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Xbox 360 Wireless Headset
                                      • up to 8 hours of play per full
                                         battery charge.
                                      • audible low-power warnings.
                                      • earpiece volume and microphone
                                         mute controls.
thanks for choosing the Xbox 360
                                      • battery gauge accessible from
Wireless Headset. the headset’s
                                         the Xbox Guide.
small size, wireless design, and
                                      to enhance your experience with the
noise-cancelling microphone allows
                                      wireless headset, try the Xbox 360
you to conveniently chat with and
                                      Wireless Controller. if you’re looking
send voice messages to other

                                      to expand your wireless experience,
gamers—both in-game and out-of-
                                      consider purchasing the Xbox 360
game—as well as use voice
                                      universal media remote and the Xbox
commands in games that support
                                      360 Wireless networking adapter.
voice-command functionality.
to use this product, you need an         !    w
Xbox live® membership. for more        before using this product, read this
information about Xbox live, see       manual and the Xbox 360 console
your Xbox 360 set-up manual            manuals for important safety and
(Volume 1). the Xbox 360 Wireless      health information. Keep all
Headset is for use exclusively with    manuals for future reference.
the Xbox 360™ video game and           for replacement manuals, go to
entertainment system.         or call
Your new headset gives you:            Xbox Customer support (see “if
                                       You need more Help”).
• 2.4-GHz wireless technology with
  up to 9-metre (30-feet) range.
          the limited warranty covering this
          product is contained in the Xbox 360
          Warranty manual (Volume 2) and
          is available online at

                ! Electrical Safety
              as with many other electrical devices, failure to take the following
              precautions can result in serious injury or death from fire or damage to
              the wireless headset.
              • use only the headset charging cable that came with your wireless
                 headset or that you received from an authorised repair centre.

              • do not allow the headset or the headset charging cable to get wet.
              • to avoid damaging the headset or the headset charging cable, unplug
                 your headset charging cable during lightning storms or when unused
                 for long periods of time.
              • the headset should not be worn when connected to the headset
                 charging cable.

               ! Battery Safety
              the wireless headset contains a
              built-in battery, improper use of
              which may result in explosion. do
              not heat, open, puncture, mutilate,
              or dispose of the headset in fire.

                                  DC input


                                                     Volume-up button                         Lights       2



                                                                                     Connect button
                                                     Volume-down button
         Power/mute button


                    DC input


                               Volume-up button                     Lights       2



                                                           Connect button
                               Volume-down button



          before you can use your Xbox 360         NOTES
          Wireless Headset with your Xbox          • fully charging the battery can
          360 console, you need to:                  take up to six hours using the
          1   Charge its battery.                    headset charging cable.
          2   introduce the headset to the         • if your headset is wirelessly
              console by wirelessly connecting       connected to a console,
              the two.                               connecting it to the headset
                                                     charging cable will disconnect it
          3   Put it on.                             from the console.
          Charge the Headset                       • the headset is not functional
          Charge your Xbox 360 Wireless              when it is connected to the
          Headset before first use and               headset charging cable.

          whenever its built-in battery is         • if the headset is unused for a long
          depleted. to charge or recharge the        period of time, its battery may
          headset, connect one end of the            lose its charge. if this occurs,
          headset charging cable to a usb port       simply recharge the headset
          on your Xbox 360 console and the           normally.
          other end to the headset’s power         • the headset may become warm
          input. turn on your console while          while charging.
          charging your headset.
          While the headset is charging, the
          four lights on the headset will flash
          green in sequence (1, 2, 3, 4, off).
          When charging is complete, all four
          lights will blink in unison to signify
          that the headset is ready for use.

Connect Your Headset                       3   Press and release the connect
Connect the headset to your console            button on the console.
by first pressing the connect button
on the console and then pressing and
holding the connect button on the
headset for two or more seconds. You
have a 20-second window in which to
establish the connection.
To connect your wireless headset to        4   Press and hold the connect button
your console:                                  on the headset for one or more
1   if your console is not on, press           seconds. the headset will
    the power button to turn on                automatically be assigned to the

    the console.                               first available quadrant in the
                                               console’s ring of light.

