
and “oomph!” Especially appropriate for Pente-        life into this popular worship song. With this
                                                                                                              .AITH.UL with GREAT IS THY
cost or services of commissioning or ordination,      selection, also recorded on a Promise Keepers           .AITH.ULNESS
.ight The Good .ight is dynamic and powerful!         collection, you will draw listeners to a place of
There is an Acc. CD available (MD5200) which                                                                  Arr. by Bill Wolaver  SATB
                                                      sweet reflection and praise. Advanced                   This gentle song of faith and assurance blends
features multiple titles, including this one. Mod-    063309465X            Acc. CD                 19.98
erate                                                 0633094854            Anthem                   1.40     beautifully with the favorite Great Is Thy .aith-
A7767                Anthem                  1.60     0633094862            Orch.                   54.95     fulness, creating a rich anthem. The song, origi-
LB5762               Instrumental Parts     22.50                                                             nally recorded by artist Sara Groves, is a soar-
                                                                                                              ing ballad, which is useful all year long.
                                                      GREAT IS THY .AITH.ULNESS                               Moderate
                                                      Arr. by Jay Rouse and                                   08744014             Anthem                   1.60
Arr. by Camp Kirkland SATB w/duet                                                                             08744016             Orch.                   55.00
This patriotic song honors those who paid the         Camp Kirkland         SATB w/solo
ultimate price for our freedom. Moderate              Beginning with a simple piano figure, a soloist
                                                      then sings the first verse. A second singer joins       HEAL ME O LORD with ALL
080689242328         Acc. CD                19.98
080689574276         Anthem                  1.40     for the chorus, building the texture. The full choir    HIS BENE.ITS
080689566479         Orch.                  59.95     enters for the second verse. The passion and            By Don Moen, Arr. by Jay Rouse
                                                      power of this favorite hymn continues to grow to
                                                      the conclusion. Moderate                                                           SATB
GET ON YOUR .EET                                      797242204753          Acc. CD                 24.98     The pairing of these two songs is beautiful - the
Arr. by Mike Speck, Lari Goss and                     797242204692          Anthem                   1.60     prayer for healing and praise for the promise of
                                                      AO-8309OR             Orch.                   69.95
Danny Zaloudik                                                                                                the Healer. Moderate
                                                                                                              000768258293         Acc. CD                 24.98
Orch. by Lari Goss    SATB w/solo                                                                             000768258279         Anthem                   1.60
                                                                                                              0076825825           Orch.                   69.95
.rom the collection Safe Thus .ar, this medley
also includes Rise Up O Church Of God and Let
The Church Rise Up. Moderate
080689243325         Acc. CD                19.98
080689575273         Anthem                  1.40
080689567476         Orch.                  59.95

              To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
HEAVEN AWAITS                                          I .EEL LIKE TRAVELING ON                                IN COMMUNION WITH ME
Arr. by Dave Williamson                                By William Hunter                                       By Mary McDonald SATB / SAB
       SATB w/opt. SAT ensemble                        Arr. by Bill Gaither and Ben Speer                      With flowing, gentle music, this Mary McDonald
Heaven Awaits us to join the heavenly celebra-                                                                 anthem reflects upon the meaning of the Lord’s
                                                                                     SATB                      Supper. Moderate
tion of who Jesus is and what He has done. Mod-        Here is an old-time gospel favorite for camp meet-      10/3138M             Anthem (SAB)             1.60
erate                                                  ings, informal services and revivals. Moderate          10/3137M             Anthem (SATB)            1.60
080689245329         Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                       797242205651          Acc. CD                 24.98
080689577277         Anthem                   1.40
                                                       797242205590          Anthem                   1.60
080689569470         Orch.                   59.95
                                                       GOP-5438              Brass Parts             39.95     IN THE CALM
                                                                                                               Arr. by Keith Christopher                 SATB
HERE I AM TO WORSHIP                                   I GIVE MY ALL                                           This gentle anthem, by CCM writer Tony Wood
Arr. by Dennis Allen SATB                              By Tom .ettke                               SATB        and artist Scott Kripayne, opens with a wor-
Raise your eyes, your heart and your hands to-                                                                 shipful solo, then adds soothing choral harmony.
                                                       A choral “jewel,” with hymn-like overtones, I Give      Whether for the invitation or quiet reflection,
ward heaven as you share a truly worshipful song.      My All is an easily-learned and memorable song
With this arrangement for student choir, listen-                                                               invite the congregation to sing, “In the calm of
                                                       of devotion. Easy                                       Your presence, I am listening Lord; I am still, I
ers will be drawn to a still, quiet place of rever-    MU-2574T              Acc. CD                 19.99
ence and adoration. Moderate                           AN-2682               Anthem                   1.50
                                                                                                               am quiet, I am Yours.” Moderate
0633095842           Acc. CD                 19.98                                                             063309627X           Acc. CD                19.98
                                                       OR-2574               Orch.                   59.99
0633096024           Anthem                   1.40                                                             0633096261           Anthem                  1.40
                                                                                                               0633096113           Orch.                  54.95
                                                       I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO
                                                       THE LAMB                                                IN THIS PLACE
Arr. by Kim Noblitt and
                                                       By Ray Boltz,                                           By Nancy Price and Don Besig
Robert Elkins           SAB / Solo
Aren’t you glad we can rest in God’s care for us?      Arr. by Camp Kirkland SATB                                              SATB / a cappella
This vibrant song from You Saved Me joyfully           Here is the classic Ray Boltz song of commitment,       Written for their own congregation, Nancy Price
proclaims that truth, reminding us that God’s          now available with CD track. Moderate                   and Don Besig have penned a pair of worship
“higher ways” are best. Moderate                       080689248320          Acc. CD                 19.98     songs which may be used together or separately
0633096237           Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                       080689076596          Anthem                   1.40     as a call to worship and choral benedection. We
                                                       080689532788          Orch.                   59.95     Come To Worship and May The Peace Of God Be
0633096180           Anthem                   1.40
0633096245           Orch.                   54.95                                                             With Us are based on the same musical theme,
                                                       I SING THE MIGHTY POWER                                 facilitating learning and providing a wonderful
                                                                                                               “reprise” for your worship service. Moderate
HIGHLY EXALTED                                         Arr. by Camp Kirkland SATB                              A7784                Anthem                   1.60
Arr. by Dave Williamson                                797242210358
                                                                             Acc. CD (stereo/split) 24.98
                                                                             Anthem                  1.60
         SATB w/solo & ensemble                        GOP5441               Orch.                  69.95      ISN’T HE GOOD
This is upbeat praise and worship. Moderate                                                                    Arr. by David T. Clydesdale
080689246326         Acc. CD                 19.98
080689578274         Anthem                   1.55     I WILL CARRY YOU                                                            SATB w/ solos
080689570476         Orch.                   59.95     Arr. by Lari Goss                           SATB        This is a celebration of God’s goodness from the
                                                       This is a comforting song of assurance from the         musical Evidence Of Grace. Moderate
HOW BEAUTI.UL YOUR                                     collection High Praises. Moderate                       080689255328
                                                                                                                                    Acc. CD
                                                       080689249327          Acc. CD                 19.98
SONGS O. PRAISE                                        080689579271          Anthem                   1.55     080689864476         Orch.                  59.95

Arr. by Russell Mauldin                    SATB        080689571473          Orch.                   59.95

.rom Sandi Patty’s release, this poetic anthem is                                                              IT DOES GET BETTER THAN
an intimate, worshipful song of adoration for our      I WILL SING THE WONDROUS                                THIS
beautiful Lord. Moderate
0633094560           Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                       STORY                                                   Arr. by Marty Hamby   SATB
0633094870           Anthem                   1.40     Arr. by Don Marsh    SATB                               Aren’t you glad that “It Does Get Better Than
0633094889           Orch.                   54.95                                                             This!” Joyfully celebrate what’s still to come with
                                                       Energize your student choir with this dynamic
                                                       swing-style arrangement of Sing The Wondrous            this dynamic Southern Gospel anthem, arranged
HYMNS .OR WORSHIP                                      Story. It’s fun, it’s bursting with joy, and it tells   by Marty Hamby and recently recorded by Brian
                                                       the greatest story of all! Moderate                     .ree and Assurance. Moderate
Arr. by Lloyd Larson                                   0633095958            Acc. CD                 19.98     063309451X           Acc. CD                19.98
    SATB w/opt. handbells & brass                      0633096008
Part of the Hymn Enhancement Series, here
are two hymn settings for congregation, choir and
optional handbells and brass. Alternate harmo-         I. MY PEOPLE                                            JERUSALEM
nizations and soaring descants add plenty of                                                                   By Paula Stefanovich
“punch” to your congregational worship in these
                                                       By Joseph M. Martin                         SATB
arrangements of O Worship The King and All Hail        Powerful scripture set to powerful music. Martin’s      Arr. by Steve W. Mauldin                  SATB
The Power Of Jesus’ Name. Moderate                     setting of this familiar passage will definitely have   Jerusalem is a choral arrangement based on a
10/3142L             Anthem                   1.60     an impact on all who hear it. Rich harmonies            recording by the Hoppers. Moderate
30/1919L             Handbell Part           10.00     and a memorable melody are supported by a lyri-         808026034128         Acc. CD                19.98
30/1920L             Instrum. Parts          24.95     cal, flowing accompaniment. Moderate                    808026034210         Anthem                  1.55
                                                       MD5217                Acc. CD                 19.95     808026034302         DVD Track              49.95
                                                       A7789                 Anthem                   1.50     808026034630         DVD lyric prompter     29.95
I CAN GO TO GOD IN PRAYER                              LB5757                Orch.                   50.00     808026034456         Orch.                  69.95

