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                                                                                        January 2010 Vol. XXV Issue I

           Tiger Woods failings speak into lives able to hear
                                               In contrast we have the sad story of Tiger       from Table Talk, Ligonier Ministries, daily
                                               Woods. And it is sad. I’m not writing to         reading, December 3]
                                               condemn Tiger Woods, but merely to say
                                               the following:                                   There is another thing I’ve learned in order
                                                                                                to stand against the filth and corruption of
                                               Here is another incredibly gifted man who        this age. We TRULY need help. We need
                                               seemingly has it all - a worldwide top ath-      the help of the Lord.
                                               lete, with earnings beyond the comprehen-
                                               sions of many of us, two beautiful young         Some will laugh and crow about the silli-
                                               children, a wondrous home, a beautiful           ness, the old prudish thinking behind this.
                                               wife, and a future that promises more and        I must say that’s what separates those who
                                               more.                                            will be standing faithful at the end from
                                                                                                those who fall into the beds of temptation.
                                          Yet, it wasn’t enough. Am I surprised? No.
                                          Not really. There was an even deeper need             The Bible says from the book of Proverbs:
                                          that wasn’t met that couldn’t even be satis-          “The fool has said in His heart there is no
In recent days, Jan and I went to a memo- fied by a beautiful wife, sex, million dol-           God.”
rial service of a Grand Haven man just a lar home, children, world-renown, etc... It            “For the fear of God is the beginning of
few days short of his 67th wedding anni- isn’t his wife’s fault - as Tiger has stated in        wisdom.”
versary.                                  his own words.
                                                                                                It is wisdom that will give a person a hu-
He was a humble man. He and his wife           Over these years of opposing pornography         mility of heart that helps lead him into
have lived in their current home since 1944.   there are many things that have stood out.       wanting to know the path of life to walk. It
I’ve been to that home. It was no mansion,     One of these is how people from all walks        is God and God alone that will fill the hole
merely a humble home where Christ dwelt.       of life can fall - morally and spiritually.      in a person’s heart - including the heart of
                                                                                                Tiger Woods.
One person after another came to the mi-       There is a well known book and video that
crophone (most of them in tears) testify-      has been out a few years called, “Every          Pray for Tiger Woods that he would seek
ing to the goodness of this man of God. A      Young Man’s Battle.” That battle, accord-        the Lord - that He would come to know the
former neighbor boy talked of how David        ing to the author Stephen Arterburn, is por-     only One that can fill that hole in his heart.
Cleveringa had befriended him and shared       nography.                                        Pray for his wife and family as well. They
Christ with him. He said, “he led me to                                                         are needy right now. Their needs, how-
Christ at that altar right there.”               I’m not saying that Tiger Woods had a por-     ever, won’t ultimately be satisfied by more
                                                 nography problem, but I’m not saying he        things, more rings, more money, or more
Mr. Cleveringa didn’t die a wealthy man. didn’t either. Clearly he had a lust problem           sex, but only by the touch of God within
There were no headlines in the newspapers resulting in adultery. More often than not,           - His grace, mercy and salvation of their
trumpeting the great accomplishments of pornography is a tool used along the way                souls.
this humble man of God, merely the gath- in an attempt to satisfy the craving of the
ering of a number of people who had been flesh.                                                 If nothing changes within Tiger’s heart,
impacted by David and his wife. They                                                            Matthew Henry’s words will continue to
worked with youth for some twenty years. I read the following recently as I began               apply: “A foolish head and a filthy heart
David was a positive influence/leader in my day: “Matthew Henry admonishes us:                  make persons an easy prey to seducers.”
men’s ministry for a number of years. This ‘A foolish head and a filthy heart make
in spite of the trials and tribulations of life, persons an easy prey to seducers.’ If we       There is a great divide separating those
and like most of us, there were many. Yet would be discerning men and women, we                 like David Cleveringa who have built their
he always had a positive word for the Lord must cultivate a pure heart and a wise               house on the solid rock and those who have
and His goodness in his life. There were no mind through the study and application of           built upon sinking sand. May God open our
trophies here on earth for his excellence but Scripture. Meditating on things that are not      eyes that we may see and open our ears that
there will be a great reward in Heaven for true, good or beautiful makes us unable to           we may hear, know and live in the shelter
David Cleveringa.                                recognize those things that are. ...” [Taken   of the Rock!
                                                turned away from the many blessings this
                                                brought in every area of culture, including
