Strategic Innovation Reinventing the Corporate Value Creation by tqo12217


									                                 Executive Education

                                 Strategic Innovation:
                                 Reinventing the Corporate
                                 Value Creation
                                 Barcelona, march 27th - 29th, 2006

Av. Esplugues, 92-96
08034 Barcelona-España
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Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires – Argentina                                    Innovative
Telephone: +54 11-4747 1307
E-mail:                                      Vision
                                              Avenues to innovation
                                            We have to differentiate between creativity, invention and innovation. Creativity is the
     Venue                                  human ability to get new ideas or to find new solutions. Many people link creativity
                                            with artistic endeavors and with the writing of literature. Invention is the discovery of
     ESADE Business School
                                            things that have been unknown before. Finally innovation is the ability to create new
     Executive Education
     Av. Esplugues, 92-96                   value based on new ideas.
     E-08034 Barcelona                                        ORGANIZATIONAL
                                                                                             There are seven innovation areas in busi-
                                                                INNOVATION                   ness:
                                                   OV SS

                                                                               PR VATI
                                                         ON                                  In all seven areas we can have two kinds

                                                                                 OC ON
                                                INN SINE

     Dates                                                                                   of innovations:

     March, 27, 28 and 29, 2006                                 STRATEGY                     • Strategic, creative, or radical innovation
                                                                                             • Operational, incremental, or evolutionary

                                                                                  OV ING
                                                PR VATI

                                                  OD ON

                                                                               INN RKET
                                                                                             innovation. Continuous improvement is part


     Fees                                                                        MA          of the operational innovation

     2,150 €                                                    INNOVATION               In this workshop we will focus on strategic
                                                                                         innovation. Strategic innovation always
                                            ruptures stable political equilibrium, embedded competencies, cultures and organization
  Purpose                                   processes.
  Use the value creation framework to       Managing strategic innovation is as much about managing change as it is about
  look at the possibilities to reinvent     managing technology. At the heart of the strategic innovation are bold visionary and
  the corporate value creation.             entrepreneurial individuals. In order to innovate strategically we must learn from the
                                            future! Finally strategic innovation is about implementation! Strategic innovation
                                            provides the framework for long-term growth.
 Objectives                                 Operational innovation is generally focusing on improvements at the product, service
 At the end of this workshop the partici-   or process level - making them faster, simpler, better and cheaper. Operational innovation
 pants will have:                           calls for linear thinking, i.e. more of the same.
                                            In a number of industries, all innovations, especially new products and services if
 • An understanding of the value creation   succesful are quickly copied. Only strategic innovations can give longer lasting
   framework and the corporate innova-      competitive advantages, because they require a specific process for the development
   tion process                             and implementation, which can not be copied easily.
 • Applied the concepts and principles
                                             Target group
   to selected industries
                                             Entrepreneurs and top executives from companies seeking growth through innovation:
 • Developed a first framework of refe-      CEOs, COOs, CTOs and senior executives in charge of innovation or new business
   rence about the possibilities of the      development
   reinvention of the corporate value
                                             Senior and top executives and entrepreneurs who are responsible for innovation,
                                             strategy development or R&D
                                             Corporate Venture Managers and Corporate M&A Managers looking at growth
                                             through innovation
                                             Team leaders charged with planning and implementing innovation

02 Strategic Innovation                                                                                         
  Monday 27.03.2006 / 13:30 – 18:50
  Pre-readings           Economics and political economics in the Age of Knowledge
  13:30                  Introduction
                         - Purpose, program, working process                                        Prof. Mario Raich
                         - Who is who? Faculty and participants                                     All
  14:15                  Trends in research and innovation practices by                             Dr Andrew Dearing
                         companies and the supporting policies and framework                        Secretary General EIRMA
                         conditions provided by governments and the EU
  15:00                  Short break
  15:10                  The Corporate Innovation Process at Merck Pharma UK                        Dr. Sören Hermansson
  15:55                  Tea break                                                                  All
  16:15                  Space and colour: collage exercise                                         Erich Chiavi
                                                                                                    Creativity Coach
  18:45                                 Wrap-up                                                     Prof. Mario Raich
  19:00                                 Dinner

                                                New Marketshare

                Not available

                                      Aggressive                             Creative              Customer
                                  Entrepreneurship                      Estrepreneurship           Segments
                                Corporate Cooperation                     High risk areas
                                  JV, Alliances, M&A                   High potencial areas      New Business
                                                                            Turbulence             Models

