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					Vendor List Validation Tool
Creating a wide pool of candidates for shortlisting improves the acquisition process by increasing the size of the product or service marketplace,
creating options in both price and quality.

The Vendor List Validation tool recommends potential resources in seeking out vendor candidates. Use this tool as a checklist to ensure that all
possible resources have been exploited in order to come up with a well-researched candidate list, and to record the sourcing process. Searches
should start with proven vendors, specifically those who may already be on the enterprise's preferred vendor list.

The validation tool can be printed off to demonstrate the thoroughness of the candidate search in the purchase approval process.

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                                                Sources Used for Selecting Vendors
Level I Search (Internal)                                                                            Recommendations

                                                                                     Avoid unnecessary research by purchasing from the
P   Enterprise's standard item/preferred vendor list.                       Yes
                                                                                     standard items list established by the enterprise.

                                                                                     Current vendors may provide further solutions and
O   Enterpri
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