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									Sponsor:               Tiger Woods Foundation

Program Title:         Grants

Abstract:              Tiger Woods Foundation grants focus on providing opportunities to
                       underserved youth, ages 5-17. The following are approved programmatic
                       areas of funding: (1) Education - programs that enhance the learning
                       process for youth; (2) Youth development - year-round mentoring or
                       tutoring programs

Internal Deadline:     January 2, 2009 (Deadline by which a maximum of a three page abstract
                       of the proposal and a one page budget must be submitted to ORC .)

External Deadline:     February 1, 2009

Institutional Limit:   Organizations should not submit a grant application more than once in a
                       12 month period.

Cost Sharing:          No.

Website for RFP:       http://www.tigerwoodsfoundation.org/grants_and_scholarships.php

Send Abstracts to:     All proposals are due by hard copy or email by January 2, 2009, 5PM
                       (internal deadline for submission) in the Office of Research &
                       Commercialization (ORC). Hard copies may be sent to the Office of
                       Research & Commercialization, Research Park – University Towers,
                       12201 Research Parkway, Suite 501, Orlando, FL 32826.

                       Please address all hard copies to Madhavi (Maddy) Chokshi. Email
                       copies may be sent to Maddy at mchokshi@mail.ucf.edu.

                       Please carbon-copy Marysol Murcia on all letters of intent and full
                       proposals sent via email at mmurcia@mail.ucf.edu .
               ORC Guidelines for Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

Limited submission funding opportunities occur when a sponsoring agency restricts the number
of applications/proposals that can be submitted by an individual university or institution. When
this happens, the Office of Research and Commercialization (ORC) has established the following
process for selecting the proposal (or proposals) that will be submitted to the agency.

Limited Submission Review Process:

Step 1: As soon as a limited “Request for Proposals” (RFP) is published by a sponsoring agency,
ORC will send out announcements about the limited RFP.

Step 2: A timeline will be established for interested faculty members to submit a pre-proposal to
ORC. The pre-proposals are used by ORC to determine who will be selected to submit a full
proposal on behalf of UCF.

Step 3: ORC will form a review committee whose members have expertise in the RFP’s subject
area as well as experience in grant submission.

Step 4: Dr. M.J. Soileau, Vice President for Research, reviews the recommendations of the
review committee and makes the final decision.

Throughout this process, the names of the reviewers will not be revealed.

Please note that if the proposal is not submitted to the sponsoring agency via the Office of
Research & Commercialization at UCF, the proposal will be considered invalid by the
sponsoring agency.

Every attempt will be made to quickly and efficiently identify the faculty member(s) that
are chosen to represent UCF in submitting a full proposal to the sponsoring agency in order
to provide as much time as possible for the writing of the full proposal.

Limited Submission Full Proposal Format:

Full proposals for internal review will include: (1) A maximum of a three page project
description and a one page budget that reflects the entire total project period; (2) Requests for
matching funds or any exceptions to campus policies must be identified at this stage of the
process and included in the budget page.

All applications for limited submission programs should include a cover sheet with the following

Principal Investigator Contact Information
Email Address
Telephone Number

List of All Other Participants (and affiliations if not UCF)
Agency Information
Name of Sponsoring Agency
Program Title
Proposal Title (If different than Program Title)

College/Department Information
College Name
Department Name

Please follow the sponsoring agency’s requirement for proposal formatting in regard to font, size
and other formatting requirements when submitting the internal proposal to ORC.

If you have any questions, or if you need any help regarding this program, please do not hesitate
to contact Maddy Chokshi at the ORC for assistance at (407) 882-1141, or email her at
mchokshi@mail.ucf.edu .

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