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 Sports College Report to Parents

            June 2008



JUNE 2008







                   JONES (PDM)

                7. SKI ITALY – DEBBIE MOORE



Some brief highlights since the last report

      Our School Travel Plan has been submitted. If the submission is successful we will be able to
       access up to £10,000 which will support us in making school travel safer including providing
       the opportunity to cycle to school with secure cycle storage. We should be informed of the
       outcome this month (June)

      The government has recently pledged £30 million to develop sports facilities in Specialist
       Sports colleges in the next 3 years. The school has submitted an application for funding to
       provide a full size floodlit artificial turf pitch for school and community use. We recently
       received confirmation of our bid and should be given a decision in the next few months.

      We are currently working with a group of consultants who are looking at our lunchtime
       provision, school meals uptake and the number of students who stay on site. Although the
       time of the lunchtime has been reduced we have been very successful in terms of sports
       provision with groups involved daily in dance, athletics, tennis cricket and cardiovascular
       exercise in the studio. As always this is possible due to the commitment of dedicated staff.

      Community Days. In the last Community Day we introduced tri golf, a game to support the
       introduction and development of golf which entailed the construction of a 6 hole course in the
       school grounds and was much enjoyed by our Year 7 pupils. Following the introduction of
       cheerleading as a Community Day activity we have started the activity as an extra curricular
       club due to demand.

      Summer School of Sport. We are hosting our regular camp with a range of sports on offer at
       different levels to pupils across the city during the first 2 weeks of the summer holidays.
       Application form attached.

      Cycling continues to thrive as a new curricular activity and we have recently introduced it to
       girls which was highly successful. We now have 15 mountain bikes with a store and work
       room and cycle maintenance classes are being organised.

      It is always good to see former pupils progressing well and it may not be a coincidence that
       the three young men who supported us in terms of presenting prizes at our last annual
       Governor’s Awards have done particularly well since that time. Scott Borthwick has just made
       his senior debut for Durham County Cricket Club and has been a leading light in the
       Academy team. Jordan Henderson was given a professional contract at SAFC and was one
       of the leading players in a very good SAFC Youth Team. Finally Tony, Jeffries will become
       Sunderland’s first Olympian for many years when he represents GB in Beijing. We wish him

      At the end of the report there are two letters both highlighting not just the success of our first
       football Italy trip but also the role our young people play as ambassadors, We congratulate
       them all.

Dave Bryson

Key Stage 4
GCSE Physical Education

Year 11
Trip to St Roberts CLC to complete GCSE PE Coursework – Impact on coursework marks.
In the previous Governors Report I talked about the potential increase in the quality of our
coursework as a result of the GCSE PE trip to St Roberts CLC. Having marked and moderated all
pieces of coursework it is extremely pleasing to report on the high standards of completed
coursework. The external moderator from OCR commented on the twelve schools she has
moderated this year, Farringdon and one other had a significantly higher standard of coursework
than the other ten schools. The moderator is now using a selection of our coursework as examples
of good practice. Final moderated coursework marks will not be published until August 2008.

Year 10
Link with University of Sunderland – Impact on theory/exam marks
We have been given the opportunity by the University of Sunderland to use their facilities and
expertise to help deliver practical and theoretical aspects of the GCSE PE course. Pupils are
currently undertaking a 4 week programme at the university during their PE lessons, where
University staff are delivering sessions to our pupils in the most up to date Sports Science Labs
using the latest equipment. As well as being an enjoyable and unique experience, it will
undoubtedly help prepare pupils better for their final GCSE PE exam.

Dawn Thomson


There are 3 major Dance Festivals coming up.
Farringdon Summer Dance Show
Monday 23rd and 24th June

Gifted & Talented academy Dance Show at the Royalty Theatre on 14 th July

Alison Williams



The Young Apprentices are making steady progress towards meeting the 50 days obligatory
structured work experience. In fact all Apprentices are on target to easily surpass what is arguably
the most important aspect of this course. The Young Apprentices have now finished coaching
children during scheduled PE lessons within our local feeder primary schools. This was the first
main placement and has been widely received by all teachers, including the Primary Link Teachers
in these schools.

