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Step 4.3a - Current Server Status Assessment


Optimizing Your IT Infrastructure: Info-Tech’s Step-By-Step Consulting Methodology Squeezing the most efficiency and effectiveness out of your IT department is important at any time. But it’s even more critical when budgets are tight. If your organization views IT as a cost center, you could be vulnerable to budget-cutting forces outside of IT that try to pare down every department based on bottom line numbers. To avoid this, you need to build a value proposition within your organization, one where IT – and the underlying infrastructure on which your business operates – is viewed as a fundamental driver of corporate success and represents a key competitive advantage of your overall organization. This starts at a very high level through a defi nition of IT strategy and a linkage between IT and organizational goals. Once you have published your IT strategy document, and your vision, mission, and values statements are hanging on the wall, it’s time to delve into the details that make your infrastructure far more than the mere sum of its parts.

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                4.3a Current Server Status Assessment
About this tool: This tool gives you an opportunity to technically assess how your servers are
currently performing. It is structured in a manner very similar to the “4.4a Current Network Status
Assessment” tool within this methodology.

This assessment encompasses four major areas:
    1. Reliability
    2. Capacity
    3. Redundancy
    4. Performance

Within each of these sections, you will capture three distinct classes of information:
   1. Metrics
   2. Issues
   3. Recommendations


    This section is attached to an Excel-based tool – “4.3b Current Server Status Assessment
    Worksheet” – which facilitates the process of capturing and analyzing your server-specific
    performance metrics. The spreadsheet will guide you through the process of capturing current
    state performance information for the servers within your technology environment.


    Once you have completed the accompanying Excel file – “4.3b Current Server Status
    Assessment Worksheet” – you will return to this Word-based document to discuss your critical
    issues in detail.


    This section will allow you to review options for improving on your current-state performance in
    each area.

General standards within this document

Instructions for each section are indicated in blue. Be as verbose as you need to be to paint an
accurate picture of how well these critical underpinnings of your infrastructure are currently

Although some of the measurement tools – like Performance Monitor – that you will use to obtain
some of the requested data are already included in base installs of Windows and other network
operating systems, keep in mind that these are highly basic and do not provide sufficient depth to
generate detailed reports for longer-term measurement periods.

We recommend you consider installing open source performance management tools like MRTG and
Cacti to give yourself additional monitoring – and management – capability. These tools are already
well-established standards, and incorporate robust reporting capabilities that make them ideal tools to
communicate performance implications to non-technical sponsorship.

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As you compile the various elements of data for this process, ensure you use consistent techniques to
do so to ensure validity of all captured data. Consider involving your technical
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