The Tiger Woods Joke Collection - Round Two - the Front Nine by whitecheese


									The Tiger Woods Joke Collection - Round Two - the Front Nine
December 3, 2009

The action is still hot and heavy for Tiger Woods... uh, the jokes that is. We've got loads of jokes
and lots of great comics on video so ...

Here are nine for this round:

Play the Tigers Woods Game - -
Guide his Escalade through obstacles before Elin catches him.

Jimmy Kimmel goes to the barbershop to talk about Tiger Woods:

What does Craig Ferguson think of Tiger Woods? -

New Nike “TW” hat……..$25 New Nike Golf Shoes……$125 New Cadillac
Escalade….$60,000 New Nike Iron, wrapped around your head by jealous wife... PRICELESS !

Conan O'Brien on the new Tiger Woods' video game:

Even commercials are starting on Tger Woods, Here's a quickie from Spirit Air -
Here are a couple radio spots from TalkRadio 1010 in Canada

Then there's the Tiger Woods Slow Jam remix of his phone message:

Finally, here's one I'm sure you've never seen because it was on the hideous Jay Leno Show. It's
the highly entertaining Bill Maher talking about Tiger Woods:

That's it for this round of Tiger jokes.

Stay tuned for more, we've only just begun.

Bill Chuck


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