Arr. by Carol Cymbala SATB

                                                              The Conference
This is a joyful celebration of the possibilities of                                                              Mark your calendars for
prayer from the collection Be Glad. Moderate
                     Acc. CD
                                                                                                                   CHORAL SOUNDS

I CAN                Orch.                   50.00
                                                                                                                     July 15-16, 2004
                                                                                                                        for details

                                       Prices subject to change without notice
JESUS KEEPS ME SINGING                               LIVE WHAT I BELIEVE                                   ONE IN HIM
Arr. by Joseph M. Martin SATB                        By Russ Lee and Doug McKelvey                         By Craig Courtney                        SATB
Weaving together four of the best beloved adora-     Arr. by J. Daniel Smith   SATB                        A beautiful anthem of oneness in Christ, this is a
tion hymns, Joseph Martin has penned a mas-          Moderate                                              text by .anny Crosby based on Eph. 4:3 - “keep
terful love song to Jesus. With some a cappella,     808026035125         Acc. CD                19.98     the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”
elements of barbershop harmony, gospel, tent         808026035217         Anthem                  1.55     Moderate
revival, even grand waltz, this piece has some-      808026035637         DVD lyric prompter     29.95     10/3122L            Anthem                   1.50
thing for everybody. It incorporates He Keeps
Me Singing, Take The Name Of Jesus With You,
Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know and Oh How         MEET HIM AT THE TABLE                                 ONLY BLOOD
I Love Jesus. Moderate                               By Kirk Dearman, Deby Dearman                         Arr. by Dave Williamson                  SATB
MD5204              Acc. CD                 19.95
                                                     and Nancy Gordon                                      This anthem offers the gospel in a straightforward
A7752               Anthem                   1.60                                                          and celebrative song! .rom start to finish, it
LB5758              Orch.                   50.00    Arr. by Richard Kingsmore SATB                        brings a powerful message with a singable ar-
                                                     Another significant offering for Communion ser-       rangement. The favorite hymn Power In The
JESUS SAVES                                          vices, Meet Him At The Table is a contemporary        Blood is included, creating a dynamic moment
                                                     affirmation of Christ’s presence in the Lord’s Sup-   which leads to the satisfying conclusion.
Arr. by Camp Kirkland                    SATB        per. Moderate                                         Moderate
Moderate                                             MU-2576T             Acc. CD                19.99     08744024            Acc. CD                22.95
797242209758        Acc. CD                 24.98    AG-1145              Anthem                  1.50     08744023            Anthem                  1.60
797242209697        Anthem                   1.60    OR-2576              Orch.                  59.99     08744025            Orch.                  55.00
GOP5439             Orch.                   69.95

                                                     MORE ABOUT JESUS                                      ONLY JESUS
                                                     Arr. by Glenn Eernisse                      SAB       By Keith .erguson and
By Steve .ry, Arr. by Mark Bovee                     Gentle, moving, and easy to learn, this Glory         Bruce Greer                              SATB
                            SATB                     Songs anthem voices our desire to know more
                                                                                                           The nature, mission and heart of our Savior are
This beautiful worship song, which moves from        of Christ and all that He is. Moderate
                                                     0633095877           Acc. CD                19.98
                                                                                                           expressed in this gentle ballad. It’s an exquisite
a quiet opening to a stirring climax, reminds us                                                           text in a fittingly supportive setting. Moderate
                                                     0633095869           Anthem                  1.40
that Jesus is the center of the Christian’s exist-                                                         MU-5060T            Acc. CD                19.99
ence. This selection has also appeared on a re-                                                            AG-1123             Anthem                  1.50
cent Promise Keepers project. Moderate               MY .AITH HAS .OUND A                                  OR-2537             Orch.                  59.99
0633094544          Acc. CD                 19.98
063309482X          Anthem                   1.40    RESTING PLACE
0633094811          Orch.                   54.95
                                                     Arr. by Ralph Manuel SATB                             ONLY YOU
                                                     Soaring vocal lines and lush harmonies give this      Arr. by Don Marsh                        SATB
JOIN IN THE SONG                                     familiar tune a fresh sound and appeal workable       As recorded by popular vocal group Phillips,
                                                     in a variety of worship settings. Moderate            Craig and Dean, this song is pure praise and
Arr. by Stan Pethel                      SATB        0633095567           Anthem                   1.40    adoration. Its gentle melody and harmonies are
This upbeat call to praise has an innate joy that                                                          coupled with words of praise resulting in a wor-
draws the listener in. Easy                                                                                ship anthem which really soars! Moderate
0633093998          Acc. CD                 19.98    MY .ATHER’S LOVE                                      08744018            Acc. CD                22.95
063309398X          Anthem                   1.40
                                                     By Amy Susan .oster                                   08744017
                                                     Arr. by Russell Mauldin                   SATB
JUST STAND                                           Through this pastoral, gentle ballad, we find
Arr. by Russell Mauldin                  SATB        greater assurance of God’s love. Originally ap-       PRAISE HIM PRAISE HIM
Taking its cues from Ephesians 6, this meaning-      pearing in a collection also titled My .ather’s       Arr. by Patti Drennan SATB
ful song of encouragement urges us to rely fully     Love, this accessible selection will speak to your    This anthem is not to be missed! Infusing fresh
on God. Moderate                                     heart. Moderate                                       harmonies and smoothing out the rhythms of the
MU-2586T            Acc. CD                 19.99    0633094676           Acc. CD                19.98     original hymn, Patti artfully places Praise Him!
AG-1154             Anthem                   1.50    0633094668           Anthem                  1.40
OR-2586             Orch.                   59.99    0633094714           Orch.                  54.95
                                                                                                           Praise Him! over Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring as
                                                                                                           the accompaniment. Moderate
                                                                                                           A7790               Anthem                   1.50
KNOWING YOU                                          MY LI.E MY LOVE MY ALL
By Graham Kendrick                                   Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB                          PRAISE THE SOLID ROCK
Arr. by Lloyd Larson                     SATB        This is a song of loving surrender to Christ from     Arr. by Travis Cottrell SATB
Graham Kendrick’s worshipful prayer is given a       the collection Rejoice. Moderate
                                                     080689250323         Acc. CD                19.98
                                                                                                           A high-energy worship sequence from Jesus The
thoughtful and convincing setting in this Lloyd      080689580277         Anthem                  1.40     One And Only, this extended anthem presents
Larson arrangement. Moderate                         080689572470         Orch.                  39.95     fresh, contemporary arrangements of beloved
C5270C              Acc. CD                 24.95                                                          hymns and a popular praise and worship songs.
C5270               Anthem                   1.70                                                          Songs include: All Hail The Power Of Jesus’
C5270R              Rhythm Parts            20.00    NO MORE NIGHT                                         Name, Let Everything That Has Breath and The
                                                     Arr. by Robert Sterling           SATB w/solo         Solid Rock. Moderate
LEAD ME BACK                                         .rom the musical Just Beyond, it’s based on the       0633094749
                                                                                                                               Acc. CD
By Pepper Choplin              SATB w/solo           David Phelps recorded version. Moderate               063309496X          Orch.                  65.00
                                                     080689251320         Acc. CD                19.98
Simple and folk-like, this anthem draws the con-     080689581274         Anthem                  1.40
gregation into a spirit of confession and forgive-
ness. Telling the story of the prodigal son with
                                                     080689573477         Orch.                  59.95     PURI.IED
an optional scripture reading, the composer sen-                                                           By Michael W. and Deborah Smith
sitively frames the drama with impassioned mu-       ONCE AGAIN                                            Arr. by Dennis Allen      SATB
sic. This touching hymn of repentance is a sin-      Arr. by Tom .ettke                        SATB        .rom Michael W. Smith’s Worship CD, this con-
cere statement of faith for Lent or anytime there    As recorded by Matt Redman, this song of as-          temporary, rhythmic song encourages us to claim
is a need for contrition. Moderate                   surance and comfort is a strong testament of          the forgiveness of Christ, who makes us worthy
A7753               Anthem                   1.50
                                                     faith. The smooth choral scoring from Tom             to stand before God in praise! Moderate
                                                     .ettke makes it accessible to choirs of all sizes.    0633094617          Acc. CD                19.98
                                                     Moderate                                              0633094846          Anthem                  1.40
                                                     08743977             Acc. CD                22.95     0633094803          Orch.                  54.95
                                                     08743976             Anthem                  1.60
                                                     08743978             Orch.                  55.00

