The Proper Behavior for Inviting Prospects by tyndale


									      The Proper Behavior for Inviting Prospects

           Know that what we are sharing here are
          suggested ways to develop your business.
         The key to your success is to find what works
            best for you and allow us to coach you.

             Getting Started With 3-Ways

Please look at, utilize, and save this amazing tool to your
desktop. Print off & hand it to each new team member the
moment they enroll.


The 3-Way Call Explosion! A point was made in the past of
the vital importance in being able to duplicate a
reproducible system. If you have 1 team member, 100 team
members, or 100,000 team members you need a simple tool
& a system that works. The #1 tool to have for a successful
Source business is the 3 way call. Here‟s how & why this
system works better than anything else out there:

As distributors, we have found it important to learn to use
the 3-way call feature on every phone you use (home phone,
work phone, cell phone). If you do not have the 3-way call
feature contact your phone company and ask for it. It may
cost a nominal fee, however you can write it off as a
business expense. Your carrier will teach you how to
facilitate a 3-way call. Practice by calling 2 people (mom &
dad, etc).
Note: Go into your cell phone store & ask for a personal
demo on 3-way calling because you‟ll be able to prospect
the representative who is showing you how to do the 3 way
call! We suggest always asking for their phone #. If you
simply give them your business card the chances are slim
that they will call you.
What are you going to do with the 3 way call & how are you
going use it to be successful in Amega Global?


     When you first join Amega Global you will want to make
a list of 50-100 names and numbers (friends, family,
business contacts, teachers, classmates,
religious/recreational friends, service people,
acquaintances, coaches etc.), both in & out of state. Your
list is a living growing document, so you will want to put all
names & numbers on paper leaving a few spaces between if
you like. Keep this list with you, because you‟ll think of
people to add to your list on the spot. You are not going to
rely on your phone‟s electronic rolodex. Write every name
& phone number of everyone you know, or have known.

   2. THE TOP 10

      We suggest highlighting the top 10 most successful
people on your list. Sometimes people will refer to the top
10 most successful people as their list as their “chicken
list”. These are people you are often nervous to call,
perhaps because you have already started your pre-judging
process. That process most of us go through where we are
over-thinking…. perhaps we “believe” these people are too
successful, too old, too young, too rich, or will not be
interested in this.


    We understand how you feel, wanting to pre-judge.
Many have felt the same way & this is what they found:
people who have been successful in other business see this
as a way to become MORE successful with less work. They
embrace the idea of no overhead, no employees, no
accounts receivable/payable, no payroll, no rent, etc. They
see this for what it is; a great business opportunity. They
jump on it. It is for this reason you will want to sit with a
business partner and contact your top 10+ first, otherwise
you run this risk of someone else reaching them before you

      Instead of pre-judging (they are too rich, too poor, too
busy, too dumb, too smart, too retired, too whatever) we
recommend you offer the Amega Global gift to everyone.
It‟s not fair to offer Amega Global only to those you select.
Offer the gift to everyone and allow them to choose to look
at the gift, allow them to accept it or to say no thank you.
Imagine if you don‟t offer it to certain people (close friends
for example) and a year down the road you are making $10,
000 to $20,000/mo and your friend finds out. They are going
to be furious with you for not sharing the opportunity with
them when you first found about it yourself.


    We suggest you call someone in your “up line” first.
Someone you know will be a good personality match or
occupation mix with the person you want to call. For
example, if you are calling a paralegal friend you will
determine if someone in your up line is in the legal field.

     Call your up line first & ask, “Do you have availability
to keep your phone open for me for the next 15 minutes,
because I am calling my prospect Joe Smith? He is one of
the people on my list, I believe some of his wants and
needs (hot buttons) are……”

     After the person in your up line agrees, hang up & call
Joe Smith. Your job is simply to be a good listener by using
the acronym F.O.R.

    F stands for Family

     O stands for Occupation

    R stands for Recreation

     When you call Joe Smith begin the conversation by
asking about HIM. It‟s all about Joe Smith.


