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									Participants                                                                                            Mark Kaufman
                                                                                                        Assistant Coach, Ferris State University Bulldogs
The Ferris Hockey Skill Center is open to youth
ages 7 to 18 (please choose appropriate age                                                             •	 GM/head	coach	of	the	USHL	Sioux	Falls		        	
session when registering) at all levels of skill                                                        	 Stampede	(2003-05)
development. However, applicants must have                                                              •	 Director	of	hockey	operations/head	coach	of		 	
previous hockey playing experience. Note:                                                               	 the	Kalamazoo	Wings	(2000)
Campers must be at least 9 years old to stay in                                                         •	 Served	in	the	same	capacity	for	the	ECHL		     	
our residence halls.                                                                                    	 Richmond	Renegades	(1998-2002)
                                                                                                        •	 Assistant	coach	of	the	Kentucky		      	       	
Equipment                                                                                               	 Thoroughblades	of	the	AHL	(1996-98)
                                                                                                        •	 San	Jose	Sharks	(NHL)	assistant	coach	
All participants, including goaltenders, must                                                           	 (1995-96)
provide their own equipment (helmet, pads,                                                              •	 Assistant	coach	of	the	IHL	Kansas	City	Blades			
stick, gloves, etc.). Our Pro Shop is stocked                                                           	 (1994-95)
to handle most of your needs. All campers
receive a complimentary Ferris Hockey Skill        Coaching Staff
                                                                                                        Dave Cencer, Hockey Camps Coordinator
Center jersey which they get to keep at the        Bob Daniels, Camp Director                           Director	of	hockey	operations/certified	strength	
conclusion of camp.                                Head Coach, Ferris State University Bulldogs         and	conditioning	coach/video	coordinator

Choose a Plan:                                     •	22 years of Division I College Hockey              •	 Goaltending	coach	Ferris	State
•	 Resident	-	$495                                    experience                                        •	 Certified	specialist	with	the	National	Strength			
•	 Commuter	-	$375                                 •	 17	years	as	head	coach	for	Ferris	State		            & Conditioning Association
•	 7-	to	9-year-old	Commuter	-	$195                   University                                        •	 Coordinates	all	in-season	and	off-season		       	
                                                   •	 2002-03	American	Hockey	Coaches		 	                  training for FSU Bulldogs
Choose a Camp:                                        Association Division I Hockey Coach of the Year   •	 Oversees	player	nutrition,	training,	mechanics		 	
                                                   •	 Served	a	four-year	term	on	the	AHCA	Board		          and injury prevention
SESSION ONE June 21-25                             	 of	Governors                                       •	 Involved	in	video	breakdown,	game		 	            	
•	 Group	A:		7	to	9	years	old	(commuters	only)	    •	 USA	Hockey	Coaches	Program	of	Merit		                preparation and scouting
•	 Group	B:		10	to	11	years	old	(non	checking)        recipient – certified Masters Level               •	 Currently	completing	a	Master’s	in	sports

                                                                                                                                                                  Ferris State Hockey Camps
•	 Group	C:		12	to	13	years	old                    •	 Three-time	Coach	of	the	Year	in	the	North		          fitness and has assisted with training at the

                                                   	 America	Junior	Hockey	League	(1983-86)

                                                                                                                                                                  Big Rapids, MI 49307
                                                                                                           NHL level
SESSION TWO June 28-July 2                         •	 Bachelor’s	degree	from	MSU	(1982)	and		

                                                                                                                                                                  210 Sports Drive
•	 Group	A:		9	to	10	years	old	(non	checking)      	 Master’s	from	Miami	(Ohio)	University	(1986)
•	 Group	B:		11	to	12	years	old	(PEE	WEE	Prep)

•	 Group	C:		13	to	14	years	old                    Drew Famulak
                                                   Associate Head Coach, Ferris State University
SESSION THREE July 5-9                             Bulldogs
•	 Group	A:		11	to	12	years	old	(PEE	WEE	Prep)     •	 16	years	with	the	FSU	coaching	staff