The Young Apprentices have established After Schools Clubs to continue to provide schools with
high quality coaching provision and to develop the links that they have now made.

A variety of other qualifications that will help prepare the Young Apprentices for the world of work
and the specific requirements of this sector have formed part of this first year. In addition to the golf
coaching qualification achieved in term 1, Young Apprentices have completed a junior first aid
qualification endorsed by the St Johns Ambulance and are beginning to prepare for a FA refereeing
programme and associated qualification.

The Young Apprentices have now finished their induction process at Raich Carter Sports Centre.
This experience was used to provide evidence and also prepare them for their next work experience
setting within the city’s Wellness Centres. To convince employers to allow 14-16 year old pupils to
have meaningful works experience in their Wellness Centres has been a lengthy process. The
major hurdle was that pupils of this age have never previously been able to perform Inductions,
Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires and data entry of a confidential nature in any wellness
centre/ health club throughout the country yet alone in Sunderland.         However, pupils have
demonstrated their occupational competence, and with some help from senior figures in the council,
we are hopeful that a selection of Young Apprentices will begin this placement before the summer

The Young Apprentices have enjoyed many enrichment activities. These activities have either
focused on the Young Apprentice engaging in ‘different’ types of health and fitness, reviewing
available career / educational options or visiting new developments within the sport and leisure
sector. All enrichment activities aim to be both enjoyable and productive to the outcomes of the

An example of these enrichment activities can be found below:

       Boxercise Taster session; Lessons focusing on technical aspects and delivery methods
       overseen by a Physical Training Instructor in the Royal Marines.

       Group mountain bike from FCSC; Young Apprentices planned the route and assisted with
       appropriate risk assessment. Group also set cycle stewards who cycle in fixed position during
       the ride.

       Gateshead College Academy for Sport; Pupils experienced top level coaching as well as
       some good educational guidance regarding post 16 career route (this has a positive impact
       into focusing many Young Apprentices on the long term goal of the course).

       UK Institute for Sport; Pupils had a visit around one of the countries top sporting venues.
       Pupils had an excellent insight to what Olympic level athletes received in term of support for
       their training and well being. Question and Answer session with UKA facility manager.

       Sunderland’s new aquatic centre containing the Olympic sized 50m pool; Pupils had an
       active tour of all the facilities, including swimming in the Olympic sized pool. Pupils received
       information regarding the cost and resources needed to maintain a facility of its size.

       Young Apprentices are also helping with the summer activity camps held at Farringdon
       Community Sport College to be held during weeks 1 and 2 of the summer break.

All 15 of the cohort Young Apprentices remain on the course. Course work for all pupils currently
meets their attainment targets for KS4.

16 Young Apprentices have been selected from a total of 28 applicants for Cohort 5 of the Young
Apprentice in Sport Programme. These include 5 female apprentices (5 more than in cohort 4).

There was a good attendance from the parents of these 16 applicants at an inaugural meet and
greet style event held last week at Farringdon Community Sports College. Parents had a close look
at the course, its requirements and their role in supporting pupils through a demanding programme.
Two parents volunteered to sit on the YA Steering Group.

Andy Roberts


Farringdon Community Sports College Cycling Development Programme

    To increase the number of pupils cycling in KS3 and KS4 P.E curriculum
    Introduce Cycling as a method of transport for pupils coming to and returning from school.