    First you‟ll ask about FAMILY:

     Begin by asking Joe, “Hey Joe, what‟s up”? If he‟s
married ask “What‟s goin‟ on with (wife) Angie? How is
she”? If Joe has any children ask, “How‟s Billy, has he
started T-Ball yet? “How did Savannah do at her dance
recital”? Does he have siblings in state or out of the state?
Are Joe‟s siblings married with kids? Where did he grow
up? Does he still have family there? etc This is how to talk
about F (Family).

     As you are asking questions about family, the most
important thing you can do is to be a good listener. It is
PARAMOUNT to LISTEN and NOT to speak. Once Joe
begins to warm up to talking about his family he will open
up to you about his concerns (sometimes it‟s in the form of
a complaint or a comment). He may say, “Sara is so tired”
or “she wishes she had more time to play with the kids” or
“She‟s been working double shifts”. Maybe he‟ll say “It‟s
only February & I‟ve already had my 2nd cold this year!”
You will want to listen and really hear what is being said. If
you feel the Amega Global business could help them with
any of their concerns or woes; give them a 1-liner now, as it
is the perfect time to tell them about it. (See below for an
example of a 1 liner)

     Next you‟ll talk about OCCUPATION:

      “How are things at work”? If he works for someone
else ask, “What‟s your boss like, is he pretty cool or does he
bug the crap outta you”? or LISTEN. “How is Angie‟s work
going”?… and LISTEN. You may hear him say some things
like this:

     “My wife‟s real estate business is not going well, it has
slowed down”. “My mortgage business is flat because of
the falling market”.

     “My wife is so tired; she‟s been working double shifts”.

    “They‟ve been laying off at Honeywell and I‟m a little

     “My brother just lost his job and he has 4 kids”.

     These are obviously needs you can address and help
(hot buttons). Remember, a few hours a week with Amega
Global can bring relief to someone in financial turmoil. It
can save a mortgage, pay for someone‟s college tuition,
even eliminate debt and financial stress.

     Lastly you‟ll talk about RECREATION:

     You know the people on your Living List of names and
numbers so you will likely know what they like to do for
fun. So ask questions about what they like to do or “What
would they like to do if time and money were not a factor?”
“Where have you always wanted to go or what have you
always dreamed of doing that it has never been the right
time for”? This opens up a great conversation where you
can learn about their dreams; something important/fun to
learn & know. Learn their dreams & you‟re now a master

      “I know you all ski, did you make it to Aspen this
winter?” He may say something like, “We didn‟t go this year
because airline prices were so high” Or, “we didn‟t get up
the mountain „cause gas is so expensive”. Perhaps he‟s
always “dreamed of going overseas for a summer” but
can‟t. Again, these are some more issues for which you
have a perfect solution (more hot buttons) you are listening
for… because you know by sharing the Amega Global
Business you may really be able to help your friend.

    1- LINERS

     The next thing you‟ll do is give them one line to
interest them in what you are offering. The one line should
be based upon their own needs what you found out by being
a good listener in the 5 minute conversation you just had
with them; what you heard as you used F.O.R. It could
sound something like this:

     1. “Dude that sucks you couldn‟t even ski this year
because of the economy. That‟s not what life is supposed
to be like…… I have the perfect solution for you……. I‟ve
come across an idea where we can create a passive
income that is recession proof- Earn some extra cash- Earn
and extra $500 to $1000 per week (pause) They will ask you
“what is that?” (at this point you should do a 3-way)
    Your answer is:

    “Zero Point Field Energy”

    “They will most likely say no”

    This is proprietary fusion technology with 15 years of
     research applying the principles of Quantum Physics
     and Quantum Mechanics.