                                                                                                 New Industries

                                                                                                 New Markets

                                                                                                 New Industries
                                     Competitive                             Classic
                                  Entrepreneurship                      Entrepreneurship
                                Operational excellence                 Internationalization

                                 Customer orientation                     Globalization

                                Known                      Territory                   Unknown
                                        New Products
                                        and Services                                                                                                 Strategic Innovation 03
  Tuesday 28.03.2006 / 08:30 – 19:05
  Pre-readings           Corporate Venture Management
  08:30                  The emerging context: The new reality and                                    Xavier Ferras,
                         the new technology.                                                          Business Development
                                                                                                      Director CIDEM
                                                                                                      Government of Catalonia
  09:15                    Coffee break
  10:45                    Introduction to the value creation framework                               Prof. Mario Raich
  11:30                    Changing the context : Exercises
  11:40                    Creation of working groups                                                 All
                           Selection of the focus industry
                           Description of the value creation process
  13:00                    Exercise: “Building trust”                                                 All
  13:15                    Lunch
  15:00                    Cooperation exercise                                                       All
  15:30                    Narrowing the gap between the corporate                                    Richard Lawton
                           and the social ecology                                                     Company Director
                                                                                                      Raintree Productions, Johannesburg
  15:15                    Tea Break
  16:45                    Group assignment                                                           All
                           Reinventing the corporate value creation. The groups select which
                           support process they want to reinvent: Supply chain; Production
                           and innovation; R&D; Distribution; Sales and Marketing; Management;
                           Finance; HR; Organization and Structure.
                           Scouting and searching ;Development of the options
  18:15                    Presentation and debate                                                    All
  19:00                    Wrap-up                                                                    Prof. Mario Raich
                           Free Dinner: networking
  Wednesday 29.03.2006 / 08:30 – 16:00
  Pre-readings             Business Models: eBay,, Google
  08:30                    Business Models                                                             Prof. Pedro Parada
  09:10                    Short break
  09:20                    The ETeCH Business Model                                                    Prof. Richard Artley
                                                                                                       Chief Scientist ETeCH, Zurich
  10:20                    Coffee break
  10:50                    Group assignment
                           - The groups are developing new business models                             All
                             for the selected industry.
                           - Scouting and searching; Development of the options
  11:50                    Presentation                                                                All
  12:30                    The role of the Siemens Venture Capital                                     Dr. Uwe Albrecht
                           “Siemens Venture Capital (SVC) is the corporate venture organization for    Managing Partner of the Corporate
                           the entire Siemens enterprise. To date, SVC has invested more than          Fund for Siemens Venture Capital
                           600 million euros in more than 100 start-ups and 30 venture capital
                           funds, particularly in the U.S., Europe and Israel.
  13:15                    Lunch
  14:00                    Exercise: “Power of mind!”
  14:15                    The Corporate Innovation Process                                            Prof. Mario Raich
  15:00                    Evaluations and feedback                                                    All
  15:30                    Summary and wrap-up                                                         Prof. Mario Raich
  16:00                    Go home                                                                     All

04 Strategic Innovation                                                                                             
Mario Raich, Ph.D.
The life motto for Mario Raich is: “Creativity is the link to infinity!”
Professor Mario Raich, Ph.D., is a future thinker, a pioneer and a creative mind. He is an international management
consultant who has worked in every region of the world. The main focus of his activity is strategic innovation and
creative problem solving.
Mario Raich has worked with large global organizations (Xerox, Citicorp, and Zurich Financial Services) in
executive positions.
Mario Raich has published many books and articles in different languages.
He is the founder, shareholder and chairman of the board of Learnità, a London based “Innovation Enabler”.
In addition he is professor at the ESADE Graduate School of Business in Barcelona. He is also professor at the
Educatis University (Switzerland) where he is Head of the Institute for Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
Chairman of Learnità LTD, the Innovation Enabler;
Associate Prof.EDUCATIS (Switzerland)
Head of the I.CEI;
Visiting Prof. ESADE (Barcelona)