                  From the desk of              the balance of form and freedom we once
                                                had. ...”
                    Bill Johnson,
                     president                  How prophetic are these powerful words!
                                                God has graciously blessed America. From
                                                our very founding fathers and the docu-
                                                ments that were so carefully prayed over,
                                                debated, and crafted.
 “... man has become foolishly foolish. ...”
                                                President John Adams writing on October
Francis Schaeffer said it well long ago         11, 1798 stated in his address to the military:
“man has become foolishly foolish ... .”
                                                “We have no government armed with power
Dr. Schaeffer has been dead since 1983.         capable of contending with human passions
His last book (which I have often quoted),      unbridled by morality and religion. Ava-          Former President Bill Clinton and his sex-
“The Great Evangelical Disaster,” impacts       rice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would      ual liaison with Monica Lewinsky while in
me again as his words resonate today as         break the strongest cords of our Constitu-        the White House.
never before.                                   tion as a whale goes through a net. Our
                                                Constitution was made only for a moral and        Schaeffer provides India and Africa as ex-
“In turning away from God and the truth         religious people. It is wholly inadequate to      amples of a couple of countries that once
which he has given, man has thus become         the government of any other.”                     knew the truth and turned away. Neither
foolishly foolish in regard to what man is                                                        of those countries present a pretty picture
and what the universe is. Man is left with a    Our Constitution was made only for a moral        of the condition of life when a culture turns
position with which he cannot live, and he      and religious people. When a people turn          away from God.
is caught in a multitude of intellectual and    their backs upon God and Truth, Adams
personal tensions.                              stated that the Constitution would be inad-       Schaeffer continues in his prophetic book:
                                                equate to hold back an immoral people.
The Scripture tells us how man came into                                                          Do not take this lightly! It is a horrible
this situation: Because ‘although they knew     That is what we have been seeing and what         thing for a man like myself to look back and
God, they neither glorified him as God nor      Schaeffer was commenting upon in his writ-        see my country and my culture go down the
gave thanks to him’; therefore, they became     ings in the 1980s and even earlier.               drain in my own lifetime. It is a horrible
foolish in their reasoning, in their compre-                                                      thing that sixty years ago you could move
hension, in their lives. This passage relates   Seemingly with each generation there has          across this country and almost everyone,
to the original fall, but it does not speak     been a decrease in regard for the Constitu-       even non-Christians, would have known
only about the fall. It speaks of any period    tion. We have had for some time now judg-         what the gospel was. A horrible thing that
when men knew the truth and deliberately        es added to the bench who interpret the law       fifty to sixty years ago our culture was built
turned away from it.                            as they see fit according to their political      on the Christian consensus, and now this is
                                                view and agenda rather than looking to the        no longer the case. ...
Many periods of history could be described      Constitution for direction and authority.
in this way. From the biblical viewpoint                                                          There is only one perspective we can have
there was a time when then ancestors of the     Increasingly we read of politicians whose         of the post-Christian world of our genera-
people of India knew the truth and turned       consciences have become so seared that            tion: an understanding that our culture and
away, a time when the ancestors of the          they do what is right in their own eyes. To       our country deserves to be under the wrath
people of Africa knew the truth and turned      name only a few:                                  of God. It will not do to say the United
away. This is true of people anywhere who                                                         States is God’s country in some special
now do not know the truth. But if we are        South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford -            way. It will not do to cover up the differ-
looking across the history of the world to      multiple affairs with a handful of women          ence between the consensus today and the
see those times when men knew the truth         during 20 years of marriage. Still in office      Christian consensus that prevailed sixty
and turned away, let us say emphatically        despite a groundswell of opposition to his        years ago. The last few generations have
that there is not an exhibition of this any-    retaining his position.                           trampled upon the truth of the Bible and all
where in history so clearly – and in such a                                                       that those truths have brought forth.
short time – as in our own generation. We       Former New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer
who live in North America have seen this        - according to published reports, investiga-      As we start a new year, may we quit play-
verse carried out in our generation with        tors believe Spitzer paid up to $80,000 for       ing religious games and truly seek the Lord
desperate force. Men of our time knew the       prostitutes over a period of several years        and His righteousness.
truth and yet turned away – turned away         while he was Attorney General, and later as
not only from the biblical truth but also       Governor.
         Victoria’s Secret: This was not a show about fashion
                                                        by: Lisa Van Houten

