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					Newsletter                                                                        December 2005

Dear Parents,

Although we have enjoyed a beautiful Autumn I am sure the skiers amongst us were glad to see the snow finally
arrive on the mountains. There is truly a feeling now that the festive season is upon us especially with our
traditional Carol Service last weekend.
As ever we have had a very busy and productive term and I hope you were all able to attend and enjoy many of
the special events.
The spectacular productions of „The Pirates of Penzance‟, „Robin Hood‟ and „A Present for the Baby‟ showed
the talents of our children young and old (and also our staff). You will soon be able to see a review of these and
other highlights of the term under the Term News section of the school website ( ) where
you will find many photos and information about the various activities that have taken place since the summer.
Our website has now been extended to better serve former students of the school with the creation of a dedicated
site for all Georgentians at . If you know of anyone who is not on our database please ask
them to contact us with their details by sending an e-mail to .

On the academic front, our senior school students have been busy with exams during the past couple of weeks
and you will soon receive reports from subject teachers detailing their effort and achievement for the Autumn

I must congratulate the following students who were awarded a mention certificate in the last reporting period:

Atalanta                     Diana                          Minerva
Allison Hays                 Lennart Batilando              Simone Bedford
Christopher Hutton           Eri Ichijo                     Carolina Espirito Santo
Edward Pearce                Olivia Perrin                  Meredith Gentle
Dylan Pilarski               Michael Spelling               Helen Holt
Patrick Scully               Bradley Stark                  Valeriya Ivashchenko
Lauren Watson                Amanda Steinson                Brita Midness

and the many senior school students who took part in a competition to celebrate National Poetry Day.
Congratulations go to the following winners:

 English (Junior)                      Simone Bedford
 English (Senior)                      Victoria di Napoli
 French (First language)               Emiliano Batilando
 French (Foreign language – Junior)    Christina Grey
 French (Foreign language – Senior)    Bradley Stark

As always, we continue to award Dragons to students who have made a special effort, been especially helpful,
taken an initiative or made an extra contribution to the school above and beyond the norm.
As well as awarding the Dragon Trophy to the House with most Dragons, this term it was decided to award a
certificate to the student in each year group in the Senior School who had earned the most Dragons.
Congratulations to the following:

 Year 7 (tied)              Clara Cavalli
                            Vincent Eichler
                            William Wood
 Year 8                     Polina Borisova
 Year 9                     Amanda Steinson
 Year 10                    Claire van den Broek
 Year 11 (tied)             Victoria di Napoli
                            Dina Kary-Niyazova
 Year 12                    Bradley Stark
 Year 13                    Alissa Filatova

IB News
The Senior School Teachers have been working very hard under the guidance of Mrs Peeters Weem, IB
Coordinator, to complete the required documentation for the IB Diploma Programme authorization process.
The application documentation, which required teachers to compile information about the school, the students,
the teachers, the courses and how we plan to implement the programme, is now complete and we are now
planning for the authorization visit next March. There will be more information sessions for students and their
parents in February and March (see below) but in the meantime I would encourage you to visit the International
Baccalaureate Organisation‟s website where you will find details of all aspects of the programme
and to contact Mrs Peeters Weem if you have any questions.

Wednesday 1st February (period 7)                  Meeting for all students in Year 11.
                                                   Presentation of the programme, possible subjects and what
                                                   to consider when making choices

Wednesday 8th February (16h00)                     Meeting for all students in Year 11 and their parents.
                                                   Interested parents of students in other years are welcome to

From March 16th onwards                            Individual meetings with year 11 students and their parents.

Building News
Those of you who are at the school on a daily basis cannot fail to have noticed the rapid progress of the building
extension and I am pleased to report that all is going according to plan. I would like to thank everyone for their
cooperation, especially when our usually peaceful environment has been disrupted.

