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					American Recovery
 Reinvestment Act

Title I Recovery Funds

           Today’s Objectives

• Review Guiding Principles for ARRA
• Review use of ARRA Title I Recovery
• Review the ARRA TI Application process
• Review the additional reporting for ARRA
  TI funds
• Review briefly the Consolidated Plan
  requirements in ALEAT
           Guiding Principles
• Spend funds quickly to save and create
• Improve student achievement through
  school improvement and reform
• Ensure transparency, reporting, and
• Invest one-time ARRA funds thoughtfully
  to minimize the “funding cliff”
      Title I ARRA-Recovery Funds
             Guiding Principles
• Support Title I programs with additional funds
  for FY10
• Invest in Title I programs that will provide a
  sustainable result
• Expand services to more students and/or
  more schools
These are Title I funds – what
      does that mean?

      All Title I rules apply!
                    Back to Basics
                   Purpose of Title I
         Support for students who are struggling
         academically in reading and mathematics

                           Title I program
Basic        Teachers/   Curriculum – Principal   Building   Support for
support – staff          materials                           parents
all students             Assessments
 Title I Staff                             PD                        Effective
                           Supplemental                              parenting
Program                      materials
for          to deliver                    for role as
struggling   additional                   instructional
students     instruction                  leader
             PD for TI
                               for TI

   Basic     Teachers      Curriculum – Principal         Building    Support for
 support     and staff     materials                                  parents
  for all                  Technology
All expenses focus on …

  except PD            Title I         Materials

          Building               Parents
             Title I ARRA
            Funding Dates

• Application available now for full
  amount for FY10
• No additional ARRA funds
• Grant runs from approval date
  through September 30, 2010 with
• Carryover through September 30,
           Title I Recovery Funds

   Supplement not supplant requirements apply

           Maintenance of Effort applies

               Comparability applies

LEA may not use Title I, Part A funds for activities
  that it would have conducted in absence of these
      Supplement not Supplant
The 3 tests:
   1. Did I pay for this activity with state funds
   2. Is this activity a state requirement?
   3. I am paying for this activity with state funds in
   non-Title I schools?
If the answer to any of these is yes -
        supplanting is presumed to have occured
         Title I Recovery Funds

Supplanting is always presumed and must
 be rebutted …

if the LEA can demonstrate (by
  contemporaneous) fiscal records, state
  legislative action, board action, etc., that
  there was a reduction in the amount of
  non-Federal funds available to pay for the
  activity previously supported by non-
  Federal funds
• It still must be an allowable Title I activity

• Just because the state reduces funding for
  a program does not mean you may
  automatically use Title I to pay for it
  without “strings”

  – Example – full day kindergarten
          Title I Recovery Funds
• Maintenance of Effort Applies
     MoE measures fiscal effort across
     For 2009-2010   2007-2008    2006-2007
     For 2011-2012   2009-2010    2008-2009

• Cannot vary more than ± 10%
• May be felt in future years
• May require a waiver at that time
        Title I Recovery Funds
 Comparability of Services Applies

More guidance is expected on the impact of
SFSF on comparability for Title I schools

The issue – SFSF are federal funds for the
purposes of calculating comparability
Consider this:
 What other Title I Rules Apply?
• Set asides
   –   Homeless (special caveat)
   –   Parent Involvement ($500,000 total)
   –   Private school services
   –   Neglected/delinquent
   –   SI – Public School Choice and SES
   –   LEA Improvement
   –   Optional – admin, LEA programs, other PD

• Remainder goes to Schools by rank order of poverty
   – Serving more schools with ARRA
   – Serving more students – in TA schools
          Extend or Expand?
• More funds to your currently funded TI
  – Increase the PPA
  – Maintain rank order
  – Use estimated population and poverty data
  – Don’t forget to fund private school services
  – How will schools use the extra money?
     • TA schools can serve more students = more staff
     • SW schools can expand/modify SW program
        Expand or Extend?
• SW -1 and -2 schools cannot change
  non-federal funded positions to TI-
  funded positions
• SW schools must demonstrate how plan
  will be modified
• All SW plans must be entered into IDEAL
  this upcoming year using the revised
         Expand or Extend?
• Examples of new programs/projects for 2
  year ARRA duration in SW programs
  – Planning and implementing new SW program
  – Arts integration
  – PDLA model
  – Technology integration in concert with TII-D
  – Curriculum focused coaches
  – Data integration/job-embedded PD
         Expand or Extend?
• New programs/projects for 2 year ARRA
  – Add more students or new schools (TA)
  – Develop and implement RTI
  – Additional professional development for TI
  – Parent programs for TI parents
  – Planning and implementing new SW program
• Build on your current program
• Many allowable activities – in context
          Title I Recovery Funds

Can I fund this “Best Ever Research-Based Perfect
 Program (BERPP)” with my Recovery funds?

