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Whether you refer to the strange weather patterns we have been experiencing as evidence of global
warming or climate change, which ever way we refer to the strange times we are living in, one
thing is certain, life on planet earth is anything but boring. Some believe that climate change is
simply a big money spinner and nothing more than “hot air.” Is this the case? What does the
evidence suggest? Al Gore – who had high aspirations of becoming a U.S. President but narrowly
failed, has become the foremost spokesman for the global warming campaigners. He produced a
movie-documentary not so long ago entitled “An Inconvenient Truth.” He shared some very
disturbing scientific data regarding the state of our planet and how rapidly it is changing-and not for
the better. In July 2008, the Federal Government released a 500 page document which has become
known as the “Green Paper” with a view to tackle climate change/global warming. The scientific
data which is coming out is clear – things today are not what the used to be not so many years ago.
Australian farmers don’t need such data to tell them that we are in the midst of the worst drought in
100 years. The question we need to ask is; are the rapidly changing conditions on planet earth
foreshadowing an event of even greater significance? What does the Bible have to say about the
times that we are living in?
In Matthew 24, Jesus outlined the state of the world shortly before His return. The Bible records
that on one particular occasion, the disciples asked Jesus the question that we want to ask – what
will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age? (Matthew 24:3). The signs that Jesus gave
to His disciples, and ultimately to everyone who cares to take the time to read the Bible, give us
indisputable evidence that we are very, very close to the second coming of Jesus. Even though we
cannot know the exact time of Jesus’ coming (Matthew 24:36), we can certainly know when it is
near, “even at the doors” (Matthew 24:32,33).
In Matthew 24:4-7 Jesus gave us very clear signs that would usher in His coming. We have had all
these things for thousands of years, however, the message of Jesus is that just before His return the
frequency and intensity of such events would increase. In Matthew 24:8 Jesus used a specific word
to make this point obvious – the word “sorrows” literally means “birth pains.” How big are the
contractions on planet earth? And, are they getting bigger? Even though Jesus gave very clear
signs, He predicted that most people living at the time of His coming would be caught off guard –
surprised (Luke 21:34-36). That’s why God gives us signs so we are not caught by surprise. Notice
several key signs that Jesus gave us.
1. Signs in the World of Religion. Jesus said before He comes, there would be many false
prophets and false christ’s (Matthew 24:4,5, 11, 24) seeking to deceive. Deception will be a key
issue in the end times (see v.4,5,11,24). Over the centuries, many have claimed to be a prophet sent
in God’s name or Christ Himself, however, today this number is growing more than ever. As far as
you and I are concerned, we most probably won’t get taken in by a David Koresh, or a Jim Jones or
some other such character, however, Jesus said that the devil would aim to deceive even the very
elect by using signs and wonders (Matthew 24:24, see also Revelation 13:13-14). Furthermore,
the Apostle Paul predicted that the time would come, just before the arrival of Jesus, when many
professed Christians would only listen and follow that which suits them, not necessarily what the
Bible teaches to be true – it will be a kind of smorgasbord Christianity (2 Timothy 4:3,4). Today
many Christians determine truth by how they “feel” rather than a “thus saith the Lord” as Jesus
used when He was tempted by the devil in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-10). Immorality of all
kinds has crept into the Christian church, even amongst the clergy, and it is being defended. This
must truly be a major CONTRACTION.
2. Signs in the World of Politics. Ever since Cain killed Abel there have been wars. The conquest
of nations down through time has almost always been determined by bloody battles. However, the
significance of Jesus statement is that, just before the return of Jesus, there would be much larger
and more consequential wars that would affect the lives of more people than ever before in earth’s
history. Is this the case today? It most certainly is! The 20th century was the bloodiest century of all
with an estimated 200 million deaths attributed to war and conflict. The twenty first century is
following in the same vein, with more bloodshed on a daily basis. Only God knows how many are
currently suffering due the ever growing wars plaguing our world. Notice how the Bible describes
the times that we are living in: “The nations were angry and Your wrath has come, and the time of
the dead, that they should be judged. And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and
the saints. And those who fear Your name, small and great. And should destroy those who destroy
the earth” (Revelation 11:18). Yes, Jesus will come at a time when the human race has the capacity
to destroy itself. This has only become a reality in the last century. Paul referred to this time as
“perilous times in the last days” (2 Timothy 3:1). Jesus could not be anymore accurate in
describing the feelings of people living in our day when he said that “men’s hearts failing them
from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth” (Luke 21:26).
However, we do not have to be afraid. We will not be destroyed by a man made nuclear holocaust.
These are signs that Jesus is coming. We can look beyond what's going on around us to what's
going on above us. Jesus says when we “see these things,” His appearing is nearly here, and we are
to look up because our redemption is drawing near (Luke 21:28).
3. Signs in the World of Nature. Jesus next turns His attention to the natural world: “There will
be famines, pestilence, and earthquakes in various places” (Matthew 24:7). Nobody needs to be
reminded that more than a billion people on planet earth; men, women and children go hungry to
bed each night – they are the lucky ones that have survived through another day of hunger and
disease. Yes, there have always been famines, droughts, pestilences and earthquakes, but today we
have an increase like at no other time in earth’s history. World leaders are “perplexed” (Luke
21:25) as to how to deal with the ever growing problems we are facing. New and strange never
before seen diseases are threatening a world wide pandemic never before witnessed. Concerning
earthquakes, in Luke 21:11 Jesus said that there would be “great earthquakes in various places”
just before He comes. Has this been the case? History tells us that for the first 1600 years from the
time of Jesus, our world experienced one or two deadly-life destroying earthquakes every century.
However, then something incredible began to take place. In the 17th century we had 7 great
earthquakes; 13 in the 18th century followed by 26 in the 19th century. In the 20th century the
number of life destroying earthquakes around the world rose to 130. Surely this is a major
contraction if ever there was. Today, we have simply become immune to the many earthquakes and
other natural disasters that we continually witness on our evening news. Why does God allow
earthquakes and other natural disasters? It is because He not only seeks to warn us of the nearness
of His coming that we may be ready, or that through such sobering events that we may turn to Him
and have eternal life (Acts 16:25-31), but He allows such disasters to come to our planet so that we
will not get too comfortable and attached to this world. In an upcoming lecture we will discover
that Satan has the power to cause calamity. Today we hear of “acts of God,” but are they really acts
of the devil. We will take a closer at this subject. Ultimately, Jesus has prepared a place for us-a
heavenly home for each one who wants to be part of His everlasting kingdom where there is no
more famine, disease, war, earthquakes and the like (John 14:1-3; Revelation 21:1-5). Why not
accept the invitation Jesus offers you today?

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