Early in 2008 Victoria’s Secret CEO             on close-up shots of barely-covered             ads in an attempt to lure Christmas
Sharen Turney promised a toning down of         breasts and bottoms – all while the models      shoppers, they will soon be doing the same
the eroticism of Victoria’s Secret – stating    strutted seductively down the runways.          in promotion of Valentine’s Day. Help
their image had become “too sexy” and                                                           us remind Victoria’s Secret that there are
the corporation would instead return to a       This was not a show about “fashion.”            millions of shoppers who are sick and
portrayal of “ultra feminine” resulting, one    This was not even so much geared toward         tired of the bombardment of their erotic
would assume, in a turning away from the        women. This was all about appealing to          advertising.
explicit pornographic advertising Victoria’s    men – a tool for lust. The camera angles,
Secret had become known for. At the             the erotic poses and postures all with the
time we were wary yet cautiously hopeful        purpose of eliciting a sexual response –
that maybe, just maybe, the company             and a flood of Christmas sales of lingerie
was finally listening to the countless ones     by men who want their wives to live up to
who had called, written, signed petitions,      the image on display by Victoria’s Secret.      Advertisers for CBS’s Victotria’s Secret
boycotted, picketed malls in protest of their   This was also blatantly obvious in the             Fashion Show aired December 1
unwelcome erotic displays and television        VS ads which ran during the commercial
commercials foisted upon shoppers and TV        breaks - each ad in many ways even more
viewers.                                        pornographic than the show itself.
                                                                                                      Kentucky Fried Chicken
                                                                                                       Roger Eaton – President
For years we have encouraged such               One commercial entitled “One Gift – A             1441 Gardiner Lane PO Box 725489
communications to Victoria’s Secret.            Thousand Fantasies” showed a montage                    Louisville, KY 40213
ADA has often been the one the media has        of overt sexual displays of lingerie-clad               Phone: 502-874-8300
turned to for comments on the over-the-         women supposedly fulfilling the “thousand             Toll-free: 1-800-225-5532
top eroticism of Victoria’s Secret, leading     fantasies” of men. The moves, the poses                  Fax: 502-874-8790
to national television interviews such as       all what one might expect to find in a strip
one interview on CNN in 2007. This CNN          club.                                             YUM! Brands, Inc. – Yum! Brands
interviewer even took our point of view,                                                         David C. Novak – Chairman, President,
stating he didn’t want his children exposed                                                                    and CEO
to the pornographic window displays when                                                                  1441 Gardiner Lane
taking his kids to the mall.      Christmas                                                              Louisville, KY 40213
shopping season 2007 saw a number of                                                                     Phone: 502-874-3820
protests/pickets nationwide of area malls led                                                             Fax: 502-874-8790
by shoppers fed up with the mall displays                                                          yum.consumeraffairs@yum.com
of Victoria’s Secret. These protests, too,                                                              david.novak@yum.com
drew national media coverage.
                                                                                                      Netflix, Inc – Netflix.com
Soon after this flurry of negative publicity,                                                    Reed Hastings – CEO/Chairman of the
and with reports of a significant drop in                                                              Board/President/Director
year-end sales, Victoria’s Secret made                                                                    970 University Ave
their big announcement of changing their        This is what Victoria’s Secret is teaching
                                                                                                         Los Gatos, CA 95032
image to one of being “ultra feminine.”         young girls and women – they must look,
                                                                                                         Phone: 408-317-3700
As we thought at the time, the proof is in      dress, and act like strippers to please men.
                                                                                                          Fax: 408-317-3737
the pudding. Was this a true change in          I said above that the show wasn’t geared
policy or just a desperate attempt to woo       toward women, and yet it is. This is the
disgruntled shoppers disgusted with their       underlying message of everything about
eroticized displays?                            Victoria’s Secret. During this recent show
                                                                                                         AT&T Corp. – AT&T
                                                they included a search for the next Victo-
                                                                                                Randall Stephenson – Chairman, President
In the number of months since VS’s new          ria’s Secret model – disturbingly referred
                                                                                                                 & CEO
policy, we saw some improvement in the          to as “angels”. More than ten thousand
                                                                                                            One AT&T Way
window displays of our area malls. Yet,         young women applied - young women who
                                                                                                          Bedminster, NJ 07921
if the recent so-called “Victoria’s Secret      have bought the lie that their worth is de-
                                                                                                          Phone: 908-221-2000
Fashion Show” is any indication, the            pendent on the objectification of their body.
                                                                                                           Fax: 908-532-1675
proverbial pudding is still rancid. There is                                                          Randy.Stephenson@att.com
no point in describing in detail the parade     And as Victoria’s Secret flooded the
of cleavage and skin. Cameras focusing          airwaves in recent weeks with pornographic

