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					Assessing Enterprise Strategy
Introduction: How to Use This Tool
In order to set an IT strategy, it’s critical to understand the strategy of the enterprise in which IT is operating. This
guide will help you to read and document the enterprise’s business strategy (i.e. where a strategy document
To use this tool, simply fill in the blanks provided. Be sure to delete all introductory and explanatory text in dark
grey before finishing.

Enterprise and Background
The aim is to build a structured profile of the enterprise. You may be surprised to find that, while everyone thinks
they know why the enterprise exists, there is actually no consistent written understanding of where the enterprise
came from and where it is going. By focusing your vision of the enterprise, you will be better able to focus on the
technologies and IT strategies that will help it succeed.

Outline any recent acquisitions or changes in ownership.

Are any changes in ownership anticipated in the near future? If yes, what does this mean for IT?

What are the major challenges the enterprise has overcome to date? In the last three years? In the last year?

Description: Aligning IT & Business Goals – Step-by-Step Program The purpose of Business& IT Alignment is to optimize the value that IT contributes to the enterprise. Use this step-by-step program – rich with proven tools & research - as the first step to successfully outlining a strategic roadmap for your organization. An organization has successfully aligned IT strategy to business strategy when there is: • A shared understanding of how IT applications, technologies and services will contribute to business objectives – today and in the future. • A shared focus on where to expend scarce resources, time and money; the tradeoffs the enterprise is prepared to make. • A credible working relationship between the IT organization and the rest of the business evidenced by reliable daily operations, responsive problem management and predictable, innovative solution delivery. Info-Tech’s Aligning IT & Business Goals program includes tools & related research to complete three main steps: 1. Set Conditions to Achieve Alignment 2. Determine IT Value Imperatives 3. Assess IT Organizational Alignment 4. Develop IT Vision and Mission When you have completed our Aligning IT & Business Goals program you will have: • Support from key executives to participate in developing the IT Strategy. • An understanding of how emerging technologies, applications and trends can or will impact your enterprise and your IT organization. • Clear expectations of how IT will contribute to reaching the company’s business goals and objectives. • A defined articulation of IT’s role in, and value to, the enterprise for the strategic horizon.
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