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									Cooper Math Plan-5th                     September                                    October                               November                          December
                             1. Recognize, create, and extend            1. Recognize, create, and extend
                             patterns that may involve a                 patterns that may involve a
                             combination of addition, subtraction,       combination of addition, subtraction,
                             & mult. using words, tables & graphs        & mult. using words, tables & graphs       Complete Number Sense
                             2. Represent & describe patterns using      2. Represent & describe patterns           Units from September and
                             tables & graphs with terms such as          using tables & graphs with terms such      October and begin fractions
                             interval, pattern, rule, & sequence 3.      as interval, pattern, rule, & sequence                                        1. Uses objects pictures and
                                                                                                                    by Thanksgiving -1. Uses
                             Use symbols to represent the processs       3. Use symbols to represent the                                               symbols to illustrate
                                                                                                                    objects pictures and symbols to
                             of maintaining equality & inequality in     processs of maintaining equality &                                            equivalent ratios and
                                                                                                                    illustrate equivalent ratios and
                             number sentences (eg. 8+4>7+3) 4.           inequality in number sentences (eg.                                           compare part-part
                                                                                                                    compare part-part
                             Expresses relationships between             8+4>7+3) 4. Expresses relationships                                           relationships; 2. Uses visual
                                                                                                                    relationships; 2. Uses visual
                             numbers using inequality symbols            between numbers using inequality                                              and physical models to
                                                                                                                    and physical models to explain
                             (<>=) 5. Understands the use of letters     symbols (<>=) 5. Understands the use                                          explain meaning of adding
                                                                                                                    meaning of adding and
                             to represent numbers in formulas and        of letters to represent numbers in                                            and subtracting common
   5th Grade Math                                                                                                   subtracting common fractions
                             equations 6. Substitute values in           formulas and equations 6. Substitute                                          fractions and decimals; 3.
                                                                                                                    and decimals; 3. Use pictures
Standards: Learning          formulas such as l (length) x w (width)     values in formulas such as l (length) x    & symbols to demonstrate
                                                                                                                                                       Use pictures & symbols to
       Targets               = a (area) 7. Use pictures & symbols to     w (width) = a (area) 7. Use pictures &                                        demonstrate understanding
                                                                                                                    understanding of integers, and
                             demonstrate understanding of integers       symbols to demonstrate understanding                                          of integers, and decimals
                                                                                                                    decimals (place values of
                             to 100 million 8. Compare and order         of integers to 100 million 8. Compare                                         (place values of decimals
                                                                                                                    decimals 100 million to
                             integers 9. Understands the concepts        and order integers 9. Understands the                                         100 million to hundredths)
                                                                                                                    hundredths) 4. Compare and
                             of factors and multiples 10. Adds,          concepts of factors and multiples 10.                                         4. Compare and order
                                                                                                                    order decimals 5. Add,
                             subtracts (4 digits +/- 3 digits),          Adds, subtracts (4 digits +/- 3 digits),                                      decimals 5. Add, subtract,
                                                                                                                    subtract, multiplies, and
                             multiplies (3 digits times 3 digits), and   multiplies (3 digits times 3 digits),                                         multiplies, and divides
                                                                                                                    divides decimals 5. Estimates
                             divides (2 digit into 3 digits) non-        and divides (2 digit into 3 digits) non-                                      decimals 5. Estimates to
                                                                                                                    to predict computation results
                             negative integers 11. Uses mental           negative integers 11. Uses mental                                             predict computation results
                                                                                                                    6. applies procedures for
                             arithmetic, paper and pencil,               arithmetic, paper and pencil,              determining perimeter of
                             calculator, or computer as appropriate      calculator, or computer as appropriate     polygons and area of rectangles
                             for a given situation 12. Uses              for a given situation 12. Uses
                             estimation prior to actual computation      estimation prior to actual computation
                             to determine reasonableness of results      to determine reasonableness of results
                             13.Uses estimation to obtain                13. Determine, apply procedures for

                                                                                                                    ratio, fraction, equivalent        ratio, fraction, equivalent
                                                                       factor, multiple, estimate / estimation,     fraction, mixed number,            fraction, mixed number,
                             factor, multiple, estimate / estimation,
Vocabulary to Know                                                     symbol, equation, unknown, compare,          improper fraction,                 improper fraction,
                             symbol, equation, unknown, compare,
     and Use                                                           pattern, explain, place value,               denominator, numerator,            denominator, numerator,
                             pattern, explain, place value, divisible,
                                                                       divisible,                                   percent, decimal form, convert,    percent, decimal form,
                                                                                                                    lowest terms,                      convert, lowest terms,

