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					                              Flamborough Girls Hockey
                               Registration 2009-2010
                                                   PLAYER INFORMATION

Name: ____________________________________                  Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Name: _________________________

Date of Birth: ___________________

Address: _____________________________________ City: ________________________________

Province: _______ Postal Code: ____________________

Email: ________________________ Phone Day: _____________________Evening: ___________________

Birth Cert #: _________________

Health Concerns______________________________________________ OWHA #: ______________________

FGHA #: ___________________
                                                 HOCKEY INFORMATION

Position:         Forward         Defense        Goalie      Shoots: Left  Right           Level of Play:

House League  Rep 

Level 2007/08: ___________ 2008/09: _____________ Played last year Association: ____________________

Release required Yes  No 

                                              PARENT / GUARDIAN INFORMATION

Volunteers Needed:        Coach           Trainer        FGHA Volunteer 

Sponsorship:      Yes             Someone will contact you

I wish to enroll the above named player for hockey, in compliance with the regulations governing the Flamborough Girls
Hockey Association programme and their policies. I agree to abide by the guidelines that govern the Flamborough Girls
Hockey Association and realize that action contrary to these guidelines will result in suspension without refund.
I certify that the above named player is healthy and physically fit for such activity and does so at their own risk, and may
not hold the above mentioned association and/or its executives, conveners, trainers, and/or coaches responsible for any
I understand that a fee of $25.00 will be charged for Player Releases after August 15,2009. I also understand that a fee of
$25.00 will be charged for NSF cheques. ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

                                 FGHA Hockey School Registration
         The FGHA will be holding its Annual Hockey School for all levels in September 2009.
                                           This is an excellent
          opportunity to improve your daughters skill along with getting some early ice time to
                                   prepare for the upcoming season.
                                         Registration - $125.00
                              Early registration (before July 1/09) $110.00
       _______________________________________                          __________________
              Signature of Parent / Guardian                                   Date

Registration $450.00 With Hockey school $575.00 

Early Registration : (before July 1,2008) $425.00  With hockey school $535.00 
I.P. Program $150.00 
Returning I. P. Player $200 
Goaltenders $300.00 

Method of payment: $100.00 non-refundable due upon signing, plus a post dated cheque for

1. Cheque Amount: ________________________               Dated: _____________________

2. Cheque Amount: ________________________               Dated: _____________________

Mail form & payment to:
P.O. Box 1467
Waterdown, ON
L0R 2H0

Please Note Rep Players must pay full registration upon making the team