Release Notes for Smaart 6 by tyndale


									Release Notes for Smaart
Windows Installation Instructions:

First time users can simply run the installer program to install the Smaart 6 BETA. If you
have previously installed any earlier version of Smaart 6, please use the Windows
Add/Remove Programs (Windows 2000/XP) or Programs and Features (Vista)
control panel to uninstall it before installing the new build.

Note that the Smaart installer includes new Microsoft Visual C++ runtime
libraries. You will need to agree separately to the Microsoft end user license for these
libraries to complete the installation.

Mac OSX Installation Instructions:

If you have previously installed any earlier release or Beta version of Smaart 6,
please delete the following files before running the new one, to avoid possible
(OK, probable) conflicts:

/Users/[your user account]/Library/Preferences/Smaart/sm6user.plist

Major changes in this release:

Named Signal Pairs

Probably the most immediately visible change since version Smaart 6.0 is that the "Meas
Sig" and "Ref Sig" buttons under the input level meters have been replaced with a single
text field. This field becomes a drop list when you select a "Channel Name and Pairs"
group in Audio I/O options, enabling you to quickly route signals from different inputs into
Smaart. This feature is particularly handy when used in conjunction with a multi-channel
input device.

When named channels and pairs are used, each channel remembers it's calibration
offset and each pair remembers its delay offset and channel assignment so that when
you switch to another signal pair and then switch back, so that calibration and delay
settings are recalled as well. A set of default channels and signal pairs are defined in the
channels.plist file distributed with this release. The file lives in your Smaart folder and is
scanned on startup to create the list entries in Smaart. Plans for future revisions include
a friendly editor utility for creating channel/pair lists however the file is also easily
hackable using any ASCII text or XML editor. If you've ever coded HTML for web pages
you will probably find the structure and format to be very familiar.

Other visible changes since 6.0 in this revision:

      Grid ruling on all Frequency axis of all octave ruled frequency graphs now limited
       to 1-octave major and 1/3-octave minor divisions.
      Vertical grid ruling for Phase display to limited to 30 degrees
      Increased text size of numbered axis labels for all graphs
      Fixed the Page Up/Page Down keys on Phase display
   Fixed the +/- keys for the Unwrapped Phase display
   Made the display type buttons slightly darker to allow for a larger label font
   In Options->Audio I/O, added drop-list for "Channel Name and Pairs"
   Fixed display type sync between IR Analysis window and options dialog
   Removed X from windows that had it disabled
   Reference traces are correctly stored and noted as unweighted.
   Harmonics window supports keyboard input when in focus
   Locked cursors work correctly when going single to double pane
   Legend db offset is in sync with the trace, real time
   Legend will keep item focused when doing a move, double click or spinner
   ETC is correct for IR and delay finding
   Can scroll to a frequency floor of 0 using keyboard
   dB Offset no longer applied directly to data and agrees with options dialog
   Frequencies greater than 1k displayed in 2 decimal places of precision on cursor
   Time now displayed with 0.01 ms precision in IR Analysis cursor readout
   Fixed signal drop out in RTA Displays with linear averaging
   Fixed flicker issue with Legend
   Enhanced visual indicators for hidden trace on Legend
   Cycle z-axis order of traces (Z key) via main panel will affect open legend list
   Added reverse trace cycle, shift z
   Added Accelerator keys to move traces in legend lists, alt + up/down
   Bolded front trace, optional
   Fixed Phase trace unwrap and group delay conversion in reference trace
   Fixed legend sort mismap colors when sorted and then hide/show traces
   Cycle traces (Z or Shift + Z) now skips hidden traces and coherence
   Cycle traces from main window no longer shifts focus to Legend dialog
   Select (All, Live, Static) accelerator keys for Legend lists (Shift + A, Cmd/Ctrl + A
    and Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + A)
   Legend will pass thru capture accelerator (spacebar) to enable reference capture
    while legend dialog window has focus
   Coherence is displayed for the live trace only
   Locked cursors respect dB offset
   Track peak will honor dB offset
   Fixed issue where dB offset would be off by 0.1 if negative
   Optionally scroll Spectrograph display horizontally (poor man's polar plots are
   Window position and size saved for each Legend dialog
   No Coherence trace in Frequency Response legend
   Slaved z-order for Magnitude and Phase traces
   Coherence curves for (any) front trace may be plotted when Smaart is stopped.
   Coherence weighting option for reference trace averaging
   Fixed index issue with legend selection accelerators
   Coherence will be shown/hidden in sync with the trace it represents
   Running auto Delay Locator no longer clears data window for FPPO Frequency
    Response measurements
   Clip detect light time on input meters changed to 0.2 seconds
   Fixed crash on save reference trace to ASCII
   Revised User Manual
   dB now displayed correctly in RTA cursor readout with horizontal spectrograph
   Added ASCII-to-reference import feature
   Fixed crash on save reference trace on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
   Fixed spurious font warning messages on Mac OS X 10. 5 (Leopard)
   Fixed shutdown/restart on change input device (still recommended for ASIO)
   Added new interpolation option for ASCII import (Amplitude, token = 2)
   Paint optimization
   Added new reference capture screen/flow
   External device manager will now support DFR11EQ
   Changed default update timer setting for real-time displays to 31 ms (from 10ms)
   Legend icons are now clickable and will toggle show/hide
   Mac: Cmd+W will close the IR Harmonics & Legend screens
   Added Capture button to Legend
   Added Recapture feature, button is on Legend
   Cursor is black in high contrast mode
   Can edit a trace comment via the Legend
   Added distance units to IR cursor readout for cursor/locked cursor delta
   Added inverse delay finding
   Default timer for paint/data fetching is now 31ms, was 10ms
   Can capture a trace from reference channel (if RTA)
   Can capture a time windowed frequency response trace
   Continuous IR
   Fix to combat fringe case where IR screen is causing a crash
   Fixed crash on close if input device was changed
   Capture trace dialog will select description text
   Fixed 'Trace Info' event handling issue for the Legend popup on Mac
   Fixed issue on Windows where an added/removed USB device could result in
    the last used input device being reset
   Fixed a Vista refresh issue regarding combo boxes
   Improvements to app shutdown stability
   Improvements to IR screen shutdown stability
   Fixed crash regarding harmonics window and IR window
   Fixed meter display issue on Mac
   Improved logic for Inverse delay auto check box on the Delay Finder dialog
   Fixed bug regarding delay finder not using the correct channels on multi-channel
    input devices
   Fixed issue with 'r' hot key for the IR screen
   Fixed spectrograph display frequency scale hot keys {5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,0}
   Fixed spectrograph display zoom hot keys {1-4}
   Spectrograph Bins exceeding max dB are rendered white (instead of max color)
   Mac text boxes on all options tabs auto select contents upon receiving focus
   Spectrograph will reset history when SPL is calibrated
   Improved legend trace handling for cycling, moving, hiding in legend
   Fixed the peak calibration offset issue when using named pairs
   The SPL log file name and path can now be changed
   Additional fix for delay measurements using named pairs with multi-I/O devices
   Fixed disappearing coherence bug
   Fixed lock up bug regarding cycling the phase display if only 1 trace was present

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