   Following the success of the sea to sea Cycle ride in 2007, the school now has a fully
   operational bike hut/ storage area. The funding for this has come from :

        Money raised by the pupils who completed the sea to sea cycle ride.
        A donation of £350 from the Noble Harty foundation.
The work on the bike hut was carried out by year 11 construction students who transformed a very
dilapidated and cluttered store cupboard into an excellent and workable storage and maintenance

      As a school we now have :
          10 Giant mountain bikes
          4 Gary fisher mountain bikes ( Donated to the school by the Sunderland young
            peoples bike project )
          10 Cycling jackets
          10 pairs of Cycling gloves
          19 Cycling helmets
          2 cycle work stands
          2 Cycle tool kits

Since its inception the Bikes have been used with a variety of groups in curriculum time and also on
Community days with the overriding aim being to promote cycling in the school and community.
These include :
                 Year 11 B band boys with behavioural difficulties
                 The Y 10 Young apprentices
                 The Y 10 GCSE students
                 Year 9 boys (Community day )
 The proximity of the National cycleway to the school makes planning both long and short rides
relatively easy and safe. Cycling is now offered as an activity in the summer sports school for the
first time this year.
The school are waiting for a decision on funding for a secure cycle storage area following the
submission of a travel plan to the local authority.
We also have developed close links with the friends of Farringdon cycling club who use the school
as a base. Chain reaction and the Sunderland young people’s cycle project are also supporters of
our programme development. To further develop the programme and raise its profile within the
school and the community we are hopeful of implementing the benefits of the cycle to work scheme
through the local authority. The scheme offers generous discounts to staff who buy a bike through
the scheme to encourage them to cycle to work providing the pupils at the school with positive role

Steve Golightly




Year 10
Man of the Match Danny Regan

The game was played at Sunderland Academy of light. After going 1-0 down Farringdon fought back
with a goal from captain and centre half Danny Regan. It remained 1-1 till the end of normal time.
Extra time was then played and finally after dominating the game they got a deserved winner,
Danny Regan scoring his second goal of the game
The celebrations could begin as Farringdon went on to lift the cup.

COUNTY CUP FINAL V ST AIDANS (Layburn Grove Houghton)
WON 1-0
Man of the Match DANNY REGAN

A tough game against a good St Aidan’s side played at Layburn grove Houghton. The game was
settled 10 minutes from time with a goal from substitute Matty Frost. Captain Danny Regan was
outstanding as was Gaige Lisle, and Farringdon went on to lift the County Cup.

Dave Wilkinson


Football Year 8 Boys
Friday 28th March
U13 Arkless Cup Final at the SAFC Academy 16:30Ko
Farringdon win the cup after a very good performance. Farringdon dominated large portions of the
game especially after going a goal behind early on. Southmoor opened the scoring after a long ball
over the defence. Their forward was able to run on and lob the helpless Farringdon keeper. But from

this moment Farringdon started playing very good football keeping the ball and passing it well.
Making the ball do the work their pass and move game was working well. It was not long before the
as ever impressive Agnew opened his account to equal the scores which Farringdon certainly
deserved. It was a superb goal, turning his man and finishing with precise accuracy. This goal
inspired Farringdon giving them the belief that they could go on and win this. Farringdon have
previously been beaten in every fixture against Southmoor so playing the better football and
dominating the game was a huge confidence boost and Farringdon kept playing the better football.
Every Farringdon player was doing their jobs well and they as a unit were very solid and a danger
on the attack. It was a performance that was frustrating the opposition as they found it hard to get
the ball and when they did their options were very limited. Agnew then bagged his second of the
game before half time to end the first half 2-1 in Farringdon's favour!

During the half time team talk it was clear that the lads had the belief and it was not had to
encourage them to go out and finish the job!

The second half carried on how the first finished, Farringdon playing some good football and limiting
Southmoor to very little. It was a very solid second half display. Farringdon's build up play was
patient and kept frustrating Southmoor. After some very good football Collis scored Farringdon's
third, Agnew doing very well down the right beating one or two got the cross in for Collis to coolly
finish, blasting the ball in the roof of the net. The build up play to this goal deserves a mention after
nearly every outfield Farringdon player was involved. Starting on the right side making its way over
to the left using the defenders then switching the play back to the right through the midfield before a
great through ball to Agnew. It was now Farringdon’s to throw away and as time went on Southmoor
created very little and only had one notable opportunity since going 3-1 behind but this was expertly
saved from Farringdon keeper Wilson. The Southmoor forward was put through by a great ball and
was one on one but Wilson narrowed the gap and saved well before smothering the ball. All of the
hard work with 'The Hedge' in training certainly paid off! It was an important save with not long to go
Farringdon did not want to have late pressure defending a 1 goal cushion. Farringdon saw out the
game to become worthy winners. It was a great performance by all!