              To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
REJOICE IN THE HOPE                                    SOMEBODY’S PRAYING ME                                TELL ME THE STORY
By Pepper Choplin                          SATB        THROUGH                                              By Kim Allen and Kirk Kirkland
Written for the Gary Bonner Singers, this an-          Arr. by Tom .ettke SATB w/solo                       Orch. by Camp Kirkland
them will require some extra work, yet is well         This quietly powerful song will be a wonderful
worth the effort. Choirs and congregations alike                                                                SATB w/solo & children’s choir
                                                       moment in any worship service. Add the optional      Lest we forget the miracle of redemption, this
will enjoy the rich harmonies and textures in          solo or use a praise team to sing the solo portion
Choplin’s SSAATTB a cappella creation. Ad-                                                                  lively anthem encourages us to remember our
                                                       to create a beautiful offering of praise.            salvation story and tell it to others! After open-
vanced                                                 Moderate
0633095575           Anthem                    1.40                                                         ing with a solo and adding adult and children’s
                                                       08744040            Acc. CD                 22.95
                                                       08744039            Anthem                   1.60    choir, this song comes to a jubilant finish!
                                                       08744041            Orch.                   55.00    Moderate
SAVED BY GRACE                                                                                              0633096059          Acc. CD                 19.98
Arr. by Robert Sterling                    SATB                                                             0633096253          Anthem                   1.40

Saved By Grace is a beautiful, hymn-like sym-          SONG O. LOVE
phonic anthem of God’s immeasurable grace.             Arr. by Bruce Greer                      SATB        THE GOSPEL
Moderate                                               This anthem beautifully blends the vibrant Shout
080689241321         Acc. CD                 19.98     To The Lord with Song Of Love as recorded by
                                                                                                            Arr. by Mike Speck, Lari Goss and
080689573279         Anthem                   1.40
                                                       Rebecca St. James. Bruce Greer’s arrange-            Danny Zaloudik
080689565472         Orch.                   59.95
                                                       ment is driving and exciting, and will make your     Orch. by Lari Goss    SATB w/solo
                                                       choir sound their best! Perfect for Palm Sunday      .rom the musical The Love Of Jesus, this is a pow-
SEND ME                                                as well as all year long. Moderate                   erful, personalized statement of faith. Moderate
                                                       08744021            Acc. CD                 22.95
Arr. by Richard Kingsmore                  SATB        08744020            Anthem                   1.60
                                                                                                            080689244322        Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                                                                            080689576270        Anthem                   1.40
With a spirited, gospel “groove,” this song will       08744022            Orch.                   55.00
                                                                                                            080689568473        Orch.                   59.95
spread excitement all over the place! .irst re-
leased on the recording for Rick Warren’s Pur-
pose-Driven Life, this seriously soulful solo with     SONG O. THE LAMB                                     THE HEART O. GOD
upbeat choral accompaniment will challenge lis-        By Amy Tate Williams                     SATB        By David Moffitt and
teners to go out and share the message of Christ.      The title Song Of The Lamb, refers to scripture
Moderate                                               texts taken from The Revelation, where the vic-      Travis Cottrell                          SATB
0633096083           Acc. CD                 19.98     torious Lamb of God is worshipped eternally. The     An upbeat, pop-style song from Jesus The One
0633096318           Anthem                   1.40
                                                       music of this anthem is stately and regal from the   And Only, this song celebrates God’s activity in
0633096296           Orch.                   54.95                                                          the world! Advanced
                                                       first measure and builds to a soaring crescendo
                                                       of praise. A little more challenging than the av-    0633094528          Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                                                                            0633094706          Anthem                   1.40
SHALL .ORESTS HIDE THEIR                               erage anthem due to the independence of the          0633094536          Orch.                   54.95
                                                       voice parts, it is well worth the extra work.
BEAUTY                                                 Advanced
By Don Carson and Geoff Baker                          BP1677              Anthem                   1.50    THE LIGHT O. THAT CITY
Arr. by Keith Christopher  SATB                                                                             By John and Anne Barbour
With a beautiful melody and a traditional choral       SPIRIT DIVINE ATTEND OUR                             Arr. by Marty Parks      SATB
feel, this song reflects desire within the Christian   PRAYERS                                              Made popular by Allen Asbury, here’s a hope-
to praise the One Who covers us with His love.
                                                       By Mark Hill SATB w/opt. C inst.                     filled song celebrating the believer’s ultimate
                                                                                                            promise of heaven: “And on that day, we will sing
0633094641           Acc. CD                 19.98     .or any emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit,
0633094625           Anthem                   1.40                                                          “Holy! Holy!” Moderate
                                                       this is a powerful and heartfelt prayer for His      MU-2580T            Acc. CD                 19.99
0633094943           Orch.                   54.95
                                                       ministry to the Body of Christ. Add a violin us-     AG-1147             Anthem                   1.50
                                                       ing the included instrumental part to the already    OR-2580             Orch.                   59.99
SHOUT TO THE LORD                                      great vocal writing for an even more beautiful
                                                       statement. Moderate
Arr. by Tom .ettke                         SATB        10/3131M            Anthem                   1.75    THE MORNING TRUMPET
Here is Darlene Zschech’s universally acclaimed                                                             Arr. by Michael Larkin SATB
praise an a cappella setting! It’s rhyth-
                                                       SURELY THE LORD IS IN THIS                           An American folk hymn is given new life in this
mic and energetic with an appropriate solo line.
                                                                                                            bright setting by Michael Larkin. Speaking to our
Moderate                                               PLACE                                                eternal hope in Christ, this brilliantly arranged
AG-1149              Anthem                    1.50
                                                       By John Purifoy       SATB                           anthem is brimming with color, dynamic con-
                                                       Based on a passage from the book of Genesis, this    trasts and interesting vocal layering. Moderate
SHOUT TO THE NORTH with                                expressive anthem is appropriate for use as a call   A7775               Anthem                   1.50

ZION HASTE                                             to worship, in part or whole. The music is taste-
                                                       fully crafted, supporting the words which provide    THE SHIELD O. .AITH
Arr. by Bruce Greer  SATB                              a timeless message of God’s ever-abiding Holy
A highly popular worship song matched with a           presence. Moderate                                   By Mark Patterson                          SAB
treasured hymn of our faith, this arrangement          08743999            Anthem                   1.50    .or youth or adult choirs, the encouraging text
will be particularly appropriate for times of mis-                                                          challenges us to stand, taking the shield of faith
sions emphasis. Moderate                                                                                    while the music is upbeat and uplifting.
MU-2584T             Acc. CD                 19.99     SWEET HOLY SPIRIT                                    Moderate
                                                       By Tina English SATB w/opt. flute                    99/1799M            Acc. CD              16.95
                                                                                                            10/3130M            Anthem                1.60
                                                       Opening with a gently flowing piano accompani-       30/1912M            Brass & Rhythm Parts 24.95
                                                       ment, “Sweet Holy Spirit Descend Upon My
SING OUT REJOICE                                       Heart,” this anthem is perfect for use during Pen-
By Keith Christopher                       SATB        tecost, or throughout the year. Moderate             THERE IS A HIGHER THRONE
                                                       08743997            Anthem                   1.50
Already popular in academic festivals, you will                                                             By Keith Getty and Kristyn Lennox
find this piece useful as a declamatory call to wor-                                                        Arr. by Michael Lawrence        SATB
ship and as a youth or adult festival selection.
                                                                                                            Choirs will fulfill their role as worship leaders
Optional brass and timpani parts are available.
                                                                                                            with this acknowledgement of God’s sovereignty.
0633095699           Anthem                   1.40
                                                                                                            MU-2582T            Acc. CD                 19.99
063309563X           Brass Parts             20.00
                                                                                                            AG-1150             Anthem                   1.50
                                                                                                            OR-2582             Orch.                   59.99

