Step 1.1 - Project Concept Worksheet

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                     1.1 Project Concept Worksheet

Definition of Purpose:
Because infrastructure is so critical to all aspects of IT operations, all changes to it must
be undertaken with a critical understanding of their purpose, their impact, and their

Before any project has even reached the planning stage, a series of high-level issues must
be resolved. Identifying the key issues you have with your current IT infrastructure, and
the impact of these issues on your ability to conduct business, is the first step in this
process. This Methodology focuses on the creation of an Infrastructure Action Plan
which will allow you to get a handle on the key infrastructure-related issues currently
facing your business. It will also set the stage for identifying longer-term projects to
address these issues.

To initiate this process, fill out the following sections to provide you, your team and any
executive sponsors with reasons for undertaking this initiative. Be as specific as possible
when completing this worksheet.

Make sure you
Description: Optimizing Your IT Infrastructure: Info-Tech’s Step-By-Step Consulting Methodology Squeezing the most efficiency and effectiveness out of your IT department is important at any time. But it’s even more critical when budgets are tight. If your organization views IT as a cost center, you could be vulnerable to budget-cutting forces outside of IT that try to pare down every department based on bottom line numbers. To avoid this, you need to build a value proposition within your organization, one where IT – and the underlying infrastructure on which your business operates – is viewed as a fundamental driver of corporate success and represents a key competitive advantage of your overall organization. This starts at a very high level through a defi nition of IT strategy and a linkage between IT and organizational goals. Once you have published your IT strategy document, and your vision, mission, and values statements are hanging on the wall, it’s time to delve into the details that make your infrastructure far more than the mere sum of its parts.
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