We have done some early „Spring Cleaning‟ and amassed a large volume of old and unwanted school supplies
in the form of old sets of textbooks, books from the library and outdated computers. These have been welcomed
by a charity that will transport them to schools in Mongolia where they have very few resources of any

We have also been taking stock of the situation in our existing buildings and planning some rearrangement of
classrooms. In September 2006, we hope to alleviate the pressure on the Chalet by moving the two Year Six
classes into locations in the main building. This would enable us to move the Pre-Reception class to the ground
floor and open a second class in one of the year groups which is particularly full. We are also considering the
possibility of offering a full-day programme in Pre-Reception in addition to the current half-day programme.
A part of life in any International School is saying goodbye to fellow students, colleagues, parents and friends
we have come to know so well. We are losing the following valued members of the St. George‟s school
community and wish them safe journeys and continued success:

Students: Nina & Raphael Schnyder, Alexandra & Eli Shaw, Mikayla & Brea Masching in the Junior
Department and Allison Hays in the Senior School

Gap Student: Jessica Wilson

Staff: Mr Tim Jupp, who is moving to New Zealand with his family. Mr Jupp has been at St. George‟s since
January 2002. Apart from leading the Humanities Department and teaching Geography, History and
Environmental Studies he has made tremendous contributions to the school in many other ways. We shall all
miss him and wish him and his family every success in their new venture.

We welcome the following students, staff and their families to the St. George‟s School community next term:

Junior Department
Alessio Panasiti, Daniela & Mariana Castillo, Daniel Besson, Alec Heritier, Dev Joshi

Senior School
Jay Joshi, Anton Norgaard, Fabio Panasiti, Soh-Dam Kim and Hailey Vezza

We also welcome Mr Andrew Britnell who will replace Mr Jupp as Teacher of Geography. Mr Britnell has had
extensive experience as a geography teacher in the UK and USA and has recently been Assistant Director of
Slapton Ley Field Centre in Devon, UK.

Term Dates
The School term and holiday dates for the academic year 2006-7 will soon be available. Please bear these in
mind when you are making travel arrangements so that they do not interfere with your child‟s education. I was
once again very disappointed by the number of parents who have taken their children out of school before the
end of term.

With the start of the ski afternoons next term may I remind parents about parking. It is imperative that you park
in either the top or bottom car parks and never in the school yard. Please be extra vigilant on ski afternoons and
supervise your children carefully. Turning large buses in a very small space is not only difficult but is a
potentially dangerous situation.

Whether you are travelling or staying in Switzerland I wish you and your families a safe, happy and peaceful
holiday and best wishes for 2006.

Carolyn Steinson
                                         PLG Coffee Morning

                         The Parent Liaison Group of St George’s School would like to welcome you to
                         the Spring Term, 2006!
                         We invite you to join us for a convivial morning on the first day of Term

Date:             Tuesday 10th January, 2006
Time:             9.30 – 11.30am
Venue:            Hostellerie Bon Rivage
                  Route de St-Maurice 18, La Tour-de-Peilz
Parking:          On-site (limited), or at La Tour-de-Peilz shopping centre
Cost:             CHF10 for coffee, tea, juice, croissant

Enquiries:        Bev Hitchens:              021 9437448
                  Lynda Coughlin:            021 943 3570

                                              Senior School Library
The School Year began with a new layout in the library. A very large number of fiction books were purchased and placed
in the two new bookcases for easy access, with yellow and red stickers to denote years 7-9 and 10-13. This has been
successful and many books have been checked out through the term. Since the introduction of a simpler check-in and out
system, many more books have been taken out correctly than previously. This is very encouraging, but it essential that
students continue to follow the system, so we can track the popular books and ensure that they are always available for you.
Please remember to check in any books you have finished reading, and you may take books over the holidays, as long as
you return them at the start of term. Would all parents please be vigilant at home if they see books lying around which
should be returned to the library. With the advent of the International Baccalaureate, many new text books have also
been arriving since September, for all the subjects that the school will be studying, and these will be added to the library
                       shelves as soon as possible.

                      There are now two official Library Assistants: Olga Skorikova for Yrs 10 to 13 and Denise Jnr
                      Cachia for Yrs 7-9, to whom you may go for assistance in the absence of the 3 busy B‟s, Mrs
                      Baerfuss, Miss Beckett & Miss Bruce.