     The Bio energy field can access Zero Point Life Force
     Energy and restore energy deficiency, bringing the
     Mental, emotional physical and spiritual aspects into
     Let‟ get you on the call

      2. “That sucks, no one should have to work double
shifts”. “I know how much you both love spending time
with the kids; that has to be killing you both”. “That‟s what
you live for, right”? You know, I I‟ve come across an idea
where we can create a passive income that is recession
proof- Earn some extra cash- Earn and extra $500 to $1000
per week (pause)

    They will ask you “what is that?” (at this point you
should do a 3-way)

    Your answer is:

    “Zero Point Field Energy”

    “They will most likely say no”

    This is proprietary fusion technology with 15 years of
     research applying the principles of Quantum Physics
     and Quantum Mechanics.
     The Bio energy field can access Zero Point Life Force
     Energy and restore energy deficiency, bringing the
     Mental, emotional physical and spiritual aspects into
     Let‟ get you on the call


      3. “Dude that sucks you couldn‟t even ski this year
because of the economy That‟s not what life is supposed to
be like…… I have the perfect solution for you……. I‟ve
been working on a very part time project, that within a
couple of months, you will have the opportunity to earn big
income… and an actual portion of the company‟s profits…
each month… for the rest of the your life. I have already had
tremendous success with it. Can I tell you a little bit about
it? (at this point you should do a 3-way)

In no way should your 1-liner include the words: network
marketing, business opportunity,

     Now, the 50 people on your list… 99% of them, after
hearing your 1-liner based on their needs, will say, “YEAH!”
Or “What is it all about?” Now this is going to be the hardest
job. You must control yourself. You are NOT going to want
to tell them anything until they have been on a call. What
you want to do is keep yourself out of the equation (stay
dumb or unknowledgeable for as long as possible). Now, I
don‟t want this to be offensive to anybody. We keep
ourselves dumb every day and always use our up line to
deliver the MESSAGE to our guests/prospects.
     Don‟t worry; we know you are excited; you will get
your opportunity to deliver this exciting message in the
near future. (See below)


      Say something like, “Ya know what Joe this company
just launched 12 weeks ago, so I‟m gonna put my buddy on
the phone (Warren, Jeff, or Pam) right now, he/she is
someone I trust and have tremendous respect for, she/he‟s
one of the top guys in the company and in 5 minutes he can
give you information about it to see if it resonates with
you. It‟s amazing… hang on a second” (now you place Joe
on hold. Dial your buddy (your business partner up line).

      So you are letting them know they are only going to be
on the phone for 5 minutes (they are safe) and your “good
friend” or “buddy” (Credibility with your friend) who (you
trust and respect) is one of the top guys (Credibility) is
going to join you on the phone. I recommend refraining
from calling your buddy, (Your up line or senior partner,


      Now 3-way your up line onto the phone and say, “Hey,
(Warren or Pam), Joe is on the line with us. I wanted you to
meet him over the phone because Joe was just saying he‟d
like to retire his wife from double shifts”.

     “Joe this is (Warren, or Pam), he‟s a great guy and
good friend of mine. And edify your business partner/up line
by saying something like this, “He actually works with this
amazing company and he‟s one of the top guys”.


      And you‟re done…. your up-line takes it from there. You
are the messenger never the message. The moment you
call someone or talk to someone you are training them.

      3-way call everyone and they will learn this business
is: simple, doesn‟t take much time, they can do it from
home, they don‟t have to know it all, & they don‟t sell…
because the answers come from someone else who you call
onto the line. 3way calls handle the top objections: too
busy, no time, & I can‟t sell.


    Now what your up line is going to do is use the
acronym FORM

    The FOR is what you just did but they will add

    M the Message

     So your (up-line) is now going to warm up the
conversation with Joe and ask him about his family, his
spouse, children, his occupation and what he likes to do for
fun. After he does this he will know how to best help Joe
(he will have learned about MORE needs/hot Buttons).

     Your upline will also talk about himself (his F.O.R.),
establishing mutual likes & similarities, and he‟ll develop a
rapport. Then (Your 3-way partner) will share the Message.
The message is going to be 5 minutes about Amega Global.

