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PR Log - Tiger Woods Scandal - Is The World's Most Famous Golfer Still


									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

      Tiger Woods Scandal - Is The World's Most Famous Golfer Still Good For Big Business?

       By Sean Sandvik
       Dated: Dec 03, 2009

       On November 27, 2009 Tiger Woods crashed his car. Throughout a long 15 years of being the world's most
       infamous golfer, Tiger's efforts at maintaining privacy are in shambles. He has made over a billion dollars,
       90% from endorsements.

       The Tiger Woods scandal has been a huge story for the past week. On November, 27 2009, Tiger Woods
       and his beautiful wife Elin Nordegren, crashed while riding in a Cadillac Escalade outside their Florida
       home. Now it seems the incident has unleashed many worms that Tiger certainly didn't want coming out.
       Several women have since come out, implicating infidelious behavior with the studly Tiger Woods. Will
       there be a Jaime Grubbs sex tape scandal next? Eew!!!

        It seems that Tiger has been everywhere over the previous decade. He started out endorsing Nike, and then
       Gillette, Gatorade, and others. Clearly a sports icon of our time. Tiger Woods is the "Babe Ruth of Golf" as
       I would like to call it. Millions of young boys have thus started picking up golf club sets because of Tiger
       Woods popularity. He's youthful, rich, handsome, and lives what everyone once thought was the perfect
        First I must say that if Tiger never received another endorsement offer, that he'll be ok with a billion dollar
       fortune to fall back on.

        Despite the obvious bad publicity of this event. The Tiger Woods scandal will likely have no effect on his
       earnings' power with huge multi-national companies. Sadly, we do not live in an age in which childrens'
       sports heroes are required to live up to any kind of minimum standards on behalf of our young ones. Then
       again, celebrities of Tiger's caliber have always been engaged in scandalous behavior. The difference
       between now, and seventy years ago, is that back then there wasn't twenty four hour cable television.
       People simply didn't see it. Neither did they care so much.

        If nothing else, this will amplify Tiger's earnings potential as stated previously in this article. Bad behavior
       in America is not punished, instead we as a people reward the guilty with immense sums of money and
       loving adoration. Why can't we have famous doctors, or scientists to make tv shows about? Give our kids a
       chance to aspire to be something and someone that will actually make a difference in the world.

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