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Au pair in Germany


									IN VIA Köln, Stolzestr. 1A, D – 50674 Köln
Tel: 0049 (0) 221 47 28 650 Fax: 0049 (0) 221 47 28 666 // APPLICATION FORM:

Au-pair in Cologne

What is „Au-pair“ and what does the job of an „Au-pair“ entail?

Au-pairs are mainly young women (and men) who live with German families for 10 to 12
months, expectionally six months. The purpose of being an „Au-pair“ is to learn German and
about the German way of life. It enhances later job prospects where knowledge of German is
of importance. Being able to speak very good German offers the perspective of studying in
Germany where no fees are required.
IN VIA Cologne offers placements in the cities of Cologne, Bonn, Trier, Koblenz, Düsseldorf,
Wuppertal but also in towns and rural areas not further than 150 km away from Cologne.

What is expected of an „Au-pair“?

An „Au-pair“ has to help the lady (or gentleman) of the house with the daily chores and the
care of the children. They work a maximum of 30 hours a week, five or six hours a day.
including babysitting for up to three nights per week. Usually the families or single parents
have 1-3 children in the age of a couple of months up to 10 years. It is also expected that the
„Au-pair“ has got a basic knowledge of German (at least level A1 of the Goethe-Institute) and
is interested in learning and speaking the language. The families also expect the „Au-pairs“
to like children and enjoy looking after them. The applicants should have some experience in
child care or babysittting and in housekeeping (this does not include cooking). An „Au-pair“
should be 18 but not older than 25 years of age and should bring the will to adapt to the
mentality of the host family and the host country. The Au-pair must be open-minded and
have a positive attitude.
It is expected that the Au-pair buys and pays the return ticket to Germany. The Au-pair also
pays for the language course here.

What are the duties of the host family?

In return the host family provides board and lodging (a single bedroom), welcomes the „Au-
pair“ as a member of the family, makes the attendance of a language school possible, gives
monthly pocket money (205€/ from January 2006: 260€) and pays the health insurance. „Au-
pairs“ have at least one day off a week and get a paid four week leave if they stay for one

Who are we?

IN VIA (IN VIA Verband Kath. Mädchensozialarbeit Koeln e.V.) is a Catholic charity and is
associated with the German Caritas. It is a member of the International Association ACISJF
(“Association Catholique des Services de la Jeunesse Femine”) with its headquarters in
We are based in Cologne. Apart from being an „Au-pair“ broker we run different other
projects for young people including an internet café with cheap internet access. We organise
regular Au-pair meetings to exchange experience and obtain further support and offer other
activities for Au-pairs, such as trips to Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, boat trips, hikes, Christmas

Once the „Au-pairs“ have started to work we make sure that both the families and the
employees keep the rules. We mediate in conflicts and help „Au-pairs“ finding a new family if
there were serious problems.
IN VIA Köln, Stolzestr. 1A, D – 50674 Köln
Tel: 0049 (0) 221 47 28 650 Fax: 0049 (0) 221 47 28 666 // APPLICATION FORM:

How to become Au-pair:

Please send us our your complete application (see checklist). As soon as we have received
your application we will send you a letter or email and start looking for a family. The families
might phone or email you.

Au-pair from OLD EU member countries:

You do not need a visa nor a work permit. You arrange the starting date with your host
family. You sign an Au-pair contract with the family.

Au-pair from NEW EU member countries/ USA / Canada/ Australia/ NewZealand:

You do not a visa but you need a work permit. You arrange the starting date with your host
family. As soon as you have arrived here you must go to the local job office (Bundesagentur
für Arbeit) and apply for your work permit. It includes a simple German test. When you have
passed the test you can start working as Au-pair. You can work as Au-pair for up to 12
months. You sign an Au-pair-contract with the family.

Au-pair from the rest of the world:

As soon as you have found a family we will send you the invitation letter and our documents
for the embassy. If you have to apply for a visa in the German embassy it takes at least 8
weeks until you receive your visa. The embassy will also test your German. You should have
the A1 Certificate of the Goethe-Institute. Once you have passed the German test and your
host family has given their documents to the German offices you receive your visa. Then you
need to arrange a travel date with your host family.

GERMANY. But you need to pay your return ticket to Germany.

Our work is based on the „European Agreement on Au-pair Employment“ of November 24th,

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