2   if your headset is not on, press the
    headset’s power button to turn on
    the headset.                               if a controller is connected to
                                               quadrant 1, the system will
                                               associate the headset with
                                               quadrant 1. if another wireless
                                               headset is already associated with
                                               quadrant 1, your headset will be
                                               associated with quadrant 2.
          5   after the ring of light on the          connection process. the headset
              console spins and flashes once,         will emit a single beep as you
              the headset is connected. the           select the first quadrant, two
              quadrant that remains lit indicates     beeps as you select the second
              the headset’s position. the             quadrant, and three as you select
              corresponding light on the              the third.
              headset confirms the quadrant.
                                                    • to use the headset you must be
                                                      signed in with a gamer profile. The
                                                      first time you use the headset, you
                                                      must connect to Xbox live. for
                                                      information on Xbox live, visit

                                                    • You can connect up to four
                                                      wireless headsets to a console at
                                                      any one time. each connected
                                                      headset is assigned to a quadrant
          6   if you want to associate the            on the ring of light.
              headset with a controller on a        • before you can connect a wireless
              different quadrant, press the           headset, at least one quadrant
              headset’s connect button to             must be free (unlit). to disconnect
              manually advance the quadrant to        a wireless controller, press and
              match the quadrant of your              hold the Xbox Guide button for
              desired controller.                     three seconds, and then turn the
              for example, to associate the           controller off. to disconnect a
              headset with a controller               wired controller, unplug its cable
              connected to quadrant 3, press          from the console.
              the connect button three times
              within 20 seconds of initiating the
• if you plan to connect multiple           may turn them off individually
  controllers and multiple wireless         using their power buttons.) they
  headsets, connect a wireless              will still be connected the next
  headset first, alternating between        time you turn on the console.
  each headset and its intended           • Your headset is connected to only
  controller.                               one console at a time. You can
• a controller is not required for the      connect to a new console at any
  headset to work with the console.         time, but your connection to the
  if you’re not using a controller, the     previously connected console will
  headset will occupy its own               be lost.
  quadrant on the ring of light. if       • the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset
  you have a friends list, you can          only works within 9 metres (30
  open a chat window or send a              feet) of the console. objects

  voice message using the wireless          between the controller and the
  headset and either the Xbox 360           console can reduce this range.
  media remote or the Xbox 360
  universal media remote.                 • the internal lithium polymer
                                            battery is not replaceable.
• an Xbox 360 Headset (wired)
  takes precedence over a wireless
                                          Put on Your Headset
  headset. a wireless headset
                                          1 Choose a headset earloop. if the
  cannot be associated with a
  controller that is connected to a         earloop does not fit comfortably,
  wired headset. to use a wireless          try the other earloop.
  headset instead, disconnect the
  wired headset and then repeat
  the wireless connection steps.
• When you turn off your console,
  connected wireless headsets will
  remain on for five minutes. (You

               earloops snap on and off and will       NOTE
               only connect in the proper direction.   the microphone can be adjusted up
               do not force an earloop on. to          and down and in and out. do not
               ensure proper fit, only use the         force its position, however, as the
               earloops supplied with the headset.
                                                       microphone can break under
          2    fit the headset snugly over either      pressure.
               ear such that its padded earpiece
                                                       USING YOUR HEADSET
                                                       Turn Your Headset On and Off
                                                       Press the power button to turn the
                                                       headset on; press and hold the
                                                       power button to turn it off. When

