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									IT Strategic Roadmap Maintenance Guidelines
Introduction: How to Use This Tool
Use this guide to create your own customized Strategic Maintenance Plan with the objective to sustain your IT
Strategy by continuously examining, evaluating and prioritizing investments of IT resources.

Purpose of the Strategy Maintenance Planning Process
Organizations that develop IT strategies face the following key challenges:
    1. How to make the IT strategy a vital element of the IT management process rather than a static document
       left to gather dust on a shelf somewhere.
    2. How to keep the IT strategy dynamic and reflective of current business activity versus a point-in-time
       assessment and outlook.
The IT Strategy Maintenance Planning Process assists IT leaders to continually:
       Communicate accomplishments, progress and plans to stakeholders.
       Ensure appropriate IT resources are available as required.
       Track, monitor and report progress and achievements.
       Accommodate changes in business strategy and initiatives.
Many factors can cause an IT Strategy to become quickly altered or out-of-date. For example:

Business Strategy                      Changes in business drivers.
                                       Changing requests as a result of the regular business planning cycle.
                                       Response of business units to market changes and/or opportunities.

Technology Trends                      Advances in IT.
                                       Compliance standards (i.e. Sarbanes-Oxley).
                                       Legacy applications needing replacement.

Organizational Capabilities            Unplanned events can cause resources to be diverted (i.e. system failure).
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