                                       Prices subject to change without notice
THERE IS PEACE                                        WE REMEMBER YOU                                      WHO CAN SATIS.Y
By Dean A. Willoughby                                 By Walt Harrah                                       By Dennis Jernigan
Arr. by Russell Mauldin                   SATB        Arr. by Lloyd Larson                     SATB        Arr. by Gary Rhodes                      SATB
Moderate                                              This flowing, heart-felt song is a perfect compli-   This classic worship song, from Expressions Of
808026031127         Acc. CD                19.98     ment to worship at the Lord’s Table. It’s simple     Worship, comes to you in a symphonic, choral
808026031219         Anthem                  1.55     and rich at the same time. The instrumental parts    arrangement by Gary Rhodes, with the trium-
808026031639         DVD lyric prompter     29.95
808026031455         Orch.                  69.95
                                                      are scored for flute, oboe, french horn and cello.   phant message that “there is a fountain, Who is
                                                      Moderate                                             the King, Victorious Warrior, and Lord of every-
                                                      C5263C              Acc. CD                 24.95    thing.” Moderate
THIS KINGDOM                                          C5263
                                                                          Instrum. Parts
                                                                                                           0633094730          Acc. CD                19.98
                                                                                                           0633094951          Anthem                  1.40
Arr. by Gary Rhodes                                                                                        0633094684          Orch.                  54.95
Orch. by Ed Hogan                         SATB        WE WAIT
With a sound as grand and victorious as its mes-
                                                      By Wes Tuttle Arr. by Paul Mills                     WITH ALL O. MY HEART
sage, this tremendous anthem proclaims the eter-
nal glory and majesty of Christ’s kingdom. .rom       and Jay Rouse        SATB w/cello                    Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB
Expressions Of Worship, this song reflects the        This is a prayer of waiting upon the Lord, long-     “I will praise You, Lord, With All Of My Heart.”
hope we have in our Savior! Moderate                  ing for His touch. The rhythm parts include a        It’s upbeat praise taken from the collection The
063309613X           Acc. CD                19.98     cello part that adds a nice touch to the acoustic    Power Of Your Love. Moderate
0633096210           Anthem                  1.40                                                          080689256325        Acc. CD                19.98
0633096148           Orch.                  54.95
                                                      accompaniment. Moderate                              080689851278        Anthem                  1.40
                                                      000768258095        Acc. CD                 24.98    080689865473        Orch.                  59.95
                                                      000768258071        Anthem                   1.60    080689866470        Praise Band Charts     39.95
                                                      0076825805          Rhythm/Cello Parts      39.95
By Benjamin Harlan                        SATB                                                             WITH UNDIVIDED HEART
The familiar and comforting words from the book       WE’LL SING AND SHOUT
of Proverbs are set with care in this Benjamin        By Dennis Allen      SATB                            By Timothy Dudley-Smith and
Harlan creation. The flowing piano accompani-         Using the beloved lyrics from When We All Get        Larry Shackley            SATB
ment underscores the text perfectly, while the        To Heaven, Dennis Allen has written an infec-        Be reminded that God is One of majesty and glory,
vocal scoring is warm and sensitive. Moderate         tious toe-tapper that is lots of fun to sing. Un-    and He alone deserves our thanks and praise.
08743931             Anthem                   1.50    bounded joy and a spirit of worshipful abandon       Directors will find this anthem accessible for
                                                      accompany this gospel choral. Moderate               choirs of any size. Moderate
                                                      MD5210              Acc. CD                 19.95    0633095583          Anthem                  1.40
TRUSTING JESUS                                        A7762               Anthem                   1.50
Arr. by Glenn Eernisse                    SATB
Smooth vocal lines and soaring violins charac-
                                                                                                           WORTHY YOU ARE WORTHY
terize this earnest setting of the familiar hymn.
                                                      WELCOME HOME MY CHILD                                By Don Moen
This could be used before a sermon on faith, hope,    By Cindy Berry                                       Arr. by Mary McDonald SATB
or trust, or as the invitation hymn. Easy             Orch. by Keith Christopher SATB                      Don Moen’s praise song is given a heartfelt, yet
0633094005           Acc. CD                19.98
                                                      With captivating lyrics and a compelling melody,     more traditional arrangement in this setting by
                                                      this anthem tells of the prodigal son, welcomed      Mary McDonald. The verse, “Holy, You are holy”
TURN YOUR RADIO ON                                    home by his father, and of us, always welcomed       leads into an interesting quote from the hymn,
                                                      by our .ather. Moderate                              Holy Holy Holy. Moderate
Arr. by Bill Gaither and Ben Speer                    0633096288          Acc. CD                 19.98    10/3140L            Anthem                  1.50
                  SATB w/bass solo                    0633096075          Anthem                   1.40
                                                      0633096326          Orch.                   54.95
Here is an old-time gospel favorite for camp meet-                                                         YOU ABIDE
ings, informal services and revivals. A low bass
soloist is a must! Moderate                           WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE                               By Tom Grassi and Tom .ettke SATB
797242205354         Acc. CD                24.98                                                          A gentle recognition of God’s presence and pro-
797242205293         Anthem                  1.60     IN ME                                                tection throughout all of our life. Moderate
GOP-5437             Brass Parts            39.95
                                                      By Reuben Morgan                                     MU-2585T            Acc. CD                19.99
                                                                                                           AG-1153             Anthem                  1.50
                                                      Arr. by Jay Rouse                                    OR-2585             Orch.                  59.99
WE ARE CALLED                                         Orch. by Richard Kingsmore SATB
By Mary McDonald                          SATB        Moderate                                             YOUR GRACE STILL AMAZES
A moving anthem of obedience and commitment           000768282595        Acc. CD                 24.98
to our Lord, this work was commissioned for the       000768282571        Anthem                   1.60    Arr. by David T. Clydesdale
retirement of Jerry Hollis, a long-time friend of     000768282557        Orch.                   69.95
                                                                                                                                SATB w/duet
Pine Lake Music. Moderate                                                                                  .rom the musical Evidence Of Grace.
99/1801M             Acc. CD                19.95
10/3133M             Anthem                  1.75
                                                      WHEN THE ROLL IS CALLED                              Moderate
                                                                                                           080689254321        Acc. CD                19.98
30/1914M             Orch.                  39.95     UP YONDER                                            080689782275        Anthem                  1.40
                                                      Arr. by Richard Kingsmore SATB                       080689782473        Orch.                  59.95
WE BELIEVE YOU’RE HERE                                Energetic, up-tempo...and fun! The arrangement
Arr. by Gary Rhodes                                   is a joyful affirmation in a best-loved gospel
                                                      hymn. Moderate
Orch. by Ed Hogan   SATB w/solo                       MU-2587T            Acc. CD                 19.99
Prayerful and reverant, this is from the collection   AN-9087             Anthem                   1.50
Lift Up Your Eyes. Moderate                           OR-2587             Orch.                   59.99
080689252327         Acc. CD                19.98
080689582271         Anthem                  1.40
080689574474         Orch.                  59.95     WHEREVER LOVE LEADS
                                                      Arr. by David T. Clydesdale SATB
                                                      A song of obedience and commitment, it would
                                                      be appropriate for missions, ordinations and any
                                                      emphasis on Christian service. Moderate
                                                      080689197321        Acc. CD                 19.98
                                                      080689776274        Anthem                   1.40
                                                      080689776472        Orch.                   59.95

              To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
      Artist Recordings                                VISIBLE                                               .ANTASY ON ST ANNE
                                                       4Him                                                  Arr. by Dan R. Edwards                     3-Oct.
        & Songbooks                                    This recording is for the church, a return to         This is a triumphant setting of the St. Anne tune
25 INSPIRATIONAL HITS                                  4Him’s roots with amazing harmonies and stel-         (O God Our Help In Ages Past), that’s well varied
                                                       lar vocals.                                           and interesting. Particularly fun is a running bass
Straight from the inspirational radio charts, this     080688626228         CD                     17.98     line with stopped bells. Level 2. Moderate
collection features the best songs recorded by         080689464287         Songbook               14.95     HP-5424               Handbell Parts           3.25
today’s hottest artists including Michael W.
Smith; Phillips, Craig and Dean; Amy
Grant; Twila Paris and more.                           WOW HITS 2004                                         GLORIOUS THINGS O. THEE
080689460289         Songbook                24.95
                                                       Various Artists                                       ARE SPOKEN
                                                       080689467288         Songbook               26.95
                                                                                                             Arr. by Bill Ingram 3-5 Oct.
ABOVE IT ALL                                                                                                 This spirited, accessible arrangement of the fa-
The Martins                                             Nonseasonal Handbell                                 miliar Haydn hymn tune, Austrian Hymn, pro-
Titles include: What Mercy Means, Above It All,                                                              vides plenty of involvement for all of the bells. Al-
I Can’t Help Myself, Glory Days, In The Arms Of        AMERICA THE BRAVE THE                                 though it is easy to prepare, it sounds full and
Someone Who Loves You and more.                        .REE                                                  impressive and is enjoyable to play. Level 2.
789042104425         CD                      16.98                                                           Easy
                                                       Arr. by Dan R. Edwards                                CGB333                Handbell Parts           3.95

.OR YOU                                                                       3-5 Oct.
Jonathan Pierce
                                                       This rousing patriotic offering for worship or con-   HANDBELL .AN.ARES
                                                       cert contains America, Columbia The Gem Of The
This album is summed up in one word - relation-        Ocean and America The Beautiful. Level 3+.            By Hal Hopson     3-5 Oct.
ships, including friendships, as well as romantic      Moderate                                              This set includes a handbell fanfare in every ma-
and spiritual relationships.                           20/1282L             Handbell Parts           4.50    jor key. They may be played in many places
715187877122         CD        17.99                                                                         within the context of a worship service - as an
                                                                                                             opening handbell fanfare for festival worship ser-
                                                       AT THE TABLE O. THE LORD                              vices, a handbell procession, an introduction to a
GREATEST SONGS O.                                      Arr. by Lloyd Larson 3-4 Oct.                         hymn and more. Level 2. Easy
JACI VELASQUEZ                                         Let Us Break Bread Together, Bread Of The             CGB332                Handbell Parts           4.50

Jaci Velasquez                                         World and Break Thou The Bread Of Life are the
This vocal collection features 33 of Jaci’s biggest    titles here. They may be played as a medley or as     HOW CAN I KEEP .ROM
                                                       individual offerings. Level 2+. Moderate
all-time hits spanning 10 albums of her powerful       20/1294L             Handbell Parts           4.50    SINGING
music career.
080689462283         Songbook                29.95                                                           Arr. by Jeanne Warzyn 3-5 Oct.
                                                       BELL TRAX - SPIRITUALS                                This beautiful Robert Lowry hymn is a perfect
                                                                                                             opportunity for your bells to “sing.” Level 3.
KISS O. HEAVEN                                         Arr. by David Angerman and                            Moderate
Darlene Zschech                                        Darryl Dunn               3 Oct.                      JHS9341               Handbell Parts           3.95

