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Creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be a time-consuming task. The RFP provides vendors with the relevant operational, functional, and architectural requirements of your unique issue. These editable templates include all the critical aspects to consider and save significant time in the RFP creation process when considering vendor offerings.

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									Purchase Recommendation Template
Introduction: How to Use This Template
The ultimate goal of presenting a purchase recommendation to the executive is to gain final approval to sign the
vendor contract. The best method of presentation is to be short, sweet, and to-the-point. Don’t lace key information
with unimportant details – stick to the major facts while being careful to disclose all pertinent information.

The purpose of this template is to provide a framework for developing a recommendation report that will be
presented to the enterprise’s executive. To use the template, simply fill in each section below according to the
guidelines in dark grey. Be sure to delete all text in dark grey prior to finalization of the report.

Acquisition Project Details
Type of Acquisition:
Evaluation Team Leader:
Negotiation Team Leader:
Today’s Date:
Target Implementation Date:

Goal of the Acquisition
In this section, clearly articulate the intended purpose of acquiring the hardware or software in question. Describe
the role the acquisition will play in the enterprise, who will be the primary users/beneficiaries of the acquisition, and
the major processes affected.

Current Situation
Describe the current IT and business situation. This includes current technologies in place, capabilities, limitations,
and spending levels.

Briefly present the business case for pursuing the acquisition at this time within the context of the current situation
described above. This information should be directly extracted from the Business Case document developed for the
acquisition project in question. Describe the stated business goals that the acquisition is intended to help meet.
Include all identified benefits, both tangible and intangible. Present monetary values for anticipated benefits
wherever possible. Use the table below to present your information. Examples have been provided for you.

             Factor                                    Benefit                                  Rationale
Business Goals Met                          Reduce processing time by                Fewer process steps increase
                                             30%.                                      handling speed.
                                            Shorten account payment by
                                             average of 15 days.
Timing                                      Implement by May 31, 2008.               Increase in sales volume
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