Pedro Parada, Ph.D.
Strategic Management, ESADE Business School.
Professor Parada´s area of specialization is strategic management. His research interests include the internationalization
and globalization process of Spanish and US companies in Latin America; knowledge acquisition and learning of
MNC's subsidiaries in international contexts from strategic alliances, regional clusters and inside the corporation;
the role of the corporate center in international knowledge transfer in the cement industry, and the strategic use
of sponsorship. He has written articles and cases in English, Spanish, Catalan, French and German. Currently, he
is working on the Spanish version of the Book of Strategy published by Strategor, jointly with HEC.
Currently he teaches International Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy, and Business Policy at ESADE. He is a
Visiting Professor at HEC School of Management in Paris and SDA Bocconi in Milan. Previously, he was a
lecturer of Strategy at the Universidad Católica de Bolivia; worked at the cement industry, and served for UN in
the Ministry of Finance.
The Speakers
Dr. Uwe Albrecht
Dr. Uwe Albrecht is Managing Partner of the Corporate Fund for Siemens Venture Capital; being responsible for
all worldwide venture capital investments of Siemens outside of Com and MED.
Before joining SVC in 2000 he directed the innovation management for Siemens' Mobile Devices line of business.
In a previous assignment he spent five years with Mannesmann AG in Germany, where he worked as a consultant
and technology manager in communications, telematics, logistics, and automotive technology.
Uwe was born and raised in Mainz, Germany, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Washington,
Seattle, a Physics Diploma from Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, and a Ph.D. (summa cum laude) in Physics
from Universität Konstanz.
Richard Artley
Chief Scientist ETeCH, ZurichETeCH AG is a Swiss-based technology-financing, development and -exploitation
company. It invests early stage finance and commercial skills into partnership projects in emerging technologies
at various European academic institutions. ETeCH takes responsibility for their successful commercial exploitation,
which is usually via licensing or trade sale to major international companies. It published ‘Making Money out of
Technology’ in 2003.
Prof. Richard John Artley is ETeCH’s Chief Scientist. He taught Natural Sciences at Christ’s College, Cambridge
(UK), and then worked for ICI plc, the Government of Japan, The Generics Group AG (where he advised major
companies, and ran various Government programmes on materials, electronics and engineering, including advising
the European Parliament on prospects for superconductivity), and Avantium International BV, which he created
for Shell International Chemicals, before joining ETeCH in 2002. He was also Secretary of the Society for the
Application of Research                                                                                                           Strategic Innovation 05
Erich Chiavi, Creativity Coach
Erich Chiavi is living in Davos.
He has discovered the colours in medicine as physiotherapist and fund the way to physiology. As member of the
Max Planck Wahrnehmungs-Institute, he has worked on projects for several companies like Xerox, Daimler
Chrysler,Villeroy und Boch.
Erich Chiavi has run his collages workshop at IBM, Nokia, Metro, the HSG, Microsoft, and Canon.
In Finland he is participating in the creation of the first International Creativity Academy and the newly founded
“Energia 3000” in Davos.
Dr. Andrew Dearing
Dr Andrew Dearing is Secretary General of the European Industrial Research Management Association, the
premiere body for companies that engage in research and development to drive their businesses. EIRMA helps
to strengthen these firms’ competitiveness through well-managed, well-organised research and development, and
has a membership of 150+ companies based throughout Europe and across all sectors of industry.
Dr Dearing has held positions in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, including 20 years within Royal
Dutch/Shell as a researcher and as a research manager, then responsible for the planning and coordination of the
company’s longer-term R&D, its external relations in science and technology, and the S&T aspects of strategy and
scenario planning.
In 1998, he was seconded to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as Programme Director for
Innovation and Technology, where he helped launch the United Nations Millennium Assessment of the State of
the World’s Ecosystems and took part in the third round of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
He currently acts as advisor to the European Commission and national governments on aspects of innovation and
industrial research policy. He is Chairman of the Technology Committee of the OECD’s industry advisory body,
BIAC and member of the Board of Administration of the Maison de la Chimie, France. He recently chaired the
mid-term review of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative.
Xavier Ferras
Electronic Engineer. Master in Business Administration (MBA, ESADE). Currently, Business Development Manager
of CIDEM (Center for Innovation and Business Development, Ministry of Industry, General Government of
Catalonia), in charge of cluster competitiveness policy. He has been Head of Innovation Management Unit in
CIDEM, Coordinator of the Strategic Innovation Plan 2001-2004 for Catalonia, and member of the management
team of the current Catalan Research and Innovation Plan 2005-2008.