The songwriter’s first solo release of finding God’s   This is an interesting concept. The book contains
grace and love in reaching out towards one an-         reproducible parts for your bell or chime choirs      I SING THE MIGHTY POWER
other.                                                 and comes with an optional CD accompaniment
000768268421         CD                      17.98     track. The track is a mix of piano/synthesizer and    Arr. by Lloyd Larson 3-5 Oct.
000768268469         Songbook                16.95     rhythm. The result is a palette of colors you nor-    This arrangement may be used with the title Ho-
                                                       mally don’t hear in bell arrangements. If you pre-    sanna Loud Hosanna for Palm Sunday as well.
                                                       fer live accompaniment, a keyboard score is in-       Level 3. Moderate
REVELATION                                             cluded in the book. Titles include: When The          20/1293L              Handbell Parts           3.95
David Phelps                                           Saints Go Marching In, Angels Watching Over
This solo album from David is a departure from         Me, I Am A Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger, Deep River        I’M GONNA RING WHEN THE
what Gaither fans might expect. This is a high-        and more. Moderate
energy pop album with his compelling vocals and        GN-0096              Book/CD Combo          29.95     SPIRIT SAYS RING
uplifting lyrics. Releasing in .ebuary 2004.                                                                 Arr. by Dan Edwards 3 Oct.
080688627522         CD                      13.98
                                                       CELEBRATION ON HY.RYDOL                               A full-sounding, fun and rhythmically challeng-
                                                                                                             ing arrangement, I’m Gonna Ring lets your ring-
SIMPLE THINGS                                          Arr. by Dan R. Edwards 3 Oct.                         ers enjoy the rich heritage of the Spiritual.
                                                       Bold and festive. Level 3. Moderate                   Level 3. Moderate
Amy Grant                                              20/1295L             Handbell Parts           3.95    RW8173                Handbell Parts           3.25
080688624828         CD                      17.98
080689454288         Songbook                14.95
                                                       COME CHRISTIANS JOIN TO                               LET US BREAK BREAD
STORIES AND SONGS                                      SING                                                  TOGETHER
Mark Schultz                                           Arr. by Sandra Eithum 3-5 Oct.                        Arr. by Joseph L. Miller Solo w/piano
This is an album from Christian music’s premier        This setting of a favorite invitation to worship is   This communion meditation offers the bell solo-
storyteller. It offers emotional twists that will      arranged with a contemporary, syncopated feel-        ist the privilege of musically preparing for the
leave the listener both inspired and teary-eyed.       ing. This one is high energy and well varied.         Lord’s Table. Moderate
080688627027         CD                      17.98     Level 3. Moderate                                     RW8162                Handbell & Piano Parts 4.95
080689461286         Songbook                14.95     JHS9322              Handbell Parts           3.95

                                                                                                             LORD I WANT TO BE A
THRONE ROOM                                            DWELLING IN BEULAH LAND
CeCe Winans                                            Arr. by Jerry Westenkuehler
                                                                                                             Arr. by Tammy Waldrop 2-4 Oct.
This song collection from CeCe was birthed out                                  3-5 Oct.                     In this arrangement of the traditional spiritual,
of intimate time in God’s presence and encour-         Southern Gospel for bells! Your ringers will love     beginning ringers will enjoy the fun and challenge
ages you to reflect and worship as you are ush-        this one. The up-tempo opening and endings are        of ringing shakes, thumb damps, martellatos and
ered into the “Throne Room Of God.”                    separated by a gentle lyric middle section.           swings. The melody appears in both upper and
000768268520         CD                      17.98     Level 3. Moderate                                     lower registers, giving everyone an opportunity
                                                       HP-5425              Handbell Parts           3.50    to ring the tune. Level 1. Easy
                                                                                                             CGB324                Handbell Parts           3.50

                                       Prices subject to change without notice
                                                               Nonseasonal                                   VICTORY SONG
           The Conference                                   Instrumental Music
                                                                                                             Arr. by David T. Clydesdale
                                                                                                             Grade 5. Advanced

                                                                                                             080689353574          Orch.                    59.95
                                                                                                             Solo Instruments
          Announcing a                                  AN AMERICAN SALUTE
    Handbell Conference                                 Arr. by David T. Clydesdale                          I CAN ONLY IMAGINE
                                                        Grade 5. Advanced                                    Arr. by .letch Wiley
               with                                     080689352577        Orch.                  59.95
                                                                                                             This compilation features top praise and worship
      Anna Laura Page                                                                                        songs as well as a few choice inspirational favor-
                                                        BLESSED BE THE NAME                                  ites for either Bb Treble Clef or C Treble Clef in-
          May 1, 2004                                                                                        struments. The arrangements can be performed
                                                        Arr. by Jeff Anderson
    Check                                                                                  with piano or with the accompaniment CD.
                                                        Grade 2. Easy                                        080689732423          Acc. CD (stereo)         75.00
                                                        080689368578        Orch.                  54.95
           for details                                                                                       080689695223
                                                                                                                                   .lute Book
                                                                                                             080689324581          Trumpet Book             16.95
                                                        MEDITATION ON PSALM 23
MARCHING ORDERS                                         Arr. by Robert Sterling
                                                        Grade 4. Advanced
                                                                                                             INSTRUMENTAL SOLOTRAX
Arr. by Tammy Waldrop
                                                        080689364570        Orch.                  59.95     VOL. 11-15
          3-5 Oct. w/opt. trumpet
A medley of Onward Christian Soldiers, Stand
                                                                                                             Arr. by Ed Hogan
Up Stand Up .or Jesus, and Lead On O King Eter-         SOUNDS O. WORSHIP                                    Church instrumental soloists will find a wealth
                                                                                                             of usable material in these arrangements. Clas-
nal. Level 2+. Moderate                                 Arr. by Stan Pethel                                  sic hymns, praise and worship choruses and gos-
RO3238T               Bb Trumpet Part          2.50
RO3238                Handbell Parts           3.25
                                                        Classic hymns have been arranged for the flex-       pel songs are all featured in these moderate ar-
                                                        ible “Sounds Of” Series. .or solos and en-           rangements. An additional feature in books 11-
                                                        sembles, this collection brings together great       15 of this series is the optional duet part. If you’re
SONGS O. PRAISE                                         hymns of the faith. Whether it’s a soloist using a   using this book as a solo book, simply play the
                                                        book (accompanied by piano or fully- orches-
Arr. by Susan E. Geschke                 2-3 Oct.       trated accompaniment track) or two, three, four
                                                                                                             top line in its entirety. .or duet use, a second
The hymns, Praise To The Lord The Almighty,                                                                  player can perform the bottom line. All of the
                                                        players...or a full orchestra, Sounds Of Worship     upper parts work with any of the lower parts from
This Is My .ather’s World and I Sing The Mighty         is a uniquely flexible idea for church instrumen-
Power Of God are combined in this medley of                                                                  books 11-15, so you can play these selections with
                                                        talists! Each book includes a solo line and an       virtually any two players. Titles include: And Can
praise. Level 2. Easy                                   ensemble line. Moderate
CGB327                Handbell Parts           3.95                                                          It Be, Blessed Assurance, .orever, I Will Sing Of
                                                        08743974            Acc. CD                19.95
                                                        08743967            Alto Sax Book           5.95
                                                                                                             My Redeemer, I’m .eelin’ .ine, Let Everything
                                                        08743971            Bass/Tuba Book          5.95     That Has Breath and more. Grade 3. Moderate
SWEET HOUR O. PRAYER                                    08743970            Cello Book              5.95     MU-9359T              Acc. CD Vol. 11-15     19.99
                                                                                                             MB-918                .lute/Oboe (Bk 11)     18.99
Arr. by Kevin McChesney 3-5 Oct.                        08743964
                                                                            Clarinet Book
                                                                            Cond. Score
                                                                                                   24.95     MD-624                Bk 11 & CD Combo       29.99
Harmonically rich, this contemplative arrange-          08743962            .lute Book              5.95     MB-919                Violin/Viola (Bk 12) 18.99
ment of a favorite hymn is possible for almost all      08743966            Horn Book               5.95     MD-625                Bk 12 & CD Combo       29.99
bell choirs. Level 2. Easy                              08743972            Percussion Book         5.95     MB-920                Clar./Alto Sax (Bk 13) 18.99
RW8123                Handbell Parts           3.50     08743973            Piano/Rhythm Book       5.95     MD-626                Bk 13 & CD Combo       29.99
                                                        08743968            Tenor Sax Book          5.95     MB-921                Trpt./.r. Horn (Bk 14) 18.99
                                                        08743965            Trombone Book           5.95     MD-627                Bk 14 & CD Combo       29.99
THE SPACIOUS .IRMAMENT                                  08743963            Trumpet Book            5.95     MB-922
                                                                                                                                   Trmb./Cello (Bk 15)
                                                                                                                                   Bk 15 & CD Combo
                                                        08743969            Violin Book             5.95
Arr. by Bill Ingram 2-5 Oct.
If you want to mix a little classical music into your
repertoire (from Hadyn’s Creation), this is a per-      SWEET BY AND BY
fect choice. There’s only one accidental in the         Arr. by Dave Williamson
whole piece, so there are few bell changes and it’s     Grade 5. Advanced
rhythmically easy as well. Level 1. Easy                080689362576        Orch.                  59.95
CP7010                Handbell Parts           2.75                                                          The
                                                        THE GOD O. ABRAHAM                                   Instrumental
                                                        PRAISE                                               Resource
Arr. by Bill Ingram                     3-5 Oct.
Well varied, but not difficult, this arrangement        Arr. by Dave Williamson                              Edited by
of the well-known hymn will keep all of your ring-      Grade 5. Advanced
                                                        080689361579        Orch.                  59.95     Julie Barrier,
ers happily busy. Level 3-. Moderate
RO3233                Handbell Parts           3.75                                                          Jim Hansford
                                                                                                             and Mark Johnson
                                                                                                             The Instrumental Resource: for music min-

                                                                                                             isters and instrumental directors serving in
                                                                                                             churches and schools, it is a much-needed and
                                                        Conferences for church                               trusted reference. .eatures include: A histori-
                                                                                                             cal perspective on instruments in worship; Prac-
                                                         instrumentalists and                                tical applications for growing school and church

                                                                                                             instrumental programs; How to begin a .ine Arts
                                                          orchestra directors                                Academy; Instrumental methods, maintenance
                                                                                                             and materials; How to arrange instrumental mu-
                                                        across the nation can be                             sic; Over 150 photographs, examples and charts;

                                                                                                             Over 40 prominent contributors including: Camp
                                                                found at:                                    Kirkland, Jeff Cranfill, John Gage, Terry Terry,

                                                    INSTRUMENTALEXPO.COM                                     Doug Smith, Brad Matheson and David Winkler.
                                                                                                             Regular Catalog Price: $54.95
                                                                                                             Special Website Price: $49.95
                                                                                                             Visit and click on “specials”.

