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					Diversity & Mutual

Student Facilitator Residential

Great Craic!!!
  Student Facilitator Residential

• 20 students (St Mary’s & Stranmillis)

• 2 facilitators, Jacqui & Lisa from CRIS


• Overnight Stay

• 1 ½ days training

• Lots of fun
   Why have the residential?
• Training in preparation for DMU
• Build relationships and Understanding
• Facilitate discussion and debate
• Opportunity to learn facilitation skills
• Enhance understanding of theory & practice
     What happens?

• Intensive schedule

• Challenging Content

• Fun & Interactive

• Participation

• Meals & Breaks

• Relationship building
               “The content really forced us to recognise
                  different cultures and background and
                             helped us understand them”

“I feel all the content covered was really
    interesting and all methods of facilitating
    really useful for future teaching”

                     “I felt I could open up with confidence”
 “Loved it!”
    “I liked hearing others views and it was challenging”

“Learnt loads from these two days”
  What’s next?

• In at the deep end – DMU

• Working with professionals

• Leading amongst peers

• Continuing relationships

• Challenge of real life

• Next year?
Diversity & Mutual

Student Facilitator Residential