Catalogue of the Main Courses
    Open to Foreign Military Personnel

 SERVICE   INSTITUTE/SCHOOL                                      COURSE
           High Studies Centre of
           Defence (CASD)
           “                         Higher Joint Staff Institute (ISSMI) course
           “                         Civil – Military Cooperation (COCIM) course
           Joint NBC Defence
                                     Principles of CBRN Defence
           “                         Principles and Material for CBRN Protection
           “                         Principles and Material for CBRN Decontamination
           “                         Course on Basic Operational Training
           “                         Basic Operational Qualification course for Doctors And Nurses
           “                         “Instructor” Qualification Course
           “                          “SIBCRA specialist sampling and survey team”
           Air Cooperation School    General information about courses helded at the Institute.
           Italian Armed Forces
           School of                 General information about courses helded at the Institute.

           Military Academy          Officer commissioning course
           Army school of applied
           military science and
                                     Regular courses
           Institute of Miltary
           “                         Staff course
           “                         “Post Conflict Rebuilding Management” Senior course
                                     Qualification training course for infantry Officers from regular
           Infantry school
           Army NCO School           Cadet Warrant Officers’ Course
                                     Qualification training course for infantry Warrant Officers cadet
           Infantry school
                                     from regular courses
           “                         Qualification training course for infantry Sergeants cadet
           TBD                       Italian intensive language course
           Infantry school           Shooting basic course
           “                         Sniper course
           “                         Basic recognition course
           Army Cavalry school -
                                     Application course
                                     Qualification course on Ariete tank/Centauro armoured vehicle
                                     (side by side to special role Officers)
           Artillery school –        Field Artillery course for Officers coming from the Application
           Bracciano (Rome)          school
           Anti-aircraft Artillery
                                     Technichal application course for ground based air defence junior
           training and
                                     Officers (SHORAD and V-SHORAD units)
           experimentation Centre
                                     high specialization infrastructure service course for engineer
           Engineer School - Rome
                                     officers, engineer corps and other forces.
                                     Practical technical course for Combat Engineer Officers from
                                     regular courses
           “                         EOD – Staff Officer – Incident Commander
           “                         IEDD course
           “                         EOD course – 2nd level
           “                         EOD course – 1st level
           “                         C-IED awareness course
           “                         MINEX course

       “                          Combat Engineer course
       Engineer School - Rome     Earth moving vehicles operator course
       School of Signals and
                                  Technical advanced course for Army Signal Officers
       Information Technology
                                  Radio procedures and employment of radio equipment RH-4, RH5
                                  and SINCGARS
       “                          Assistant cinephoto-cameraman
       “                          European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
       Transport And Material     Second level master in “material management and their complex
       School                     system”.
                                  Qualification course for logistics Officers at Regiment or Battalion
                                  Technical course for Officers coming from the Military
       “                          Movement and Transportation Manager
                                  Specialization course for Sergeants – Transports Squad
                                  Commander / Deputy TRAMAT Platoon Commander.
       “                          Qualification course for “shop foreman”
       “                          Qualification course for “mechanical chief”
       “                          Driving Instructor course .
       “                          Shop Foreman Qualification course
       “                          Transports of dangerous goods
       Health & Veterinary’s
                                  Technical course for SANIVET Corp Officers
       Centro Sportivo Olimpico
                                  Course for physical education Assistant Instructor
       Airborne training Center   Free fall jump qualification (HALO – HAHO)
       “                          Pathfinder course
       “                          Parachute rigger course
       “                          Supplies airdrop rigger
       “                          Static line jumps jumpmaster (DL/FV)
       “                          Basic airborne training
       Centro Addestramento
                                  Skiing basic course.
       “                          Climbing basic course
       “                          Climbing advanced course
       “                          Snow and avalanche export course
       “                          Resque Squad Leader
       “                          Skiing advanced course
       Army Aviation Training
                                  UH-1 Pilot course
       Center (CAAE)
       “                          TH-57/JET Ranger Pilot course
       “                          UH-1N (twin engine)/ AB-412 Griffon Pilot course
       “                          Helicopters instructor Pilot training course
       “                          Marshall manteinance and flight line master (Army aviation)
       “                          Fire Squad Leader - Lifesaver
       “                          Refuelling service training course
       “                          Test pilot training course
       “                          Army Aviation flight engineering training course
       “                          Army Aviation flight engineer Officers training course
       28th Regiment “PAVIA”      PSYOPS specialist qualification course
       “                          Crisis Communication Management course
       “                          Communication phenomenology course
       CIMIC Group South          NATO CIMIC – Basic course
       “                          Functional specialist CIMIC course
       Patrol And Coastal
       Defence Forces HQ          Command training school
       (COMFORPAT) –