                                                       you turn off your console, the
                                                       wireless headset will remain on for
                                                       five minutes. To turn the headset off
                                                       manually, press and hold the power
               rests comfortably over your ear.
          3    adjust the microphone.
                                                       the next time you turn on your
          4    now the headset is ready for a          console and your headset, they will
               game or chat session. start your        still be wirelessly connected and the
               game or chat and use the volume-        volume setting on the headset will
               up and volume-down buttons to           be exactly as you left it.
               adjust the volume to a
               comfortable level.                      Adjust Your Listening Level
                                                       to adjust the listening level of the
                                                       headset, press either the volume-up
                                                       or the volume-down button. Press
                                                       and hold either button to
continuously raise or lower the         CLEANING YOUR HEADSET
volume. two beeps indicates that the    Clean only with a dry or slightly
volume is at minimum or maximum.        damp cloth. using cleaning solutions
Mute Your Microphone                    may damage your headset.
to temporarily mute voice
transmission, briefly press the power   CARING FOR YOUR HEADSET
button. Press the power button again    to prevent damage to your product,
to turn mute off.                       store it in a dry location where it will
a high beep followed by a low beep      not be crushed by heavier items. do
indicates that mute is on. the          not leave the product or its
headset will emit a single beep         accessories in places where they
every 30 seconds to remind you that     could cause people to slip or trip. do

mute is on. a low beep followed by a    not sit or step on it.
high beep indicates that mute is off.
   ! Hearing Loss                       if you encounter problems, try the
 extended exposure to high              possible solutions indicated below.
 volumes when using a headset           Wireless Headset Does Not Work
 may result in temporary or
                                        to turn on the wireless headset,
 permanent hearing loss.
                                        press the headset’s power button. to
                                        connect the wireless headset to your
Low-Power Warning
                                        console, press the connect button on
the headset emits the following         the console, and then press and hold
low-power warnings:                     the connect button on the headset.
• 2 audible tones: about 30             You must press the connect buttons
  minutes of battery life remaining.    within 20 seconds of each other. if
• 3 audible tones: about 5 minutes      you’ve done this and the headset
  of battery life remaining.            does not work:

          • make sure your console is               to disconnect a wireless
            connected to Xbox Live. The first       controller, press and hold the
            time you use the headset, you           Xbox Guide button for three
            must connect to Xbox live. for          seconds, and then turn it off. to
            information on Xbox live, visit         disconnect a wired controller,
                        unplug its cable from the console.
          • move the headset closer to the        • Cordless phones (2.4-GHz),
            console.                                wireless lans, wireless video
          • make sure the battery is freshly        transmitters, microwave ovens,
            charged.                                some mobile/cell phones, and
                                                    bluetooth headsets can interfere
          • Keep the console and headset at         with the operation of the headset.
            least three feet away from large        turn these off or unplug them and

            metal objects such as filing            try connecting again.
            cabinets and refrigerators.
                                                  • if nothing else works, you can
          • metallic decorations or stickers on     reset the headset by pressing and
            the console or headset can              holding the power button for two
            interfere with wireless headset         seconds or more. turn off your
            performance. remove decorations         console and then repeat the
            and try connecting again.               wireless connection steps.
          • make sure the front of the console
            is positioned in the direction of     Earpiece Emits No Sound
            the headset and away from             make sure the headset is wirelessly
            nearby walls.                         connected to your console. try
          • if you have four wireless             adjusting the volume using the
            controllers connected to your         volume controls on the headset.
            console, you will need to             Others Can’t Hear You
            disconnect one of them in order to
                                                  make sure the headset is wirelessly
            connect a wireless headset.
                                                  connected to your console and that
your headset isn’t muted (briefly      Chat Doesn’t Work
press the power button to either       make sure the headset is wirelessly
mute or unmute the headset).           connected to your console and that
make sure that voice isn’t muted in    your headset isn’t muted (briefly
the Xbox Guide (go to Personal         press the power button to either
settings,Voice). Check your game       mute or unmute the headset).
manual to determine whether you        make sure your console’s family
need to push a button while            settings for Xbox live allow
speaking.                              communication with other gamers.
You Hear Echo Or Noise                 Battery Doesn’t Charge
the microphone may pick up             if the headset charging cable is
ambient noises, including voice