              To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
Nonseasonal Keyboard                                    33 CONTEMPORARY HYMNS                                JOURNEY TO PEACE
                                                        Arr. by Craig Curry, Carol Tornquist,                Arr. by Roger Summers
Organ                                                   Jim Hammerly and Bill Wolaver                        There is a peace that only comes from trusting
                                                        This unique folio includes 33 classic hymns from     God, a deep and lasting peace that passes all un-
                                                                                                             derstanding. Through the ages, hymn writers
EASY ORGAN LIBRARY VOL. 35                              our Christian heritage arranged in contemporary
                                                                                                             have sought to express in words and music this
                                                        worship settings. Moderate
Various Arrangers                                       080689379383        Piano Book             21.95     profound peace and serenity. In Journey To
Just beginning? Trying to make the leap from                                                                 Peace, we find the best and noblest of these songs.
piano to organ? Interested in refreshing your                                                                Titles include: It Is Well With My Soul, Like A
repertoire without committing to hours of prac-         BIG BLUE BOOK #2                                     River Glorious, Come Unto Me And Rest, Jesus
tice? This 96-page, spiral-bound collection of          Various Arrangers                                    Thy Boundless Love To Me and more.
preludes, offertories and postludes, printed on                                                              Moderate
                                                        This piano book includes 58 popular praise and
two staves and reprinted from The Organist, is          worship songs, classic hymns and seasonal favor-
                                                                                                             70/1467L              Piano Book               12.50
the perfect resource for all of those circumstances     ites arranged for the intermediate level.
and countless others. Easy                              080689377389        Piano Book              16.95    ON TRACK
70/1468L              Organ Book              15.00
                                                                                                             Arr. by Bill Wolaver
HYMNS .ROM THE HEART                                    CELEBRATE THE SEASONS                                This book will be a cornerstone of any church’s
                                                        Arr. by Cindy Berry                                  contemporary Christian portfolio. All ten popu-
Arr. by James Southbridge                               Cindy Berry brings you a folio of engaging hymns
                                                                                                             lar songs include piano solo arrangements and
Seven timeless favorites tastefully enfold heart-                                                            contemporary style accompaniment tracks that
                                                        for all seasons, from Christmas to Memorial Day.
felt new vignettes that will musically gratify the                                                           are included with the book. Songs include: I Can
                                                        Titles include: Hosanna Loud Hosanna, Crown
organist while rekindling the spirit of worship for                                                          Only Imagine, On My Knees, Breathe, Redeemer
                                                        Him With Many Crowns, Thine Is The Glory,
the congregation. Titles include: I Need Thee                                                                and more! Moderate
                                                        What Child Is This, America The Beautiful, We
Every Hour, Softly And Tenderly, I Am Thine O           Gather Together and more. Moderate
                                                                                                             080689370380          Piano Book               29.95
Lord, God Will Take Care Of You and more.               0633095508          Piano Book             12.95
Moderate                                                                                                     POINT O. GRACE .OR PIANO
70/1464L              Organ Book                9.95
                                                        CLASSICAL HYMN CREATIONS                             Arr. by Carol Tornquist
                                                        Arr. by Gail Smith                                   This piano book features 24 of the best hits from
IN MEMORIAM                                                                                                  the group, Point Of Grace. It is geared toward
Arr. by Ross Anderson                                   This publication is a blending of standard hymns
                                                                                                             the intermediate level pianist and includes chord
                                                        with recognizable classical literature. The com-
The ten hymns included in this practical volume                                                              symbols and lyric pages. Moderate
                                                        bining of legendary composers like Bach,
are long-established selections for funerals and        Beethoven, Chopin and others with hymn favor-
                                                                                                             080689372384          Piano Book               16.95
memorial services, providing solace and uplift-         ites such as Holy Holy Holy, Abide With Me and
ing the spirit of the bereaved. Titles include:         Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us provides many         PRAISE TO THE LORD
Abide With Me, Nearer My God To Thee, My                creative options for worship and concert settings.
.aith Looks Up To Thee, A Mighty .ortress, Balm         Moderate
                                                                                                             Arr. by Melody Bober
In Gilead and more. Moderate                            MB-915              Piano Book             12.99     Written with the early or younger pianist in mind,
70/1421L              Organ Book                9.95                                                         this collection will prove invaluable as a teaching
                                                                                                             aid or as a resource for those seeking material
                                                        CLASSICAL HYMNS .OR PIANO                            suitable for worship. This collection includes
IN THE PRESENCE                                                                                              hymn classics like Praise To The Lord The Al-
                                                        Arr. by Craig Courtney
Arr. by Todd Kendall                                    Add a classical touch to your special music with
                                                                                                             mighty, Come Thou .ount and Joyful Joyful We
These are hymn settings for reverential reflection.                                                          Adore Thee alongside contemporary favorites like
                                                        this collection from Craig Courtney. .avorite
Titles include: I Stand Amazed In The Presence,                                                              He Is Exalted and Give Thanks. Easy
                                                        hymns are arranged in the style of various classi-
He Leadeth Me, The Lord’s My Shepherd, Where            cal composers from Bach and Brahms to Ravel
                                                                                                             MB-912                Piano Book               12.99
He Leads Me, In The Garden, Day By Day, Close           and Copeland. Titles include: Ye Servants Of
To Thee, O Jesus I Have Promised and more.              God, Day By Day, Near The Cross with O Sacred        RE.RESH
Moderate                                                Head, O The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus and more.
70/1448L              Organ Book                9.95
                                                                                                             Arr. by Hugh S. Livingston, Jr.
                                                        PC14                Piano Book             12.95     Given vibrant, colorful settings, these standards
                                                                                                             from our gospel heritage are refreshed indeed,
ORGANIST’S LIBRARY VOL. 35                                                                                   and well worth revisting. Titles include: I Am
Various Arrangers                                       CONTEMPORARY PRAISE                                  Bound .or The Promised Land, A Wonderful
Whether you are adding another volume to your           Arr. by Mark Kellner                                 Savior Is Jesus My Lord, In The Sweet By And
collection or just starting your library, this set of                                                        By, Onward Christian Soldiers, Brethren We
                                                        This is a collection rich in popular praise and
moderately challenging classics, hymn fantasies                                                              Have Met To Worship and more. Moderate
                                                        worship songs, including We Want To See Jesus
and choral preludes is a must for every church          Lifted High, Shout To The North, The Heart Of
                                                                                                             70/1473L              Piano Book               12.50
organist. Moderate                                      Worship, Lord Reign In Me, Come Now Is The
70/1469L              Organ Book              15.00
                                                        Time To Worship and Draw Me Close To You, to         SACRED CLASSICS
                                                        name some of the inclusions. Moderate                Arr. by Myra Schubert
Piano                                                   MB-914              Piano Book             12.99
                                                                                                             This is truly a collection of classics that have stood
                                                                                                             the test of time. The Lord Is My Light, The Holy
                                                        I COULD SING O. YOUR LOVE                            City, Panis Angelicus and O Holy Night along
25 TOP PRAISE & WORSHIP                                                                                      with numerous others comprise an impressive
SONGS                                                                                                        listing of beloved titles. Respected arranger, Myra
                                                        Arr. by Phillip Keveren                              Schubert, reflects her profound understanding
Arr. by Carol Tornquist                                 15 praise and worship songs including: Awesome       and deep appreciation for these sacred classics
This second volume features the best of today’s         God, The Heart Of Worship, Holy Ground, In This      in these creative settings for the advanced pia-
praise and worship music arranged for piano.            Very Room, Move In Me and more. Moderate             nist. Advanced
Titles include: Breathe, In The Secret, Lord Have       00310905            Piano Book             12.95     MB-916                Piano Book               12.99
Mercy, Shout To The North, The Heart Of Wor-
ship, There Is None Like You and more. Moder-
080689378386          Piano Book              19.95