  Letters from our                                     T-Mobile pulls ad from “American Dad”

                                                                                  “As one of the country’s leading providers of wireless
                                                                                 communication services to young people and families,
                                                                                 T-Mobile understands it has a powerful opportunity to
                                                                                 make a positive difference in the lives of our customers.

I just wanted to say that I think you
are making a difference in Victoria              We emailed an analysis (and an advertiser list) for “American Dad”on December 4
Secret...I noticed they of course still          regarding the November 29 show.
had their tv special..but since I have           http://www.americandecency.org/archives/2766#more-2766
girls in the family for some reason VS
sends out their magazine...my daughter           It was a particularly nasty and disgusting show. T-Mobile saw it the same way as they
looked and discovered that they had              made it clear to us in a statement and recent email - commenting they have pulled their ad
66 pages of beautiful young girls fully          from “American Dad” starting December 7.
clothed before getting into the private
under clothing...this was a major shift          On December 8, our office received an email from a T-Mobile executive stating the
for them...so perhaps it has to do with          following:
your influence...and a lot of prayer...
God bless..                                      T-Mobile Statement:
Happy New Year...
---------------------------------                “As one of the country’s leading providers of wireless communication services to young
                                                 people and families, T-Mobile understands it has a powerful opportunity to make a positive
Though I am unable to help you                   difference in the lives of our customers.
financially, I do appreciate very much
what you are trying to do. You are               In November, we reviewed our advertising on “American Dad,” and decided that we
right about our churches not preaching           would no longer advertise on the program. The content we witnessed did not speak to the
against sin. I attended a large church,          T-Mobile brand or our company values. As such, starting Mon., Dec. 7, T-Mobile ads will
of a denomination that used to be one            no longer be appearing on the show.
of the bulwarks against sin, for three
months and never heard the pastor                Thank you for your concern in this important matter.”
really preach one time. It was all a
social gospel which is no gospel at all          In addition, further requests were made from T-Mobile asking that we remove their
but a trick of Satan to blind the eyes           company name and email addresses from our site.
and stop the ears of God’s people. I
have been in the ministry for 53 years           We have done that from our main website for November 29. And, though T-Mobile did
and still preach eternity long, Hell hot         advertise on the December 6 episode of “American Dad” we will remove their name from
and sin rampant.                                 that episode as well.

Your brother in Christ,                          We do encourage you to express your appreciation to T-Mobile. You can contact them
(Arkansas)                                       at:

           American Decency Frontline
                                                                            T-Mobile USA, Inc. - T-Mobile
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                                     CBS and Boost Mobile equate
                                  children’s characters with perversion
                                                           By Lisa VanHouten