It depends - a case by case response to allow for
   Title I funds to pay for “BERPP”

2 major factors: Previous history
            Targeted versus Schoolwide School.
The more written information and
 documentation the LEA provides to
 assigned specialist, the easier it will be to
 determine allowable expenditure or not.
Be sure descriptions are as detailed as your
 regular TI grants – e.g., list FTEs and
Documentation must be contemporaneous
 not after the fact.
         Title I Recovery Funds

85% of Recovery funds must be expended and/or
                   obligated :

            By September 30, 2010

        Subject to 15% carryover rules

  “Obligate” follows the Education Department
        General Administrative Regulations
                  34 CFR 76.707
If the obligation is for:                          The obligation is made:
(a) Acquisition of real or personal property       On the date on which the State or subgrantee
                                                   makes a binding written commitment to acquire
                                                   the property
(b) Personal services by an employee of the        When the services are performed
State or subgrantee

(c) Personal services by a contractor who is not   On the date on which the State or subgrantee
an employee of the State or subgrantee             makes a binding written commitment to obtain
                                                   the services
(d) Performance of work other than personal        On the date on which the State or subgrantee
services                                           makes a binding written commitment to obtain
                                                   the work
(e) Public utility services                        When the State or subgrantee receives the
(f) Travel                                         When the travel is taken
(g) Rental of real or personal property            When the State or subgrantee uses the
(h) A preagreement cost that was properly
approved by the State under the cost principals
identified in 34 CFR 74.171 and 80.22
        Title I Recovery Funds
Consideration will be given to waive the following
 set asides using Recovery funds:

• Professional Development for School (10% per
  site) and LEA Improvement (10% of TI)

• SES Services and PPA for SES

More Guidance concerning waivers is forthcoming
 from ED

NOTE: Applications will be conditionally
 approved but amendments will be required if
 waiver is denied.
         Title I Recovery Funds

• Two parts for receiving Title I Recovery
  Funds – downloads

  – Recovery Funds Application (separate from
    NCLB Application)

  – NCLB Consolidated Application Tables (Excel
    spreadsheets) normally combined with NCLB
• Budget the entire amount of your
• Provide school-level details
• Use 2 FTEs in the budget to cover a 2
  year salary – explain in description
• Supplemental section revised
  – New assurances
  – New homeless information
  – Waiver requests
        Excel Spreadsheets
• Contains separate columns for ARRA
• If funds will go to schools, you may use
  best available data to allocate but must
  follow the rank order rules
• See separate directions if adding new
• Updated spreadsheets will be submitted
  with regular TI grant - adjustments
        Title I Recovery Funds

Reporting Requirements: Not yet known
OMB has posted general requirements in
 Federal Register – comments due

Quarterly (?) Reports are required for all of the
 ARRA funds, not just ED dollars.
The first is October 10, 2009.
ED is currently developing a common reporting
 form that will streamline process for reporting.
NCLB LEA Consolidated
       Update # 2
      Using ALEAT
All LEA Plan Updates must
   be entered online using
      Organization of the Plan
• 6 Goal Topics – mandatory
  – the goals from your original NCLB LEA Consolidated
  – added Parent Involvement
• Goal statements – at least one per Goal Topic
  – reflect the Goal Topics in SMART goal format
• Strategies – at least one per SMART Goal
  – Methods to meet the SMART goals
• Action steps – at least one per strategy
  – Implementation of the strategies
  – Includes professional development, as appropriate
Goal – Strategy – Action Steps
• All plans will include SMART Goals,
  Strategies, and Action Steps
• A comprehensive list of Strategies is
  available in the SEA Resources
  – Arranged by goal topic but may be
    applied as appropriate
  – Other strategies may be proposed
• Action steps may be generalized or
  – PD is an ACTION STEP!

Strategy--A systematic plan to
     accomplish a goal

     the tools or method
     needed to achieve the goal

Example: An SBR intervention model for
 all low achieving 3rd - 6th graders.
             Action Steps -
           The Core of the Plan
• Action Step – how the strategy will be
  implemented - when, who, how, and with what

Example:    *1. Research and select
                the SBR intervention
            *2. Provide PD for 3rd – 6th grade
             3. Assemble needed resources
             4. Evaluation data collection plan
• Title I ARRA page on ADE’s web site

• Materials to be posted

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