Step 5.15 - Accounting Status Template by InfoTech


Optimizing Your IT Infrastructure: Info-Tech’s Step-By-Step Consulting Methodology

Squeezing the most efficiency and effectiveness out of your IT department is important at any time. But it’s even more critical when budgets are tight.

If your organization views IT as a cost center, you could be vulnerable to budget-cutting forces outside of IT that try to pare down every department based on bottom line numbers.

To avoid this, you need to build a value proposition within your organization, one where IT – and the underlying infrastructure on which your business operates – is viewed as a fundamental driver of corporate success and represents a key competitive advantage of your overall organization. This starts at a very high level through a defi nition of IT strategy and a linkage
between IT and organizational goals.

Once you have published your IT strategy document, and your vision, mission, and values statements are hanging on the wall, it’s time to delve into the details that make your infrastructure far more than the mere sum of its parts.

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									                                                  5.15 IT Accounting Status Template
                                                                          Current State Assessment
Existence               Is Accounting treated as unique IT discipline?
                        Is IT Accounting Lead a dedicated role?

Contact Information     Accounting Lead (if defined)

                        Other Accounting Resource(s) (if defined)

Process Information     Do you follow defined budgets?
                        Are budgets reviewed on a set schedule?
                        Is compliance enforced?
                        Are costs routinely tracked throughout IT?
                        Do business areas pay for IT services?
                        Does IT use chargeback to track costs?
                        Is accounting/financial management-specific
                        education and training incorporated into the IT
                        career path?

Process Documentation   Filename(s)
                        Where stored?

                        Established country-specific accounting
Standards Compliance
                        practices followed?

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