Step 3.2 - Master List of Key Business Services

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					                                      3.2 Master List of Key Business Services
                                                       Background Information for Each Service
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Business Services List all of your business services on this spreadsheet. Once you have collected your services list from your stakeholders, begin refining the
description of each here. Indicate which "group" the requirement will belong in to make sorting easier. When you are satisfied that this list paints a thorough picture
of the major services IT provides to your company's business areas, proceed to the next sheet, "Services by Area" to capture which business areas rely on each
service. When this process is complete, you may begin entering this information into the "3.1 Business Requirements Template" included with this Methodology.
Example requirements have been provided in blue.
                                    Date                      Risk if Unavailable (1-
 ID      Business Service                     Stakeholder                                                        Brief Description of Service
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