•	 Group	B:		13	to	14	years	old                    •	 Serves	as	the	associate	head	coach	and		
•	 Group	C:		15	to	16	years	old	(H.S.	Advanced)       recruiting coordinator
                                                   •	 Recruited	and	coached	seven	All-Americans		
SESSION FOUR July 12 – 16                          	 and	14	All-CCHA	players	and	counting
•	 Group	A:		12	to	13	years	old                    •	 Played	right	wing	for	the	LSSU	1988	NCAA		
•	 Group	B:		14	to	15	years	old	(H.S.	Advanced)       Division I championship team
•	 Group	C:		16	to	18	years	old	(Collegiate/JR		   •	 Earned	two	Division	III	championships	with		
   Development)                                    	 the	University	of	Wisconsin	Stevens	Point
Hockey Skill Center                                    7- to 9-Year-Old Commuter-Only Camp                      Fees                                                 REGISTRATION
The Ferris State Hockey Skill Center helps             Week	one	includes	a	session	for	younger	                 RESIDENT PLAN: $495/week                             Three convenient registration options:
campers meet the increasing demand for                 campers. This camp is open to commuters only.            Our	Resident	Plan	includes	12	on-ice	sessions,	
                                                                                                                                                                     1) Register with check or credit card online at
skilled players based on a strong foundation of        Every	day	includes	two	on-ice	sessions	and	one	          classroom	instruction,	off-ice	training,	room	
fundamental/individual	skills.	Through	a	variety	      session	of	dry-land	training.	The	cost	is	$195	          and board, your practice jersey and recreation.
                                                                                                                                                                     2) Register with cash, check, money order or
of	on-ice	and	off-ice	activities,	the	Hockey	Skill	    for the week and includes the scrimmage on               Players will be housed Sunday night through
                                                                                                                                                                        credit card in person at the Ferris State Ice
Center	works	to	improve	a	player’s	fundamental	        Thursday.                                                Thursday afternoon in one of our modern
                                                                                                                                                                        Arena box office Monday – Friday from
skills in preparation for next season. Moreover,                                                                college residence halls. Meals will be served
                                                                                                                                                                     	 8:30	a.m.	to	5	p.m.
the	on-ice	and	off-ice	sessions	are	designed	to	       Typical Camp Day Schedule                                beginning with Sunday dinner and ending with
                                                                                                                                                                     3) Register with check or money order by
show players the individual drills that will lead to                                                            Thursday’s	lunch.
                                                       8:00	a.m.	       Wake	up	and	get	dressed                                                                         mailing registration form to:
continued hockey development throughout the
season.                                                8:30 a.m.        Breakfast                               COMMUTER PLAN: $375/week                             Ferris State University Hockey Camps
                                                       9:00	a.m.	       Leave	as	GROUP	for	rink		           	   Our	Commuter	Plan	includes	12	on-ice	sessions,	      210 Sports Drive
                                                                        (Commuters are dropped
Our Philosophy                                                                                                  classroom	instruction,	off-ice	training,	practice	   Big Rapids, MI 49307
                                                                        off at rink)                            jersey, recreation, lunch and dinner Monday
The Ferris State Hockey Skill Center strives to        9:10	a.m.	       Video	skating	review                    through	Wednesday	and	lunch	on	Thursday.             (Please make checks payable to
provide the finest hockey instruction within           10:00 a.m.       All players in locker room                                                                   Ferris State University)
a disciplined atmosphere. Our staff works to           10:30	a.m.	      All	players	ON-ICE                      7- to 9-YEAR OLD COMMUTER ONLY:
provide	daylong	activities	(three	on-ice	sessions,	    11:20 a.m.       Return to locker room                                                                        Registration Form (please print)
one	hour	classroom,	up	to	two	hours	off-ice	           11:50	a.m.	      Depart	for	lunch	as	GROUP               Week	No.	1	Commuter	Only	Camp	includes	
training/physical	per	day)	that	help	campers	          12:00 p.m.       Lunch                                                                                        Name_____________________________________
                                                                                                                two	on-ice	session	and	one	session	of	dry-land	
maximize their development as a player.                12:45	p.m.	      Leave	as	GROUP	for	dryland		        	   training and lunch daily.
                                                                        training                                                                                     Address___________________________________
Facilities                                             1:00 p.m.        Dryland training                        7- to 9-YEAR OLD
                                                       2:00 p.m.        All players in locker room                                                                   City__________________ State_____
All	Hockey	camps	are	conducted	at	the	newly-                                                                    COMMUTER CAMP SCHEDULE
                                                       2:30	p.m.		      ON-ICE	(skill	development	–		       	
renovated	Ewigleben	Ice	Arena,	home	of	the	            	 	     	        checking,	puck	skills,	passing/	    	   9:30 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. on ice                        Zip________
Ferris	State	University	Bulldogs’	Division	I	men’s	                     receiving)                              10:50	a.m.	–	11:50	a.m.	off-ice	training
ice hockey program. Our players, staff and             3:30 p.m.        Return to locker room                   12:30 a.m. – 1:10 a.m. on ice                        E-mail_____________________________________
fans enjoy the many new improvements to the            4:00	p.m.	       Video/classroom	session
facility. These improvements include new ice           5:00	p.m.	       Depart	as	GROUP	for	dinner              Contact                                              Home Phone (_____) ________________________
sheets, dasher boards, lights and locker room          5:15	p.m.	       Dinner                                  Phone:		(866)	950-2267                               Alternate Phone (_____) _____________________
enhancements.                                          5:45	p.m.	       Rest/relaxation	at	dorm                 E-mail:
                                                       6:45	p.m.	       Leave	as	GROUP	for	rink                 Web	site:
What Makes Us the Best?                                7:00 p.m.        All players in locker room                                                                   Date of Birth _______________________________

•	 More	quality	ice	time                               7:30	p.m.	       ON-ICE	(skill	development	–		       	
                                                                        game situations and small                                                                    Positions __________________________________
•	 Video	review
•	 Individualized	instruction                                           area games)
                                                       8:20 p.m.        Return to locker room                                                                        (Each	group	will	be	limited	to	a	set	number	of	
•	 Conscientious	supervision                                                                                                                                         goalies)
•	 Highly-qualified	instructors                        8:50	p.m.	       Leave	as	GROUP	for	dorm
•	 Off-ice	training	program                                             (Commuters are dismissed
                                                                        for day)                                                                                     Roommate Request ________________________
•	 Specialized	goaltender	training
•	 Collegiate/Jr.	development	sessions                 9:00 p.m.        All campers in dorm
                                                                                                                                                                     A	minimum	deposit	of	$100	per	session	is	
•	 High	school	advanced	sessions                                                                                                                                     required on all registrations with the balance
                                                       **Please note: campers are accompanied by hockey
                                                       counselors from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. In the evening                                                            due before the camp begins.
                                                       they are supervised by residence hall staff.

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