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					   IRVING INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT                                  DATE    May 7, 2004
                 PURCHASING DEPARTMENT                                  _______________________________________________
       2621 West Airport Freeway IRVING, TX 75062                          SEALED BID
         PHONE: (972) 215-5440   FAX: (972) 215-5442
   This is NOT AN ORDER. It is an invitation to bid or propose.            PROPOSAL #04-64 Staff Development
                                                                                            Management System
Company Name:
Address:                                                               ________________________________________
City and State:                                    Zip:
                                                                       PRICE F.O.B.

Please RESPOND on the following not later than 2:00 PM May 24, 2004                               (PRICES MUST BE EXTENDED)
ITEM        QTY                                ARTICLES AND DESCRIPTION                              UNIT PRICE    AMOUNT
                      Staff Development Management System Software per attached

                      Specifying brand names is not meant to limit competition. The named
                      brands are known to meet the requirements and bidding an alternate
                      must provide the same capability for the intended use. Provide
                      brochures and/or specifications with brand and item numbers bid and
                      detail any variations from the specifications.

                      Mark sealed envelope "Proposal #04-64 Staff Development
                      Management System Software, opening 2:00 PM, May 24, 2004"
                      and deliver to the Purchasing Office address on this form or mail to:
                                      Charles Norwood, Director of Purchasing
                                      Irving ISD
                                      P.O. Box 152637
                                      Irving, TX 75015-2637
                      In determining the award of contracts, the District may consider
                      factors in accordance with Section 44.031(b) Texas Education Code.

                      The District reserves the right to reject any or all bids or proposals,
                      waive any informalities, and award a contract in the best interest of
                      the District. Bids or proposals must be valid for at least 90 days and
                      the District reserves the right to accept a second vendor, without re-
                      bidding or re-advertising, if the first selected vendor fails to deliver.

                      Submit the Original and One Copy of the Proposal.

                      Approximately 25 school districts in the area have formed,
                      through an interlocal agreement, the Educational Purchasing
                      Cooperative of North Texas (EPCNT). Should any of these
                      entities decide to participate in this bid, would you (the vendor)
                      agree that all terms, conditions and specifications apply?

                      ______NO _____Yes with pricing valid until ______________

NOTE—Use this form. If necessary to go into details, attach a
letter. The right is reserved to accept or reject quotations on each   DELIVERY DATE _______________________________________
item separately or as a whole.
                                                                       TERMS _______________________________________________
                                                                       (Signed) ______________________________________________

                                                                       Printed Name __________________________________________
                  Charles Norwood, Director of Purchasing              Telephone ___________________   Fax_____________________
Vendors shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment
because of race, religion, color, sex, or national origin. Bidder certifies that the
company complies with Executive Order 11246, entitled “Equal Employment
Opportunity”, as amended by Executive Order 11375 and as supplemented in
Department of Labor Regulations.


By submission of this bid or proposal, the Bidder certifies that:

a) This bid or proposal has been independently arrived at without collusion with any
   other Bidder or with any Competitor;

b) This bid or proposal has not been knowingly disclosed and will not be knowingly
   disclosed, prior to the opening of bids, or proposals for this project, to any other
   Bidder, Competitor or potential Competitor;

c) No attempt has been or will be made to induce any other person, partnership or
   corporation to submit or not to submit a bid or proposal;

d) The person signing this bid or proposal certifies that he has fully informed himself
   regarding the accuracy of the statements contained in this certification, and under
   the penalties being applicable to the Bidder as well as to the person signing in its

Texas Education Code Section 44.034. Notification of Criminal History of Contractor.
a) A person or business entity that enters into a contract with a school district must give
   advance notice to the district if the person or an owner or operator of the business
   entity has been convicted of a felony. The notice must include a general description
   of the conduct resulting in the conviction of a felony.
b) A school district may terminate a contract with a person or business entity if the
   district determines that the person or business entity failed to give notice as required
   by Subsection (a) or misrepresented the conduct resulting in the conviction. The
   district must compensate the person or business entity for services performed before
   the termination of the contract.
c) This section does not apply to a publicly held corporation.

   Vendor response (check): negative _______ or see attached information _______

                   Signature               _______________________________
                   Printed Name            _______________________________
                   Company Name            _______________________________
                   Telephone Number        _______________________________

       Specifications for Staff Development Management System Software

The Irving Independent School District (IISD) is seeking proposals for the purchase of
Staff Development Management System software to organize and file data on
professional development attendance for district employees. The new software system
must be installed and ready for operation by August 2, 2004.

Software requirements are:

   •   Comprehensive management system to track and report professional
       development attendance by all employees
   •   Web-based client
   •   High security level with layered administrator access levels for central
       administration and campus administration
   •   Vendor capacity to host on their server
   •   MS Outlook compatible or independent automated Email system capabilities to
       communicate with attendees of registration/cancellations, etc. of trainings
   •   Capacity to electronically record attendance of workshops/trainings at the
       campus level
   •   Capacity to build awarding of time of workshops/training attended outside the
   •   Support Video-streaming for Online Professional Development
   •   Produce customized reports for district, state and federal guidelines
   •   Build employee professional development portfolios
   •   Capability to add, or modify fields and reports and summaries as needed for
       future state and federal requirements
   •   Capacity to provide onsite training and technical support via telephone and email
   •   Capacity to process waiting lists
   •   Capacity to process session evaluations and summaries
   •   Capability to interface with Human Resources system to update staff information

Training: Two levels of training are required:

   •   Training the Trainers. One detailed training session for a small group of Staff
       Development and Technology personnel. These will be the personnel
       responsible for the system within the district and will also train other personnel.
   •   Initial Campus Training: One overview type session will be scheduled for a large
       group of campus Instructional Technology Specialists.

   Describe the recommended training for these groups in the proposal.

Format: The format of the proposal is left to the discretion of the offeror, however, it
should be well organized and clearly show how it meets all software requirements and

define all costs to the District. Provide sufficient detail on user procedures for
evaluation of ease of data handling. A User Manual would be most beneficial.

Pricing: The intent is to use the system for three years with two optional one-year
extensions at the sole discretion of the District. Price accordingly. However, service is
contracted by purchase order, one fiscal year at a time. If the Board of Trustees fails to
budget funding for this system, or any other similar system, the District may cancel the
service at the end of any fiscal year with thirty days written notice without penalty to the

Award of Contract: The evaluation should be completed for Board of Trustees approval
on June 7, 2004. A verbal purchase order number can be provided June 8th with the
original mailed when printed. If the vendor desires any other service agreement to be
signed, include it with the proposal.

EPCNT: Approximately 25 school districts in the area have formed, through an
interlocal agreement, the Educational Purchasing Cooperative of North Texas (EPCNT).
Should any of these entities decide to participate in this bid, indicate on the bid form if
you (the vendor) agree that all terms, conditions and specifications apply?

If vendor checks yes, the following will apply:

Members and participants of the EPCNT will be eligible, but not obligated, to purchase
materials/services under the contract awarded as a result of this solicitation. All
purchases by members and participants other than the Irving ISD will be billed directly
to that entity and paid by that entity. Irving ISD will not be responsible for another
entity's debts. Each governmental entity will order their own materials/services as