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									Maximizing Your IT Investments: A Step-by-Step
Program -– How To Use This Bundle
A Practical Guide for Making Strategic IT Investments & Creating a Value Roadmap

When you have completed the Maximizing Your IT Investments program you will

   1. An agreed list of key projects or initiatives.
   2. Agreed priority, sequence and timing for strategic initiatives.
   3. Recognition of the implications of the IT strategy on the IT budget.

Your IT Investment & Value Roadmap should be revisited periodically – at least
quarterly or when corporate management re-evaluates company priorities.

Step 1: Define Strategic IT Initiatives

You now have a set of opportunities to improve the application portfolio, enhance
technical infrastructure and strengthen the IT organization. You now need to turn those
opportunities into action and describe what needs to be done.

      Info-Tech Tip: Do not over-engineer or over-think this step. Many organizations
       maintain a master list of projects, in priority, from year to year making minor
       adjustments based on changes in company objectives.

Step 1.1 - Evaluate and Select Initiative Options

Many opportunities identified will have straightforward solutions that can be outlined and
prioritized. However, in some cases, an opportunity may have multiple solutions that
should be evaluated before deciding how to proceed.

There may be different combinations of systems and processes that might solve the
business need. There may be an application with a wireless tablet device that keeps
service technicians connected to an automated dispatch system in real time. Alternatively,
there may be an application that downloads service orders several times per day. A third
option may be a solution where the technician synchronizes a laptop application at the
beginning of the work day and then receives schedule updates via mobile phone.

Each of the above options should be evaluated based on how well each option meets
company objectives compared to the investment required.

Use Info-Tech’s advanced tools, "Analysis of Available Options" and "Op
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