Player reports

Aaron Wilson – Goalkeeper - Aaron has been working very hard in training with Billy Hedgly and
has become a very confident keeper. He could do nothing about the goal and played very well
throughout. Sometimes acting as a sweeper he was quick off his line to claim or use a big kick to
get rid of any danger. Once again his save near the end deserves another mention – Magnificent.

Robbie Jones - Defender – Robbie was solid throughout and his heading ability is a huge bonus in
been able to clear dangerous crosses or long balls. He was part of the back three and was very
impressive in keeping the Southmoor attack at bay. He has a good footballing brain and is a strong

Stephen Foster – Defender – Stephen has tremendous pace with gets Farringdon out of a lot of
danger. This season his performances and knowledge of the game have improved greatly and
clears up a lot of the danger. This was proved by his performance in the final looking like a very
good defender.

Andre Bennett – Defender/Midfielder – Andre is a fantastic asset to the team and playing at the
back makes us look very solid. His intelligence on the pitch along with his ability is a huge bonus

and he was unlucky not to score. He is a great communicator and helped the team stay solid and
play good football.

Kieran Charlton – Right Wing Back – Kieran has been playing in this role for the previous few
matches; it was a role unfamiliar to him and has taken to it very well. It’s a very hard position to play
especially at this age. Kieran’s role was to defend but was equally as important for him to support
the midfield and attack. His performance in the final was vital in the final as he helped the defence
look solid had helped the team looking a threat going forward.

Gareth Young – Left Wing Back – Gareth has been playing in this role for the previous few matches;
it was a role unfamiliar to him and has taken to it very well. It’s a very hard position to play especially
at this age. Gareth’s role was to defend but was equally as important for him to support the midfield
and attack. His performance in the final was vital in the final as he helped the defence look solid had
helped the team looking a threat going forward.

Mitchell Young – Midfielder – Mitch is happy when playing in the centre and is very good on the ball.
He was up for the final and probably had his best game for the school. Mitch got involved with
everything getting on the ball when ever he could. He always seemed available which says a lot
about his work rate in this game. Generally keeping things simple to keep possession but had
moments of class to cut the defence apart.

Clarke Sanderson – Midfielder – Clarke is a fundamental part of the team and his importance can
be over looked by some. Clarke is a natural defensive midfielder and is superb at it. Clark in many
ways dictates the game. In the final Clark was on form and we won. He is a very strong tackler and
never gives the ball away relieving the pressure on the rest of the team. Clarke has great ability and
was a vital part of this cup winning team.

Liam Currie – Midfielder – Liam is another player who I think played his best game for the school in
this game, rising to the challenge very well. Liam has played in many positions over the last two
years playing right, left and centre back and also playing on the right hand side of midfield before
getting a chance in the middle. Liam is good on the ball and likes to look for the forward pass and
like Mitch he often keeps things simple and enjoys the pass and move ability of the team.

Liam Agnew – Attacking Midfielder / Supporting Striker – Liam once again put in a performance
worthy of his ability. Getting a brace with two very good goals capped off his performance. Liam was
a class or two above the opposition and always looked a threat. Liam was always looking for the ball
giving the midfield an extra option and giving their defence something extra to worry about. Liam is
the team captain and uses this role very well. He is always talking to his team mates offering
encouragement when needed to lift the players. It was a fantastic performance by Liam a one to be
proud of.

Connair Collis – Striker – Connair was playing upfront on his own, hard enough at any level but
playing against a good side who have won the league twice and the cup last year this was not an
easy job. Connair is very strong and can hold the ball up well which is why he was asked to play this
role. Connair hassled the defence all game getting corners and throw-ins when it in right was not
Farringdon’s to win. This kept the pressure almost constantly on the Southmoor defence which
helped Farringdon play the good football and dominate large periods of the game. Connair rounded
off his performance with a well finished goal.