                                        Prices subject to change without notice
SACRED CONCERT STYLINGS                                TIES THAT BIND
Arr. by Betty Sue Shepherd
                                                       Arr. by Bob Burroughs
                                                       This is a collection of accessible hymn arrange-
                                                                                                            The Conference Calendar
The selections in this collection are for the ad-      ments including: Blest Be The Tie That Binds (in             Announcing a
                                                       the style of Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring), .ollow
vanced pianist. Titles include both seasonal and
                                                       On, O That Will Be Glory, Sing Praise To God Who         Piano Conference
non-seasonal selections: Angels We Have Heard
On High, Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Hymn Tune On            Reigns Above and more. Moderate                                  with
                                                       PL-1022             Piano Book             6.95
.inlandia, Morning Trumpet, My .aith Looks Up                                                                     Marilynn Ham
To Thee, O Holy Night and When I Survey The
Wondrous Cross. Advanced                               TIMELESS PRAISE                                              May 8, 2004
PL-1024              Piano Book                8.95
                                                       Arr. by Phillip Keveren                                Check
                                                       20 favorite songs of worship. Titles include: As              for details
SPIRITUAL WORSHIP                                      The Deer, El Shaddai, How Beautiful, Seek Ye
Arr. by James Pethel                                   .irst, Shine Jesus Shine, Thy Word and more.
This is a collection of classic spirituals including   Easy                                               Piano-Organ Duet
                                                       00310712            Piano Book            12.95
Joshua .it The Battle Of Jericho, Go Down
Moses, Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel, Rise Up
Shepherd And .ollow and six other favorites. The                                                          THIS IS MY STORY & MY SONG
arrangements are creative and accessible, appro-                                                          Arr. by Paul .errin
priate for use in worship, recital or concert set-                                                        .eaturing gospel favorites like Blessed Assurance,
tings. Moderate                                                                                           Wonderful Grace Of Jesus, Turn Your Eyes Upon
MB-913               Piano Book              12.99                                                        Jesus and Like A River Glorious, among others,
                                                                                                          this will be a frequent and repeatedly used re-
                                                                                                          source for pianists and organists looking for fresh
                                                                                                          and inspiring duet material! Moderate
                                                                                                          MB-917               Piano/Organ Book       15.99

9             hether it’s the majestic,
historical hymns of our faith or the
newest expressions of heartfelt praise,
                                                       Songs for Praise & Worship,
                                                       More Songs for Praise & Worship
                                                                                                          Hymns for Praise & Worship
                                                                                                          This is the newest member of the family,
                                                                                                          including a large collection of traditional
these worship resources provide your                   More Songs for Praise & Worship 2                  hymns arranged in a contemporary,
congregations and musicians with some                  These are an on-going effort to make               acoustic praise & worship style. It offers
of the best tools available.                           the best in contemporary worship                   the same products as the other Songs
The Celebration Hymnal                                 available to the musicians of the church.          for Praise & Worship titles and in
is a blend of historical hymns and the                 Products include:                                  addition features available Split-track
best of contemporary praise.                           Worship Planner editions, Keyboard                 and Stereo-track accompaniment
Available products include Pew Edition                 editions, Worship Team/Choir                       CDs.
hymnals, Accompaniment editions,                       editions, Full Orchestration - available
Full Orchestration-available per                       per instrument, and a PowerPoint
instrument, a Worship Planning                         CDRom that includes lyrics for both of             Call us at the number below for more
edition and a Worship Resource                         the “More Songs” projects.                          information. To find these on our
edition (including all of the indexes and                                                                 web-site, click on SEARCH and then
a hymn text concordance).                                                                                  choose HYMNALS in “categories”.

              To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
      Praise & Worship                               O..ERING O. WORSHIP                                 UNASHAMED LOVE
BELIEVE                                              Paul Baloche                                        By Travis Cottrell
                                                     The Worship Leader Assistant CD-ROM contains        Best known as the worship leader for the Beth
Jason Breland                                        sheet music, chord charts and lyric text files.     Moore Living Proof conferences, Travis has
This Hosanna Music release was recorded live         000768275795        Acc. CD                19.98    mastered the ability to blend emerging worship
with worship leader, Jason Breland, the former       000768275726        CD                     13.98    songs, traditional hymns and his own writings to
                                                     000768275771        Songbook               10.95
music director for TRUTH. It features a 7 mem-       000768275702        Worship Ldr. Assist.   14.95
                                                                                                         reach the broad spectrum of worshippers in the
ber praise team, live instrumentalists and a 175+    000768275719        DVD                    14.95    Church today. The Worship Leader Assistant CD-
choir. The Worship Leader Assistant CD-ROM                                                               ROM contains sheet music, chord charts and lyric
contains sheet music, chord charts and lyric text    PRAISE WORSHIP                                      text files.
files.                                                                                                   000768266694        Acc. CD (split)         19.98
000768272695        Acc. CD                19.98     SONGBOOK #18                                        000768266625        CD                      16.98
000768272626        CD                     13.98     Hosanna’s Songbook 18 features songs from the       000768266670        Songbook                10.95
000768272671        Songbook               10.95                                                         000768266601        Worship Ldr. Assist.    14.95
                                                     following albums: You Shine, Mercy, Wash Over
000768272602        Worship Ldr. Assist.   14.95
                                                     Me, Hope Of The Nations, Songs .rom The Great
                                                     Adventure and Unashamed Love.
COVER THE EARTH                                      000768252475        Songbook               15.95                        Text
Lakewood Church
Integrity’s live recording from Lakewood Church      SONGS 4 WORSHIP:
in Houston, TX. The Worship Leader Assistant         DEVOTION
CD-ROM contains sheet music, chord charts and        An intimate worship experience that includes the
lyric text files.                                    following titles: Open The Eyes Of My Heart, You
000768278291        Acc. CD                19.98
000768278222        CD                     16.98     Are My All In All, Sanctuary, As The Deer, More
000768278277        Songbook               10.95     Precious Than Silver, Breathe and many more.
000768278208        Worship Ldr. Assist.   14.95     000768239520        CD                     19.98

HOPE                                                 SONGS 4 WORSHIP:
Hillsong Music                                       SANCTUARY
Titles include: Better Than Life, Glory, My Hope,    An intimate worship experience that includes the
Still, Angels, Highest, Exceeding Joy and more.      following titles: We Are An Offering, Make Me A
000768272596        Acc. CD (split)        19.98     Servant, You Are, He Is Able, I Will Sing, I Give
000768272527        CD                     17.98     You My Heart and many more.
000768272565        Songbook               21.95     000768239629        CD                     19.98

iWORSHIP @ HOME                                      SONGS 4 WORSHIP:                                    BREAKTHROUGH PRAYER
Prepare for an awe-inspiring worship adventure       TRANQUILITY
with iWorship @ Home DVD’s. Each DVD con-                                                                By Jim Cymbala
                                                     000768239728        CD                     19.98    This book is an inspiring vision that moves people
tains 14 of the world’s most significant worship
songs in a display of sight and sound that brings                                                        to greater hope as they see the tremendous po-
each song to life. These DVD’s do not include a      THE HILLSONG MUSIC                                  tential of prayer.
split trax accompaniment as the regular iWorship                                                         0310236266          Book                    19.99
DVD’s do.
                                                     COLLECTION VOL 1
000768275917        DVD #1                 14.95     Hillsong Music                                      THE HEART O. WORSHIP
000768276013        DVD #2                 14.95     Contains songs from the following collections:
000768286913        DVD #3                 14.95
                                                     The Power Of Your Love, Stone’s Been Rolled         .ILES
                                                     Away, People Just Like Us, .riends In High          Compiled by Matt Redman
iWORSHIP VOL. 2                                      Places, Hills Praise, Simply Worship and Jump       This book contains highlights and insights from
This second volume of the iWorship Series            To The Jam. Also includes Hillsong Update pro-      some of the world’s best known lead worshippers
contains the following titles: Ancient Words,        gram #’s 1-10.                                      including Darlene Zschech, Chris Tomlin, Brian
                                                     000768248461        Songbook               24.95    Doerksen and Louie Giglio.
Arise King Of Kings, Come Just As You Are, .ree-
dom, I’m Amazed, Meet With Me, Power Of Your                                                             0830732616          Book                    12.99
Love and many more. The songbook includes a          THE HILLSONG MUSIC
bonus CD-ROM with chord charts and lyric text                                                            THINKING .OR A CHANGE
files.                                               COLLECTION VOL 2
000768274927        Double CD              19.98     Hillsong Music                                      By John C. Maxwell
000768275160        Songbook               24.95                                                         11 ways highly successful people approach life and
                                                     Contains songs from the following collections:
                                                     God Is In The House, All Things Are Possible,       work.
                                                                                                         0446529575          Book                    22.47
iWORSHIP: A TOTAL                                    Touching Heaven Changing Earth, Hills Praise,
                                                     Simply Worship Vol. 1-3 and Chosen One. Also
WORSHIP EXPERIENCE                                   includes Hillsong Update program #’s 11-20.
iWorship is not just a double CD, it is a “one-of-   000768248560        Songbook               24.95
a-kind” multimedia experience. It is worship
music that goes beyond the listening experience
into the participatory realm. iWorship facilitates   THE HILLSONG MUSIC
worship via breathtaking sensory DVD visuals for     COLLECTION VOL 3
every worship scenario, from small home groups
to mega-church environments. Programmable to         Hillsong Music
any worship setting, these 7-song DVD’s will be      Contains songs from the following collections:
the total “plug-and-play” experience for anyone      Christmas, .or This Cause, United Live - Best
wanting to lead or experience worship, taking it     .riend, Overwhelmed, By Your Side and United
to the next level.                                   Live - Everyday. Also includes Hillsongs Update
000768268964        Song Bk (for DVD A-B)14.95       program #’s 21-28.
000768269060        Song Bk (for DVD C-D)14.95       000768248669        Songbook               24.95
000768285268        Song Bk (for DVD E-.) 14.95
000768275016        DVD Volume .          29.95
000768286715        DVD Volume G          29.95

                                      Prices subject to change without notice
                      MH Specialties Present
                                        Living Christmas Tree
                                        A Spectacular Gift
                                        for those you Serve!
                                                      Singing Cross
                                                         An awesome
                                                    setting for Easter

                                                                                Singing Flag
                                                                                Inspiration for
                                                                                our Country!