            Naval Academy - Livorno        Regular course
            Navy War College -
                                           Regular staff course
            The Navy Hydrographic
                                           Hydrography course – cat. b
            Institute - Genova
            “                              Hydro-oceanography specialization
            Naval Schools – Taranto
                                           Regular course for Chief Petty Officers
            And La Maddalena
            “                              Petty Officers 2nd Class course
            “                              Petty Officers 3rd Class course
            Air Space Control
            Training Unit – Pratica di     Air Traffic Control – aerodrome controller
            Mare Air Base (Rome).
            “                              Air Traffic Control – approach radar/GCA controller
            “                              Assistant Air Traffic Controller
            “                              Air Traffic And Air Defence Operational Instructor Course
            “                              Basic surveillance controller
            “                              Intercept controller
            “                              Advanced intercept controller
            “                              Tactical control
            “                              Junior meteo forecaster
            “                              NCO meteo informer
            Mountain Hostels               Basic course on mountain survival
            Survival Centre – Furbara      Survival, evasion and escape Training course
            Mountain Hostels               Mountain survival course (practice)
            70th Wing Latina               Instructor on SF260
            Air Force Academy –
                                           Reserve Pilot Officer course
            70th Wing – Latina             Basic pilot course
            70th Wing – Latina             Theoretical and Practical Instruction Programme
            “                              Military Pilot Course (phase II) on MB.339a
            61st Wing – Lecce.             Pre-operational course on MB.339cd
            “                              Flight instructor qualification training course
            “                              Pilot instructor training course on MB.339
            70th Wing – Latina             Pilot instructor training course on conventional aircrafts
            72nd Wing – Frosinone.         Helicopter military pilot course on NH.500
            “                              Helicopter military pilot course for graduated military Pilot
            61st Wing – Lecce.             Military pilot course on MB.339a
            Air Force Academy –
                                           Academy regular course for Pilots
            “                              Academy regular course for general duty Officers
            “                              Academy regular course for Engineers
            “                              Academy regular course for Administration Corps Officers
            Air Force NCOs School -
                                           Bachelor in managerial sciences for NCO cadets
            Istituto di Scienze Militari
                                           War college regular course for Officers
            Aeronautiche - Florence.
            “                              War college command course for Officers
            “                              Teaching methodology course for flight instructors
            “                              Teaching methodology course for Officers
            “                              Teaching methodology course for NCOs
            Air Force NCOs and
            Troops Training Division       Helicopter engineer course
            - Caserta
            8th Technical Operational
            Unit (8° R.T.O.) - Pratica     Basic data transmission operator course
            di Mare.

                                           Radio links and multiplex operator course
              Superior Inspectorate for
              Flight Safety (SIFS) -       Flight safety course
              OTC – Pratica di Mare.       Non-destructive controls 2nd level (former inspector) course
              Reparto Chimico del
              Centro Sperimentale di       Non-destructive controls 1st level (former operator) course
              Volo – Pratica di Mare.
              OTC – Pratica di Mare.       Aircraft corrosion and protection
                                           by A.S.P.V
              61st Wing– Lecce.            Military Pilot course supplement (national procedure for Pilots
                                           assigned to pre-operational course on MB339)
              72nd Wing – Frosinone.       Instructor training course on NH.500
              “                            Instructor qualification on Nh.500
              Air    Force    Specialist   Aircraft maintenance
              School – Caserta.
              RACSA – Air Space
              Control Training Unit –
                                           Operational meteorology specialization
              Pratica di Mare Air Base
              RACSA                        Meteo observer
              Training activities for Officers and Servicemen
              Carabinieri Officers
                                            Applied Course (Corso Applicativo)
              School, Rome
              “                             Formation course (Corso d’Istituto)
              Carabinieri Superior
              Institute of Investigation
              Tecniques (ISTI),             Criminalistics course
              Centre of Excellence for
              the Stability Police Units   Course on the deployment of special police units (MSU) in
              (CoESPU), Vicenza.           international crises management operations

              Training activities for all ranks and qualifications
              Carabinieri Shooting
                                           Course for marksmen
              Training Center, Rome.
              “                            Course for shooting instructors
              Carabinieri Cinofile
                                           Course for dog handler instructors
              Branch, Florence
              “                            Dog handling course
              “                            Course for weapon and explosive detection dog handlers
              “                            Course for drug detection dog handlers
              -Warrant Officer and
               Brigadier Training
               School Velletri ;           Course for bodyguards and escorts
              - “Firestone” test track,
               Pomezia (Rome).
              2nd Carabinieri Mob.
                                           Public Order course for instructors
              Mountaineering Training
              Center, Selva Valgardena     Basic Skiing course

                                           Advanced ski training for vigilance and rescue operations on ski
                                           slopes specialists
              “                            Basic Mountaineering course

                              Advanced Mountaineering training for search and rescue
“                             specialists

Carabinieri Scientific
Investigations Division,      Course for Forensic Laboratory Assistants (Analysts)
“                             Course for crime scene investigator in charge
Carabinieri Superior
Institute of Investigation
                              Course for crime scene investigator/evidence technician
Tecniques (ISTI),
Carabinieri Scientific
                              Course for specialists in the tracking and identification of serial
Investigations Division,
                              numbers on vehicles and firearms
CoESPU – Vicenza              Course for contrasting asymmetric threats
“                             Course of International Military Police
Carabinieri         Foreign
                              Course of Italian as a second language – Basic
Language Center, Rome.
“                             Course of Italian as a second language – Intermediate
TBD                           Protection of human rights in police activities


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