Conner Morrison – Defender – Conner came on as a sub for Liam Currie which allowed Andre to
push up into the midfield. Conner was now part of the back three alongside Stephen and Robbie.
Conner was asked to go on keep things solid at the back and keep things simple. Conner performed
this very well putting in some good challenges and passing the ball well. He is new to the team and
let’s hope he continues to play and challenge for a starting position.

Liam Robertson – Midfielder – Liam came on for Kieran Charlton in a like for like swap. Liam
supported the defence well and was always an option for an easy pass from the defence. Liam was
also part of a very good passage of play playing a one two with Agnew down the right.

Declan Finlay – Striker – Declan came on for Connair Collis also in a like for like change. Declan is
a very skilful tricky attacker and is a threat when running at the defence. He was unlucky not to
score when he was put through; he produced a very good save from the Southmoor keeper.

All in all this was a great performance and a deserved victory!

David Stoddart


Girls Cricket.

The under 13 girls team came runners up in the Sunderland schools cricket tournament that was
held at Ashbrooke cricket club. They were beaten in the final by Houghton Kepier A by 1 run. They
qualified for the final by beating the following teams. In the tournament there were a total of 16
teams entered.

Farringdon 91 V Sandhill View 65

Farringdon 135 V Pennywell 49

Farringdon 94 V Houghton Kepier B 41

Semi Final
Farringdon 123 V CastleView 61

Farringdon 90 V Houghton Kepier A 91

The following girls played for the team.

Louise Cox
Ashley Chambers
Kristen Whitfield
Rebecca Watts
Demi Proctor
Polly Stenger
Amber Ramshaw
Abbie Lavery

Natalie Atchinson

Kwick Cricket Tournament
Ashbrooke Sunderland
May 2008

Farringdon Community Sports College went to the Kwick Cricket festival at Ashbrooke Sunderland
to compete in the tournament which involved other schools from Sunderland.
The teams taking part where Farringdon (3teams), Venerable Bede (1), Houghton Kepier, Oxclose
school , Southmoor (1), Washington School (2teams), Biddick Sports College (2 teams),Sandhill
View (2 teams), Hetton School.

The players in each team from Farringdon were two year 8 teams and one year 7 team:

      Yr 8                        Yr 8                       Yr 7
Robbie Jones               Declan Finlay             Conner Jones
Gareth Young               Luke Towers               Kieran Laws
Liam Agnew                 Josh Thubron              Lewi Bolton
Kieran Metcalf             Liam Currie               David Nunn
Lewis Redman               Kieran Charlton           Michael Davis
Clarke Sanderson           Mitchell Young            Elliott Miller
Ryan Mc Guiness            Philip McGuire            Kieran Whithead
 Aaron Wilson              Liam Robertson            Oliver Hassan.
Quiten Eccles.

Farringdon C 76 V Sandhill View A 49
Farringdon C 93 V Houghton Kepier A 66
Farringdon C 111 V Washington 67
Farringdon C 71 V Oxclose A 30

Farringdon B team won 3 games out of 4

Farringdon A team progressed to the semi finals by winning all 3 games in the group stage.

Semi final.
Farringdon A played Hetton School in the semi final and won by 25 runs.

Farringdon A were beaten in the final Biddick Sports College by 15 Runs

Dave Wilkinson




WEDNESDAY 21st May 08


A good day for the pupils of Farringdon Community Sports College in sunny conditions at Silksworth
Sports Complex

Boys Results

Perri Agnew
Jon Hawkins
David Ditchburn
Ben Gunn
Adam Milner 1st in Final.
Danny Regan
Danny Gavin
Liam Agnew
Callum Scott
David Weston
Jonny Evans
Andrew Crago

Michael Hackett
Long jump
James Frater
Triple jump
Conner Johnson 1st

High Jump
Jordan Southern 1st
Shot putt
Adam Milner
Marc Burn
Clarke Lawson
Stephen Foster
Relay 4x100m
Danny Regan, Gaige Lisle, Clarke Lawson, Benn Gunn finished 3rd

Girls results

Gemma Tough 4th in heat
Sarah Hughes 5th in heat
Noami Robson 1st in heat 14.58 and 4th in Final.