                             Ten Minute Math TERC; TERC                  Ten Minute Math TERC; TERC:
    Lessons/Units                                                                                                   Ten Minute Math TERC;
                             Mathematical Thinking at Grade 5            finish Measurement Benchmarks                                         Ten Minute Math TERC;
                                                                                                                    TERC: complete Building on
  60 minutes lesson          VanDe Walle p. 120-activity 7.3             and begin Building on Numbers
                                                                                                                    Numbers You Know/begin
                                                                                                                                               TERC: Name That
       blocks                Finding Factors (arrays); Measurement       you Know; VanDe Walle p. 120-                                         Portion;
                                                                                                                    Name That Portion;
                             Benchmarks (last week of Sept. begin)       activity 7.3 Finding Factors (arrays)

                       Preassess: SFAW Inventory 5th Grade
     Assessments       & One Problem Teacher To Teacher       CBA's: AS1 or AS3; NS1;               CBA's: M3 & GS2                                    CBA's: NS3
                       "Jet Boat Ride"; Preassess. Fact Tests
                       +, -, x, div. (3 sec./problem)
                       Problem Solving Steps: a) Study &      6. Act It Out/Use Objects 7. Make an
                       Define the problem b) Choose a         Organized List 8. Work Backwards 9.
   Problem Solving     strategy c) Show your work d) Check Make it Simpler 10. Brainstorm 11.       Reasoning Skills: Too much
                                                                                                                                                       Review Strategies and
  Strategies     The   to see if you Answered the question 1. Number Sentences4. Reasoning         information; Not enough
                                                                                                                                                       Reasoning Skills
   Problem Solver      Draw a Diagram 2. Look For A                                                Information
                                                              Skills: Too much information; Not
                       Pattern 3. Logical Reasoning 4. Guess enough Information
                       & Check 5. Make A Table
Supplemental Problems                                                                              SFAW: Homework Ch. 6;                               Fraction Kit: Family Math;
                        SFAW Units 2-5 (decimals optional); SFAW Units 2-5;                        Teacher to Teacher 58 and 5                         SFAW Chapter 7 (Common
"Problems of the Week"
                                                                                                   Bonus problems; Graph                               denominators?); Graphs
Math Facts 10 mins/2-3                                                                                                                                 Subtraction Doubles/near
                             Plus 0 and minus 0; +1/difference of 1;                                                Minus Itself; Difference of 2;
times a week "Just the                                               Doubles +1; Make 10; Doubles +2                                                   doubles; General facts below
                             doubles                                                                                Ten Frame;
   Facts" resource                                                                                                                                     10; Build Up through 10

