Step 5.17 - IT HR Skills Inventory by InfoTech

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                          5.17 IT HR Skills Inventory
Distribute a copy of this template to all team leaders within IT. Have them map the main
skills of each member of their respective IT team.

Team member names go on the vertical axis. Key skills that each member of the team
should possess will go on the horizontal axis. Start with “hard” skills such as ability to
program in certain languages or work with certain hardware platforms. Also add some
soft skills such as communications ability and teamwork. Create a one to three rating for
each skill (1 entry level, 2 competent, 3 expert) and then score each staff member across
all the skills.

Depending on the size and diversity of your department, you may want to subdivide your
skills inventory, creating separate tables for tech support, application development,
network management, etc. You can, of course add or delete rows or columns to match the
number of staff/skills being mapped.

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