Megan Reed 1st in final 28.00

Rachael Pickering 2nd 3.08

Megan Reed
Kate Bell


Long jump
Rachael Pickering 1st 3.83m
Noami Robson 3.65
Kate Bell 3.33m

High Jump
Beth Sanderson

Shot putt
Sarah Hughes 2nd in Shot
Amanda McDonald 4th 14.80m
Courtney Sloanes 7th
Megan Reed
Abbie Lavery
4x100m Relay
Abbie Trotter, Melissa Watson, Naomi Robson, Rachael Pickering

The Following pupils were selected to represent Wearside at the County Championship at Monkton

Megan Reed 200m girls

Adam Milner 200m boys

Conner Johnson Triple jump boys.

Jordan Southern High Jump.

Table Tennis

We have had very successful and well attended ‘open’ table tennis sessions every dinner time
through to Easter that have resulted in the school running under 13 and under 15 teams in the
newly formed Sunderland schools table tennis league. We also performed very well in both Under
13 and under 15 tournaments with all pupils receiving certificates for attending. It is popular with all
year groups but particularly years 7, 8 and 9.

Steve Golightly


                                     Partnership Development Manager Report
                                                    June 2008

    Supported school staff with the completion of the PESSCL survey
    4 students went to the Tyne and Wear Festival of Sport at Temple Park Leisure Centre
    Set up the Farringdon Cheerleading club for year 7 and 8 girls. We currently have 13 girls
      attending the club.
    Attended Sports Leaders UK training to become a tutor for Level 1 and Level2 courses.
    Finished delivering the martial arts programme of self defence to Y11 girls. Session went
      extremely well with students learning much during the 6 week course.
    Supported the interview process for the Young Ambassadors for September 08.
    Arranged and have linked up the University and the Young Apprentices with a volunteering
      programme to be delivered from September 2008.

    Appointed the FESCO for the City of Sunderland College.
    Held a Farringdon Partnership SSCO meeting.
    Wrote the Extended Activity documents to secure funding for a cheerleading programme for
      Y7-Y10 girls across the three sports partnerships in the city and develop sports club
      opportunities across the city.
    Attended 1 YST training day
    Completed funding for the partnership and calculated under spend for the year to date.
    Completed the School Sport Partnership Evaluation and Priorities document in line with YST
    Supported SSCO’s and PLT’s with completing of the PESSCL survey.
    Attended the Tyne and Wear Festival of Sport at Temple Park leisure Centre, approximately
      90 students from the city attended the event.

      Attended numerous meetings around Healthy Schools. Work areas include external
       moderation on applications to become healthy schools, training across the city for the
       Physical activity strand, completing a database of existing status for all schools across the
       city and a celebration event held at the Sunderland Aquatics Centre.

                            Healthy Schools Status
                 School Name                   Partnership Name Healthy School
Benedict Biscop CE Primary School              Farringdon                 Yes
Richard Avenue Primary School                  Farringdon                 Yes
Ryhope Infant School                           Farringdon                 Yes
St John Bosco RC Primary School                Farringdon                 Yes
St Patrick's RC Primary School                 Farringdon                 Yes
Barmston Village Primary School                Houghton Kepier            Yes
Bishop Harland CE Primary School               Biddick                    Yes
Blackfell Primary School                       Houghton Kepier            Yes
Easington Lane Primary School                  Houghton Kepier            Yes
George Washington Primary School               Houghton Kepier            Yes
Gilias Lane Primary School                     Houghton Kepier            Yes
Grange Park Primary School                     Biddick                    Yes
Highfield Community Primary School             Biddick                    Yes
Holley Park Primary School                     Houghton Kepier            Yes
John F Kennedy Primary School                  Biddick                    Yes
Lambton Primary School                         Houghton Kepier            Yes
New Penshaw Primary School                     Biddick                    Yes
Newbottle Primary School                       Houghton Kepier            Yes
Plains Farm Primary School                     Biddick                    Yes
Redby Primary School                           Biddick                    Yes
Town End Primary School                        Biddick                    Yes
Usworth Colliery Primary School                Houghton Kepier            Yes
Wessington Primary School                      Houghton Kepier            Yes
Witherwack Primary School                      Biddick                    Yes
Sandhill View School                           Biddick                    Yes
St Robert of Newminster RC School              Houghton Kepier            Yes
Barbara Priestman School                       Biddick                    Yes
Columbia Grange School                         Biddick                    Yes
Portland School                                Biddick                    Yes
Springwell Dene School                         Biddick                    Yes
Sunningdale School                             Biddick                    Yes
Farringdon Community Sports College            Farringdon                 Yes
Thornhill School Business & Enterprise College Farringdon                 Yes