                                                              5th Grade Math Plan-Cooper Elementary School, Seattle School District, Math Helping Corps 3-03
         January                     February                         March                               April                          May                         June
1. Precisely defines           1. Precisely defines
attributes of plane geometric  attributes of plane                                                                                                      1. Uses and describes
figures using appropriate      geometric figures using                                                                                                  strategies for determining
vocabulary such as parallel,   appropriate vocabulary                                                                                                   that the probability of an
symmetric, congruent,          such as parallel,                                                                                                        event is a ratio between 0
similar, perpendicular, edge,  symmetric, congruent,                                                                                                    and 1; 2. Prepares and
face, vertex and angle; 2.     similar, perpendicular,                                                                                                  organizes displays of all
Identify & draw multiple       edge, face, vertex and                                                                                                   possible results for a given
lines of symmetry; 3. build    angle; 2. Identify & draw                                                                                                probability experiment; 3.
& record similar &             multiple lines of                                                                                                        Carries out experiments to
                               symmetry; 3. build &                                            1. Organizes and displays
congruent figures; 4.                                                                                                                                   determine probabilities and
                               record similar &             1. Organizes and displays data     data using frequency tables,
Construct geometric figures                                                                                                 1. Chooses the              compares predictions to
                               congruent figures; 4.        using frequency tables, line and   line and bar graphs;
using a variety of tools; 5.                                                                                                appropriate standard unit experimental results 4.
                               Construct geometric          bar graphs; determines which       determines which form is
Describes the location of                                                                                                   and tool, and measures Understands the difference
points on a coordinate grid    figures using a variety of form is most appropriate to type     most appropriate to type of
                                                                                                                            object directly; 2. applies between random and non-
                               tools; 5. Describes the      of data 2. Describes and           data 2. Represent and
using ordered pairs; 6.                                                                                                     procedures for              random samples; 5. Makes
                               location of points on a      computes mean, median, mode,       describe patterns using
Identify simple                                                                                                             determining perimeter of predictions, carries out
                               coordinate grid using        and range for simple data 3.       tables and graphs 3.
transformations (slide, flip,                                                                                               polygons and area of        experiments, and compares
turn) 7. Determines            ordered pairs; 6. Identify Makes inferences and notes           Describes and computes
                                                                                                                            rectangles                  results with predictions 6.
perimeter and area 8.          simple transformations trends base on data.                     mean, median, mode, and
                                                                                                                                                        Describes and computes
                               (slide, flip, turn) 7.                                          range for simple data
applies procedures for                                                                                                                                  mean, median, mode, and
determining perimeter of       Determines perimeter                                                                                                     range for simple data. 7.
polygons and area of           and area 8. applies                                                                                                      Conduct experiments to
rectangles; 9. Compare and     procedures for                                                                                                           determine probabilities &
contrast perimeter and area    determining perimeter of                                                                                                 compare predictions to
for a variety of shapes 10.    polygons and area of                                                                                                     experimental results 8.
Applies procedures for         rectangles; 9. Compare                                                                                                   Differentiate between
determining perimeter of       and contrast perimeter                                                                                                   random and non-random
polygons and area of           and area for a variety of                                                                                                samples
rectangles                     shapes 10. Applies
                               procedures for
parallel, perpendicular, edge, parallel, perpendicular,
face, vertex, angle,           edge, face, vertex, angle,
symmetrical, line of           symmetrical, line of                                            pictograph, bar graph, circle
symmetry, intersecting,        symmetry, intersecting, pictograph, bar graph, circle           graph, line graph, stem &       standard measurement,       standard measurement,
congruent, similar, circle,    congruent, similar,          graph, line graph, stem & leaf     leaf plots, charts, tables,     metric measurement,         metric measurement,
triangle, square, rectangle,   circle, triangle, square, plots, charts, tables, diagram,       diagram, mean (average),        standard unit of            standard unit of
cone, cylinder, cube,          rectangle, cone, cylinder, mean (average), median, mode,        median, mode, range, scale,     measurement:                measurement:
hexagon, octagon, right        cube, hexagon, octagon, range, scale, bars, grid, x-axis, y-    bars, grid, x-axis, y-axis,     approximate,                approximate,
angle, pyramid, prism,         right angle, pyramid,        axis, ordered pair, survey,        ordered pair, survey,           approximation,              approximation, estimate,
sphere, parallelogram,         prism, sphere,               random sample, probability,        random sample, probability,     estimate, estimation,       estimation, rectangular
rhombus, pentagon, side,       parallelogram, rhombus, predict, "What are the chances          predict, "What are the          rectangular area, area of   area, area of triangle,
quadrilateral, rectangular     pentagon, side,              of…?", random, sample              chances of…?", random,          triangle, volume of         volume of
solid, 2-dimensional, 3-       quadrilateral, rectangular                                      sample
dimensional, ordered pair,     solid, 2-dimensional, 3-
flip-reflection, slide-        dimensional, ordered
translation, turn-rotational, pair, flip-reflection, slide-
Ten Minute Math TERC;          Ten Minute Math TERC
TERC: Picturing                or Daily Mathematics: 3
Polygons (including            times/week; TERC:                                                                     Ten Minute Math
GEOLOGO in PCLab); M. Picturing Polygons;                   Ten Minute Math TERC or            Ten Minute Math TERC: TERC: 3 times/week;                   Ten Minute Math TERC:
Burns Replacement Units for Replacement Units for Daily Mathematics; TERC:                     Patterns of Change    TERC: finish and                      Between Never and
perimeter & area;              perimeter & area;            Kids, Cats, and Ads;               (should use GEOLOGO); begin Containers and                  Always ;
VanDeWalle p. 314-act.17.5 VanDeWalle p. 314-                                                                        Cubes;
(shape hunt); p. 318 act.      act.17.5 (shape hunt); p.
17.11 (slides, flips, turns)   318 act. 17.11 (slides,
                                                                                                                                                    Post Assessment: 5th Grade
                                                            ITBS: State/District Assessment
CBA's: GS3                     CBA's:                                                          CBA's: M2                       CBA's: M1 and/or GS1 SFAW Quarterly Test/ "Jet
                                                            CBA's: AS4                                                                              Boat Ride" CBA's: PS1 and

Review Strategies and           Review Strategies and    Review Strategies and                 Review Strategies and           Review Strategies and       Review Strategies and
Reasoning Skills                Reasoning Skills         Reasoning Skills                      Reasoning Skills                Reasoning Skills            Reasoning Skills

                                                         Graphs & SFAW Ch. 1 Section
                                                                                                                               SFAW Ch. 11, 8c, 10a        SFAW Ch. 11
                                                         Nifty 9's/divide 9; Helping Facts
Back down through 10; x 0; x 5/divide 5; x
                                                         x/ Helping Facts Division;        Revisit Fact Strategies             Revisit Fact Strategies     Revisit Fact Strategies
x 1/divide 1; x 10/divide 10 doubles/divide doubles
                                                         Doubles Facts/division doubles

                                                                     5th Grade Math Plan-Cooper Elementary School, Seattle School District, Math Helping Corps 3-03

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