                        A special thanks goes to our student Library helpers. Denise Jnr, Teddy Voulgaris, Olga Skorikova,
                        Clare van den Broek and Anya Volkova. Miss Beckett and Miss Bruce have worked efficiently and
tirelessly to cover and shelve the mountain of new books, and their support to Mrs Baerfuss has been very much
appreciated. It has also been a pleasure to have the help of Nick Hippenmeyer, who has de-catalogued many books, giving
us extra space on the shelves for new acquisitions. The old books are shortly off to Mongolia, where good books are rare.

Mrs Baerfuss would like to say a big thank you to Chris Hutton and his efficient team of Prefects and Monitors, who have
been maintaining the Silence rule in the library. The quiet atmosphere has contributed to allowing students to study in

Points to note for the future: We aim to have magazines in French, Spanish, German Italian and Russian. If the present
magazines on the stands continue to disappear – they will no longer be ordered, which will be a loss for everyone. Please
replace them when you have finished reading them.

Happy Christmas to you all, and if you read any new books over the holidays and afterwards feel like donating them to the
library, please do so!
                                 Sports News – Senior School

 Inter-House Sport
 Atalanta are the current leviathans of sport. When will their reign end? It‟s now been
 twelve months since they lost an inter-house event. This term they picked up the cross-
 country, football, basketball and badminton titles. Keep up the fight, Diana and Minerva,
 and you never know. Every empire in history has eventually crumbled at some point…

 Inter-School Sport
 In inter-school events, we‟ve seen some firsts. Back in October, Olivia Perrin became our first
 ADISR golf champion! On a wet and windy course in Gruyères she managed to retain her
 concentration throughout the day and ended up as the top female player. Maarten Nieuwhuis
 became St George‟s first ever representative at an equestrian event. He placed fifth in the
 ADISR show-jumping championships. We‟ve had lots of football fixtures this term too, the
 junior boys victory against ISL being one of the highlights. The junior and senior badminton
 teams both won friendly fixtures against Beausoleil. And last Sunday the swim team made their
 annual trip to Neuchâtel where St George‟s students won the following medals: Libby
 Urquhart-Ducharme - a bronze; Edward Pearce - a bronze and a silver; the girls‟ freestyle
 relay team - bronze medals; the boys‟ medley team - bronze medals; and the boys‟ freestyle
 team - gold medals in a really exciting final event of the day. The swim team trains week in,
 week out, year in, year out and these medals were all thoroughly well deserved. A special
 mention should also be made here of the junior girls who belong to the Vevey Youth Ballet.
 Although dance is technically a performing art, it requires the same physical demands and
 dedication as any sport and after months of rehearsals these girls helped put on a dazzling
 performance of “The Nutcracker” last weekend. Congratulations, girls.

 Skiing & Snowboarding
 Living and studying in Switzerland gives students an exciting opportunity to experience
 skiing. It‟s an activity that holds appeal for youngsters on so many levels. Students can
 enhance that enjoyment by getting fit for it. So folks, if you get the chance, get out in the
 mountains this holiday. If you‟re going away, then try to work out those leg muscles
 anyway – there are lots of ski training tips on the internet. And nothing is simpler than

 Sports report conclusion…
 In a graduation speech given to a departing high school class in the States, a leading
 academic gave this advice to his young audience:
 “Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don‟t be afraid of it, or what other people
 think of it, it‟s the greatest instrument you‟ll ever own.”
 Ok, so some of you might be thinking, “but what about mobile phones?”
 But you‟d have to admit, it‟s a great message nonetheless.

Second-hand Uniform Shop

Monday 9th January 10.00 – 12.00
JD Uniform in the Chalet
Senior School Uniform in the School Hall
                                     ALL THAT JAZZ!

 If there are any parents who play a brass or woodwind instrument and who wish to
  play along with a friendly and outgoing Jazz Band, please let Peter Onslow know!
   You don’t have to be very advanced: in fact you can be a very modest player!
         Rehearsals are on Monday nights in the school from 19:30 until 20:30.

      So dig out that trumpet, clarinet or sax, get those fingers going and join us!