                                                The ad is intended to promote the network's     adultery, stating: “You think this is wrong?
                                                upcoming broadcasts of "Frosty the              Santa’s busy and I have needs. I’ll tell
                                                Snowman" and "Frosty Returns."                  you what’s wrong - cell phone plans with
                                                                                                contracts that cost a fortune. That’s why I
                                                Colleen Raezler, a research assistant for       got Boost Mobile…”
                                                the Culture and Media Institute, a division
                                                of the Media Research Center, said the spot     Boost Mobile tells viewers that one’s so-
Nothing says Christmas like porn and                                                            called “needs” trump right and wrong.
                                                is "highly inappropriate," and improperly
infidelity. At least that’s what two American                                                   Judges 17:6 says, “…Everyone did what
                                                uses a Christmas special to promote an
companies, CBS and Boost Mobile (a Sprint                                                       was right in his own eyes.” Is that not
                                                adult-oriented comedy.
Nextel subsidiary) seem to be telling us.                                                       what we are seeing today, as well?
                                                "The ad introduces children to the idea
In December CBS made news with their
                                                of strippers and pornography," Raezler          While of course Frosty, Santa, and Mrs.
ad referred to as “Frosty the Inappropriate
                                                told FoxNews.com. "The people in charge         Claus have nothing to do with the true
Snowman” - an ad promoting the upcoming
                                                obviously thought this was funny, but the       meaning of Christmas, however what
airing of “Frosty the Snowman” on CBS.
                                                question they should ask themselves is if       is offensive is that CBS and Boost
The network produced lewd advertisements
                                                this is appropriate, not if it's funny."...     Mobile are using such vulgar advertising
that show the children’s cartoon character,
                                                                                                mechanisms, making children’s characters
“Frosty the Snowman,” with dubbed vulgar
                                                "It's sexing up Frosty,"         she said.      into symbols of perversion. Think of
dialogue from two of CBS’ raunchiest
                                                "It really drives home           the idea       children doing a search for Frosty and
shows – Two and a Half Men and How I
                                                that nothing is sacred            anymore."     coming up with these ads! It only takes a
Met Your Mother.        We monitor both of
                                                                                                second for a child’s innocence to be lost.
these shows on a regular basis, determining
the corporate sponsors, and have alerted        ... Bob Peters, president of Morality in
                                                Media, add[ed] that officials at the Federal    John Tantillo, a marketing and branding
you in the past to the constant flow of crude
                                                Trade Commission should be concerned            expert and president of the Marketing
and explicit themes and dialogue on these
                                                about the promotion.                            Department of America, stated in reference
                                                                                                to the “Frosty” ads: “These trailers are not
                                                “CBS is doing much the same thing that          only morally bankrupt, they’re the stupidest
Taking actual dialogue from these sex-
                                                alcohol and tobacco companies have done         kind of marketing imaginable. The dirty-
saturated shows, the voice-over of the
                                                in the past -- namely, using imagery in         minded lunatics have definitely taken over
CBS ‘pornified’ “Frosty,” has “Frosty”
                                                advertising that would naturally attract        the asylum this time. … only the worst kind
saying, for example, “We’ve got to have
                                                children in order to market an adult            of marketing crawls right out of the gutter
a bros’ night at a strip club” claiming it’s
                                                product,” Peters said in a statement to         and into our living rooms and the lives of
“healthy” and “harmless.” And, “Frosty”
                                                FoxNews.com. “Legal matters aside, it           our kids.”
states: “I have been with a lot of women.
Blondes. Brunettes. Redheads. Big boobs.        should go without saying that CBS TV ought
Small boobs. Medium boobs. ...” Included        to be ashamed of itself -- using an animated
                                                Christmas season setting, complete with                     CBS Corporation
in the ads are references to porn and                                                           Leslie Moonves, Corp. President and CEO
sadomasochism.                                  young children, to chat about strippers,
                                                whores, pornography, sadomasochism,                          51 W. 52nd St.
                                                sexual promiscuity, and more.”                           New York, NY 10019
As Fox News reported: ... The [ad],                                                                      Phone: 212-975-4321
                                                Source: www.foxnews.com
“Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman,” takes                                                                  Fax: 212-975-4516
authentic dialogue from CBS’ “How I Met                                                              Email: shari.redstone@cbs.com
                                                And the second revolting ad which recently
Your Mother” and “Two and a Half Men”
                                                aired is a Boost Mobile (Sprint/Nextel)
and dubs it on top of the cartoon classic,                                                             Sprint Nextel Corporation
                                                animated advertisement that depicts “Mrs.
changing well-known “Frosty” scenes to                                                             Daniel Hesse – CEO, President, and
                                                Claus” cheating on “Santa” by having an
contain suggestions that the snowman and                                                                        Director
                                                affair with a snowman. Mrs. Claus and
his friends visit a “strip club.”                                                                          6200 Sprint Pkwy.
                                                the snowman are shown canoodling in
                                                bed together as the snowman suggestively               Overland Park, KS 66251
The mash-up also discusses Frosty’s “porn       says, “So dirty” and she calls him “Nasty                 Phone: 913-624-6000
collection” and contains repeated mentions      boy.” The Boost Mobile ad has “Mrs.                     Toll Free: 800-639-6111
of prior sexual conquests.                      Claus” justifying and trivializing the sin of       Email: daniel.hesse@sprint.com

         American Dad - December 13 edition - the mocking of Christ
                                                        by Chris Johnson