     “MOVIE” PREVIEW (Network marketing is the “climax”
& isn‟t discussed)

      The upline‟s job is to just create curiosity… enough to
get your guest to go to a presentation (live or webinar) or
live phone call. This is usually done by sharing a brief 5
minute conversation about Zero Point Field.

How timing of THIS company allows US to earn 80% of
revenue. The up line will share 1 of the many ways that the
company pays.
Then with all the information provided within these 5
minutes… we feel enough curiosity has been created that
they can now be invited to the next live presentation or
conference call.


     Now your up-line will say, “Well Joe given that you are
interested in retiring your wife from double shifts… I know
you are quite interested in Amega Global. ….

     ….. “What I want to do is invite you to a get together
tomorrow night. I want you to be my guest. I am going to
be showcasing Zero Point Field, its leadership, and the
most generous plan in the history of this business model.
At this 45 minute overview you‟ll experience Zero Point
Field Energy first hand.
Whatever you have going on, I want you to clear your
schedule and I want you to make it to this event. I want to
shake your hand and put a face to your name. Can you clear
your schedule and make it with me tomorrow night?”

      Answer: “Yes, I can make it.” (This is your first green

           “Great, now let me ask you, is there anything,
any type of emergency that could come up and get in the
way of you showing up tomorrow night? The reason I am
asking is I am going to carve out some time so we can meet
face to face. I just want to get a clear commitment
because my time is extremely valuable and I‟m sure yours
is too. So are you definitely committed to being there
tomorrow night?

    Answer: Yes, I‟ll definitely be there. (This is your 2nd
green light)

           “Awesome, then I look forward to meeting you.
Let me ask you, “Will you be bringing your spouse with
you”? The reason I ask is that I want to make sure there
are enough seats and that we have enough samples for
everyone who gets an invitation for tomorrow night. I am
going to recommend that you arrive about 15-20 minutes
early because what we have been experiencing is every
time we get together that there is standing room only. So
you‟re totally committed?

    Answer: “Yeah, I‟m committed. (3rd green light or THE

     Awesome, I wanna respect your time so I will see you
both, tomorrow night. Thanks for sharing your time with me
on the phone tonight. Bye, bye. (And I hang up the phone
even before they say, “Goodbye”.
      Once the guest makes a commitment to attend the
next event the up line gets off the phone. You will not want
to say anything more (do not to badger or ask for the
commitment again, as it could infer you do not trust your
friend‟s word). Do not oversell, instead…DO NOT SCREW UP

     GIVE A QUICK 1 MINUTE CLOSE and say, “Joe, I
appreciate you getting on the phone with my friend (Up line)
and I will see you Thursday night. Cool, I‟ll see ya then.

     Even when you talk to someone you are very close
with much of the time when they say they will look at this
opportunity with you they never show. (Follow this
procedure and you will have a massive increase in your
results of getting prospects to the opportunity meetings).


      As you facilitate each 3-way call (for everyone on your
list of 50):

     Your only responsibility is to listen to your up-line
deliver the MESSAGE, handle any objections or questions,
and invite to the meeting. This is the training process. The
more 3-way calls you do the better trained you will be &
you‟ll be able to do it in your sleep.

      Eventually you will have team members in your down
line. Your team members will call YOU and YOU will be the
business partner/up line. YOU will now have the
opportunity to deliver the MESSAGE. With this system,
duplication (& Maddison Ave Advertizing) will occur.


     Occasionally during the 3-way call or after the
prosperity meeting your guest may have a question or an
objection. You will know how to handle all objections if
they come up, because you will hear your up line handle
them (take notes if you‟re on a 3-way).

     6. CONFIRM
     Then we strongly encourage you call your guest the
day of the presentation and leave a voicemail drop to
remind the person of the meeting. “Hey Joe, I‟m calling to
confirm your spot at the presentation tonight. Are you
bringing a guest or will you be solo? I want to bring enough
samples for everyone. See you tonight at 6:45 PM!”

