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									Initiative Description Template
Introduction: How to Use This Tool
Use the tables below to describe the most promising initiatives identified in the “Application Prioritization” and
“Infrastructure Prioritization” templates. These tables will form the basis of your IT Strategic Plan.

When listing strengths, weaknesses, benefits, and so on, focus mainly on those that demonstrate the greatest
alignment with business goals. Initiative #1 has been filled in as an example. Ten tables are provided, but add or
delete the number of initiatives as necessary. Modify or delete all information colored dark grey. Be sure to change
all text to black before printing or sending.

The following initiatives have been included in [insert company name]’s list of potential IT projects.

Initiative #1 Description
 Name of Initiative:    Deploy CRM
                        CRM software licenses for 500 users, dedicated server box, 2 FTEs
 Time:                  Approximately 6 months to deploy server, database, and client GUI
 Costs:                 $80 - $100K USD (not including training)
 Alignment with
                                 Fully Aligned       High          Medium           Low        Non-Existent
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