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Ready to Use RFP Templates- Ensure you get what YOU need from your vendors!

Creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be a time-consuming task. The RFP provides vendors with the relevant operational, functional, and architectural requirements of your unique issue. These editable templates include all the critical aspects to consider and save significant time in the RFP creation process when considering vendor offerings.

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									Request for Quotation Template
Introduction: How to Use This Template
A Request for Quotation (RFQ) can be a useful way of soliciting vendor quotes where purchase
needs can be easily communicated to vendors, and vendor products are relatively
indistinguishable. An RFQ can be issued for commodity-like purchases where the decision factor
is more commonly based on price, and where items from the various vendors solicited are similar
in performance, features, and quality.

Customize this template by deleting all introductory and example text in grey and filling in the
areas except those that are to be filled in by the vendors.

Enterprise Requirements
To be filled in by the enterprise.

Item:                           Ethernet Cables
Brief Description               Cat5e 350MHZ 24 AWG
Quantity:                       5000 ft
Date Required:                  5/01/2008
Delivery Location               227 Main St Charlotte, NC 28201
Warranty Requirements           None
Installation Requirements       None

If the description here becomes too complicated, an RFQ may not be appropriate for this type of
purchase. However, the ability of the vendor to supply the product quantity by the date should be

Technical Requirements
       [Requirement]
       [Requirement]
       [Requirement]

When using an RFQ, technical requirements should not be so complex that they require any
further information than the space provided. Such technical complexities in this section are a
signal that a more in-depth form of vendor solicitation may be required.

Do not fill in the sections below – they are to be completed by vendors.

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