             Those inspiring gifts will impact your church and community for Christ.
You have heard about their majestic beauty, now we can help you and your church bring these visual
                                    delights to your home town.

     • Easy to erect and to store
     • Expandable
     • Extended payment plan available
     • Seated screen for special needs available
     • Wider platform upon request
     • Full range of accessories (greenery, fiber optic star,
     light and various types of ornaments)

                          “Special discount for early order”
                   Call us today for specialized help to meet your particular need
                               including program and staging design

    Toll Free# 1-800-253-8652                                   Designed and Produced since 1972
       Fax# 1-512-355-9854                                               MH Specialties
URL:http\\                                   A Division of JLS Specialties, Inc
 Email@                                  PO BOX 1612, Bertram, Texas, USA
          Adult Patriotic                                     Patriotic Anthems                                        Senior Adult
            Musicals                                    BATTLE HYMN O. THE                                           Patriotic Musical
ONE NATION UNDER GOD                                    REPUBLIC                                              .AITH O. OUR .ATHERS
By Randy Vader, Jay Rouse and                           Arr. by Jay Rouse and                                 By Marty Parks       SATB
Camp Kirkland              SATB                         Camp Kirkland                             SATB        This patriotic musical includes songs of flag- wav-
                                                        Moderate                                              ing celebration and recognition of the Author of
America has been tempered in the refining fire          797242210655         Acc. CD                24.98
of conflict both here and abroad. Sometimes the                                                               Liberty. The format for this work includes large
                                                        797242210594         Anthem                  1.60
battlefields are clearly defined. Sometimes they        AO8313OR             Orch.                  89.95
                                                                                                              print, no repeats, meaningful content and lots of
are difficult to discern. The greatest battle we face                                                         fun! 33 minutes in length. Easy
                                                                                                              MU-9358T             Acc. CD (split)        85.00
is not a war of province, it is a war of principali-
ties. There is an ancient struggle between good         .REEDOM’S NEVER .REE                                  MU-9358S
                                                                                                                                   Acc. Cass. (split)
                                                                                                                                   Bulk CD (10)
and evil that vies for the conscience and conduct       Arr. by Camp Kirkland SATB w/duet                     TA-9358PK            Bulk Cass. (10)        54.99
of the nation. Throughout history, the sentries         This patriotic song honors those who paid the         MB-910S.             Bulletins (100)        18.00
that stand guard in this war are the people of God,                                                           DC-9358              CD                     10.99
                                                        ultimate price for our freedom. Moderate              MB-910               Choral Book             7.99
those who seek His wisdom and justice to discern        080689242328         Acc. CD                19.98     L-9358CD             Set w/CD               12.00
what is right and what is wrong. However, it is         080689574276         Anthem                  1.40     L-9358C              Set w/cass.            10.00
not enough just to recognize the difference. We         080689566479         Orch.                  59.95
must make a choice. “Stand at the crossroads and
look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the          SWEET LAND O. LIBERTY                                 New DVD Anthem Track...
good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest
for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16. 55 minutes in           Arr. by by Randy Vader,                               GIVE ME YOUR TIRED YOUR
length. Moderate                                        Jay Rouse and Camp Kirkland                           POOR
797242207655          Acc. CD (split)         95.00
797242208447          Bulk CD (10)            54.95                         SATB w/solo                       Arr. by Jay Rouse and
797242208102          Bulletins (100)         17.50     An infectious rhythmic accompaniment under            Camp Kirkland         SATB
797242207549          CD                      16.98
                                                        girds the smooth solo and choral lines in this joy-   This incredible footage for the best-selling patri-
797242207426          Cassette                11.98
797242206290          Choral Book              8.95     ful celebration of our national freedom. Moder-       otic anthem Give Me Your Tired Your Poor will
AO8426DM              Drama Companion         15.00     ate                                                   provide a stirring moment in any worship ser-
AO8426OR              Orch.                  385.00     797242205057         Acc. CD                24.98     vice or patriotic event. Moderate
797242208201          Posters (10)            17.50     797242204999         Anthem                  1.60     797242206108         DVD Acc.               64.95
797242207761          Reh. CD Trx.            59.95     AO-8310OR            Orch.                  69.95     797242198694         Anthem                  1.60
797242208003          Set w/CD                15.00                                                           797242198755         Acc. CD                24.98
                                                                                                              AO-8299OR            Orch.                  69.95
                                                        WE ARE AMERICA
 Best Selling Patriotic                                 By Kenna West
                                                        Arr. by Russell Mauldin                   SATB
 Musicals from 2003                                     We Are America is a dynamic patriotic anthem
                                                        that expresses the unity and pride of being a
                                                        Christian and an American. Moderate
 America We Must Not .orget                             808026029124         Acc. CD                19.98
                                                        808026029216         Anthem                  1.55
       Harland, Machen, Garret                          808026029308         DVD Track              49.95
       0633089230...Audition Pack w/CD                  80802602963          DVD lyric prompter     29.95
                                                        808026029452         Orch.                  69.95
 God Bless America

                                                        Best Selling Patriotic
       Fettke, Kingsmore
       08743059...Audition Pack w/CD
 .reedom’s Dream
       Parks                                            Anthems from 2003
       L-9336CD...Audition Pack w/CD
 America, A Pilgrim’s Prayer                            United Through It All
                                                            0633082597    Kingsmore
       Vader, Rouse, Kirkland                           Let .reedom Ring
       797242140907...Audition Pack w/CD                    797242182495 Kirkland
 Sweet Land Of Liberty                                  There She Stands
       Vader, Rouse, Kirkland                               080689531279 Hamilton
       797242184901...Audition Pack w/CD                Salute To The Armed .orces
                                                            080689244599 Kirkland
                                                        Salute To Our .allen Heroes
                                                            797242189791 Rouse
                                                        .rom Sea To Shining Sea
                                                            08743394      Billingsly                          UNDER GOD - DVD
                                                        Sing The Stars And Stripes                            At a time when our nation’s armed forces are de-
                                                            080689771279 Clydesdale                           fending freedom, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg
                                                        The Ones Left Standing                                Address is once again proven timeless and true.
                                                            080689757273 Clydesdale                           Premiered at MUSICalifornia, Under God, from
                                                        Let .reedom Ring                                      He Is .aithful .ilms, is a timely tribute to our
                                                            808026021210 Marsh                                nation’s dedication to the protection of life and
                                                        Battle Hymn Of The Republic                           liberty. Stirring historical war footage from
                                                            CM-4743       Wilhousky                           Gettysburg to Vietnam combined with powerful
                                                                                                              images from Operation Iraqi .reedom and a
                                                                                                              majestic symphonic underscore make this an ex-
                                                                                                              tremely useful worship resource for both Memo-
                                                                                                              rial Day and Independence Day celebrations.
                                                                                                              Most notable is an unforgettably moving picture
                                                                                                              of rescued POW Jessica Lynch.
                                                                                                              Running time: 4:20
                                                                                                              080689312090         DVD                    44.98

              To order, call 1-800-241-3667 or visit
Pine Lake Music’s 2004 Conferences
Don’t miss this year’s
       MusicAtlanta January 20-23
        ■ Sandi Patty, 4 HIM and Allen Asbury in concert
        ■ Premieres of SOMEBODY’S PRAYING ME THROUGH (pg. 16)
            and ONE NATION UNDER GOD (pg. 32)
        ■ Reading Sessions with your favorite publishers
        ■ and much more!

Announcing the return of Pam Andrews to Pine Lake with new music and great ideas for your children’s choir ministry.
SOUND SEMINAR - .ebruary 7, 2004
PDH Systems will lead this seminar on the equipment and the techniques of sound reinforcement for churches.
DRAMA WORKSHOP - .ebruary 21, 2004
Deborah Craig-Claar is our clinician for this conference for those with a drama ministry and those who want one.
Anna Laura Page will be our guest clinician.
PIANO CON.ERENCE - May 8, 2004
Marilynn Ham returns to Pine Lake to instruct and encourage those “key” members of your music ministry team.
CHORAL SOUNDS - July 15-16, 2004
Two days of reading sessions with your favorite contemporary and gospel publishers as well as an early look at Christmas
Reading Sessions of choral music for the entire church year for those with more traditional and blended programs.
Stay an extra day after Church Music Leadership for a special emphasis on children’s music for the traditional church.
SOUNDS O. EASTER - November 12, 2004
An early look at music for Lent & Easter 2005.

    .or more information and to register, visit

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