     Sit with your guest & offer them a sample. After the
meeting, walk your guest over to the person who did the 3-
way (put a face with the voice). Allow your up line (any up
line will do) to answer questions & handle objections before
you exit with your guest. For those guests who choose to
begin their own Amega Global business, we can process
their order info for you, give them homework (their list of 50
& learning to do a 3-way call) & schedule 3-way training
within 48 hours. We will help YOU enroll them onto YOUR
team via the web. Congratulations!

     If you get a lot of questions, it is because you ARE NOT
following the script. Go ahead and keep doing it your way
and keep getting poor results. When you are ready to be
coachable, we will sit down with you and help you change
your life. I am just being very real. I have coached
thousands of people and I have had tremendous results
with this system. IT WORKS!!

     Do you want to know what the toughest part is for
most people? It‟s the first 3 Way call! Big deal if you‟re
timid or scared. So fall on your face, get the first one out of
the way get up, and now, LET‟S GET TO WORK!!

     We have found there are always four common
objections. All objections are handled by your up line and
almost all are handled by using “Feel, felt, found.”


      1. “Joe, I understand exactly how you FEEL. Others
have FELT the same way and this is what they FOUND…..
(This let‟s them know you hear their concern & relate to it)
It‟s actually just about being a good listener, asking about
your friend‟s lives, and IF there is a need…. Putting them in
touch with a partner who offers information. There is No

      2. “I understand how you feel. The great part is we
never sell. I felt the same way because I am not a sales
person either, I am a (chiropractor, office mgr, hairdresser,
etc). & this is what I have found… they don‟t want sales
people! Jeff didn‟t do any type of sales during our 3-way
call. And during the presentation they simply offer a
business. Others in the company offer & share information
about the opportunity”


     “I understand exactly how you feel, I felt the same way
(running a busy office) but you know what I found… I just
put a couple hours per week into this by making 3… 10-
minute… 3-way calls a day. If you can do that… they will
help you reach 7 Star. People are extremely successful with
this opportunity and are earning a substantial amount of
extra money by just putting in a couple hours per week.


      Cost does not come up on the 3-way call because we
never discuss money. If someone does ask the question,
“is there a fee to get started?” We say, “All that will be
discussed at the meeting and you can be part of this
organization for as low as $50.” As they see the value at
the overview they join, as 90% of us do, at the $1,500 level.

use feel, felt, found)

      This rarely comes up on the 3-way call as we do not
mention network marketing. If it comes up at an overview
it‟s best to determine why they are asking this question.
Again be a good listener. Do not assume why they are
asking this question. Instead of Feel, Felt, Found, with THIS
objection we say:

     “Joe, you obviously have a good reason for saying
that. Do you mind if I ask what that is?” Allow Joe to
express exactly what it is he‟s trying to say.

   9 times out of 10 they‟re version is nothing like what
Amega Global offers. Answer their specific concern only.

    A Pyramid scheme: a company operating without a
product… Our product is endorsed by the Tiger Woods of
Natural Medicine, The Chopra Center. We surpassed Coke
Zero is sales in our pre-launch. This is very real. Or if this
matches their specific concern share this: Corporate
America is more pyramid-like. No one earns more than the
person at the top. Here at Amega Global we‟re paid in direct
proportion to how many people we reach & help achieve
success. It‟s great working with people you care for.

     Depending on your level of experience in business/life,
you may have a level of understanding as to why we do it
this way. If your experience with people (or marketing) is
not extensive, I suggest trusting those who‟ve gone before
you & who‟ve learned through trial/error. This is EXACTLY
what the professionals do. Even 10 stars “stay dumb” when
they have a prospect on the phone. & use the 3-way call.
See you all at the top. Call your up line for a 30-minute
training and schedule a time to make 3-way inviting calls.
Your success will be based on # of 3-ways you do. It will be
fun and you‟ll enjoy quick success, we promise!

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