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SCUSD Budget and Strategic Plan Survey Findings


SCUSD Budget and Strategic Plan Survey Findings Jonathan Raymond February 18, 2010 news conference to announce survey results Thank you all for coming. We’re making history here today, and it’s exciting to be here: for the first time, parents, teachers, school employees and community members across Sacramento were asked for their advice, their thoughts on how to make schools better. Thousands of our citizens responded to two historic surveys that will help shape how our schools work for years to come. We’re here today to announce the results of this first-of-itskind effort. On January 19, working with our partners at K12 Insight, we began surveying our community on their opinions regarding how to balance the Sacramento City Unified School District’s budget how we should shape the long-term strategic plan that will guide our school system into the future. Over three weeks, through February 9th, nearly 13,000 responses to the surveys were received from parents and other community members, teachers, administrators and other school staff, and students. For the first time, we have real information on what the people of Sacramento want for their schools. Our friends at K12 Insight are working on the final report, but we have a lot of information to give you this morning in advance of that final report, which will be available in its entirety online as soon as possible. I want to talk first about the issue of public engagement itself, how important it is, and what this survey tells us about that work in our school district. We have made real public engagement – truly having our community involved in and part of the decisions about their public schools – as one of the very highest priorities of the district. We are committed to community engagement, to a transparent, open and honest dialogue with our community about what is expected from its schools. We received very valuable advice from the public and our employees with these surveys, but much more work needs to be done to

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									Budget and Strategic Plan
    Survey Findings
         Feb 2010

 1.   THREE Audiences
         a) Parents and Community
         b) Teachers, Administrators and Staff
         c) Students

 2.   TWO Surveys
         a) Budget Shortfall
         b) Strategic Plan

 3.   Surveys administered online and via paper between 1/19/2010 and 2/9/2010

 4.   Parent surveys available in English, Spanish and Hmong

 5.   Participation Rates:
           a) Parents: About 2,000 per survey (roughly 5%)
           b) Teachers, Administrators and Staff : About 2,000 (34%)
           c) Students: 4,600 responses (10%)

 6.   10% of respondents accessed the survey in Spanish or Hmong
Survey Objectives

 1. Transparency

 2. Data-Driven Decision-Making

 3. Engagement
    a) Systemic and Systematic Surveying to build and
       improve engagement
    b) Participation key indicator of engagement
    c) Initial years, participation expected to be uneven
    d) “Community Conversations” – we are educating each
Participation of Parents/Community

              Language of Participation
                  English                 90%
                  Spanish                  8%
                  Hmong                    2%
Community Members’ Involvement in District Activities
Identify what you consider most important.
Please indicate whether you would support the following
measures to address the budget shortfall:
Gap Analysis

                                                                   Gap = Importance-
Issue – Rated by Parents              Importance   Effectiveness     Effectiveness
Arts and Fine Arts Education              89%          36%               53%
Parent Engagement/Outreach                93%          57%               36%
Effective Teachers                        97%          64%               33%
Effective Principals                      96%          67%               29%

                                                                   Gap = Importance-
Issue – Rated by Teachers and Staff   Importance   Effectiveness     Effectiveness
Arts and Fine Arts Education              86%          26%               60%
Parent Engagement/Outreach                93%          49%               44%
Effective Teachers                       100%          74%               26%
Effective Principals                      98%          67%               31%
   1.   These surveys are only the beginning of on-going effort to engage with all
        members of the SCUSD community, they are a start.

   2.   Efforts to improve community engagement shall continue and will be
        measured by the participation level seen in these surveys.

   3.   Keeping class size small is a top priority of parents and teachers.

   4.   Deep cuts are essential to maintain the health of our school district and retain
        control of our schools.

   5.   We need to look closely at consolidating schools and develop clear criteria
        with community input.

   6.   Arts and Fine Arts will not face significant cuts since parents and teachers
        perceive widest gap between its importance and effectiveness.

   7.   Community Engagement, Effective Teachers and Effective Principals – all of
        these critical areas show nearly 30% gap between importance and
        effectiveness and a significant effort will be directed to narrow the gap.
Thank You!
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Identify what you consider most important.

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