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					                                                                     LITERACY HOUR: Weekly Plan 5
Class:            Year 5                                                    Term:     Spring                                                            Date:
                       Text Level                                              Text                                                              Word Level
1) to identify and classify the features of myths, legends        Aesop's Fables - retold by Jacqueline Morley          12) to investigate metaphorical expressions and figures of
and fables, e.g. the moral in a fable, fantastical beasts in                                                            speech from everyday life;
legends;                                                                        Sentence Level
3) to explore similarities and differences between oral and
                                                               3) to understand how writing can be adapted for
written story telling;
                                                               different audiences and purposes, e.g. by changing
14) make notes of story outline as preparation for oral
                                                               vocabulary and sentence structures;
DAYS                                         Whole Class Work                                                Guided             Independent Work                        Plenary
Mon        Distribute different fables to pairs of children to read with the moral covered up. Discuss   Writing:             In pairs children read given       Feedback on text and
           what type of text it is (fable) and what they know about fables. Share as a class - teacher   Use legend from      text and decide if it is a myth,   discuss with another
           scribes up comments for a checklist for fables and uses an enlarged text of a fable to        last week to         legend or fable. Annotate          pair.
           annotate key features. In pairs identify the moral of their fable - compare with Aesop's      evaluate with        text for key features.
           moral.                                                                                        partner.                                         R
           Key points:                                                                                   Set 2 - 3 personal
           ~ not based on fact;                                                                          writing targets.
           ~ characters are animals with good and bad human characteristics;
           ~ teach a lesson;
           ~ moral explicitly stated at end;
Tues       From Monday's independent work Using a flowchart teacher demonstrates taking notes                                 In pairs using given fable         Review notes with
           compare fables with myths and           from a fable that show key events and characters.                          children use flowcharts to         another pair - what was
           legends and add details to grid                                                                                    make notes on story outline.       difficult? How
           started in week 3.                R                                                                                                                   successful have they
Weds       Using flowchart from yesterday teacher retells the fable to class. (Record it if possible)                         In pairs children retell story     Whole class - were
           Select a child to read written version of fable and in pairs children to comment on                                from yesterday's notes to          there any other
           differences they noticed.                                                                                          another pair and then swap.        differences that they
           Key points;                                                                                                                                           noticed between oral
           ~ use of gestures and intonation;                                                                                                                     and written retellings?
           ~ use of 'and' a lot more in oral retelling;
           ~ different sentence constructions;
           ~ incomplete sentences in oral retelling;
           ~ added asides in oral retelling;
           Brainstorm together benefits and uses of both oral and written retellings.
Thurs      Word 12                                  Using flowchart from Tuesday teacher starts                               In pairs using same fable as       Share with another pair
                                                    demonstrating rewriting it for 'streetwise'                               before children use flowchart      who suggest 1
                                                    teenagers. Completes through teacher scribing.                            to rewrite for 'streetwise'        improvement.
Fri        Word 12                                Again, using flowchart, teacher starts to scribe                            In same pairs children use         In pairs compare the 3
                                                  rewriting as a horror story for 10 - 11 year olds.                          flowchart to rewrite as a          versions of the fable -
                                                  Children complete using supported composition.                              horror story for 10 - 11 year      what are the key
                                                                                                                              olds.                              differences? What
                                                                                                                                                                 remains the same? Etc.

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