Step 1.6 - Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda

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                  1.6 Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda
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Start Time:
End Time:

Goal: The goal of this meeting is to introduce everyone to the IT Infrastructure Action Plan
project, to secure your commitment for support and contribution to the project when needed, to
introduce the project team to the stakeholders, to review how the project will progress, and to
create or review a rough timeline of how long the project will run.

Please Read: The Letter to Stakeholders, and the Project Definition Statement. [provide a link to
the documents, or attach them to your meeting invitation.]

Please Bring: Any comments you may have on the Project Definition Statement, and a list of
your availability over the time period specified in the Letter to Stakeholders.


 Person             Topic                                                               Time
 CEO or Chair       Opening Remarks – To elaborate on the goals of the                5 minutes
 Chair              Review the Scope of the Project / What areas of the business     10 minutes
                    are impacted.

 Chair              Introduce Project Team – Manager, Sponsor, Team Members           5 minutes
 Chair              Team/Stakeholder Responsibilities                                15 minutes
                    Break                                                            10 minutes
 Chair              How the Process Works: review Stages in the Methodology          20 minutes
 Chair/             Discuss high-level project plan and timeline                     15 minutes
 Chair/             Questions                                                        15 minutes
 Chair              Sum Up/Actions                                                    5 minutes
                                                                       Total Time:         1:40

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Description: Optimizing Your IT Infrastructure: Info-Tech’s Step-By-Step Consulting Methodology Squeezing the most efficiency and effectiveness out of your IT department is important at any time. But it’s even more critical when budgets are tight. If your organization views IT as a cost center, you could be vulnerable to budget-cutting forces outside of IT that try to pare down every department based on bottom line numbers. To avoid this, you need to build a value proposition within your organization, one where IT – and the underlying infrastructure on which your business operates – is viewed as a fundamental driver of corporate success and represents a key competitive advantage of your overall organization. This starts at a very high level through a defi nition of IT strategy and a linkage between IT and organizational goals. Once you have published your IT strategy document, and your vision, mission, and values statements are hanging on the wall, it’s time to delve into the details that make your infrastructure far more than the mere sum of its parts.
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