Dr. Sören Hermansson
General Manager Merck Pharma UK, London
The Merck Group is a global pharmaceutical & chemical company. It is the world's oldest pharmaceutical and
chemical company, with roots reaching back to 1668. For Merck the keys to success lie in entrepreneurial employees,
application-oriented research and development, a consistent customer focus, and the responsible handling of
natural resources. This is consistent with our vision: ”Merck will be number one in its core businesses through
innovations created by talented entrepreneurial employees.”
Sören has always been very interested in innovation. In 2003 Merck Pharmaceuticals U.K. has started its own
innovation process to leverage the innovative potential of all employees. The results have been overwhelming.
Richard Lawton
Company Director, Raintree Productions, Johannesburg, SA
Richard Lawton is the co-founder of Raintree, a deliverer of change processes to companies and communities in
South Africa where rapid change needs have driven the use of Innovation and Innovative thinking in all levels of
society, commerce and Industry.
Processes have ranged across Innovation itself, Health and Safety, Quality, Sales, Service, Environment and
Employment equity for companies like Standard Bank, BHP Billiton, Caltex, SHELL, Lonmin, VW, BMW, SASOL,

06 Strategic Innovation                                                                                     
                                              Venue                           Dates                                     Registration fees
                                              ESADE Business School           March 27, 28 and 29, 2006                  2.150 euros
                                              Executive Education             Monday 13.30-18.30 pm
                                              Av. Esplugues, 92-96            Tuesday 8.30 am – 19 pm
                                              E-08034 Barcelona               Wednesday 8.30 am – 16 pm

    Methodology                                 Information and Admission
                                             REQUIREMENTS AND REGISTRATION
  During this workshop we will use a                                                            FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:
  blend of different methods: academic       Those interested in registering should send        For further information about the pro-
  inputs presenting the frameworks;          the completed application form to ESADE            gram or admissions, or to present the
  executive presentations about corpo-       Business School.                                   application form, candidates should refer
  rate experiences. We will have short       The program's admissions committee analy-          to:
  exercises enhancing the cooperation        ses and replies to all applications, informing     ESADE Business School
  and teamwork, and finally the oppor-       candidates of t her admission. The aim of
  tunity for the application of the stra-                                                       Executive Education
                                             this process is not only to ensure maximum
  tegic innovation principles to the value                                                      Av. Esplugues, 92-96
                                             satisfaction of individual training needs, but
  creation of selected industries.                                                              E-08034 Barcelona
                                             also maximum consistency in the knowlegde
  The workshop is divided roughly into:                                                         Tel +34 932 804 008
                                             and professional experience of the partici-
                                                                                                Fax +34 932 048 105
    1/3 Theory input (faculty and            pants.
                                                                                                exedBCN @
      speakers)                              Applications can be presented up to two
    1/3 Exercises, breaks                    weeks prior to the program start date.              
    1/3 group assignments                    This program is delivered in English.

  ACCOMMODATION                              Should unforeseen circumstances lead to
  ESADE Business School Executive Edu-       the cancellation of the registration, notifi-
  cation offers special rates for our par-   cation in writing must be received 10 days         Executive Education at ESADE Busi-
  ticipants at the following hotels in       before the programme starts for the full           ness School offers participants the
  Barcelona.  These rates can be obtained    amount paid to be returned. Given the              opportunity for an exchange of know-
  through the American Express travel        demand for the programme and the pre-              how and experiences in which the
  agency which has two offices located       programme preparation work, if the can-            learning model is complemented and
  on ESADE’s campus.                         cellation is received less than 10 days prior      enriched by contact with managers
                                             to the start of the programme, 50% of the          from different companies, sectors and
                                             amount paid will be returned. No payments          countries. Our programme stands out
  8 minutes to ESADE by Taxi
                                             shall be returned for cancellations made           on account of its high degree of flexi-
  HOTEL SANSI PEDRALBES                                                                         bility, its personalised response to the
                                             once the programme has begun.
  2 minute walk to ESADE                                                                        training needs of companies, and the
  HUSA ARENAS                                                                                   humanist approach of our faculty, whi-
  10 minutes to ESADE by Taxi                                                                   ch can be seen both in strong leader-
  For more information and/or to make                                                           ship and in the development of mana-
  a hotel reservation please contact:                                                           gement skills and coaching.
  American Express
                                                                                              Content program, dates, fees and faculty are subject to
  Tel. +34 932 806 162                                                                        change.  Furthermore ESADE B.S. reserves the right to cancel
  reservas @                                                                         the program should the minimum requirements to ensure
                                                                                              its success are not met.                                                                                                                 Strategic Innovation 07

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