Year 12 and 13 English Literature students, accompanied by Ms Eastham and Ms
Beckett, enjoyed a weekend in rainy Newcastle this December to see The Comedy of
Errors. Performed by the brilliant Royal Shakespeare Company, The Comedy of Errors
is one of Shakespeare’s earliest plays and one of his funniest. The production was
fantastic – very professional, outstanding acting, costumes and ‘mise en scene’. A bit of
Christmas shopping and a curry finished the weekend off nicely, and the group returned
tired but amazed by the revelation that, yes, Shakespeare can be funny!

Ms. Beckett

The 17th of July this year saw Mr Gillan take on IRON MAN SWITZERLAND – a triathlon
involving a 3.8 km swim, 180km bike ride and a 42km run.
Starting at 7.00 am, 2000 bobbing heads plunged into lake Zurich. A fairly calm swim led to
the bike – a 3 lap course. With temperatures soaring on the hilly course, the superb support
was welcomed, especially on ‘heartbreak hill’. The 4 lap run course was tough and the crisps
at the feed stations proved to be good energy food. The finish was deafening and the sense
of achievement amazing, even though it took 14 hours and 14 minutes and most of the
others had finished!

Thanks to all the sponsors who raised 1400chf for Margaux’s charity.

Mike Gillan
The Pirates of Penzance
  A big thank you to all those who helped to make this year’s production of The Pirates of
                               Penzance a resounding success!

Fantastic performances and a lot of hard work made for a truly magnificent show. Well done!

                   Merry Christmas from the Jazz Band
  The Jazz band entertained us in the last week of term with a selection of festive favourites to
    brighten up our lunch break. What a superb performance and a Merry Christmas to all!

It has been a busy term for the more than 60 students taking part in the LVS
This term’s activities included a four day walking expedition for year 13 from
Moleson to Rougemont in the Pays D’Haut. During the trip, the students learned
how to navigate, camp and work as a team and they faired excellently, working
independently by the second day. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who
took part and reports can be found on the school website.

Other students have been working hard at the service section of the award. This has
seen students visiting the old people of Burier, working at a wheelchair table tennis
tournament and helping with clubs and language lessons in the JD.
Students have also made the most of sports clubs both in and outside school, to
fulfil their Physical Activity section of the award.

Richard Lineham

                                      Margaux’s Memorial

On December 5th St. George’s held a memorial service for Margaux Hippenmeyer who died in
July of this year. The service, which was attended by students, staff, parents and Margaux’s
family, included an address by the Rev. Atkinson, personal stories, poetry readings and singing by
the choir.

Afterwards, an oak tree was planted in the school grounds in memory of Margaux. A check for
100 000 francs was also presented to M. Leyvraz of the Fond Action Contre le Cancer.
                                        The Carol Service

This year‟s carol service saw a full school hall enjoy traditional and modern carols in a
truly festive atmosphere. With songs in French, German and English and a selection of
readings, not to mention the mulled wine afterwards, a good time was had by all!

                                         La Foire St-Martin

Le 8 Novembre nous sommes allés à la Foire ST-MARTIN située à Vevey.
ST-MARTIN est un homme très généreux, qui pendant le rude hiver 337, a rencontré un mendiant et
lui a donné la moitié de son manteau, pourquoi pas le manteau entier ? tout simplement parce que
l’autre moitié était propriété de l’armée romaine.

Tous les élèves de l’Année 10 ont pris le bus jusqu'à La Tour-de-Peilz parce qu’il y avait le défilé de St-
Martin. C’était des hommes avec un cheval chacun, mais l’homme qui était St-Martin avait un cheval
Après, nous avons marché jusqu’à la Place du Marché où il y avait des échoppes avec de la nourriture,
des bijoux, des vêtements et plein d’autres choses.

Mme. Bodenman nous a parlé de l’histoire de Vevey, elle était notre guide. Nous nous sommes
promenés au bord du lac, dans le centre de Vevey, et la vieille ville de Vevey. C’était vraiment intéressant
et j’ai appris beaucoup sur l’histoire de Vevey et aussi l’histoire de St-Martin.

Mariel Luna
Année 10

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