                                                up) gives his opinion of Christianity say-      thundering up to a bar to find Stan and ask
                                                ing “it’s like Harry Potter, but it causes      for his help. Francine has been captured
                                                genocide and bad folk music.” Another           by the Anti-Christ. As they rescue Fran-
                                                derisive depiction of Christianity.             cine, Stan dies and goes to Heaven, which
                                                                                                brings him back to the opening sequence
                                                When the family arrives at church, the          with Francine coming down the stairs.
                                                Sanctuary is full of people that Stan calls
                                                “phony Christians.” When they can’t find        I love a happy ending. When I watch
                                                a seat, Francine pulls Stan into the jani-      “American Dad” however, I am just happy
                                                tor’s closet to give him “his last Christmas    to see it end. I’m not easily offended, but I
                                                present” which is sex in the church during      have seen three episodes of this show and
                                                the Christmas service.                          so far it is three for three. Every week it is
The Christmas season brings out the                                                             a new derogatory, anti-Christian theme.
best in people. Really? Apparently, it          You are now entering the twilight zone.
especially touches the creative minds of                                                        Imagine a show in a parallel universe.
the writers of offensive animated ads and       When they come out of the closet, they          Let’s call it “Iranian Dad.” What would
TV shows. As reported on page 5, we have        realize that the rapture has occurred, leav-    the reaction be to a show that mocked and
seen Boost Mobile’s commercial featuring        ing them behind. They run outside to see        belittled the holidays and beliefs of the
a cheating Mrs. Claus, CBS’s “Frosty the        thousands of naked people ascending into        Muslim faith? Why are Christians fair
Inappropriate Snowman” ad, and now an           the sky.                                        game for these so-called adult “satire”
“American Dad” episode doing what they                                                          cartoons?
do best - ridicule - with Christmas as the
target.                                                                                         Are you tired, as I am, of having your faith
                                                                                                and your Lord mocked and ridiculed? Let
I’m not sure exactly how “American Dad”                                                         the advertisers who sponsored this offense
creator, Seth MacFarlane (who also created                                                      know of your outrage that they have as-
the offensive “Family Guy”), comes up                                                           sociated their products with themes that
with his plot lines for each episode, but it                                                    insult and ridicule Christianity.
seems to me that the first question he has
to ask himself is “which core conservative
principle shall I deride this week?” This
episode the target was not just Christmas,                                                                       Contact:
but Christianity as a whole. Comedy             Stan is desperate to be a part of the rapture
Central has received some (not enough)          and goes to a meeting where a supposed           Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, Inc. – Arbys
criticism for the portrayal of Jesus in their   Jesus is debriefing those left on earth. He      Roland Smith – President, CEO, and
cartoon “South Park.” MacFarlane’s Jesus        begs “Jesus” to send him up, but Francine                      Director
is just as bad, if not worse.                   leaves him, livid that he would rather go            1155 Perimeter Center West
                                                to heaven than stay with her. This Jesus                 Atlanta, GA 30338
The episode starts out with the “American       is of course a fake and ends up trying to               Phone: 678-514-4100
dad,” Stan, waiting for his wife, Francine,     have sex with Stan, but Francine meets                 Toll-free: 888-514-0924
so they can go to church on Christmas           the “real” Jesus who asks her to be his                  Fax: 212-451-3134
morning. He yells for her to hurry up           girlfriend while he is on earth. Stan runs        Roland.Smith@wendysarbys.com
saying “God pays twice as much attention        home and finds Francine and “Jesus” at
on Sunday, like the media when a white          their house. “Jesus” is in the pool, but he            Art Van Furniture, Inc.
chick goes missing.” Francine comes             gets out and walks on the water over to            Mr. Art Van Elslander – Chairman
down the stairs in her new dress, asking        them. He is in a Speedo swimming suit.                  6500 E. 14 Mile Road
Stan how it looks. His response, “I can’t                                                                  Warren, MI 48092
take you to church in that, I can see                                                                    Phone: 586-939-0800
your calves!” is a deliberate mockery of        The scene skips ahead to the end of the                   Fax: 586-939-3055
Christian concern for modesty.                  seven year tribulation. Stan is a mercenary              jrastelli@artvan.com
                                                who has obviously been living a rough                 avanelslander@artvan.com
Before they leave, the alien who lives          life in the post-rapture world. “Jesus”,
with them, Roger, (I’m not making this          who of course rides a motorcycle, comes

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