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PR Log - Talk to your Children About Tiger Woods a


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									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

                           Talk to your Children About Tiger Woods and their Future

       By Upheaval Media
       Dated: Dec 05, 2009

       Disaster is agood time to discuss family values, goals, dreams and lifestyle choices.

       Everyone is talking about Tiger Woods and his affair. Use this shocking event to have discussions with
       your children. Don’t know how to broach the subject. Orchestrate a Future Lifestyle Map family event as
       excerpted from the book, Follow Your Inner Compass Teen.
        “Let the outrageous crazy adventures be ever present in your memory. These experiences bring joy,
       triumph and a pride of accomplishment. Imagine if we were to set out to create more of these experiences.
       Our lives would be a blast of fun. What experiences would you create?

        Draw pictures of the 3 craziest, outrageous experiences you want to achieve in life. Maybe it is to produce
       a movie, a CD, own a billion dollar business, build a hotel. Whatever your experience is, draw a picture of
       it. Do not draw a career or a thing. Draw the ultimate experience you want to achieve. If you can not draw,
       cut out pictures in magazines and paste them on a piece of paper. Put all pictures into 1 picture. This is your
       Future Lifestyle Map. Frame the picture and hang on the wall.

        Be outrageous.       Be daring.Become ridiculous. Have fun.”

        Imagine the entire family sitting at the dining room table cutting out photos from a magazine to create their
       collages. There is an excitement in the air as parents and siblings learn about each other and their dreams.
       There is even more excitement as each family member explains their dreams and goals. “It is quite
       enlightening. There is a simple understanding that keeps everyone focused, especially teenagers who are
       trying to find themselves,” states Ida Byrd-Hill, author of Follow Your Inner Compass Teen. Parents can
       begin to have a different relationship with their children. Rather than parents continually harping on good
       grades and discipline, young people become motivated for getting those grades as most of their dreams and
       resolutions will be anchored to a career goal.
        Follow Your Inner Compass Teen ( determines careers by personality
       type based on a Myers-Briggs type test and links it to a fictional or cartoon character with the same
       personality type. Young people can watch TV and see themselves. They can also discuss their personality
       type with friends like a horoscope. The new question for 2010 will be “What is Your Personality Type?”

        The Future Lifestyle Map began 5 years ago for my family when I required my children, Kevin and Karen
       Hill to take the Myers Briggs test. We discovered radio and TV production would be a suitable career for
       Karen based on her personality type and video game design/ physicist for Kevin. They are in the 11th grade
       in a performing/ visual arts school and fully focused on college and career. The Future Lifestyle Map was
       perfected in a pilot at a Detroit alternative high school that obtained an 80% graduation rate and 85%
       attendance rate amongst high school dropouts and adjudicated youth.

        As you are talking to about their dreams, goals and future lifestyle you can slide into the Tiger Woods
       subject. You will be amazed how much they will tell you about their feeling.


       Upheaval Media, Inc. provides schools, school districts, colleges and youth organizations with books,
       web-based programs and workshops to incorporate academic skills into every day life to improve student
       performance at school and on standardized exams.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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