      Attended the county finals for High Five netball, cheerleading, hockey and tennis.
      Completed the Swimming audit across the city.
      Applications across the city have been submitted for the Young Ambassadors programme.
      Attended AfPE course- High quality decision making on teaching and learning.
      Implementing a city wide competition calendar for September 08.
      Ran 10k for the Marie Curie Cancer Care as a Daffodil Runner.

Liz Barton Jones


Ski Italy Trip

A ski trip was organised this academic year, and In January 2008, a group of students from Years 7,
8 and 10 travelled to Italy, and learned to ski in Pila, in the Aosta Valley. Snow conditions were
superb, and students had a fantastic time. All students achieved an award for their efforts,
presented by their ski instructor, and many have expressed a keen interest in skiing in the future. A
number of apres-ski activities included bowling, ice skating, disco, pizza night, and exploring the
village for unique shopping gifts. The group dynamics were excellent, with older students taking
younger ones under their wing and so the benefits of the trip were beyond simply skiing. The
accommodation was modern and excellent, and the behaviour of students was exemplary from start
to finish. The company, INTERSKI were extremely well organised, well staffed and professional
throughout, and we would have no hesitation in travelling with them again.
Staff involved included Mrs D Moore (Ski Trip Organiser) from the English Department, Mrs
Sheridan (AST) from the PE Department and Mr. Thornton. A trip is organised for the next academic

Debbie Moore

Football Italy trip

Just a short note following on from the very successful trip to Italy your son took apart in. Can I
thank you once again for supporting it and your help with making it relatively easy to organise. The
photographs have been posted on the school website with other details and football footage (the
crossbar challenge) to follow. I have organised and been a member of staff on many UK and
overseas school trips and can say without any doubt that the boys were the best behaved, well
mannered and pleasant group I have ever been with, which as I am sure you can imagine makes
our task a lot easier. The representatives regularly made comments to us from Activ4 about how
good they were. I was very proud of them wherever we went (Particularly when they took over the
dance floor at the disco!!) There conduct was perfect at all times and I thank them for this.
Teenagers tend to get a ‘bad press ‘ at the moment so it was great to see the boys behaving so well
and being very respectful for others.
Once again thank you for supporting the trip. I have enclosed a copy of an Email that was sent to
the school from a passenger on both the outward and return flights who is a regular traveller to

Mr S. Golightly - Subject team leader P.E.
Letter from the member of public.

Mr Mark Pickwell
                                                               95 Clifton Avenue
                                                               WF3 4HB

                                                               13th April 2008

Dear Steve

I am a frequent commuter across Europe which involves a lot of travel, and therefore I have seen
many school or organised Children’s Club trips.

I would like you to pass on to the boys a big thank you for their politeness and respect for other
passengers travelling with them to Milan.

The boys by far where the best group of well behaved children I have come across in my travels.
This is a credit to them, especially in this day when teenagers only seem to get a bad press.

They are a big credit to their School and the teachers involved.

If this is how they represented themselves I can only imagine that they were not only good
ambassadors’ for their School but also promoted in Milan what respectful teenagers the UK can

Once again please pass on my respect to the boys and I hope they enjoyed their experience in

Yours sincerely

Mark Pickwell


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