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WHAT IS MUTUAL RECOGNITION?                         HOW DOES THE COMPACT AF                              DOES THE COMPACT ALTER
                                                    FECT NURSES IN ARKANSAS?                             THE BOARD’S DISCIPLINARY
Mutual Recognition, also known as the Inter-                                                             PROCEDURES?
                                                    Nurses who reside in Arkansas and hold an
state Nurse Licensure Compact, is a law enacted
                                                    Arkansas RN or LPN license to practice will no       Boards of Nursing will continue to apply
in 1999 which created a new model for nursing
                                                    longer have to obtain a nursing license to work      the same administrative and due process
licensure. The states that have enacted the com-
                                                    in any of the compact states. They will be able      procedures for imposing discipline as they
pact recognize or honor other compact states’
                                                    to practice in any of the compact states on the      have always done. The Board has more
registered nurse and licensed practical nurse
                                                    license issued by the Arkansas State Board of        timely and efficient access to information
                                                    Nursing. Only when RNs and LPNs move their           regarding the disciplinary history of nurses
                                                    permanent residence to one of the other com-         through a coordinated licensure informa-
WHICH STATES HAVE ENACTED                           pact states will they be required to apply for and   tion systems called NURSYS. Complaints
                                                    obtain the other state’s nursing license. RNs        may be addressed by the state in which
THE COMPACT?                                        and LPNs may work for 30 days on their nursing
Individuals may verify the current states in-                                                            the violation occurs or by the state of licen-
                                                    license after moving from one compact state to       sure. Only the home state can take action
volved at Each year additional
                                                    another.                                             against the nurse’s license. Compact states
states pass legislation to enact the Interstate
Nurse Licensure Compact.                                                                                 in which the nurse has the privilege to
                                                    HOW WILL A PRIMARY RESI                              practice may order the nurse to “cease and
                                                    DENCE BE DETERMINED?                                 desist” practicing in that state. However,
WHAT LICENSE TYPES ARE ELIGI-                                                                            that does not change every state’s duty to
                                                    The sources used to determine primary resi-
BLE?                                                dence may include a driver’s license, federal        afford a nurse adequate due process.
                                                    income tax return, voter registration or a sworn     HOW WILL MY EMPLOYER VER-
The Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact for
                                                    affidavit declaring primary residence.                 IFY MY LICENSE?
Mutual Recognition of nursing licensure allows
RNs and LPNs residing and licensed in one com-                                                           The state that issued the license can verify
pact state the privilege of working in all other    WHAT HAPPENS IF I MOVE TO A                          that license. The nurses’ employer may
compact states. At this time licensed psychiatric   NON-COMPACT STATE OR I DECIDE                        call the Board of Nursing at 501.682.2200
technician nurses and advanced practice nurses      TO WORK IN A NON-COMPACT                             to verify Arkansas nursing licensure or sub-
are not included in the compact. The APN’s          STATE?                                               scribe to the Internet verification service at
registered nurse license, however, will be recog-   The nurse is required to obtain a license in the
nized by other compact states.                      non-compact state prior to going to work there,
                                                    whether or not the nurse moves to the compact

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