                                       connected to the headset and the
sound from the headset earpiece. if    battery fails to charge, the headset’s
this happens on the headset of         first two lights will flash in sequence
someone you’re playing with, you       (1, 1 and 2; 1, 1 and 2; etc.) to signal
will hear your own voice echoed        an error condition.
back to you through your own
                                       if this occurs, the headset may be
earpiece, just as other players will
                                       too hot or too cold. leave the
hear their voices echoed back to
                                       headset connected to the power
them through your microphone.
                                       adapter long enough for its
if you or other players experience     temperature to settle, at which point
earpiece echo or noise, each of you    the battery should charge normally.
                                       if the error condition persists and the
• lower the volume of your tV or       headset appears to be at room
  stereo system.                       temperature, call Xbox Customer
• lower your earpiece volume using     support (see “if You need more Help”).
  the headset volume controls.
          Battery Drains Too Quickly                   ! Do Not Attempt Repairs
          the headset battery will not charge        do not attempt to take apart,
          to its fullest capacity until it has       service, or modify the Xbox 360
          been through several charge/               console, power supply, or its
          discharge cycles.                          accessories in any way. doing so
                                                     could present the risk of serious
          IF YOU NEED MORE HELP                      injury or death from electric
                                                     shock or fire, and it will void
          Go to or call         your warranty.
          Xbox Customer support:
          • united Kingdom: 0800-587-1102           EUROPEAN COMMUNITY
            (ttY users: 0800-587-1103)              DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY
          • ireland: 1-800-509-186

            (ttY users: 1-800-509-197)
          • south africa: 0800-99-1550              this equipment is intended to be
                                                    used in all eu and efta countries.
          do not take your Xbox 360 console
          or its accessories to your retailer for   to comply with rf exposure
          repair or service unless instructed to    compliance requirements, this device
          do so by an Xbox Customer support         must not be co-located or operating
          representative.                           in conjunction with any other
                                                    antenna or transmitter.
                                                    Hereby, microsoft Corp. declares
                                                    that this Xbox 360 accessory is in
                                                    compliance with the essential
                                                    requirements and other relevant
                                                    provisions of the emC directive
                                                    89/336/eeC, low Voltage directive
                                                    73/23/eeC and r&tte directive
the following standards were         DISPOSAL OF WASTE ELECTRICAL
applied:                             AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT
emC:                                 (WEEE) IN THE EUROPEAN UNION
                                     AND OTHER COUNTRIES WITH
• en55022:1998+a1:2000+a2:2003       SEPARATE COLLECTION SYSTEMS
• en55024:1998+a1:2001+a2:2003       this symbol on the product or its
radio:                               packaging means that this product
                                     must not be disposed of with your
• en 301 489-1 V1.4.1 (2002-08) &    household waste. instead, it is your
  en 301 489-17 V1.2.1 ( 2002-08)    responsibility to hand this over to an
• en 300 328 V1.5.1 ( 2004-08 )      applicable collection point for the
                                     recycling of electrical and electronic
• en 50371 ( 2002 )                  equipment. this separate collection

safety:                              and recycling will help conserve
                                     natural resources and prevent
• en 60950-1 (1st edition)
                                     potential negative consequences for
                                     human health and the environment,
  ! Caution                          which inappropriate disposal could
 Exposure to radio frequency         cause due to the possible presence
 radiation                           of hazardous substances in electrical
                                     and electronic equipment. for
 to comply with rf exposure
                                     further information about where to
 compliance requirements, this       drop off your electrical and
 device must not be co-located or    electronic waste, please contact
 operating in conjunction with any   your local city/municipality office,
 other antenna or transmitter.       your household waste disposal
                                     service, or the shop where you
                                     purchased this product. Contact
                                            additional information
                                            on Weee.

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